Rasmus Paludan: “Either You Throw Out the Muslims, or They Take Over”

Early yesterday morning I posted a brief clip of Rasmus Paludan, the Danish lawyer and anti-Islam activist. It was an excerpt from a longer four-minute video. Since the latter was close-captioned rather than subtitled, I posted only the short video and just linked to the longer one.

Shortly after the post went up, YouTube took the longer video down for violating Danmarks Radio’s copyright. Fortunately, Vlad Tepes had saved a copy of the file, and Tania Groth has kindly translated it for subtitles. This was a good opportunity to provide a more comprehensive translation of the rapid-fire exchanges in the candidates’ debate.

Rasmus Paludan and his party Stram Kurs (Hard Line) have come up from nothing in a short period of time, and are now poised to enter the Danish parliament after next month’s general elections. When you watch the video below, you’ll see why Mr. Paludan is giving the political class such a bad case of heartburn. As Steen says, “Stram Kurs is indeed turning the tables in Denmark.”

I must note once again that it is Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, about halfway down the line of debate participants, whom Mr. Paludan is specifically addressing:

Video transcript:

00:00   Rasmus Paludan, there has been a lot of focus on you and your political platform in recent weeks,
00:05   and that your party has become eligible as a party to vote for. Try to describe — now that we are
00:08   talking migration policy — try to describe what it is that you are hoping to achieve?
00:11   Well, what we want to show is that Denmark, as a nation, would not disappear if all those
00:16   who adhere to “the religion of peace” were to return home after next Friday’s prayer;
00:21   there would actually be a “problem” with all the money that would suddenly become available to us,
00:25   and therefore, what I have to say is that what we are talking about here is completely insufficient.
00:31   The big paradigm shift is that we should work towards returning refugees to their homelands.
00:35   Refugees need to be returned immediately! Denmark will not be able to pull through
00:39   if there are a great number of people who arrive here
00:42   because they want money! And that is what has been happening for 40 years.
00:46   And that’s the worst possible starting point if you want a harmonious society— Moderator: “Paludan,
00:49   I just have to… —No I’m not finished — you socialists —
00:52   you cannot just give me 20 seconds, all right! (Moderator: no no!)
00:55   See, it’s like this: it’s not right that we stand here talking about this
00:58   as if it were an insignificant problem.
01:01   The great replacement is that Muslims in Denmark — who do not belong here,
01:07   marry very early in life and produce a lot of children.
01:10   Danes marry late in life and produce very few children.
01:13   And that means that when Lars Løkke [Rasmussen] talks about 2040 as if that is a time when
01:18   we should reconsider our pension age… then he doesn’t at all understand what’s going on around him.
01:21   Because if this development continues, then we will be nearing a point
01:24   when the Danish people will become a minority in their own country,
01:27   and then it won’t be fun to be either you or me!
01:30   Morten Østergaard [The Radicals]: “This is where we need to say what we stand for
01:33   and what we don’t stand for”… Moderator: “We’ll get to everybody.”
01:36   I just need to understand… You want to forbid Islam and
01:39   send hundreds of thousands of Muslims out of the country?
01:42   Do I understand that correctly? —That’s correct, but there’s more to it than that. There are all sorts
01:45   of talking heads who say that we want to violate the constitution and things along that line,
01:48   but they are either corrupt legal practitioners, or not legal practitioners at all.
01:52   We comply with the constitution, and we comply with all the rights to liberty that the Danes love,
01:56   but that the Muslims generally hate. But, even within this framework,
01:59   we can easily prohibit Islam.
02:02   But, but… can you then explain why hundreds of thousands of Muslims in this country —
02:08   where most of them live a peaceful life within a legal framework —
02:13   why they shouldn’t be allowed to be here? —I’ll tell you why.
02:17   It is because we can see that when Muslims migrate into Western democracies,
02:21   or generally into a country where the majority is not Muslim, that as long as
02:25   they are a minority they act quite peacefully, though we must admit, all in all,
02:29   that there are a great number who do not. Moderator: We can agree that there are many who do!
02:32   But that’s not the point. The point is that the moment they are a majority,
02:35   then their attitude very clearly changes,
02:38   because then they are able to do what they are commanded to do by the Quran, and that can be said
02:42   to happen every single time, and it is not like any country…
02:45   take Spain, for example: it wasn’t particularly enjoyable to be there when the Muslims arrived.
02:48   There is not a single Western country that is in harmony where they have Muslim immigrants.
02:53   There are actually only two possibilities. Either you throw out the Muslims,
02:56   or they take over. And THAT is what I’m fighting against.
02:59   Because I KNOW, after reading the Quran and the Hadith, about what they do to the infidel,
03:02   and especially to infidel women — it’s not nice —
03:05   then it is simply not even a possibility to accept this replacement of peoples,
03:09   and I frankly don’t care what all the traitors are yakking about, because the facts remain that
03:12   this is the ONLY challenge facing our country.
03:15   Rasmus Paludan, what do you think about the reactions that you will face —
03:18   that there won’t be any big cooperation? —Well, I am in complete agreement with you.
03:21   But you could say that I am completely honest that my heart is very democratic,
03:26   but there are some who aren’t, and that is their problem, but it is also a problem for our nation.
03:30   I, of course, have a wish to cooperate with those who wish to cooperate with us.
03:34   And there will of course be points where we will agree,
03:37   and there will be things about which we will disagree, where I will be embarrassed on their behalf,
03:41   because they are unable to see the great damage they are doing to all Danes.
03:44   But, I also want to emphasize this bit about “hate”.
03:48   I haven’t said anything about that because I want
03:51   Muslims to live happy and fulfilling lives in the 51 existing Muslim countries,
03:55   and if five somehow “collapsed”… then there would still be several to choose among,
03:58   but if Denmark collapses, then we will have nowhere to go.
04:01   And therefore it is eminently reasonable that anyone who can’t comply with the Danes’ way of life,
04:06   which I love beyond anything — I love all Danes — then they will have to go back
04:09   to a place where they will be able to live in harmony.

16 thoughts on “Rasmus Paludan: “Either You Throw Out the Muslims, or They Take Over”

  1. Did you see the sneers on the faces of the remaining panel members? They and the people they purport to represent are the real enemy.

  2. Very very good, look at that bunch traitors, smug faces, conmen and conwomen, Rasmus is brave hero, but. It’s the brainwashed bulk of Denmark people who are like turkeys voting for Christmas if they don’t vote for paluden.

    Danes are feminised pc brainwashed marxists, it will be hard to re-educate them until their kids get murdered, raped, and they are beaten daily by muslim gangs.

  3. Read Bruce Bawer’s “While Europe Slept” and Douglas Murray’s “The Strange Death of Europe”…then read the Sira and the Hadith. These four books are the key to understanding political Islam.

    • Bruce Bawer’s book is a good one:


      So is his book on victimology:

      The Victims’ Revolution: The Rise of Identity Studies and the Closing of the Liberal Mind

      See the wiki entry on the first one:


      As for the second book, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, it came out far more recently– almost exactly a year ago.


      They both have numerous customer reviews, but as I looked through those opinions, I wondered why these folks are allowed to say freely the things that get Tommy Robinson persecuted repeatedly. TR has to live among the immigrants whilst Bawer and Murray are not persona non grata…

      • Thank you Cathy and Dymphna for the book recommendations.

        I use GofV as a source of recommendatios to guide my purchases.

        I haven’t been disappointed yet.

      • Murray’s book was okay, but he offered zero answers or solutions.
        It was like reading an autopsy report while the patient was still in the ICU.

      • I’m afraid the British class system (which should be dead by now) has much to answer for; Murray and the late Christopher Hitchens have said much the same as Tommy R, but they are (were) public intellectuals.

        Just found a cheap copy of Murray’s book, but I’m currently on my third PJ O’Rourke, for which I blame Dymphna! As with my particular addiction, recordings of classical music, I guess it’s better to have an ongoing reading/listening list than nothing new to look forward to.

  4. Rasmus Paludan does use a contradiction. He states that he is not against the constitution of Denmark, then says that Muslims must be removed because whenever, without exception, Muslim come into a society in a certain proportion, they cause trouble and conflict. He then says he will work with Muslims who want to cooperate with Denmark.

    These are contradictory views: all Muslims, regardless, contribute to the proportion needed to initiate destruction of the host country; and work with the Muslims who wish to cooperate.

    The contradiction is perfectly understandable. Our western tradition of law dictates that only the individual action be punished. It doesn’t do well dealing with identity-based crime or identity-based politics.

    There is no way the contradiction can be resolved within the color-blind tradition of laws and policy. One possibility which comes to mind is to set an absolute limit on the proportion of Muslims allowed in the country: say 3%. It would be up to the justice and immigration branches to make the choices within that proportion.

    Likely, all-non-citizen Muslims would be immediately deported. It’s hard to see how that would infringe on Danish rights. You could go on and strip the citizenship of any naturalized Muslim citizen involved in a felony or repeated misdemeanors or who is a burden on the state and doesn’t have a job.

    Any Muslim with more than one wife, and all his wives and children: strip their citizenship, back to the mother country.

    I think at that point you’d be getting close to the target proportion, and you haven’t really abridged the real rights of Danish citizens or even Muslim Danish citizens who genuinely want to obey the laws.

    • I think Rasmus was referring to his political opponents, rather than the Muslims. He was addressing the parties assembled there on the dais with him — he would work with those who were willing to work with him. I doubt any party but Dansk Folkeparti would consider working with Stram Kurs, and probably not even them. Henrik might be able to give us an informed opinion on that.

  5. Wow! Stunning to hear such blunt truth in an open European debate forum!!

  6. The guy is correct – look at the history of Lebanon, while the Christians were the majority everything was okay (Paris of the East) but then they let in Palestinian refugees and the percentage change in favor of the muslims at which point they started persecuting and killing Christians.

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