Rasmus Paludan to the Prime Minister: “Danes Are En Route to Becoming a Minority in Their Own Country”

Long-time readers are familiar with Rasmus Paludan, the Danish lawyer and anti-Islam activist who has repeatedly staged provocations in culturally enriched districts of several Danish cities. The first time we saw him in action was in January of 2017, when he was chased away from a “community center” in Nørrebro by a group of anarchists and Muslims. Mr. Paludan had worn a kippah while filing a video report at the center, to see what would happen.

As we reported last month, Mr. Paludan’s Koran-burning demonstrations had upset Muslims so much that they rioted in response, burning cars and looting and throwing rocks and engaging in all their other favorite youthful pastimes. As a result, the police banned any further such demonstrations, saying they were a “danger to the public peace”.

Mr. Paludan recently collected enough signatures to put his political party Stram Kurs (Hard Line) on the ballot in next month’s general elections. This has catapulted him from a minor nuisance to a major political irritant, since by law he is allowed to participate in televised political debates.

After you watch the video below, I think you’ll agree that Rasmus Paludan is one of the main reasons why the state has just cracked down on Steen, Jeppe Juhl, and other anti-Islam activists. Mr. Paludan’s actions have forced a national conversation on a topic that the Powers That Be would prefer to leave undiscussed.

By the way — the jowly man who is seen near the end of this clip, looking somewhat morose and thoughtful, is Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen of the Venstre Party, which leads the current coalition government.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Our group didn’t do the translation, so I can’t provide a transcript. An electrifying four-minute video, from which this one is excerpted, is available here. You’ll need to set “CC” on to see the close-captioning.

9 thoughts on “Rasmus Paludan to the Prime Minister: “Danes Are En Route to Becoming a Minority in Their Own Country”

  1. The YouTube full length one is removed “on copyright grounds”.

    It looks like the Danes don’t really live in much more of a democracy than the British do, is my overall conclusion to this.

  2. Any chance you found a link to a different YT video? I’m getting “This video contains content from DR, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

  3. https://rightwingtribune.com/2019/05/10/militant-anti-semetic-imam/

    Pelosi, the muslim revert to her original religion. She was a muslim before birth. She sits with clasped hands and dangled head in humbleness and humiliation, submission and true dhimmitude… it is her time to pray. no sorry no longer a dhimmi but a …. yeah and she was elected by certain people and sworn on the quran to serve her own PEOPLE.

    Who will oust her?

    Were we not told in school that USA constitution is unique: that power comes from The People and the rulers are just public servants . Hahaha. And that the people can remove any insane, pervert or traitor, who are the enemies of the nation?

    Is she really serving the country or islam?

    Observe ramadan and you will ensure your next election.

    Really … democracies are not about serving the nation . They are about finding ways ( muslim voters, saudi arabia dollars, qatar dollars, to get elected.

    Elections in so-wrongly named democracies, actually worse than dictatorships are not based on merits but on naïveté : Naive mobs elect naive leaders. Pres. Trump is an exception. Why don’t Dutch people elect Geert Wilders or the British elect Nigel Farage? Pure wisdom.

  4. .
    History was created

    Never before in mankind’s history has any politician in an electoral debate expressed so roundly Islam-negative and Islam hostile
    opinions, and yet there will only be 3 poor replies / comments in GoV.

    Corresponding presentation in Islam-critical, conservative, right-wing, Swedish ‘Samhällsnytt ‘:
    gave 257 replies / comments in less time.

    • That’s because Gates of Vienna doesn’t have all that many readers.

    • Sadly you do have a point, there are not so many counter jihadists.

      I became painfully aware of that when Tommy Robinson a few years back, barely raised enough money from around the world to get some decent lawyers at that time.

      However that is changing, as one must also realize that there a large number of issues in so many different countries.
      Many of the globalisation side are not taking this lying down, and are making many issues in many countries that takes a lot of time and energy to respond to.
      Like free speech, and control of the internet, with the “Christchurch Call” into the G7 countries.

      Although there are set backs, there are wins, and I feel knowledge and some understanding is increasing and holding firm. How much that converts to action remains to be seen, but once a few break away then the remaining wised up “sheep” will stampede and gallivant to the high hills and mountains, of freedom. Sure there will still be a few hits on them, but they will go “rough shod” over anything in their path.
      That is why we need to be a determined remnant, to carry the information, knowledge, wisdom, to

      People like myself are involved in our own ways, raising awareness, and in my country it has becoming an issue, that armed police are turning up at the door to ask if people support Trump, or are racist, or why they are against immigration, or not happy about the leaders of the current government.
      It is a lot of work, finding out these things, collating it, confirming, and getting things to blogs and to some media, then getting past their spin on things.

      I do take inspiration from Mr Paludan, and Nicolai Sennels, then closer to me is Australian senator Fraser Anning.
      They are under a barrage from the media, and any angle the authorities try to shut them down.

      And many thanks to Baron & Dymphna, commentators, living and learning, as Churchill said;- Never, never, never give in as Britain suffered a few years of defeats, before the tide turned.

      So I appreciate Mr. Paludan’s speech, cutting through all the political correctness nonsense.
      I am also heartened that it seems the response was very good though I read the article, the comments do not go through google translate, but its heartening to hear that a force is building up in Denmark.
      It will still be a long fight ahead, and all the best to make the changes in Denmark, and shine the light for the rest of the world to see. Thank you.

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