Danish Journalist Chased Out of Nørrebro by “Anti-Fascists”

In the following video you’ll see a Danish journalist threatened and then chased away from a supposedly open-to-the-public community center in Nørrebro, a district of Copenhagen that is not only culturally enriched, but also thoroughly infested with “anti-fascists” who ally themselves with Muslim immigrants.

You can’t get a good look in the clip at the thugs who chase the journalist and the cameraman down the street, and I’m unable to judge their ethnic background from their accents, so I don’t know whether the bottle-throwers are Muslims, or autonomer, or both.

Many thanks to Tania G. for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:09   The Voice of Freedom have come today to Nørrebro,
00:12   or more specifically, just near Stengade 50, the address of “The People’s House”.
00:17   “The People’s House” is paid for by the municipality of Copenhagen…
00:20   and is also a known hangout for people
00:23   who are proponents of militant actions,
00:27   which means that they commit violence to further their political ambitions.
00:30   Today the undefined organization NoPegida,
00:34   who routinely engage in calling the participants in legal demonstrations “Nazi pigs”,
00:38   called a meeting where the agenda is to discuss
00:43   which new initiatives they can come up with
00:47   in order to destroy the group “For Freedom” and likeminded people.
00:50   Amongst other items written on the invitation to the meeting, there is an agenda item
00:53   for militant action.
00:58   I would very much like to ask some of the participants who will be participating
01:03   what they mean by “militant action” — what it is, and do they support it,
01:08   and does it mean violence, and if so, is that something that they endorse.
01:13   I intend to ask different participants today if they would answer these questions…
01:18   so the question is, what do they think about militant action?
01:33   Where do you think we should stand?
01:38   Well, I think it would make sense to stand by the entrance!
01:42   Yeah, why don’t we do that, nothing wrong with that…
01:57   Try to see if you can focus on “The People’s House”, that’s so you can see the sign.
02:04   Yes? (unintelligible)… what? (unintelligible)
02:08   Ahhh… no I don’t speak Hebrew… do you speak Danish?
02:13   English?… Yes.
02:17   You are not allowed to film here. OK, where is that written?
02:21   You can film in the other direction, you are not allowed to film this house…
02:24   Excuse me, excuse me, sir… We’re sorry to disrupt your recording, but
02:29   you can’t film in this area. If you want to film you can film the park behind me.
02:32   But where is that written? Where is it written?
02:35   Yes… Is a priest here? —Am I a priest!
02:38   Or what are you? —No, I’m a journalist. Journalist… that’s a funny hat you’re wearing.
02:42   It’s a kalot. Is it a kalot? OK…
02:46   But, but if you mean it isn’t legal to film here… I’m sure that it IS legal.
02:50   I mean that it may be legal for you to film here, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.
02:54   I think it would be better for you if you filmed in our nice park behind us.
02:58   It’s like this, I have to do interviews of people who arrive here for a meeting today at 5pm.
03:03   In the park? —No… in the house.
03:06   That is why it makes sense to… but we aren’t planning to film people who don’t want to be on film.
03:10   If you film me I will break your camera, I’ll tell you that… Ok… so don’t do that.
03:13   But I’m not going to do anything; I’m standing here quietly…
03:16   Yes, yes, but… as long as you don’t film me because I don’t want that —
03:19   We don’t film people who don’t want to be filmed, but it’s like this,
03:23   that it says “The People’s House”… What’s with the guy behind you?
03:26   Does he have a canon in his pocket, and an earpiece… ? WTF…
03:29   What the hell you look like some agent with a pistol in your jacket…
03:33   Go to hell… —I love you —Get the hell out…
03:37   Fascist pig, f*** off. —Is he a Jew, that one?
03:41   Racist, f***ed up racists…
03:45   This guy, he’s filming, he’s always filming for you…
03:49   and put them out on… ehhh…
03:53   You stop now… [more angry voices]
03:57   Stop filming…
04:01   Shut that camera off… get out of here…
04:05   F***ing Nazis go to hell!
04:10   [calling the police]
04:18   [yelling] Go to hell!
04:24   Come.
04:30   You’re on Nørrebro… what are you doing here?
04:36   What are you doing?
04:42   [bottles being thrown]… Let’s go.
04:48   [Antifa in pursuit — we can hear “Nazi pig” being yelled in the background.]
04:54   Come on come on! [literally being chased out.]
05:01   Get the hell out, Nazi pig!
05:07   F*** you, Nazi pigs…
05:19   You don’t come here to Nørrebro. Do I make myself clear, you Nazi pig?
05:25   [aggressive AFA mentioning that he knows where our guy lives.]
05:31   Let’s go, let’s go.
05:37   [AFA bellowing unintelligibly in the background…]
05:43   Come on… come on…

10 thoughts on “Danish Journalist Chased Out of Nørrebro by “Anti-Fascists”

  1. Here’s a weird thing: the initial approach, before the “Do you speak Hebrew” was in Hebrew: “mah nishmah” (translated as “unintelligible”, roughly means “What’s new / how are you doing?” and was followed by “mah koreh?” (also translated as “unintelligible, meaning “What’s happening?).

    The person making this initial approach did not have an Arabic accent in Hebrew, so I’d say that it is unlikely that he was Palestinian, especially when you add in his look. I’d put my money on Israeli Jewish, though he might be Israeli Arab (some are without an Arabic accent in Hebrew).

    This makes the whole story MUCH weirder!

    The Hebrew-speaking Israeli might be a left-wing Israeli idiot who joined these winners (not that rare). But then again, he didn’t seem all that aggressive, so I’m guessing not. Maybe he was just a bystander. Weird.

    [Yes, I also posted this elsewhere.]

  2. The inhabitants of ” The People’s House” are so friendly and so open! They really show in words and deeds to properly belong to that genuine Leftist welcome-culture we are experiencing all over Europe. So nice, so peaceful! They constitute a valiant bulwark against all forms of racism, intolerance, antisemitism and fascism!

    (I’m affected by ISD, that is Irony Sarcasm Disorder…)

  3. How strange that the Brown Shirts now claim to be Anti-Fascist. As far as I can tell nothing has changed except their uniforms are now black. They still hate Jews, they are still street thugs intent on imposing their will and just as in days of old are allied with Islam. If I we’re a Danish Jew, I would either be getting ready to fight or moving to Israel or the U.S.A.

    • I find this quite shocking that it seems just fine for an obviously Jewish person to be aggressively threatened by the leftie fascists. Can you imagine the pandemonium had this been done to a Muslim. I find it very sad that Jews all over Europe are opting to flee to Israel and not stay and fight. I am sure that if there were a vote who we would like to stay in Europe it would be the Jewish community who, in my experience, have always contributed greatly to the Countries they reside in. Can the same be said of Muslims?

  4. They called him and Jewish pig then they call them nazis – ???? In Arizona the journalist could have come fully armed with an AR15 or even a hand gun. The more I learn about the Antifas the more I dislike them. I saw how many Antifa were at the Trump protest and this made me realize they are in the USA in mass. I thought it was largely in Europe. I go on facebook and read the antifas hate off and on and it funny how they say Trump’s moves are unconstitutional when Communist like them hate the US Constitution, except when they can use it for their own agenda. They cover their faces as I can see on this video and this, in my mind, makes them cowards. I hear them talk about revolution when i believe in a real civil war most would go hide in a safe space. I do not hate them, but I sure detest what they stand for and most or at least in videos like this appear to be young millenials who have been spoiled all their life. Sooner or later conservatives will have to stand up to them. I don’t have to worry about them living in a largely conservative small Arizona town but I feel for these journalist in this video.

    • AZ resident here too. I would love to see this happened in AZ where the reporter could be armed and with armed guards as well.

    • “I do not hate them”. I am often amused by this euphemism. It’s ok to hate. There is a time to hate, there is a time to love.

  5. 2:14 The boy, that Mike said was speaking Hebrew, is not a Dane. Could be French, Belgian, Portuguese or from NW Spain. I don’t speak Hebrew, so…
    2:39 it’s a Maghrebian
    3: 13 That is how democracy in Europe –leftist way :((((
    3:35 the guy may be Danish

    • The boy sounded like a proper Israeli, no obvious foreign accent (then again, it’s hard to pick up in just a word, when one’s own Hebrew isn’t anything to write about).

      That’s what so weird about it.

      MC, if you’re reading this, perhaps you could comment or at least confirm if I heard things right?

  6. Sounds like an Israeli to me – rolling the R properly in “ma kore” question , meaning “what’s up” . No idea what the guy was doing there, but he obviously did not participate in the events that followed ( he left the moment others arrived) – to me it seemed like he knew there’s going to be trouble and probably wanted to warn the guys off in the language others would not understand but two journalists did not speak Hebrew …. just my two cents

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