Yellow Vest Leader Who Lost an Eye Was Deliberately Targeted by Police

Jérôme Rodrigues is a popular leader of the Yellow Vest movement in France. During a demonstration in Paris back in February he was hit with one of the infamous flash ball projectiles fired by police, and lost an eye as a result. In the following interview from a French TV program, the journalist Antoine Peillon asserts that Mr. Rodrigues was deliberately selected as a target by the police.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   My sources tell me that Jérôme Rodrigues was targeted.
00:04   This man was becoming extremely popular.
00:08   He is charismatic, and this is for that reason that he was targeted.
00:12   “Jérôme Rodrigues was targeted, because he was becoming extremely popular.” —Antoine Peillon Coeur de Boxeur
00:16   I’m bringing testimonies told by people
00:20   whom I take totally seriously —Police officers?
00:24   Both in the world of security and in the world of the law enforcement, who tell me he was targeted.
00:28   Jérôme Rodrigues, who lost his eye at the Bastille [square]
00:32   in a Yellow Vest action, I think at the beginning of February,
00:36   I think that’s the day, in unbelievable circumstances:
00:40   he was totally peaceful. There he was even calming
00:44   the atmosphere, which was getting out of control, and first he got
00:48   a crowd-control grenade at his feet, and,
00:52   almost right away, instantly, a LBD 40 bullet
00:56   in the eye, which he then lost.
01:00   He lost the eye. He himself has no doubt concerning the origins
01:04   of the loss of the eye. He accused very quickly the shot of the LBD 40,
01:09   which was already being questioned [as a weapon] at that time; his attorney
01:13   did the same thing. The total denial by the Paris prefect,
01:17   by the Security Minister — let’s call him that — Mr. Laurent Nunez,
01:21   and by the Interior Minister Christophe Castaner,
01:25   who [all three] say: “it’s impossible, it’s impossible”. And finally it seems
01:29   that, several days later, a gendarme had to admit that
01:33   he did in fact shoot an LBD, even if he denied that it was a shot of an LBD
01:37   directed against Jérôme Rodrigues.
01:41   BUT, my sources tell me:
01:45   he was targeted. This man was becoming extremely popular,
01:49   he is charismatic, and for that reason
01:53   he was targeted. —So, precisely, I would like —
01:57   There was a fear that Christophe Dettinger might become a hero [YV boxer who punched 2 cops],
02:01   and that’s why he’s being martyred, that he’s prevented from… he’s being imprisoned,
02:05   in a way, to hide him, to forbid him to speak out, which is currently the case.
02:09   He cannot. Propositions have been made that we would both be interviewed at the same time.
02:13   We have to refuse it. —In fact
02:17   it’s not only a senseless act when a police officer
02:21   tells himself, “Hah, I could shoot Rodrigues,” we see very well that
02:26   those police officers who shot LBDs have their orders.
02:30   Yes. —This is what appears in the event. —So, there are
02:34   within the police, very specialized people, both in intelligence,
02:38   and in the actions which are consequences of intelligence, who are targeting the efficiencies
02:42   as special services commandos, when there’s a necessity
02:46   to defuse a dangerous situation. You can easily imagine that
02:50   in what are called BACs [anti-criminality brigades], which are
02:54   great users of the LBD 40. There are
02:58   allegedly officers who are very well-connected,
03:02   extremely well-connected with those police, the intelligence police
03:06   of the special services and of special action squads. —On the other hand, we tell ourselves:
03:10   still, that to do that — I mean he is wounded,
03:14   he lost his eye— but [even though] it victimized him, it doesn’t prevent him
03:18   from going to the TV studios and so on, and from becoming… —Denis, he had a very low moment
03:22   Yes. —You know there was one who spilled the beans not long ago.
03:26   Yes. —[Eric] Drouet, [another Yellow Vest leader]; he’s not the same type of man, but still,
03:30   still. —Yes. —At some point when you blind people,
03:34   when you threaten them, it’s their lives that become a game!

2 thoughts on “Yellow Vest Leader Who Lost an Eye Was Deliberately Targeted by Police

  1. Is it really such a shock that the leader of ANY movement would be targeted by his opponents? Wounding the leader sends the message that the movement is weak, and that the group should disperse if they want to live. That’s a tactic we see everywhere that social animals fight, not just humans. So it isn’t surprising that Rodrigues was a prime target. Thank God he didn’t lose his life.

    I’m proud of my French cousins’ continued resistance of Macron the Idiot, but I’m afraid he isn’t taking them seriously anymore. I’m cheering for you, People of France. Take back your nation! Down with globalism!

  2. Citizens of Western nations want to believe that if their government turned against them, the military and police forces would never attack them. Most would. Before a coup, traitors in gov place as many of their people in positions of power as possible, to insure this. Obama is a prime example, even firing military leaders. loyal to our country, while in theater, to be replaced by his minions.

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