Police Terrorise Tommy Robinson Again

Paul Weston’s fisking of the Greater Manchester Thugs Police is dictionary-perfect.

What precisely is the point of the useless royal eunuchs who pretend to preside over a country and yet permit lawlessness not only to exist but to prevail? This on-going mess has turned me into an anti-monarchist. There’s not enough pomp and circumstance to cover this Greek tragedy in what has become a third-world, unsafe, and bitter green isle.

Paul is more eloquent than I in describing the high crimes and misdemeanors of the police enforcers:

May God have mercy on them all.

15 thoughts on “Police Terrorise Tommy Robinson Again

  1. The only thing that worries me now, with an unaccountable ruling class is electoral fraud. In the 1960s I worked on elections and briefly served as a Deputy Returning Officer when my colleague suffered a heart attack. While on the surface, the UK electoral system is well regulated, experience has shown that it can be breached as events in Tower Hamlets, Slough and parts of Birmingham have proved.

    If they can get away with it Con/Lab/Lib will steal this election to stop Tommy, Farage and Batten. We must be prepared to object if anything looks suspicious.

  2. Its sickening! What has become of the political people in power in uk and europa, they must all have been bought, paid off, because they all are operating in unison to destroy europe, iur cuktures,,peoples and christianity, and replace us with muslims and sharia law.

    It war! How this woman, treason may is still stalking the halls of westminster, it seems impossible to get rid of these traitors, they just linger on and on destroying us all, like merkel in germany.

    Paul weston is a light in the dark times, but i predict civil war, like the balkans in the 90s, its already begun, in sweden, france, uk, german.
    I live in portugal, i now see many of these leftist antifa types moving to portugal, living in sunshine, well away from the hell they have created in in west and north europe, thexe scumbag hippy preaching marxists are here in portugal preaching their cultural marxist warped poison!!!
    Portugal is a communist socialist country, corrupt as hell!!

  3. I’m not a monarchist (though being pragmatic, I suspect the Royal Family are worth a fortune to UK tourism). However the Queen has little actual power.

    • The Queen does have ultimate authority, it just takes a Cromwell type to enforce that authority and the will to make it happen. The military takes oath to the Crown, not that rats nest in parliament.

  4. I used to correspond with Paul Weston via Twitter, until I was permabanned last year for posting an anti-burka meme that did not even name a religion.
    If anybody is in contact with Weston, I’m scheduled to guest-host the 4th hour of the Alex Jones Show today, and I’d love to have him as a call-in guest.

  5. If Tommy does not win this election or gain some kind of traction, he really should consider leaving the UK and seeking political asylum in the USA, Hungary, anywhere that he and his family will be safe.

    From what I’m seeing, it looks like the thugs with badges (who themselves should be in prison) have been told that anything goes when it comes to harming Tommy and his supporters. That includes escorting armed and dangerous Muslim criminals who would just as soon slit his throat as look at him. (Tommy)

    I have been watching the TR phenomenon from over here in the USA and can’t believe what a brave hero he is despite being in a David and Goliath situation. I’m sure there are many like me in the States who try to support him as much as we can.

    Be that as it may, Tommy cannot become another Braveheart and be sacrificed before he’s completed his mission. I don’t think the UK can spare him, there’s nobody else who has his courage and the loyalty of the patriots who love their country.

      • Matt Bracken- if Tommy doesn’t get elected, and given the upcoming court date, he really has to make a move or I’m 100% convinced the murderous thugs who now seem to control the UK will be coming for him.

        How easy would it be for one of those angry young Muslim “protestors” that the dirty cops have been escorting to Tommy’s rallies, to stick a knife between his ribs? Pretty damn easy if you ask me. Accidents happen, right?

    • The EU elections are ongoing today, 23rd May. With results due to be announced on Sunday/Monday next, after all member countries’ votes are in. Bring your own pen, they say; it’s permanent. Not a pencil.

      Tommy, campaigning for the UK North West, is scheduled to appear in Court, again, on 4th July, for the same charges (that were effectively found to be wrong and so quashed last October). Incidentally, the same date as the newly elected EU Parliament expects to sit.
      The UK govt does enjoy a sneaky joke, a rapier between the shoulder blades, and this won’t be the first time its useful members have scheduled Court appearances/prohibitive Orders that just happen to coincide with – and curtail to the very minute – Tommy’s public diary commitments elsewhere.
      They do like being top dog – despite the beautiful canine being anathema to so many of their own ‘pets’. So it’s on with their continuing cat & mouse games, and the woolly ball & chain. But the truth will out.

      Tommy’s support at Court on 4th July will be in full voice as usual. Loudly and colourful, as those independence day fireworks just across the pond.

  6. There’s nothing to ask the police chief, commissioner etc. about – you are wrong, Mr. Weston.

    Take the responsible police bosses directly to court – on account of terrorism charges. The only way it *might* (perhaps) work.

    But inwardly I fear Albion is irreparably damaged and moribund.

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