Culture-Enricher Torches Italian Police Station, Two Dead

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this news report from, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Tragedy at the headquarters of the municipal police of Mirandola in Modena province,
00:03   on the night of 21 May: Two people died and three are in grave condition
00:09   as a result of an incident at the headquarters on Via Roma. Responding to the scene
00:16   were various squads of the fire department, medics of 118, police and Carabinieri
00:19   As to the cause: it involves arson.
00:24   According to local media, the Carabinieri have already arrested the perpetrator of the act.
00:29   A person of very young age, a foreigner, perhaps of Moroccan origin:
00:34   He broke into the entrance of the structure, piling up papers and setting the fire.
00:39   The motivation behind the act is not clear, but the possibility of a vendetta is not excluded,
00:43   for a proceeding against him by the same municipality.
00:48   According to what has been learned, the offices enveloped in the flames were located
00:51   on the ground floor of the building, on the upper floors of which
00:54   are residences, where the dense smoke of the fire arrived.
00:58   It also appears there was an explosion that involved an apartment adjacent to police headquarters.
01:03   It was on the first floor where two people died.
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One thought on “Culture-Enricher Torches Italian Police Station, Two Dead

  1. The only tragedy was when these hordes were let in by the government and then not deported. Everything after that is simply the new norm.

    I expect the government reaction will be to do nothing and the 600,000 odd others will continue to be cared for by the Italian people and in return they’ll provide much needed services like mugging, arson, theft, rape and murder.

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