France Does Not Belong to the French!

Last weekend a mob of illegal immigrants — who styled themselves the “Black Vests” — occupied the Charles de Gaulle Airport outside Paris and staged a rally against French migration policy. One of the migrants (speaking in Arabic, which was translated into French) said:

“France does not belong to the French! All Africa has a right to be here!”

Many thanks to Ava Lon and Sassy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a Breitbart article (hat tip Seneca III) about the Black Vest occupation of the airport:

‘France Does Not Belong to the French!’ — Migrants Occupy Airport

Hundreds of illegal migrants occupied the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport in France, preventing people from boarding their flights and demanding to speak to Emmanuel Macron’s prime minister, Edouard Philippe.

“France does not belong to the French! Everyone has a right to be here!” yelled one of the migrants, organised by the pro-migration La Chapelle Debout group, through a loudspeaker, as they pressed for their presence in the country to be regularised.

Calling themselves “Black Vests” in a homage — of sorts — to the Yellow Vests who have been protesting Emmanuel Macron for months, the migrants also demanded Air France “stop any financial, material, logistical or political participation in deportations” in a statement published on Facebook.


Le Parisien reported that Paris Charles de Gaulle, the largest international airport in France, and second-largest in the European Union behind Britain’s London Heathrow, was targeted because of its proximity to an administrative detention centre in nearby Mesnil-Amelot (Seine-et-Marne), where illegal aliens are held prior to their expulsion from the country.

Air France, which the Black Vests denounced as the “official deporter of the French state”, did send a delegation to treat with the migrants’ representatives, and promised to “report their grievances to the management”.

The airline declined to comment on the incident to the media, however, referring reporters to the police prefecture.


Illegal migrants appear to have little fear of reprisals for such actions, with hundreds having conducted a similar protest demanding regularisation outside the Paris police quarters in January, according to Le Parisien.

They were even more brazen in 2018, storming the historic Basilica of Saint-Denis, which holds the tombs of many of France’s kings, alongside anti-borders left-wingers, forcing clergymen to cancel a Catholic mass and remaining in situ until the authorities forcibly ejected them from the premises.

National populist leader Marine Le Pen condemned the seeming involvement of left-wing politicians in the demonstration, blasting that, “By calling migrants to desecrate the Basilica of St. Denis, Necropolis of our Kings… the far-left show that, in their immigrationist madness, they are ready to trample our civilisation and desecrate a place of historical worship.”

Video transcript:

54:49   It will be translated from Arabic to French to make sure we understand his words.
54:57   The airport, at this airport where,
55:01   at this airport where people are being deported,
55:05   at this airport where they are being imprisoned,
55:09   there also are migrants who resist.
55:13   And who after resisting, end up
55:17   getting out of the planes, end up leaving the detention centers
55:22   and end up by being freed and end up
55:26   by receiving their papers. Today there’s one among us.
55:30   We will give him the floor:
55:34   [Arabic spoken]
55:42   Good day everyone,
55:46   good day to all my brothers. I’m a Sudanese migrant
55:50   I’m originally from Darfur, and the French government knows very well
55:54   what is going on in Darfur.
56:18   Yes! Me, here.
56:22   Calm down, for now.
56:27   Me, here, when I was, when I came
56:31   here thanks to a humanitarian organization that is helping people who
56:35   Come, who come from the camp of [unintelligible] the refugees camp of [unintelligible].
56:43   When I came from that refugees camp, I was
56:47   especially mistreated, in this very airport. I wasn’t allowed to
56:51   have access to my rights. I had no translator while I was detained.
57:15   And when I was brought
57:19   from that center at this airport, I was brought to a small police station.
57:23   I was brought straight to the aircraft to be deported. I refused.
57:28   I was immediately put in detention. I got no
57:32   help whatsoever other then from myself when I was in France.
57:36   I had no help from a translator, I had no access to a lawyer, I had nothing.
58:00   I was detained for months in the Vincennes detention center. In the Vincennes detention center.
58:04   I was asked to apply for asylum. I was brought
58:08   in handcuffs.
58:36   At the detention center of Vincennes where I spent two months I ended up
58:40   coming across an association called ASSFAM [Association Service Social Familial Migrants], which
58:45   helped me a little in my endeavors and which contacted
58:49   a group whose name is La Chapelle de [unintelligible] where there are people here who helped
58:53   to stop my deportations [sic] and who helped get me released.
59:13   I spent forty-five days
59:17   in a detention center in extremely hard conditions. After those
59:21   Forty-five, when they tried to deport me yet again, for the fourth time,
59:25   I refused again, I was again placed in detention
59:29   in Bobigny. And there the people from the group
59:33   found me a [female] lawyer, whose name is [unintelligible] who especially helped me,
59:37   and that’s when I was released.
60:18   And I would also like to
60:22   talk about other Sudanese
60:26   who are at this very moment in the detention center
60:30   At [unintelligible] and threatened with deportation. They are themselves —
60:34   the French government has to know that — even if
60:38   the dictator Omar al-Bashir were removed, today there are still
60:42   people who if they are deported risk dying upon arrival
60:46   at the Khartoum airport.
61:27   But finally, finally, once I was outside, while
61:31   all my rights were disregarded at the airport,
61:35   in prison, where I had no right to file my procedures correctly, I ended up
61:39   by obtaining — we did appeal — and I ended up receiving the papers.
61:43   The fact that they gave me the papers meant that I had THE RIGHT
61:47   to have papers here. I had THE RIGHT to have papers here.
62:40   In order to give you an idea
62:44   in order to give you an idea of how the poor and women are treated in this country:
62:48   After I refused a third flight, they threw me in a police station,
62:52   and I had no food for three days. How is it you can’t feed someone?
62:57   Nooo, nooo! [African crowd]
63:01   They walked on me, they stepped on me, to see if I, if I was still alive or dead. And this is why
63:09   I help all the fragile people today, human rights, the homeless
63:13   who are on the street, who have problems. Because I went through the same situation.
63:37   And I’m telling you that FRANCE DOESN’T BELONG TO THE FRENCH!
63:45   Yes! Yes! [African crowd]
63:49   And I, and I will stand
63:53   for all the homeless. —Thank you!

17 thoughts on “France Does Not Belong to the French!

  1. This comment is from France.

    Thank you Baron for this post… Yes, we have come to that: illegal migants invade the biggest airport terminal in France and yell ” France doesn’t belong to the French!”

    I didn’t think I would live long enough to see that. I am looking in my French-English dictionary for words that would convey what I feel: anger, humiliation, despair, shame…

    But I think also that we French people have been asking for it. We ( not me personally or the few French patriots around) are suffering from an affliction described by Chesterton as ” Christian duties gone mad “.

    It surely is a Christian virtue to help your fellow man in trouble, when he is in danger or going hungry. But these guys coming from Africa are not refugees needing help. There are invaders bent on conquering and submitting our country ( and the rest of Western Europe as well). Most of them are muslims and are just trying to take over, as their Koran instructs them.

    This guy in the video just said it aloud and publicly for the first time. We, the few “Identitarian” in France know it, but the majority of people haven’t got it yet. And the politicos, the media and the ruling elites have submitted to Islam. We are now in a desperate situation.

    Maybe there is still a glimmer of hope. These invaders are only strong because of our general weakness. If enough people showed a bit of courage and of intelligence, things could change very quickly. All this riff-raff could be shown the way out rapidly. As for myself, I am ready…

    • The Quran does not instruct followers to over throw or invade (no less than the Bible does, which of course is carefully and conveniently omitted from actual study in both mainstreams of these religions). These people are refugees fleeing war and poverty that France itself participates in. France has an obligation to these people to shelter them because of the French Government’s involvement in the Middle East. The same goes for the US, Russia, China, etc., all participating countries in the fighting in Sudan have the ethical obligation to accept the refugees they displace. Period. If that is too great a burden on the “culture” or “economy” then these peoples have no where to go. And if the biggest economies in the world can’t help them then no one can. This is the cost of war. Displacement of peoples always happens and first world countries need to accept their role as asylum countries cause they’re the only beacon of hope the world has.

      • Colonial countries have perhaps a moral obligation to attempt to help the countries of which they took advantage. The most merciful “help” would be in situ, not in their own very foreign country. They would have to provide basic infrastructure and hospitals.

        There is more than one way to be a beacon. Already, one percent of Guatemala has moved into America.

      • There is so much falsehood within your commentary, Mr Antonius, that it is difficult to know where to begin. Nonetheless, let’s begin dissecting, shall we?

        First, the Koran absolutely DOES instruct its votaries to wage jihad anywhere that Islam does not already reign Supreme. Its designation of the non-Islamic parts of the world as ‘House of War’ is as obvious as it gets.

        Secondly, Western Christian nations have no obligation whatsoever to admit ANY Muslim refugees. Over two hundred years ago, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson understood that the values and belief systems of Mohammadans were utterly incompatible with those of a civilised Western nation.

        Third, the vast majority of the so-called refugees are not fleeing war. Most of them, in fact, are military age males from countries where there is no war. They may be transiting through places like Syria, but they are not from there. And even if they were, they could go to the next safe country over, such as Turkey. No, they are coming for the free-living expenses and other benefits, as well as coming to change Dar al Harb to Dar al Islam, as their Koran exhorts them to do.

        Any Western nation that hopes to avoid coming under the cruel and barbaric dictates of Sharia absolutely must cease admitting any Muslims, and begin aggressively rounding up and deporting virtually all Muslims who have arrived in recent years. History tells us what happens to nations and cultures that fail to do this.

      • Antonius you are wrong. The Quran DOES instructs his followers to ” overthrow or invade “. You should read the Quran, as I did, from first to last page, and you will discover that in at least 96 verses, it calls on muslims to make war on non-believers. It orders, in one verse, to ” kill miscreants wherever you find them “. In another, to ” cut their fingers ” in another still ” to cut them at the neck ” ( in other words to decapitate them or slit their throats )
        Elsewhere it calls Christians “rubbish, “offal” and ” gaerbage”. It says Allah” changed Jews into apes twice” to punish them for rejecting Islam. etc,etc, It goes on and on.
        The Quran is a terrible book of hatred and prejudice. In the name of the Quran, muslims invaders have perpetrated in India, over hundred of years, the worst genocide in human history. In Africa, for several centuries, they have captured millions and millions of Black Africans to enslave them.
        Come to your senses, man, and try to understand that the Quaran is as bad if not worse than Mein Kampf, and
        that Islam is not a religion, but a murderous sect bent on mayhem, theft and wantom destruction.

    • Not really.

      A big surprise would have been French security forces forming a perimeter around the miscreants to prevent any from escaping, proceeding to adminster such beatings with their batons that even the dumbest among them would remember the lesson, loading the subdued invaders onto a transport plane for the flight to Khartoum, landing against Sudanese protestations, and then unceremoniously dumping the trash onto the tarmac before departing.

      Now that would be a surprise which I do not expect to see in my lifetime.

  2. The video link doesn’t work for me.

    Is it a regional type of problem (I’m in Australia) or has the video been removed?

      • I’ve tried that.

        Also, bitchute doesn’t work anywhere on this site for me.

        Maybe it’s something set up by the Australian government?

      • The French and Italians are the only people I can think of that have mastered both high and low culture. You captured that in the phrase “vineyards and chateaux.” Art and food. Without France, the WORLD will be culturally impoverished.

        • Am I too late to add a comment?

          Many years ago, when the UK had only three tv channels, two being BBC, ITV were on strike; as it happened, the BBC had two broadcasts of classical music that evening. One newspaper (I think the London “Evening Standard”) had a cartoon of a bunch of “working class” men in a pub; one said he couldn’t decide between “La Fedelta Premiata” (opera by Haydn) on BBC2, and a string quartet concert on BBC1.

          Working class Italians might not have gone for the second, but many would have enjoyed the first. Art is only “elitist” if people choose to regard it so.

          I must be getting old; my recollection of items from decades ago gets sharper, the recent stuff not so much.

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