China: Steve Bannon Is a Demon? A Dragon? Whatev.

Talking to Fox from France, Bannon points out that the Chinese attack on him, is aimed at a now-private citizen, not a politician. Is he intended to serve as a stand-in for Trump, who scares them more?

[Don’t forget that Mr. Bannon is one of the leading lights in the action group, The Present Danger: China. That title deliberately echoes the period of the Cold War against the Soviet Union, when conservatives fought against Russia’s attempt at world hegemony while many on the left played footsie with the Kremlin.

Now the players have changed: China’s questionable deals with Joe Biden and family are being ignored in the MSM while Steve Bannon’s continuing depth charges shake China’s façade.]

So here’s the latest salvo, served and returned:

What is of great interest is Bannon’s decision to work with the nationalist movement in Europe. He was certainly doing just that job as a leading strategist in the Trump campaign; when he came on board, the tone and focus became much more oriented toward our country qua economic nation. He convinced Trump to ignore the polls and focus on the people.

But previous to that, ever since the unexpected death of Andrew Breitbart in 2012, it would appear that Mr. Bannon began to lose whatever heart he had for team sports. That loss probably made his work in the Oval Office, post-election, feel confining. It was a fiery exit.

What he is doing in Europe now is strategic assessments for a number of nationalist teams without having to belong to any one of them. His work is vital and important; he knows European history (the man has been devouring books for decades) and he has mastered the geo-strategic goals of the major world players. That’s why China is bashing him so hard. They badly need to damage him before he spoils their game utterly.

Meanwhile, Bannon is attempting to support a refuge in Italy for the future of Judeo-Christian culture. This video from German media tries to undo the work of Trisulti. Given the continued rise of economic populism in the smaller countries of Europe, all left-wing media repetitions of “ultra-conservative”, “obsessive cults of identity”, etc, ad nauseam, is spitting in the wind of reality. Globalism is on the wane.

You will be hard put to find a reasonable media explanation for Bannon. I couldn’t find nary a one through three pages of searches. Acres of vitriol and venom, though. He could be even more demonized than Trump…may he enjoy his dragon costume. Thanks to Fox for giving him a small window from which to speak.

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Conservative Tree House hat tip for the Fox video.

3 thoughts on “China: Steve Bannon Is a Demon? A Dragon? Whatev.

  1. This comment is from France.

    Thank you Dymphna for this post on Steve Bannon.
    As a European patriot, I am very happy that Steve Bannon is not focusing entirely on China and can spare some of his time, energy and immense talent to help us here in Europe.

    Even after his departure from the White House, he is still a heavyweight in world politics. He may be ” a private citizen ” for now, his voice and his actions still matter enormously. That he came recently to Paris to support us patriots before the coming European elections is great news. The French MSM and the pro-Macron degenerates are getting hysterical. I’s fun to watch… Vive Steve Bannon !

    • The French MSM cannot be any worse than the American MSM, who hate Bannon and call him an alt-right racist. if they looked at us, it would be the same.

      Bannon is showing the effects of not enough sleep and poor nutrition. I hope he does not succumb to it the way Andrew Breitbart did.

      • Yes, Steve Bannon looks terrible on the photograph. I hope he gets better soon. We need him badly. As you say in your article:” His work is vital and important “.

        As for Andrew Breitbart’s untimely death ( in the same LA neighborhood where Marylin Monroe also died, I think ) my suspicious and complotist mind tells me some shenanigans by Deep State operators could possibly have been involved. I remember reading something about that.

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