The Non-News From the Netherlands

The two videos below are brief Dutch news reports about the Easter Day bombings in Sri Lanka. Many thanks to C for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

This first video is from early on, when the news was still breaking. According to the correspondent in Sri Lanka, the attacks were the Christians’ fault, who somehow provoked the Buddhists to commit the atrocities:

Later on, when it became obvious that the bombings were carried out by Islamic terrorists, the reporters managed to discuss the news without saying anything at all:

Video transcript: #1

00:00   The bombings have not been claimed yet, but
00:05   what [groups] are plausible, what kinds of tensions exist in Sri Lanka?
00:10   Well, in Sri Lanka there are tensions between Christians
00:14   and the majority of the population, the Buddhists.
00:18   In recent years there have been multiple violent incidents
00:23   in which both Christians and Muslims and other minorities…
00:28   in Sri Lanka [the perpetrators were?] Buddhist monks…
00:32   Buddhists in any case, led by monks, a quite radical group.
00:37   Mosques were vandalized; churches were vandalized; some people were killed;
00:42   heads of churches were threatened. So, those tensions exist.
00:49   Those Buddhists feel that their culture is under siege, is threatened by these minorities,
00:55   but in recent years, no such bombings [?] took place.

Video transcript: #2

00:00   Several alleged terrorists have been arrested. What is known about them?
00:08   Very little at this moment. Nobody has claimed the attack yet.
00:12   We know 13 people have been arrested, and police are searching a house
00:18   that allegedly was used by the perpetrators, south of Colombo.
00:24   Furthermore, we know the perpetrators are local.
00:27   They’re from Sri Lanka, the PM stated this as well this evening.
00:31   But no names are known, neither those of the perpetrators,
00:35   suspects I should say, nor of the organisation behind this.
00:38   The Minister of Defense even called on the media not to publish names,
00:42   because he doesn’t want other extremist organisations
00:49   to exploit this in some way.

5 thoughts on “The Non-News From the Netherlands

  1. First blame the Buddhists (the most peaceful people on this planet), then indirectly blame the Christians (whose religion also forbids killing), everything is tried in order to avoid mentioning the real perpetrators.
    Disgusting, how the Netherlands (and most of the West) became so pc-indoctrinated, that they all started to practice Newspeak.
    A strikingly new development is, that other non-European, non-white and non-Judea-Christian groups, like the Buddhists, Hindu’s, Taoists and Confucianists, also start to get targeted by mainstream media as alleged perpetrators, in case they have a conflict with followers (slaves) of the “religion of -ahem- peace”.
    One may wonder if the main motivation for this perverted pc-indicted double standard is has become (understandable) fear for revenge, rather that (unjustified) white guilt.
    If it were not so serious, I would compare it to Faulty Towers, “Don’t mention the war”.

    • Much of this problem of political correctness in the media is driven by money. The financial backers of most of the media outlets in the West demand such lies. The UN is now helping to fund media outlets on a rapidly increasing scale.

  2. These impress me as a totally tame media, anxious to not stir any waves by conjecture, or by saying anything not found in a government press release. I understand that Dutch media is privately owned, so you can’t attribute the utter blandness of the reporting to government ownership of the media.

    • While newspapers are indeed privately owned, the major tv channels are taxpayer funded in the Netherlands and basically mouthpieces for the government. Both are leftwing / progressive. Everything here is. There is nothing to counterbalance this (such as, say, Fox news in the US).

      For more background info I recommend the thoughtful, and thoughtprovokoking YouTube videos by Paul Nielsen, who hits the nail on the head.

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