Sweden is Being Islamized Through the Food Jihad

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Katerina Magasin:

How Sweden is Islamized through food jihad. Halal-marked food is sneaked onto consumers.

Halal food has come to Swedish food stores without consumers’ being aware of this. Halal markings are made with very small symbols in Arabic that Swedes cannot read. The question is: Where is the possibility to choose or not choose products when they are sneaked in this way? There can be both ideological and religious reasons for not wanting to buy halal, since Islam is a religion which includes a political system, laws (sharia) and belief in Allah as god. Food jihad, which means Islamization through food, is a strategy used and involves taking over the food so that it becomes Islamic for all inhabitants of the country. The goal is to introduce sharia law, and halal is one of the sharia laws. As the first Swedish newspaper to do so, Katerina Magasin now writes about the phenomenon, which is part of the ongoing Islamization of Sweden. Read Ulrika Stigsson’s expose.

In many Swedish stores halal food is sold without customers’ being aware that they are buying these products with Islamic marking. I decide to go and visit some of our most common grocery stores, ICA, COOP and Hemkop. I find halal labels on the popular Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Frosties, K-Special and other varieties under the Kellogg brand covering several shelves.

The halal marking is tiny and must be photographed and enlarged to be able to read the Arabic.

I ask the staff at the various stores if they have halal food and they all answer, “No” or “I don’t believe so.” In addition, I find Thai products such as noodles, fish sauce and soy that are also halal certified. COOP has its frozen chicken X-tra and Hemköp/Willys Chicken Eldorado, which is halal.

The Asian food businesses, originating in Thailand have almost exclusively halal-marked products. For many years I have been interested in Thai cooking, and I am a big customer of Asian stores. Now I choose the Vietnamese noodles because I don’t want have halal. That Thailand is 95% Buddhist and only 3.7% Muslim the halal question becomes more interesting. How can a small minority influence and completely dominate the vast majority?

What is halal and why does it end in our goods in Swedish stores? In Islam there are sharia laws and halal is part of sharia. It includes rules that apply to all food and not only meat. Most Swedes associate halal with halal slaughter, and don’t know that it includes much more. Even shampoo, soap and detergents should also be halal if everything is to be right.

When a product becomes halal certified, it usually takes places through a company with approved certifiers. This must be renewed and paid for every year. The purpose is to finance the implementation of sharia law in our society and the income from the certification is a part of this. I found, through a simple search, halalcertifiering.se where several companies that have received certified products are named. Some of the companies are: Ase Glass, Kallbergs, Asta Real, Can Deco, Akzo Nobel and the products are all everything from chocolate sprinkles to medicines.

Halalcerifiering AB markets its services to Swedish companies as purely economic: “Expand your clientele with about 400,000 new customers in Sweden, and with many more when exporting to other countries!” According to a source with good insight, this is a strategy within jihad, Islamization through food, which is applicable when Islam is in the minority. Islamic states do not need halal markings because sharia law already demands that all food sold there be halal.

It is not known how much this industry is marketing. I send an email and ask Axfood about Eldorado chicken and the cost in 2018 for their halal certification? They reply to the email, but not to my question. Furthermore, I have emailed the National Food Agency and asked if it is really legal to sell halal products labeled in Arabic with tiny symbols? They also do not answer my question, but write back with an answer that is not relevant.

Swedish companies begin with halal for economic reasons, and the certification (process) provides revenue that finances jihad throughout the world with everything from Koran schools to the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism.

I find a halal certificate on a company’s website with the name and the title of the certifier / imam. After a search on Google, the imam pops up but now as SFI teacher, and he has his own website. The homepage is mixed with Quran verses and how to read SFI: www.asigner.net.

It is not just the food that is Islamic, but also the SFI that is financed by state grants through the schoolwork. Different threads lead me from one to the other. Searching further for the halal label, there are products originating in the Philippines which are directly connected to a Koran school. Again, halal is a financier for various forms of Islamization. Follow the money! Swedish companies live in economic symbiosis with the halal industry. Both parties live together, and without knowledge and information, it can be seen as a good deal with increasing profit margins.

Sweden should have a clear law on halal labeling! All markings must be in Swedish with large text on the front of the product. No one needs to be involved in buying products without having made an active choice, which stands for so many things both religiously and politically. Particularly worrying are the sources that are linked to terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood. How many people at ICA, COOP and Hemköp are aware of this? What makes me shocked is that everyone seems to be asleep on this issue. The National Food Administration, business employees and consumers seem to be as ignorant as everyday Swedes. What also makes it difficult is that there is no uniform symbol but a wealth of certifications with different colors and forms. It should be easy to do the right thing.

— Ulrika Stigsson

Ulrika Stigsson is a writer and Christian public debater.

22 thoughts on “Sweden is Being Islamized Through the Food Jihad

    • Dehalalifying a food would not stop the basic dynamic, which is to pay the imams for attesting the food is halal. In other words, the funds still go to advance jihad and Islamization.

      On the other hand, I’m sure there would be serious death threats by Muslims on whomever is decertifying the food, on the grounds that criticism of Islam by non- Muslims (or Muslims) is a death penalty offense. Islam establishes its territory, and will resort to death threats (or death) when necessary to advance itself.

      • Some time back, Pamela Geller posted an article contrasting halal and kosher culling of animals for food. Here is the link:

        The gist of it is that the violent, sick, tortuous methods practiced in halal leave toxins in the meat, as well as causing unnecessary suffering for the animal. (Islam loves to make suffering happen.) Kosher (and I hope other Western) methods in contrast, minimize or eliminate all suffering of the animal, allow for a more sanitary and safe handling of the meat and reduce or eliminate all of the stress toxins. These toxins and stress hormones cross species, including humans. It may account in part for the insane and violent behavior we see in migrants from halal cultures.

    • I think the main reason those Moslems and pro-halal brigades are spreading their creepy halal label everywhere in various parts of the world is because they want to monopolize everything and in the process deny us the freedom of choice; and not because there is a need to label almost everything as halal. Perhaps, one day, hopefully soon, they will cease to have the political or economic upper hand to force people like us who maybe of Christian faith or of other faith or of no faith to accept Islamic extreme intrusion in what we chose to eat, to use, to wear, etc.

  1. Had a pizza from the supermarket recently. Wondered where it came from (I didn’t buy it) and it was from Germany…and halal certified.

    Something else to look out for and not buy. That and the “health” fad of taking sugar and salt out of foods that I never bought for their health properties in the first place like flavoured milk makes food buying ever more tedious.

  2. “There can be both ideological and religious reasons for not wanting to buy halal” don’t forget the ethical reason as the animals killed this way are suffering greatly – arguably that’s the main reason why halal (and kosher, for that matter) meats should be banned throughout Europe, no exceptions, and most people will cater to this reason too, as opposed to political or ideological reasons.

    Wonder what’s special about halal shampoo…

    • The main objection to kosher slaughter is that the animals must be conscious for the process. Kosher butchers claim the animal does not suffer at all; this claim is irrelevant for halal slaughter.

      I myself would specify an animal must be stunned or otherwise not conscious for the slaughter. If the halal or kosher people can find a way around that, more power to them. If not, either don’t eat meat or don’t eat kosher (or halal).

  3. We all knew about the Halal food scam but I was not aware of the extent to which it affected Thai products. In the next few weeks I will be taking extra care while going around my local supermarkets and I will let you know what I find. My only fear is that my eyesight has deteriorated to such a degree that I will not be able to see the arabic logo.

    Would anyone else be prepared to carry out the same exercise where they are?

    • I most certainly will be on the lookout for the markings of halal on all food and sundries purchased. I’m not aware of this here in the US but most certainly it is happening somewhere.

      • There’s a lot of halal here in the USA. All the organic lamb in our local Wegmans is clearly marked halal, as is some of the beef. All imported New Zealand lamb is halal (and possibly the Australian, too).

        The best way to avoid halal is to eat pork and drink beer with it. That’s what I do when I visit London. While I still can, that is — with a Muslim mayor now, I’m sure London will eventually ban pork sales; it’s only a matter of time. Beer will hold on for a while longer, though, I think.

    • I went around my local Makro (in Northern Thailand) yesterday and was amazed by the amount and variety of items I found bearing the halal logo. While the logo was mainly stamped on traditional Thai sauces and mixes, I also found it on the fresh orange juice I drink and a tin of cat food. As I now have five cats, I am going to be extra careful in future.

      • It gets worse! I went to my local Big C supermarket this morning and found the halal logo on almost everything I picked up. When I got home, I started looking at our own kitchen and found 80% of our sauce bottles were also marked halal. When I mentioned this to Kanya, my wife, she told me that “everything needed to be certified as halal as Muslims wouldn’t buy it and if they don’t buy it, no-one else will.” It sounds like the sort of extortion racket they run everywhere else. She told me that this has been going on for years. She used to run a restaurant in Bangkok many years ago and it was the same then.

  4. Sad that those mostly known bad habits which originated from mostly bad Asians practices (who are known to be quite rampant in their failure to respect our freedom of choice) unethical and obsessive inconsiderate tendencies for labeling almost everything as halal has spread to Europe.
    Another reason why Europe should be less welcoming of Asians.
    The majority of Asians should be ashamed that they are arrogantly imposing their unethical values on us who wish to have nothing to do with their subtle and blatant anti-freedom ideology or their often deviously labelled products, given a choice.

    • Asians? Which ones? Do you mean the clear and present danger China represents for the West?


      I agree they are unethical and anti-freedom. Authoritarian and dictatorial even…China is not known for playing nice, even with its own citizens. But it’s too big to fail.

      • Asians here, I mean South East Asians and East Asians and yes, that include China. And yes, I noted with uneasiness not too long ago, the too many products that are produced or imported from China and other Asian countries are noted to have the alarming and offensive halal label on them. I think in their haste to profit from Asian Moslems, they ignored the rights of many of us who are nonbelievers.
        I think Asians labeling their imported and exported products as halal has been going on for quite a long time and it now has spread to even basic necessities such as toothpaste!
        It is only quite recently that some of us dared to speak up about it, though in some parts of Asia, it is quite risky to speak up or even oppose it openly for fear of offending them.

        • I myself do not buy any food for myself or my dogs, that came from China. Not too many years ago, China was caught adulterating its pet foods and baby foods with dangerous chemicals to make them look good under spectroscopic analysis.

          China supposedly put the perps against a wall, but then again, with China, you never know. I will never buy any food product made in China. I always check the labels when in an Asian grocery.

          As far as the food from China labeled “halal” really being halal: good luck to the Muslims.

  5. My sister, until recently, ran a small bed & breakfast business in Cornwall; when I visited about ten years ago, we visited her (very good) local butcher; she was expecting a Muslim client, and wanted some halal lamb. She was told it all was, as they supplied Asian restaurants here in London- but it wasn’t labelled. At the time, I was little aware of such issues.

    Tesco, Britain’s largest supermarket chain, has (like others) a halal meat section, but their New Zealand lamb is all halal (it keeps things simpler), though not labelled as such; the Cameron government (2010-16) refused to legislate for compulsory labelling.

    I must come clean; I do sometimes eat at an excellent Jewish deli in central London, and have bought kosher lamb when entertaining observant Jewish friends. But this is an informed choice; also I’ve seen video clips of animals being gratuitously abused in halal slaughterhouses, in Lebanon and here, and I find it hard to imagine such practices in the kosher equivalent. I mostly buy meat from a (relatively) local butcher, which doesn’t stock halal; it costs a bit more than in the supermarket, but definitely tastes better (probably because it’s fresher!)

  6. So when is beheading and cutting off of hands going to become law of the land in Sweden? I wouldn’t want to be a gay person in Sweden..or anywhere in western Europe these days.

  7. Sweeden is a perfect example of what example of what liberals do to a nation with their liberal polacies and politics

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