Cologne: Not Your Father’s Silvesternacht

Silvesternacht (New Year’s Eve) in Cologne was a bang-up affair in more ways than one. And no fun for the police.

MissPiggy, who translated the report below, describes the piece as follows:

This is a post written by someone who knows a German police officer. In it he writes about what was really happening on New Year’s Eve in Germany.

The translated post:

The truth about New Year’s Eve — Report of a police officer

by Richard Feuerbach

Today I spoke with a friend who works as a police officer in Cologne and wants to remain anonymous for understandable reasons.

He told me first-hand how and what he experienced in action on New Year’s Eve.

What he told me draws a completely different picture from what the mainstream press tries to draw.

From the point of view of a police officer at the front and from the point of view of the numerous New Year’s Eve victims, the reality is diametrically opposed to the public image in the media.

In the state of North Rhine-Westphalia alone, 38 (!) policemen and -women were injured on New Year’s Eve in action during peaceful New Year’s Eve celebrations, and in some cases have now been incapacitated for longer periods.

Hundreds of colleagues were mobbed, spit on, insulted, beaten and kicked. Even firefighters and rescue workers were victims of almost exclusively “Muslim, Arab and Turkish hordes, which have created in many places civil war-like conditions.” And not only on the so-called Kölnberg.

The so-called “protection zones” around Cologne Cathedral and the central station were hard to hold. A comprehensive control was impossible. In spite of the ban, numerous rockets and guns were fired at people and injured several of them.

The German population, if seen on the streets, were few and far between. Those who ventured out were at the least irritated and at the worst scared or in a panic. And others were filing charges with the police for assault, property damage, insult or sexual harassment. The officers of the Cologne police feel abandoned by Mayor [Henriette] Reker and certify her as having a “below-grade” policy and ivory-tower attitude.

The displeasure and frustration among police officials is growing. Not only in Cologne. Nationally. Nationwide. The colleagues exchange information with each other. Everywhere the same mood and situation picture. Through media coverage, the hypocritical phrase-mongering and the out-of-touch-with-reality politics, one feels let down, fooled and burned. Urgently-needed new police recruits are deterred as a result. With a modest income, you could somehow still survive. However, if you add to that the lack of respect from the upper ranks, and the lies about the facts, then all that’s left is frustration and burnout. Something has to change, and soon.

These conditions are intolerable. For a long time inner peace, which was already more wishful thinking than reality, is no longer able to be sustained. If politicians and the media no longer respectfully pay tribute to the courageous and increasingly perilous work of our police, fire brigades and rescue teams, preferring to twist the truth about daily life and instead propagate their wholesome, colorful world, let us at least as citizens give those who protect us a very big thank-you.

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  1. It is now only a short period of time where the 2 per centers will now take the law into their own hands, an addition 10% will follow suit. These politicians will have only themselves to blame for the coming horrors that will visit them.

  2. German police, firefighters and first responders must decide whether to endure the Muslim abuse like their Swedish counterparts or fight back with lethal force. And cover each other’s back when force is used! Otherwise politicians will fire and/or persecute the brave responders who act alone in quelling Muslim violence.

    Swedish responders & police simply gave up and refuse to enter “No Go” zones that Swedish politicians lie about and told President Trump & the American Press – they don’t exist! What a joke! Lies and coverup. “White flight” began for Swedes wealthy enough to leave Malmo & other sh&thole locations 3-5 years ago!

    Now Germany will experience their indigenous Deutsch volk voting with their feet & wallets! Many Europeans see the Arabic writing on the wall and have left for the V4 countries of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic & Slovenia. I don’t blame them! Especially the older people outnumbered and outvoted by liberal loonies & brainwashed Millennials! Some 68ers as well!

    Those of us in America are or have fled the Muslim concentrated areas of Minneapolis, Dearborn, Columbus, Shelby, Fremont and other cities used by NGOs & our State Department to dump thousands of economic migrants without public knowledge or consent! Minneapolis suburbs and the Mall of America have experienced similar violent aggression by male Muslims in public places. Only the incredibly stupid liberals & economically disadvantaged citizens stay in the crap hole areas. Same goes for our inner city ghettos filled with culturally enriched, diverse, criminals. Vote with your feet & wallet while you still can!!! Sound advise for any indigenous citizen living in a Western country.

    • there is more to come, we only see the beginning now.
      islam prep for war, i see this events in form of testing the capacity of each country.
      they are very updatet on our laws and they are pushing limits to see what happens.
      islam community stay together no matters what, beliving or not muslim heritage have strong bands and see in all of us kaffers a common enemy.
      let it begin no surrender

      very god toughts tumbs upp

    • A very good comment with one error in it. The ‘Visegrad group of countries’ sometimes abbreviated to the V4 is Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Mind you there are several other countries which often support the V4 group on individual issues. These often include Austria, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia.

      Another country, which is a very strange bedfellow with these countries, is Belgium !! The coalition government in Belgium has collapsed after the Flemish Nationalists withdrew their support. Belgium is back to it’s normal political status of holding a General Election. The cause of the Flemish withdrawal is that they objected to the Government signing up to the UN Migration Pact.


    “In spite of the ban, numerous rockets and guns were fired at people and injured several of them.”

    This is false. The German alleged to be “gun” is Böller in the German original. It is true that Böller can be a small ceremonial cannon but here it means firecracker.

    We do ourselves no favours by claiming such a major escalation into firearms. After all, the enemy – when not e.g. claiming that decapitations in Morocco are mere “neck injuries” as in the Swedish press currently – is always ready to shout that we have “irrational fears”

    It is true that the rules of engagement for policemen in Germany are aimed at what is by now entirely inappropriate deescalation, and not repression as in the home countries of the welfare migrants.

    But I would think that confirmed firearm use by an invader would enable a German policeman to draw his hip weapon without fear of disciplinary proceedings.

    Having said which, the death of the mother of three in Kiel at New Year on the street from some unknown projectile is pending clarification, I believe.

    • In reports from Berlin NYE it was stated and to be heard that enrichers aimed and shot alarm guns at police.
      However, I have not heard that enrichers were shot by police. How could the officers tell they were no real weapons? Try to aim a blank gun at an american police officer: I am sure ( unless standing corrected) that the would- be gunslinger will meet his maker, down six feet under.

    • »But I would think that confirmed firearm use by an invader would enable a German policeman to draw his hip weapon without fear of disciplinary proceedings. «

      Use of firearm is legal for devence of himself or others; AFAIK it’s the same “Notwehr” as applies to any citizen.

      And you are absolutely right on translation of “Böller”.

      Greetings from Germany; not far from Amberg (which GoV dealt with a few days ago).

    • I saw Moslems firing handguns into the air a few years ago on New Year’s Eve in Cologne. No attempt was made to disarm them. And by the way “fireworks” can be very dangerous, like any ordinance. My experience comes from my own military service. I saw one man blow his hand off. Munitions should never be discharged at public events and only ignoramuses and “Yahoos” like the ones I mention above would do such a thing. As I said Merkel should be under arrest along with her pets.The whole situation is a catastrophe in the making.

      • @Bishop: I do not deny the danger of fireworks. Notwithstanding, you say you saw Moslems firing handguns a few years ago. The question is, what was the munition?

        This problem of “handguns” comes up again and again in Anglo reporting on Germany for lack of familiarity with the country.

        That is because in Germany but not in the UK or US and other Anglo countries, gas pistols/revolvers (Schreckschusswaffen) that look identical to famous originals e.g. Glock, are freely on sale to adults, including e.g. male Turks or Arabs under 25. More than that, these weapons are made in Germany by German makers.

        They typically fire either CS gas cartridges in e.g. 9mm or with an extra fitting, fireworks. However it is sobering to read or watch (Youtube) reviews of various makes: the gas blowback from loose revolver cylinders was one problem I recall.

        Pepper gas is banned in Germany except for use on animals.

        An owner can apply to the police for a kleiner Waffenschein, tear gas pistol carry permit. These have been issued in great style since 2015.

        But the grosser Waffenschein, gun licence, is very hard to obtain, subject to rules and regulations, and self-defence is no grounds for obtaining one.

        I have not heard and so cannot compare the sound of a tear gas pistol/revolver compared to its lethal equivalent but it may be that the police can tell the difference and so did not intervene at the time you mention.

        I assume your young men were carrying tear gas shooters with no permit. The penalty for that if apprehended is not severe.

  4. Fight or flight. Merkel thinks she is safe. I think she is young enough to still be around when the Volk come to [exact their retribution].

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