New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Part 3

The video below is the third of three parts (part 1, part 2) of what was originally a live-stream video recorded on New Year’s Eve (Silvesternacht) at the Cathedral square in Cologne.

There aren’t so many fireworks this time, but while the revelers are in the square itself, you can hear the almost constant sound of empty bottles hitting the pavement.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:19   Bye. —Is there? No! —The media! —What just happened? Very Good. We can also record that.
00:33   Where are you all from? —They belong to us. —All of us here. —OK. Hold on just a sec.
00:40   I am Marion and I am appalled by what is happening here. I am stunned.
00:46   Stunned. —What’s happening here. Tell me.
00:56   I wouldn’t dare come here on my own as a woman and walk around. I would be afraid.
01:01   Just earlier, when we were on the platform, they
01:05   were throwing firecrackers and screaming Allahu Akhbar.
01:09   Is that normal? —There is a massive police presence. You can celebrate in the “protection zone”
01:18   We weren’t checked by security. We just came through. —All of us weren’t checked.
01:21   I don’t see any protection in the “protection zone”. And I would be really afraid
01:26   with the kind of people walking around here. Especially from the men.
01:30   Without an escort I wouldn’t dare come to Cologne at all.
01:33   I’m sorry. And I grew up here. I am appalled.
01:36   So you’re saying it is not much better that 2015. —Y’know,
01:41   I get the feeling I’m in a foreign country. 2015?
01:47   Take a look at the people here. Take a look.
01:52   You should film that. Film it. Who is standing around us?
01:58   Am I the only German here? I’m sorry, but I have to ask. Oh yeah, they already called me a Nazi
02:06   this evening. Nazi slut. Yes. I am appalled. I am nearly in tears.
02:10   This is happening right in front of our cathedral.
02:14   Incomprehensible. —Super! Thank you. —Super. —For which channel are you filming? —And you?
02:25   This live-stream on Facebook. —Which channel are you filming for? There’s more
02:30   It’s not normal. —Has anything happened to you, if I may ask? Any problems?
02:38   Everything was great for us. —Everything was calm for you? OK. OK. Were you in the protection zone
02:43   only, or outside the protection zone, too?
02:53   Will I be on RTL now? Just look at this! —And we are in the protection zone here or what?
03:04   No, we are not in a protection zone. —Yes. This is officially the protection zone. —Do you see
03:08   protection here? —Let’s go to the brewery. —We are now in
03:12   the sh***y protection zone. I have to walk in front of you.
03:42   And how do you feel walking through here at the moment? Safe or uneasy?
03:48   Uneasy. Honestly, I don’t feel at ease at all.
04:04   I was in Marrakesh, you know. —In Marrakesh there is huge difference.
04:09   Yes, exactly. They don’t dare do anything.
04:15   They don’t dare do anything. Here they behave outrageously, you see it yourself.
04:20   NTV can’t cut it all out, they were always screaming there in between. —I am just stunned.
04:59   They weren’t German.
05:07   You have to imagine this is with a police presence, but what if the police weren’t here?
05:11   They’re already acting so aggressive despite the police being here. The disturbing noise they make.
05:15   I can’t make a comment, to avoid my video being banned.
05:19   If the police weren’t here, I can’t really imagine what
05:23   it would be like. A couple of them are being questioned
05:26   by the police over there. Looks like they are checking their identification.
05:59   So, people, I’m going to turn the camera around.
06:03   Here it is a bit calmer. —What’s your impression? —Here it’s a bit better,
06:07   but otherwise you don’t feel comfortable.
06:10   Even though you know the police are here, they were still so aggressive.
06:14   I’m astounded that this was supposed to be the protection zone. —Yeah, this is the protection zone
06:20   and if anyone got groped or punch, there aren’t many police officers here nearby.
06:25   How would you guesstimate the male-to-female ratio here tonight?
06:29   80 to 20. —Yes. 80% women? That’s great!
06:32   No, unfortunately not. —Testosterone is hanging in the air here tonight.
06:38   Imagine just how bad it must have been two years ago with no police presence. They were
06:42   so aggressive already with the police here. It is just unimaginable. Your screen looks better.
06:48   You think? I’m going to turn back around.
06:55   So we are continuing along the cathedral square.
07:09   Oh look, that’s recycling. All the garbage. We are on our way to a Koelsch pub.
07:29   So, Marion, how’s it going? —I’m stunned. I’m sorry. I just can’t say anything more than that.
07:32   I’m near tears. It’s called crying in Cologne. This isn’t my city
07:36   any longer. I don’t belong here. I don’t belong here.
07:45   You don’t hear one person speaking Koelsch [Cologne dialect] or German. There were more people
07:48   speaking German in Marrakesh than here. —Just a question. The address,
07:55   where is Unter Goldschmied? —It’s over there. —Where exactly?
08:02   Just go over there. —Just keep going straight? —Over there.
08:06   Over there? —Thank you. —You’re welcome.
08:11   Happy New Year. —Happy Holidays, he could speak German.
08:26   Are we going to the meeting? —Yeah, sure. —OK, moving on.
08:40   Look at all the garbage. Look, just like in Marrakesh.
08:53   An adequate “protection zone”. I have to say, they really came up with a great idea.
09:21   Oh well, I will show you the beautiful Cathedral. That’s a must.
09:56   So now we’re on the opposite side of the Cathedral.
10:00   Take a look at all that they broke here. We didn’t see anything
10:03   like that in Marrakesh, right Nicole? —Nope. —Nope.
10:09   So… —For them it is like a paradise-land, they don’t have to work,
10:13   can buy whatever, drink alcohol. That’s something
10:16   they aren’t allowed to do in their own countries.
10:19   Look, it’s the Roman-Germanic Museum. —Where? —There. The Roman-Germanic Museum.
10:23   The Roman-Germanic Museum. —Can’t see it so well with the glaring light.
10:27   And who is celebrating in front of the Roman-Germanic Museum?
10:31   We are now leaving the “protection zone” which is ridiculous.
10:35   So we’re leaving the “protection zone”, but I didn’t feel very protected. —Not at all.
10:39   If in the protection zone thousands of broken bottle are scattered on the ground
10:44   and there’s a cop only every 100 yards, then it is ridiculous.
10:50   Have a look at this here. Look here. My God.
11:36   So folks, we’re moving on. —Take a look at the security personnel.
12:03   —Oh, you have big plans, huh?
12:52   So we’re going to… Hi!
13:00   If this were Paris, they’d have all these shut up. —Yes, exactly.
13:03   When we were in Paris, all the shops were completely, uh…
13:06   …barricaded. —Barricaded. —Yes, exactly. They didn’t even do that here.
13:10   That’s probably going to happen here in Germany too,
13:15   unfortunately. —I think so, too. —The way they were rampaging in the suburbs
13:19   just before, you uploaded the video, right?
13:24   —Yes, I uploaded it. —So the video we filmed earlier has been uploaded to
13:29   Henryk Stoeckl’s Facebook page and you can watch
13:34   it there. As long as it is not deleted. Watch it. Share it, share it, share it.
14:10   —I am so appalled. Geez, here you only hear Arabic. No one speaks German anymore.
14:18   I thought they were taking integration courses.
14:21   Look at this! Hey folks, just look at this!
14:34   Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Is this it? —Yes, that’s it. —Hurry, go inside!
14:46   So, where are they?
14:57   —Oh God, help. —Where is he? —Where’s Dennis?
15:07   No one is here anymore. S***. —They already left, then. —OK, let’s go back.
15:54   So my dears, how much longer should we do the live stream? Would could…
16:00   —Stop?! No. —Don’t stop? —We’re going back. —What? —To the square. —Really?
16:07   —I would do it again. —I thought is was totally exhausting at the square.
16:12   The Cathedral square. —Let’s meet at the square. He should meet us there.
16:20   —No, here’s coming here. —So, my dears, I’m going over here to the lamp. There’s more light.
16:38   OK. So they all want to go back to the Cathedral square. I’m going to stop my live stream now.
16:42   If you guys want to watch us going back to the Cathedral square… Henryk!
16:50   Henryk, where are you doing the live stream? At YouTube or Facebook?
16:54   Facebook, Facebook. —Which profile?
16:58   Henryk Stoeckl, that’s my name. —OK, so tune in there.
17:03   I am stopping mine now. Thanks for watching.
17:09   Thank you Nicole. —OK, my dears, where’s the… hold on, oh my God.
17:14   We’re now going down another street. I have to say Paris was a thousand times worse than here.
17:19   So, my dears, I wish you, despite all the chaos,
17:24   a Happy New Year. I hope the new year entered well.
17:30   Oh, man, we have to go back to the Cathedral square. I really don’t feel like it. Oh well.
17:36   Coming up this year, there will be many changes on the platform. Uncensored.
17:42   Many activities. You are welcome to be a part of it.
17:52   Join us at Beweg Was fuer Deutschland [Make a Difference in Germany] or my profile. Subscribe to
17:56   our Telegram channel if you want. I’ll keep you up to date. I’m totally out of steam and exhausted.
18:00   Thanks for watching and see you soon. Bye.

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  1. That there’s a need for a ‘protection zone’ says it all. I wonder what mutti Merkel was up to on New Year’s Eve?

  2. After finding this “little gem” on Youtube from famously enriched Neukolln section of Berlin one can only conclude that these people in a video from Cologne got away with truly wonderful evening in comparison with these police officers in Berlin. Since I’m not German speaker I can’t really tell what the mob is yelling,but I think they are shouting obscenities in Arabic also,which makes this video a truly multicultural just as imagined by
    Mutti Merkel. Enjoy…

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