New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Part 2

The video below is the second of three parts (part 1 is here) of what was originally a live-stream video recorded on New Year’s Eve at the most popular German cultural festival of the year: Gropin’ and Rapin’ Night in Cologne.

Our group of revelers has at last made it to the main train station in Cologne, and then out into the square around the cathedral. They take note of the extensive cultural enrichment that surrounds them at every turn.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   So, this is Cologne Part 2. We are now at the main train station.
00:09   And now we will make our way to the Cathedral square.
00:19   Keep walking. Keep walking.
00:23   Where is Marion?
00:36   Where is Marion?
00:42   Cologne’s main train station, on the way to the Cathedral square.
00:50   Henrik! —Henrik! —Henrik!
01:02   Hmm. It’s modern. —Yes. —So. —So, people, this is Cologne!
01:07   New Year’s Eve. On the way to the Cathedral square.
01:22   Of course, in the front. Where are we? —Uhh, in… —Come on, we have to go that way. That way!
01:29   Wait a second. We need to stay together. My God.
01:40   Five… —Foreigners. —Not one German person. —Look, this isn’t my city anymore. Just look.
01:50   Look over there. —They’re walking around in ????
02:10   So, here’s Henrik. Hi-hi! —Hi-hi! —So, people,
02:14   we’re still on the way to the Cathedral square in Cologne.
02:18   We already experienced a couple altercations. We had trouble getting into downtown Cologne.
02:23   In the city train (S-bahn) there was fighting. —There’s security here and police.
03:13   So we’re arriving at the Cathedral square people. It’s going to be interesting.
04:26   So, we have arrived at the main entrance to the Cathedral square.
04:36   Now were are going out to the Cathedral square.
04:41   In the background you can see the “protection zone”.
04:51   All the way through to the back. —Ladies’ bathrooms? She needs to pee. —OK. We’ll have a look.
05:05   The Cologne Cathedral square! Yippee!
05:11   Henrik, keep on going to your 12 o’clock, I’ve got to pee.
05:27   Aye-aye, sir! There they are!
05:34   You stay here, I’m going away for two seconds. —This is nuts!
05:39   Hello, you guys stay here. You guys stay exactly here.
05:44   Where’s Henrik? —We’re staying here. We’re staying here. —OK. You’re staying here.
05:48   So Henrik, what are your first impressions? —Yeah, well…
05:53   “…inside the train station” —Police. —“…continue walking…
05:57   …information at the blue light outside the Starbucks cafe.”
06:02   “On both entrances to the train station. Continue walking 100 meters to the blue light
06:06   at the Starbucks cafe” —This isn’t Cologne anymore. This is a foreign country.
06:11   OK, so you really get the feeling that you aren’t in Germany anymore.
06:15   Totally ridiculous. It’s not even this extreme in Frankfurt.
06:20   I keep wondering from where these masses of people come from up there?
06:24   There’s the “protection zone”. —Up there the Cologne Cathedral Square continues
06:29   and wraps around the entire cathedral.
06:38   Marion, may I ask you something about the security?
06:43   Look over there, everything is in Arabic.
06:47   “Pay attention to your valuables” —Let’s go to the “protection zone” and have a look there, OK?
06:54   In a second, we’re waiting here. —For who? —For Dirk!
06:58   Were is he?
07:02   Where is Dirk? —He’ll be back soon. —“Be careful in public”
07:16   So people, I was born here and I haven’t celebrated New Year’s in the city for years,
07:20   but what’s going on here? It’s absolutely nuts.
07:24   I can’t understand it. This isn’t my country anymore or in my city of Cologne.
07:28   You don’t like dialect of Cologne? Don’t laugh about it.
07:33   Just keep walking! I’m in a foreign country. I am appalled. I could cry. This is crazy here.
07:43   I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Not even outside Germany.
07:50   There are only men here. Testosterone-driven, for sure.
07:56   What was the nickname they gave us earlier this evening? —Nazi!
08:00   Nazi sluts. —Yep, they called us Nazi sluts.
08:03   I am so appalled, y’know. Mind-boggling. I have no idea what to say anymore.
08:07   I don’t belong here. I am in the wrong place.
08:12   Wrong country. And this was my city. Look over there:
08:17   everything is written in Arabic. —Yes, everything is written in Arabic.
08:34   This is really unbelievable. Have a look behind me, there is a screen in Arabic explaining respect.
08:41   How to treat strangers with respect. You know what kind of people are here, then.
08:47   It is being explained in Arabic what respect means: Women shouldn’t
08:51   be touched in the genital area, and so on.
08:54   It is written there in Arabic. That’s nuts. In a major city in Germany.
08:58   Yep. What else should I say?
09:04   Anyway, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year,
09:08   even though we’re not exactly happy right now. Right, Nicole?
09:11   Yes. —You want to know what’s really bad? I have no idea where all these people come from.
09:15   They are standing here. The Muslims. Around our cathedral.
09:19   It’s there in the background. I can’t understand it.
09:23   They are here with little babies. With baby carriages. I am totally appalled.
09:31   I’ve had enough of this world. I’m done. I don’t know what to say anymore. I’m speechless.
09:43   There aren’t any Germans here. I think we are the only Germans here.
09:46   Should we walk over there? —There more going on in the “protection zone”, don’t you think?
09:51   We’re going over there. I want to go up there.
10:04   So my dears, Cologne. 2019, the Cathedral square. We’ve been here
10:09   about five minutes. Our journey here was completely bombastic.
10:16   Yeah, well, it wasn’t very pleasant. Oh well. So, let’s see.
10:27   I wonder what this “protection zone” is about. What happens if you go in there. Henrik! Henrik!
10:34   Do you know what happens in the protection zone?
10:38   Me? Should we go inside and see what happens? We can always come
10:42   back here. —But we’ll be searched, won’t we?
10:54   Cologne. Cathedral square, folks.
11:01   Henrik we need to make sure we stay together. —Yes.
11:09   We need to go over there. —Why? —The security said so. —OK.
11:29   There seems to be no other way to enter. —Yes.
11:34   Are we going to be searched now? That’s going to be nice. Let’s see.
11:40   Of course I left everything at home.
11:44   You’re not allowed to take any pepper spray or anything with you.
11:49   Marion took hair spray out of pure desperation, because she was really afraid.
11:54   Where is everyone else? Have we lost them? —No, they are over there.
12:21   So now we’re going into the “protection zone” and let’s see what happens there. —Yep.
12:29   So, this is the “protection zone”.
12:42   Yellow vests. Yellow vests.
12:52   Nope. I’m leaving it on.
12:56   You can come to me. I’m not bad. Are you still filming? —No.
13:01   This is a pair of glasses. —Thank you.
13:46   “For all travelers leaving there is the possibility to view what
13:50   is available …the blue light… the entrance”
14:00   “One more thing, there are pickpockets in the area” —There are pickpockets
14:04   in the area! Oh my God! That’s scary.
14:10   Oh, yeah. —S**t! Pickpockets. Unbelievable.
14:18   So. —Here in the background is where, two years ago, numerous women…
14:33   I can’t say anything anymore. I’m appalled.
14:42   Oh look, RTL! Right?
14:49   They are probably asking if women feel safer.

13 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Part 2

  1. Germans are too law-abiding to get out of this mess on their own. To reverse this self inflicted damage will require another Austrian it seems…

    • Not necessarily! A German man plowed his car into a group of Muslims in the city of Bottrop on New Year’s (2019) Day:

      Of course German authorities deemed the driver to be mentally ill. He was making “racial statements” during his arrest!

      And now there is a German vigilante group protecting the streets of their Amberg Bravarian town after 4 migrant savages attacked & injured 12 random people recently:

      So indigenous Germans continue to fight back even though “Mad Merkel” opened the European flood gates to third world savages. Germans also burned down many asylum centers hoping it would deter their local governments from placing migrants in their towns & cities. It only slowed down the invasion by a few weeks.

      • It is perfectly predictable the German officials and press would go after Germans fighting in self-defense against immigrants.

        Aside from the general cult-Marx ideology, there is the aspect of safety and convenience. It takes far less work to deal with Germans than with migrants. They don’t have to deal with the language barrier, the culture barrier, and the organized groups.

        Similarly, it is far safer for reporters and officials to deal with Germans, even if the Germans engaged in violent self-defense. The immigrants come from extremely violence-prone cultures, mitigated only by the threat of horrible punishment, not present in Germany. Furthermore, the immigrants see all the Germans, including the leftists, as more-or-less the same, just as kufirs, and can be unpredictably violent.

        So, of course the focus of official “justice” and the attentions of German reporters, will be on the Germans involved.

        The concept of “protection zones” is interesting. While inside, you’re theoretically safe, subject only to pickpockets and to gang attacks, but only with fists and feet. So, you may get punched and kicked to death, but not stabbed. But, since those entering have been thoroughly cleaned of even self-defense items like pepper spray, they are totally defenseless after they leave the zone.

  2. Merkel and her DDR chums imported the criminal trash of Sub- Saharan Africa the Middle and Far East. Koln is also ancestrally my home town-I was raised there as a very small child. Then it was beautiful with fine German people but those same say that it is now horrible! I hope Trier is still safe. Merkel and Co should face arrest and trial for their crimes. We cannot allow this criminality to escape Scot-free. We need to bring these Globalist scum to book.

    • From the Far East, Bishop? Would that be the Japanese, the Koreans, the Chinese, the Vietnamese, The Filipinos, the Thais and the Malaysians, for example, that you’re referring to? Please clarify.

      • The people and nations you mention do not cut throats and behead, nor demand conversion. I apologise if I appeared to mislead you. [ad-hominem redacted]. Your own commonsense should tell you to whom I refer.

        I lost any fear of informants years ago and treat them with the healthy contempt they deserve and ridicule. Mind over matter? I am too old to care what people think of me or even consider such puerile spite. I tell it as it is and that is why I am a Bishop.

        If you wish to “virtue signal”, be my guest? If you are not an “informant”-[redacted], then I offer you peace. If not then you have my clear answer above to you and your kind.

        • Bishop, Jennie’s request for clarification was quite reasonable. As you must know, the UK media has for years referred to rape gangs and other offenders as “(south) Asian”, understandably offending Sikhs and Hindus whose only involvement has been that some of their girls have been victims.

    • The “Far East” has nothing to do with this, some Chinese go to North Korea to rape young girls, but generally speaking rape is fairly low in South-East Asia and probably as good as non-existent towards white women. What you had in mind is South Asia or Central Asia, but then it’s still just muslims doing most of the crime, so you might’ve just as well spelled Pakistan and Afghanistan, instead of hiding behind a (wrongly used) umbrella term.

      As for the trial, there are still some wonderful old oak trees left in Europe. I’m thinking of the Mussolini treatment as adequate for traitors.

  3. Incredibly sad & depressing to see indigenous Deutsch citizens avoid and/or shy away from a traditional NYE celebration in Cologne Germany! It’s absolutely sickening & horrifying to witness a Middle East takeover of a European city celebration and the necessity for large outdoor monitor displays of do & don’t activities in Arabic!!! After three years of “cultural enrichment” and non-apparent “successful integration”, why do grown men need to be constantly reminded how to properly behave in a civilized, Western society? Germany has become a savage nation indeed!

  4. It’s so upsetting, I can’t read this , how yong Germans allow something like that , everything is in Arabic !!, I guess they just give up own country to Islam , Africa, and Most dangerous Merkel &Co , this government is disgusting one wishes traitors, who are selling the country in the speedway, why they don’t protest, like in France , at least French have little [gonads] to get rid off this Merkel pet – Macron , bye , bye Germany, You are yo weak to protect Your children and grandchildren..

    • They had and still do have their chance to vote AfD, but to most Germans the right equals Nazism

  5. In partnership with the muslim community and sharia compliance the German gov’t will help forge a new holiday similar to NYE with equally beneficial economic impact for local business.
    The muslims will behave much better at this event and German order will again be restored with a reduction in security spending.

    A win-win for all.

    “Government is not about morality, it is about stability.”

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