When is a Beheading Not a Beheading?

When a Scandinavian girl gets decapitated by a mujahid in Morocco. Then it’s a “knife wound to the neck”.

If you’re a Swedish media snoid, that is.

Ingrid Carlqvist talked about all this in her interview last month. The following brief article discusses the same phenomenon. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this piece from Nyheter Idag:

“Knife wounds to the neck”— SVT continues to minimize the beheadings

The most problematic thing about the beheadings in connection with the murders in Morocco is not the act itself, but that people spread the video on social media of what actually happened. That is how state SVT [Swedish state TV] Rapport may be summarized when they focus on the fact that it may be criminal to spread the beheading video, the incident that the public service outlet calls “knife wounds”.

Since the state SVT in TV texts, on the web, and in news broadcasts consistently refers to “knife wounds” when they report on the murders in Morocco, many private persons have chosen to post the bloody video that shows that the same work was beheadings. Now public service channels are putting a stop to videos that show what really happened, via a feature in SVT Rapport.

“A video that is said to show the murders has been spread on social media. But those who spread the film in Sweden may be guilty of a crime”. That is what the former prosecutor Sven-Erik Alhem told a TV anchor in SVT Rapport.

On the TV screen even in the text, “dissemination is illegal” appears. Further, Rapport shows a feature from Morocco where reporter Diamant Salihu repeats the minimization of what actually happened.

“The girls had knife wounds on their necks,” he says in the feature.

Those who want to show that SVT is wrong in their claim of “knife wounds to the neck”, and thereby spread videos that show what really happened, may risk several years in jail.

“If the crime is aggravated, it carries up to four years in jail and a minimum of six months,” says Sven-Erik Alhem in the feature.

In social media, several users say that the video is being spread just because the Swedish media, in particular the public service, consistently refuse to state that both women had their heads cut from their bodies. Nyheter Idag (News Today) reached out to SVT on Tuesday, but without results.

12 thoughts on “When is a Beheading Not a Beheading?

  1. Yes, it is also untrue that the two girls were raped; they partook of consensual sex because they were consensually passed from man to man to man before they died in a tragic knife accident to the neck similar to the accidents suffered by King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

    • I haven’t seen the video (and wouldn’t want to), but from what I have read of IS’s beheading methods, the knife accident that befell Louis and Marie was more efficient and thus swifter and, in that, more merciful.

      • Well, then maybe you should see the video.

        I have a copy if you want it emailed to you.

        It was hardly merciful.

  2. The misinformation campaign against Swedes by the “Swedish Media” is a criminal enterprise with measurable outcomes – measured in number of injuries and deaths of the young misinformed people…

    • “…with measurable outcomes…”

      Perfect. This is what Swedes like.

      Data, data and more data – before they create polls to determine a courses of action.

  3. But returning isis fighters who have actually taken part in such beheadings face no criminal charges in Sweden.

  4. Where now do the politically-correct Swedes stop?
    Bumps on the head? (shot).
    Tyre-tread on clothing? (run over).
    Concussed after bad mail? (hand-grenade through letter-box).
    Nicked by path-clearing tool? (machete attack) etc etc.
    As to how they got there, Fjordman pointed to Ronald Huntford’s 1971 book The New Totalitarians ‘that Sweden has perfected the methods of suppressing individual dissent while maintaining the outward workings of a democratic system.’
    “It is not hard to see how these factors could become very toxic when combined with mass immigration.”
    No sadly it’s not.
    What’s the next step in language-control, make only positive connotations permissible?
    For example instead of ‘illegal migrants’ one would refer only to ‘happy, shiny people’ ? oh wait…..

    • The Swedish idea of ‘family’ and marriage is a bit different than the manner in which the rest of the West views these things.

      It seems to me that Swedes view immigrants, especially young and single, as constituting an extension to Swedish families and as new ‘partners’ in Swedish intimate relationships, perhaps as part of ‘open’ marriages.

      I suspect that on a certain level, Swedish thought is one which believes that its young women are a sort of gift to those who would like to enjoy these young bodies.

    • I think a lot of reasons for the activities of the Swedish press and government is the almost total feminization of Swedish society. Broadly speaking, the feminine approach is to protect, to play down harsh reality, to be compliant, to avoid direct conflicts, and to attack enemies through whispering behind the back, rather than physical confrontations. Women also react to emotional pictures and descriptions in a much more direct way than men.

      I’m speaking about women as an archetype, of course, rather than claiming this describes every one of them.

      Muslim organizations know how to play this tendency. They go and speak to the Swedish administrators and press about how painful it is to have stereotypes of Islam thrown in their face, how people stare at women in hijabs, how the Muslim children ask their parents “why do they hate us?”.

      The feminized reporters and former prosecutors have problems dealing with scenes of raw violence anyway, so it’s very easy for them to work to suppress them so as not to distress innocent Muslim children.

      Why have the men in Sweden, and to a lesser extent in other Western countries, including almost the entire educational establishment in the US, become feminized, rather than retain the more masculine traits?

      I’ve read Huntford’s “The New Totalitarians” and another book by Huntford, “The Last Place on Earth”, which is a more-than-excellent account of the Scott-Amundsen race to the South Pole. Amundsen, of course, was a man’s man, while Scott was a transported, unimaginative functionary, which accounted for the tragedy of Scott’s expedition.

      • Shiite prophecy is interesting in this regard.

        It claims that in ‘the end times’ women will dominate men and society leading to breakdown of morality and all sorts of societal problems while the men will allow themselves to be dominated and to willingly lay down their backbone.

  5. Bad news about Sweden is apparently ‘right-wing conspiracy’ to tear down liberal utopia or so a (British-based, Soros-linked) think tank says so.
    ‘This because foreign media in its reporting on Sweden is focusing on car fires, rapes, shootings, no-go zones, Islam and sharia and the negative consequences of migration.’

    “They try to tear down the image of Sweden as a liberal utopia and replace it with the image of an unstable state – flooded by migrants who Islamise the country,” says analyst Chloe Colliver at ISD in an interview with TT.
    “It is primarily the ‘media image’ of Sweden that has changed, not the social development in the country,” she says.
    Obviously ‘car fires, rapes, shootings, no-go zones, Islam and sharia and the negative consequences of migration’, are all wonderful positives that have always existed in Swedish culture or are just bare-faced lies told by the demonic ‘right-wing’.
    It all sounds astonishingly puerile, “no, that’s not happening because I didn’t see it when I covered my eyes but even if it did happen, you’re only reporting it to make Sweden look bad because you’re ‘right-wing!”

  6. I have seen the video i do not knowif they where raped but on was beheaded alive

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