New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Part 1

The following video is the first of three parts of what was originally a live-stream video on New Year’s Eve. In it you see a group of would-be revelers at a train station in the suburbs of Cologne. Their intended destination is the annual celebration in downtown Cologne, but they are confronted by various frightening manifestations of cultural enrichment as they wait to board their train.

New Year’s Eve is traditionally known as Silvesternacht in Germany. After the watershed Silvester of 2015-2016, it should have been renamed “Gropenacht”. Based on the video below, “Bombenacht” becomes another possibility.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Cologne, Germany New Year’s Eve 2018
00:16   This kind of thing isn’t normal, y’know!?
00:20   Put a filter on. —You’re being such a Nazi! Really! —They are always at the train station.
00:25   They don’t do this sort of thing in their own country, do they? —This is our country and
00:29   it’s New Year’s. —Unbelievable! —Nazi!
00:36   You dirty Nazis are still there?! You Nazis, still there?!
00:45   What? “Record this, you dirty Nazi!” is what they just screamed.
00:50   That’s my money. They buy fireworks with my money. Little f***ers.
00:56   Hey, you know what? We don’t even need to go to the Cathedral square today.
01:04   They wouldn’t even try something like that in their own country.
01:10   Look at what’s going on here! Not one German person here!
01:17   They should go do this kind of thing in their own country. They wouldn’t dare.
01:25   I can’t buy fireworks, but they can buy unlimited amounts of fireworks.
01:29   We still have 19 minutes. —Why?
01:33   S-19 at 12:09 a.m. —That’s in a couple minutes. —9 minutes, 8 minutes.
01:42   Yeah, everything’s great! One just flew this way.
01:49   Up there, they said “I’ll burn what I want”. —A really aggressive atmosphere here, isn’t it?
01:55   Bombs flying around here everywhere. —I feel like I’m in…
02:00   In their countries bombs are flying, too! —Yes, but… —I feel like I’m in the Gaza Strip.
02:05   In Syria there is no more war. —This is no culture. —Isn’t this forbidden? —I’m filming.
02:13   They’re coming from the right now, and I am recording. —That’s all our tax money!
02:18   Oh, yeah, and the carbon particulates! —You guys know why they’re all here at the
02:21   train station, right? —Why? —They are practicing for their return home. —Yeah, the
02:25   best would be a one-way ticket. I’d throw the whole lot in the sea.
02:32   It is the beginning of a civil war. —What?
02:39   You’d better get used to it. It’s a civil war. —Like in Paris.
02:43   But they’re using grenades there. Oh, he is coming our way. He just passed me.
02:57   We’re off to a great start. —Not a single German person is here. It’s just
03:02   foreigners here. —The way they behave! They’re drunk and busting up everything.
03:08   I’m afraid we’re slowly becoming the minority. —They think they’re invincible.
03:11   Look, there are more over there. —Exactly in there. —If something
03:15   is broken we can prove it was them. —F***ers. —Is that all legal?
03:30   Just look what they’re doing!? In their own country they wouldn’t dare do that.
03:36   Oh s***!
03:58   He’s standing there. With the blue shirt. —Where is he? —With the blue shirt.
04:12   It’s just normal fireworks.
04:23   You know what else they were screaming? Allahu Akhbar! —Really? They did? —Yes.
04:27   They did. —I only heard “Nazi slut”. —No, no. Outside they were screaming Allahu Akhbar.
04:32   While they were throwing firecrackers on cars, they screamed Allahu Akbar.
04:36   One of them just threw one at Dirk. Really close by Dirk. —They want a fight.
04:43   I feel like I’m in a war scene here. —Yeah, it’s like being in a war.
04:47   Look at that! Where did they get those M-80s anyway? They are illegal!
04:53   Not a single German in sight. And now they broke something and then they all ran away.
04:58   They did something.
05:10   Here in Germany this is allowed to happen.
05:18   Maybe they’ll be taking the train to Cologne too.
05:22   Oh, now in the garbage can. Watch out, there’s going to be a large bang.
05:27   That’s not allowed in the garbage can. —Look what’s going on here!
05:34   And they are laughing! Do that in your own country!
05:41   That’s where real bombs are flying around. I thought they were all traumatised.
05:45   Yeah, sure! —Where are the traumatised? —Yes, wouldn’t they all be afraid now if they
05:50   lived through a war? —Just look at this! —Now they perpetrate it here. —Incredible.
05:58   I have it live stream. —Sensational.
06:09   Watch out. Better come this way. Better go over there to Nico. There’s something there.
06:20   What!? You need money!? Should I give you a donation? —Yes, a little.
06:24   Yeah, well I think you get enough money.
06:32   Aren’t you ashamed? —With all due respect, no, why? —Why be ashamed?
06:36   For setting all these fireworks off here. —How is that my fault? —Those guys over
06:39   there are to blame. —I don’t have fireworks with me. —It just not normal. This circus.
06:44   It’s not normal, is it? Throwing them in the garbage and everywhere else!
06:50   Downtown Cologne. —What are you going to do? It’s young people, psychos, what
06:55   should we do? —You’re not with them or what? —No. —Oh, OK.
07:02   Hey, don’t record us! —No, we’re just recording ourselves. —We’re filming the
07:06   train station —It’s not normal, what is going on here. —It’s not OK to throw firecrackers in
07:11   the garbage can. —But these are people from your culture, aren’t they? From your country?
07:18   There aren’t any Germans doing this. It’s all foreigners. —Who says that? —We see it
07:25   ourselves. We’re not stupid. They shouldn’t behave like this. You should say something.
07:30   They need to adapt. —What am I supposed to do? —Tell them it is unacceptable to behave
07:34   like that. —Am I their father or mother? —No, you’re not their father or mother, but you can
07:38   still say something. Maybe they’ll listen and behave better. —Are you telling me that I
07:48   should try to motivate them? —No one should behave like this. —I don’t have anything to do
07:57   with them and I don’t want anything to do with them. —Over there it’s really bad.
08:14   So now it smells like drugs here really strong. The new year is getting off to a great start.
08:20   They are throwing firecrackers in the stairwells, in garbage cans, at people,
08:29   and they are verbally abusive. Saying things like “Nazi slut”. We aren’t even in Cologne yet.
08:37   We are about 20 minutes away. Outrageous behaviour. They are still having a discussion
08:45   over there. —Do you want to tell me what just happened? —Yes. They were throwing
09:00   firecrackers in the garbage, in the stairwells, in our direction and damaging property here.
09:10   Marion started a conversation with two of them and it’s impossible to have a discussion.
09:15   They deny they did anything. We were insulted and called Nazi sluts. —Dirty Nazi
09:21   sluts. —Yes, dirty Nazi sluts and she also heard some of them screaming Allahu Akhbar.
09:26   We’re not even downtown yet. We’re on the outskirts and encounter
09:32   such behaviour. This isn’t normal. Sure, you can set off firecrackers, but not around other people.
09:37   Not in garbage cans, or use them to damage things. They are doing this on purpose.
09:42   Trying to injure people and damage things. That’s unacceptable. OK. Thanks.
09:58   Help! Help! Help! Help!
10:10   Where’s the girl that was screaming? I don’t see her. —Help!
10:16   What’s going on?
10:29   Police are coming! Police are coming. Police. Police.
10:47   Why are you doing that?
11:01   Why are you taking pictures? —I didn’t take any pictures.
11:05   No. No. —Show me your cell phone. —Show me your cell phone.

29 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Part 1

  1. Blame the politicians. Do they have to put up with this? Would they put up with it? They don’t have to. They live in nice neighbourhoods behind high walls with armed security.

  2. Merkel favourite pets !!, that’s what she created, chaos , all this criminals have to go home !!! War is over in Syria!! Go and rebuild Your country, not destroy someone land , freaking savages!!!, das is eine große Flüchtlinge cathastrope !!, Merkel a You watching??? Your days are numbered …

  3. It’s insane! Frightening, those Germans needed to have guns in them, and those Arabs calling the men’s wives nazi sluts? These men did o.

    It’s a horror show? I lived in Berlin from 2009-2011, I saw this type of chaos then, I got out of Berlin, thank God! Then I saw the invasion, opening their borders in 2015, oh my God!!!!

    If I was a German man, I would go after A. Merkel, […] She has destroyed all of Germany and set the stage for civil war to come soon. Its started now, France, Sweden, Germany next, and UK.

  4. Read books, find your own information, and trust your own experiences.

    There was one man who studied what happened in Vienna almost a hundred years ago. The Hapsburg empire did its best to force a multicultural union of people under one rule. The Germans in Austria experienced their culture and way of life slowly taken away from them. Politicians only ever work for the powers that can gain them the most personal benefits, without really caring for the people.

    Today’s parliamentary systems in most countries favour the dumb and egoistic politicians who are easily controlled by globalists. There are no individuals held responsible for political decisions that inflict great damage to the country or the people. The powers that control the governments of Europe operate in the shadows.

    The Bolsheviks and the capitalist globalists needed to be stopped already in the last century, but the world failed to do so. Now almost a hundred years later we are witnessing the completion of that globalist project and people are starting to understand what is happening all over Europe.

    History repeats itself. There will be many leaders rising up this time, not only in one country.

    Stop Globalism!

    • It would be nice for you to leave a reference or two to the findings of the man you described as studying the attempts of the Hapsburg empire to merge the German and other East European cultures.

      I agree with you that the parliamentary system tends to blur responsibility. Unfortunately, in the non-parliamentary systems like the US, responsibility for decisions is also very hard to pin down.

      I think one defense is to have small, independent nations. If they’re small enough, there is not enough money for a huge, unaccountable bureaucracy, and politicians are answerable to a defined constituency. Also, if a small state makes truly horrible policies, like Sweden, the effects are limited and very instructive for the other states.

      I think one reason why Trump finally acted on shutting the government down, is that his constituency is limited, quite well defined, and pretty unified in what it sees as being in its interests: shut down illegal (and much legal) immigration. For the Democrats, the best policy is to do nothing, as their coalition of the fringes does not have any interests in common.

  5. Germans voted for this. In droves on last elections. But hey, being entertained by “New Germans” on daily basis sure beats being called a Nazi. Oh and there’s plenty more from where this batch of “entertainers” came. Mutti made sure of that this December in Marrakesh. Hold on tight!

    • Yep, the Germans voted for this. No sympathy. They are dhimmis now. The muslims will have their way with them and their women. Sucks, right?

      It seams that a group of 5 muslim men can effortlessly intimidate, cow and control up to 100 white western men. No future.

    • One has to remember the mechanisms of state control and suppression of expression are well-developed in Germany. Also, you have a group of middle-aged and elderly people, systematically disarmed by the stringent German laws against self-defense, who are vulnerable to any attack by a group of young males who act as a group. So, it’s not quite like any group of Muslims can control any group of Germans.

      Even in the US, the group Proud Boys, focused on protecting speakers and demonstrators under attack, are close to federal charges and local charges for hate crimes…although the Proud Boys have black, latin, and gay members. So, once you get an oppressive government with effective means of squelching any expression of independence in the population, it’s not so easy to defend yourself.

      • Absolutely agree with you RonaldB on government control. I read recently that the Proud Boys organizer resigned his leadership position. I follow Proud Boys on YouTube and was hoping their numbers would increase among American & Canadian military veterans in the Portland to Vancouver areas. One young Canadian, military recruit was discharged last year for being a Proud Boys member. Proud Boys do not permit women to march with them in protests because Antifa uses militant feminists on their front lines who become easily offended – and psychological & physical victims playing to the media – similar to how the Palestinians use women & children as human shields.

        RonaldB…I’ve analyzed your previous solutions for segregated areas & peaceful co-existence among migrants & indigenous citizens. However, who wants to live with permanent walls, vehicular barriers, borders, checkpoints, etc. required of non-believers & people of the book when they show “Golden Rule” compassion and allow Muslims to live amongst them? It’s not working too well in Israel either- a small country less than the size of New Jersey who has not achieved lasting peace with Muslims for the past 70 years as a sovereign, independent reborn country! Even when they gave away the West Bank & Gaza Strip to fake refugees.

        Savages understand and/or respect the brutality of fists & military strength! There cannot be lasting peace until love for themselves & their Muslim offspring is stronger than their hate for infidels! It’s also fueled by a promised, ludicrous reward of 72 virgins & automatic exemption for them & family members from the dreaded hell fire. In their primitive, warped minds, Allah gives special blessings for jihadi warriors & modern day terrorists.

        RonaldB et al…are you willing to bet on Islamic, final divorce from 7th century, barbaric beliefs sanctioned by the unholy & corrupted Qu’ran in 2019 & beyond? If not, the only permanent solution is returning economic savages to their birthplaces!!! There are 56 countries in the OIC that fit perfectly fine with their death culture beliefs & criminal activities.

        • For Moly Brown.

          Thank you for your analysis.

          I believe you have to make a finer grain distinction. For example, in Israel, you have the Palestinians, who are mostly Muslim and not Israel citizens, the Israeli Muslims who are Muslims and actual citizens, and the shrinking population of illegal black migrants into Israel, who are being deported as quickly as possible.

          Israel’s solution with the Palestinians is to wall them off in their own partition, and to control them to the extent they don’t allow them to accumulate military-style offensive weapons. They also pass substantial revenues to the hostile Palestinian Authority government. This kind of works.

          The Israel Muslims who are citizens enjoy full rights as Israel citizens, including state-supported schools and voting rights. There are some tensions between the Israel Muslims and the Jews, often displayed in clashes at the al aqsa mosque, and the Muslims often claim to be subjected to an informal apartheid, but in general, the Israeli Muslims and Jews get along, although with tensions.

          When I talked about partitions, I was attempting to formulate a strategy that was workable for the indigenous European and American populations that have been inundated with migrants. I do not put the least trust in the goodwill of Muslims. Nevertheless, a solution such as “just deport them all” is not only physically unworkable, but completely negates the laws of a nation, which includes rights for actual citizens.

          My own preference would be to deport all illegal residents immediately. I would then deport any legal, but non-citizen resident on welfare. It seems to me that the welfare office ought to be the bottleneck for migrants. Every applicant for assistance is screened for legal status. Illegal migrants without papers need to be deported, to a desert island if need be. The withdrawal of welfare assistance would be a huge incentive for self-deportation, and a disincentive for future immigration.

          Nevertheless, you have massive numbers of Muslim citizens and low-IQ recent legal immigrants in Europe (and the US). Each group has its own laws and customs not necessarily compatible with those of other groups. It seems to me unless you want to do away altogether with the laws of a country, the best solution for culturally-different groups of actual citizens to live happy lives and avoid armed conflict and civil war, is to have more-or-less voluntary partitions of territory. I think the apartheid practices of the former Union of South Africa is an excellent example.

          Again, I’m not advocating allowing in Muslims on the basis they can be trusted. I’m trying to take a situation already almost beyond control, and formulate a conceptual solution that would be possible to implement.

          • RonaldB…your two examples of partitions (Israel, South Africa) only semi-work when governments retain power. White South African farmers are currently being slaughtered & driven from their land. Israelis near the Gaza strip have been fire bombed and assaulted with incinerary kites, balloons & drones along with missle attacks & stabbings. When anger builds amongst the indigenous population they will choose for all invaders to leave. But as long as governments retain control, we will be forced to experience “no go” zones, ghettos, and partitions. And be subjected to increasing lone wolf, terrorist group attacks on a regular basis!

  6. Higgin In UK the real figure is around 12%. Europe and UK are finished. Destroyed by Communist Merkel on purpose. She and her invited clients hate us all. This started when East Germany appeared to collapse along with the USSR. It simply shifted west in a KGB Plan to finally subdue Europe. This is the result. And don’t think Putin is not involved, because he is along with the former KGB now termed the FSB. New boss same as the old boss to quote the Who rock band. Read about the reality of Putin and Merkel in the book by author Christopher Jon Bjerknes. He is […] a patriot. We have all been blind to what we face today and the causes.,

    Theresa May is a lot of bad things but she is right about Putin and his agenda.

    My parents and Grandparents fought two world wars to allow Europe to live in security and peace, then the brats from ’68’ thought they knew better. This chaos is the result. Only tough physical action will solve this now and it is not going to be pretty.

    Even leaving the EU Soviet may not assist. Once we leave our borders will be inundated with non-Europeans. What we see in the Channel is but a small indication of what is to come. UK and Europe are over….2000 years wiped out by a generation of feckless traitors and their imported clients. Charlemagne is spinning in his grave in Heidelberg.

    • What, you blame Putin for this? Give me a break. Furthermore, Marxism/Communism is not to blame for this breakdown in the European will. Good ‘ol western liberalism is the cause. Don’t pass the buck, look in the mirror.

      • I don’t think he blames Putin for this, but a real Soviet plan to fake its own collapse to make the west put its guards down. It could be argued that the current situation in the West is a result of KGB subversion during the cold war, and the plan is still up.

        Juri Bezmenov or Anatoliy Golitsyn are two prominent KGB whistleblowers.

    • I have not yet looked at the video, although I have it on my list.

      My take is that Putin is a ruthless nationalist, quite willing to get along with the West if he sees it as in his interest, who has come to view Western Europe and the US as enemies to Russia and to Putin’s government.

      The US and NATO have brought in as members, former members of the USSR. The Russian government, on breaking up the USSR, was assured the border countries would not become NATO members, because that represented a direct, territorial threat to Russia.

      Further, the US and NATO are placing “defensive” missiles along the Russian border. This increases Russian vulnerability to a first strike, and dramatically decreases their warning time in case of an attack.

      The US and Europe are creating military and diplomatic responses to Russian nationalist moves. We are shipping weapons to Ukraine, which is potentially in conflict with Russia, as well as to other border states.

      The US and Europe are sponsoring a wide-ranging boycott of Russian goods and products, especially oil and gas, over policy issues with Russia. The objective is to keep the Russian economy weak.

      If Putin views the West as enemies of Russia, there is every incentive for him to sponsor disruption of Western governments and the Western cultural institutions.

      Are Putin and Merkel working together? It wouldn’t surprise me. It wouldn’t be the first time a German dictatorship made common cause with an autocratic Russian government to achieve common short-term goals, when they both knew there would eventually be a struggle to the death.

      • I have now listened carefully to the interview by Henrik of Red Ice with Christopher Jon Bjerknes. The interviewer was excellent, but he gave Bjerknes enough rope to hang himself, which he did. Bjerknes theory is a mish-mash of Jewish and Israeli influence trying to realign a Russian-Israeli alliance opposed to US, Saudi Arabia and Europe. According to Bjerknes, the breakup of the USSR was all a kabuki dance. The only reason it split up was so the guard of the West would be dropped, the USSR component countries could develop ties, including infiltration, with the West, then then the USSR would reconstitute itself like the returned terminator did.

        It is very important to note that simply because I am critical of Bjerknes theory, I am not pushing the idea that Putin is benign or an ally, nor that the US ought to act as a military arm of Israel or even give foreign aid to Israel. I simply disagree with Bjerknes theory that the KGB has been in charge of most of Western policy since the 1980’s and before, shifting it to orientations beneficial to Russia. For instance, Bjerknes claims Trump is actually working for Russia, mainly trying to turn NATO into a platform to fight Islam rather than keep Russian aggression in check.

        I have several very specific points of disagreement. Let me elaborate on one. Bjerknes say, in an almost offhand manner, that 9/11 was a false flag operation. In practical terms, this is saying that 9/11 was carried out by the CIA and possibly Israel. Now, an indispensable component of the false flag theory is that the World Trade Center Towers were actually demolished by covert teams working beforehand, planting thermite and weakening structures so that the collapse would mirror the controlled demolition of buildings.

        Here is the question that got me kicked off a thread of discussion at the Occidental Observer website. The hijackers actually had four planes: two for the World Trade Center, one for the Pentagon, and one for the White House. Given this clear and flagrant act of war, why was it necessary to implement the extremely risky action of putting in demolition crews poking around the buildings for weeks prior to the actual 9/11 attacks? Wouldn’t 9/11 have mobilized the nation anyway, without the actual collapse of the buildings?

        We have timelines of the 9/11 planning and implementation. We have the chief operations officer, Khalid Sheik Muhammad, in custody right now. We have a lot of evidence of Saudi Arabian involvement at the highest levels. So, a conspiracy theorist who bases his concepts on 9/11 being a false flag is skating on thin ice.

        I have several other specific points of contention with Bjerknes, but this serves as an example.

          • One of the points made by the thermite theorists is that the remains of the Twin Towers were not tested for thermite residue, which is probably true. My own tendency is to attribute that to the galloping incompetence of the Bush administration, possibly exacerbated by their very real desire to shift any focus away from the Saudi Arabian government involvement.

            In other words, the less known, the better, from the standpoint of the Bush administration. What they were rushing through to cover up, though, is probably not secret energy rays or undercover CIA-Mossad demolition teams, but the now well-known involvement of high Saudi officials with some of the hijackers.

            The Saudis, of course, not only have extensive business dealings with the Bush family and US arms companies, but hold hundreds of billions of dollars in US treasuries. A major break with Saudi Arabia would probably throw the US into recession for awhile, although it would probably come out the other end healthier. But not soon enough to save whatever politician is in power at the time.

  7. The politicians are certainly to blame, as are individual Westerners. But the most guilty are the church leaders who have systematically hollowed out Christian culture with their moral relativism, their degenerate lifestyles, and their silence in the face of encroaching Marxist lunacy.

    • The culture was systematically hollowed out and then the churches followed suit. The B and I spent enough hours at Diocesan Council meetings listening to endless lectures about racism and sexism. The Christian church leaders are very busy digging the holes in which they will eventually be buried. Sad beyond words.

  8. Where are the SA when you need them?

    In all seriousness, the longer the German government waits to clean this up in a legal manner, the more radical the eventual solution will be. A few years from now it will take a Hitler to clean this up.

  9. Thanks Baron & Miss Piggy for sharing this realife story of disrespect and cultural enrichment! I’m so thankful that my German ancestors migrated to America in 1755 as indentured servants in exchange for paid ship’s passage. I keep waiting for the spirit of Charlemagne to rise up in Deutschland among the indigenous citizens. I visualize them taking to the streets in mass protest armed with tasers, baseball bats, sabers, and a few hidden glocks and German made handguns. They pounce upon the economic male migrant troublemakers and purge them out of the land. Organized, surprise attacks that politicians and police cannot anticipate nor stop even with surveillance cameras everywhere! Not sure why Miss Piggy or her German male companions did not call the Police upon witnessing Muslim savages destroying public property and putting their lives in danger with illegal M80 fireworks hurled towards them! On second thought, why the heck didn’t Deutschland police monitor the camera systems that surely exist at every train station in Germany? Seriously this is a breach of public safety & security!!! NYE would have been the opportune time for a public uprising in Cologne, Berlin, and East Germany! Police are too busy, and thinly spread out waiting for “Merkel’s exotic pets” to misbehave and leave their state funded aquariums & cages! However, uprisings in small towns with forced asylum centers are better soft targets than those in major cities. Unfortunately, the savages soon congregate in mass no go areas where other savages reside, i.e. Cologne, Munich, etc. As migrant numbers swell so does their brazen disrespect and arrogant, misogynistic attitudes increase. The true face of Islam!

    • That’s not MissPiggy in the video. She’s just the translator. The characters in the live-stream were not identified, except when they called each other by name.

    • I think the police, if involved, would be more likely to arrest Germans who fight back than invaders who engage in aggressive and destructive actions. This is what happened with the Pakistani rape gangs in Britain.

      • Those who fight back overtly should take a page from the playbook of their enemies. Imagine if you will, a German version of the Proud Boys but disguised under antifa black with covered faces and hoodies, or wearing niqabs & burqas as they battle leftists. Who would the police arrest then?

        Either it would compel banning of islamic and antifa garb in public spaces, which would be a victory for the populists, or it would be ignored by the authorities and give those wishing to overtly fight back anonymity. Either way it would be a victory.

        • Brilliant suggestions Moon!!! Bring out the burkas, hoodies, Guy Fawkes anonymous masks mixed with yellow vest protestors! One resistance arm (yellow vests) can provide distractions & non-violent sit-ins or marches via Mahatma Gandhi, MLK style.

          The militant arm of resistance disguises all facial features & true identities. In 2020, many Western & industrialized nations will have the 5G beast, (RFID chip technology) and full body scanners, with millions of facial & gait recognition cameras. Big brother will watch closely your every move while eliminating the element of coordinated surprise & attack!

          In 2018, it took Chinese police less than 7 minutes to locate a member of the UK Press pretending to be a dissident in a small Chinese city. After officials scanned his face they (police) gave the Westerner a 15 minute, head start to get permanently lost, and disappear on foot inside their city limits. He then had “freedom” to attempt escape by train, bus, car, or walking. He didn’t get very far on foot in the mock dissident exercise. With all the microwave towers & spy cameras being installed without public consent and/or knowledge, we the resistance have little time left to initiate successful, mass protests to overthrow governments and/or drive out parasitic invaders, globalists & politicians. Time will be up by 2020! It’s a minute ‘til midnight folks!!

      • The police after many years of cover-up as documented in the Jay Report have been prosecuting the Pakistani rapist gangs or at least some of them. Unfortunately they also have persecuted and prosecuted Tommy Robinson.

  10. It is a shame that many Germans are still resistant to the transformation of Silvesternacht into a multicultural celebration of international customs such as Taharrusch.

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