Jair Bolsonaro: “Guarantee the Right to Property and Self-Defense”

Jair Bolsonaro was sworn in yesterday as president of Brazil. Mr. Bolsonaro, often known as the “Tropical Trump” for his populist nationalism, has promised an end to socialism in Brazil. Among his more popular policies are a crackdown on crime and returning to citizens the right to armed self-defense.

Mr. Bolsonaro was stabbed by a would-be assassin back in September, during the first round of the presidential election. Although he was seriously wounded and unable to campaign for more than a month, he recovered and made it through the first round, later going on to win in the runoff.

Below is President Bolsonaro’s inaugural speech. Many thanks to Lei Islâmica em Ação for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   My dear General, permission.
00:05   Granted. —Paula, my wife,
00:10   This moment is priceless.
00:13   Serving the country as chief of the Executive,
00:21   and this is only possible because God has preserved my life,
00:30   and you have believed in me.
00:36   Together we have the means to make Brazil take the leading role it deserves in the world
00:45   and bring peace and prosperity to our people.
00:50   It is with humility and honor that I address all of you, as President of Brazil.
01:01   And I stand before the entire nation on this day
01:06   as the day the people began to free themselves from socialism.
01:15   Get rid of the inversion of values,
01:18   of state gigantism and of political correctness.
01:27   Elections gave voice to those who had not been heard.
01:31   And the voice of the streets and of the ballot boxes were very clear,
01:36   and I am here to respond and once again commit myself to this desire for change.
01:45   I am also here to renew our hopes,
01:49   and remember that if we work together,
01:54   this change will be possible. Respecting the principles of the democratic state of law,
02:00   guided by our Constitution and with God in our hearts,
02:06   from today we will put into practice the project that the majority
02:10   of the Brazilian people democratically chose;
02:15   we will promote the transformations that the country needs.
02:21   We have abundant mineral resources,
02:24   fertile lands blessed by God, and a wonderful people.
02:29   We have a great nation to rebuild and we will do this together.
02:34   The first steps have already been taken.
02:37   Thanks to you, I was elected with the cheapest campaign in history.
02:43   Crowd shouts: “I came for free”
02:53   [alluding to the Workers’ Party that gave money to those who attended their rallies]
03:18   Crowd shouts “Myth! Myth!”
03:23   Thanks to you, we were able to set up a government without hidden political agreements;
03:31   we have formed a team of technical ministers capable of transforming our Brazil.
03:39   But there are still many challenges ahead.
03:43   We must not allow disastrous ideologies to divide Brazilians.
03:49   Ideologies that destroy our values and traditions,
03:53   destroy our families, the foundation of our society.
03:58   And I invite everyone to start a movement in this direction.
04:04   We can, I, you and our families, all together,
04:08   re-establish ethical and moral standards that will transform our Brazil.
04:18   Corruption, privileges, and advantages must end.
04:24   Politicized and partisan favors should remain in the past,
04:31   so that the government and the economy will truly serve every nation.
04:37   Everything we have proposed and everything we will do from now on
04:42   has a common and non-negotiable purpose:
04:46   the interests of Brazilians takes first place.
04:51   Brazilians can and should dream.
04:55   Dream of a better life, with better conditions to enjoy
05:00   the fruits of their work through meritocracy,
05:05   and the government must be honest and efficient,
05:08   supporting and paving the way that will lead us to
05:12   a better future, rather than creating tolls and barriers.
05:17   With this purpose we begin our journey,
05:22   with this spirit and determination that every government team takes over today.
05:28   We have the great challenge of facing the effects of the economic crisis,
05:34   record unemployment, the ideologization of our children,
05:39   the distortion of human rights and deconstruction of the family.
05:44   We will propose and implement the necessary reforms.
05:47   Let’s expand infrastructure, debureaucratize, simplify,
05:53   remove the load of the government from those who work and produce.
05:59   It is also urgent to end the ideology that defends criminals and criminalizes the police,
06:09   which led Brazil to experience an increase in the violence index and the power of organized crime,
06:17   which takes lives of the innocent, destroys families and leads to insecurity everywhere.
06:24   Our concern will be with the safety of people of good will
06:28   and to guarantee the right to property and self-defense,
06:33   and our commitment to value and support the work of all security forces.
06:43   For the first time, Brazil will give priority to basic education,
06:49   which is what really transforms the present and opens the future for our children.
06:56   We have to mirror in ourselves nations that are examples to the world,
07:00   which through education have found the way to prosperity.
07:05   We will remove ideological bias from our international relations.
07:12   We are looking for a new time for Brazil and Brazilians!
07:17   For a long time, the country was governed by party interests other than Brazilians’.
07:25   Let’s restore order in this country.
07:30   We know the size of our responsibility and the challenges we are facing.
07:37   But we know where we want to go, and the potential that our Brazil has.
07:42   So we will, day and night, pursue the goal of making our country
07:48   a prosperous and safe place for our citizens and one of the greatest nations on the planet.
07:53   You can count on my dedication towards building the Brazil of our dreams.
08:00   Thank God for being alive and for you,
08:06   who prayed for me and for my health during the most difficult times.
08:14   I ask the good Lord to give us wisdom to lead the nation.
08:20   May God bless this great nation.
08:23   Brazil above all things, God above all of us.

9 thoughts on “Jair Bolsonaro: “Guarantee the Right to Property and Self-Defense”

  1. Brazil is a great country, but it could become the greatest if things go as they seem to go over there. Look how the people voted in Brazil: they are united! One people, one man !

    The humanitarian ideology with its neo paganism has used diversity and multiculturalism to divide all of the once advanced countries of the world, to the benefit of few “philanthropists” and multinational companies.

    Brazil is not like an EU country (which maybe is not even a real country) where one leader cannot do too much because he has both hands tied to so many overnational organizations (like ECB, IMF, UN, OECD, and many others) who all are the many different faces of the same “new” world order.

    • Marilyn Monroe is reputed to have told Henry Kissinger that the mind is an erogenous zone. She had enough money and star power that there weren’t many worlds left to conquer…

      OTOH, the two presidents you cite are examples of money and power, which makes them alpha males who practice serial polygamy.

      • Indeed; also there seems to be a correlation between high IQ/accomplishment and sexual drive/attractiveness, not only in politics but also business and the arts (not that I’m jealous!)

  2. There’s an old adage: “Brazil is the country of the Future. And it always will be.”

    After dealing with Brazil for business for the last three years, hopefully Bolsanaro will usher in 1% of his expected reforms. If he can do 2% then the country will be entirely transformed. I hope the best for him and his country. He’s promising to kick out the socialists and criminals so that’s a heck of a start…wish we could do that here in the USA.

  3. Just a note.

    The real reason leftists are so anxious to outlaw guns is not because the leftists are afraid of crimes by legal gun owners. Leftists are not even afraid of an armed resistance to government assertion of power. Leftists are deathly afraid that people will look to themselves, rather than to government, for protection against criminals and street gangs. Dependency on the government is the lifeblood of the left. It’s not so important whether the police actually respond to calls for help. What’s important is that there be no alternative for the victim.

  4. As a Brazilian,I sincerely hope he (Mr. Bolsonaro) can be successful in his fight against the Left, against cultural marxism, against other expressions of Evil so strong in our world. May God help all good people, wherever they are, in this good fight, which is really global!
    Of course his government won’t be perfect (which one in this world is?). But, at least, the ideas he expressed were good and coherent with Judeo/Christian moral. This cannot be said about his opponents …
    We have had enough about criminals not being punished, about corrupt politicians and businessmen! Surely that helped Mr. Bolsonaro to win.

  5. Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to watch several leaders of different countries speak. Usually I had to rely on sub-titles to understand what they were saying but their body-language gave me an insight as to their passion for the subject at hand.
    Some are better actors than others but generally their true feelings came out in their facial expressions, hand gestures or choice of words. Trump is passionate but his life as a ‘wheeler-dealer’ still shows through and detracts from his desired message. Putin spent many years with the KGB and it shows. But his love for “Mother Russia” shows too and I’d pity the man who thinks he or his ideas could come between the two.
    Bolsonaro, like Putin, loves his country and he will try manfully to move heaven and earth to improve it. He has no compunction about identifying the common enemy – socialism – and what he wants to do about it. His passion shows through. Trump passionately called out illegal immigration as our common enemy and used the idea of a massive wall to block the illegal tide. Politics seems to have gotten in his way but perhaps an extended government shut-down will kick-start it. Putin has the ever-present U.S. military bases nearly surrounding his country as an example of a foreign threat to his country.
    Bolsonaro has several neighboring countries – already socialist or leaning that way – to point to as a grave threat to the Brazilian way of life. His speech, while never mentioning any of them, indicated to me that he was toying with the idea of some sort of mutual aid treaty with the U.S.
    All in all, I was favorably impressed with Mr. Bolsonaro’s inauguration speech. God grant him the strength and good sense to prevail.

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