That Crater in Europe’s Left Gets Larger

Dr. Turley weighs in on the uprising in France against Macron:

He says even the French Left is out to get Macron. Then again, what else can they do? As Turley points out, the center-left in Europe has imploded.

Here in the U.S., things are similar. The working class is the base of Trump’s support while the wealthy hedge fund fellows like Mitt Romney continue ankle-biting Trump.

At one point, Romney applied for a job with the new administration. Trump failed to follow Lincoln’s dictum about keeping your enemies close. Our president is well-known for his negotiating skills but his ability to strategize for the long-term appears to need some work.

2 thoughts on “That Crater in Europe’s Left Gets Larger

  1. Very good video.

    I’m a bit unclear as to whether the upcoming elections in France are European-wide elections for EU delegates, or whether they are simultaneous national elections. Turley doesn’t make that clear. He refers to the polling in France for the “European” elections.

    As far as his assertion that it is the working class that provides nationalist support, it seems to parallel the Trump phenomenon. In the case of the US, the Democrats, the traditional party claiming to represent the working class, have completely thrown actual workers, small farmers, small businessmen and tradesmen, to the wolves. The Democrats seem to cobble together the welfare classes for the votes, with the huge corporations and international financiers, for the funding. But, the more-or-less independent working class provides neither huge pools of money, nor mindless bloc votes, so they are thrown aside. This couldn’t have been clearer during Hillary’s interactions with the coal miners during the 2016 campaign.

    Truthfully, I don’t know if there is any distinction at all between the fabulously wealthy Democratic funders and the fabulously wealthy establishment Republican funders. My own opinion is that before the actual primaries, the smart money was on Jeb Bush winning the Republican nomination and the Presidency, with a consolation honorarium going to the Clinton Foundation.

    The biggest problem with the populist movements in Europe, as in the US, is that populism as a political force surges mainly as a result of crisis, but the fabulously wealthy organizations are constantly pushing for their own interests. So, the line of scrimmage is always shifting closer to the goal of crony-capitalist-welfare-socialism.

    • The May elections are for the (intentionally) relatively impotent European Parliament, Ronaldb.

      As Jordan Peterson (again!) has pointed out, the swing to the “Right” is due not to an outbreak of nationalism, but to the catastrophic failure of the Left.

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