Yellow Vest Leader to Face Two Charges in Court

Earlier tonight we reported on the arrest of Eric Drouet, a leader of the Yellow Vest movement in France. Prosecutors have now decided that Mr. Drouet will appear in court next month to face two separate charges.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The Prosecutor General informs us that it was decided that two procedures would be joined.
00:03   First the one from the last night,
00:08   January 2; I remind you that Eric Drouet was put under temporary arrest for organizing
00:11   a non-declared rally. When it’s not
00:16   declared, it could… IT IS being considered as a criminal offense; therefore
00:19   this procedure and the another procedure , which was already…
00:24   which already concerned Eric Drouet, from December 22 2018,
00:28   the day of Act Six of the Yellow Vests. On that day Eric Drouet was arrested
00:32   with a wooden stick, a wooden baton — the Prosecutor General has specified,
00:36   and he was put under a temporary arrest for “carrying a weapon” for “participation in a group
00:42   with the intention of committing violence” and for “organizing a non-declared rally”.
00:45   The Prosecutor General decided to join those two different procedures, and to summon him
00:52   on February 15 at 9am before the Criminal Court of Paris to answer
00:57   for the “act of organizing of a public rally without authorization”.

7 thoughts on “Yellow Vest Leader to Face Two Charges in Court

  1. We are watching democracy die across Europe at the hands of a globalist elite. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of the press are all under attack as are the autonomy of national legislatures and nation states. This will not end well for France or the rest of the EU.

    • It’s France, home of the guillotine. Freedom has never been a particularly strong idea in France.

  2. Yep, a wooden stick is “a weapon” – not like for instance “a knife of peace” or “acid of love”…..

    • The wooden sticks are meant for the police.

      I sympathize with the yellow vest movement, but you initiate violent tactics, you can’t complain too loudly when the law comes down on you.

  3. Eric Drouet is the French Tommy Robinson from the UK, the Geert Wilders in Holland and the Michael Stürzenberger in Germany: people who talk the truth, that governments don’t want to hear. It has all been foresaid by Biblical prophets, that in the end of times the Lie will be seen as truth and the other way around.

  4. …”“act of organizing of a public rally without authorization”….
    Waw. Donald Tusk must to advice them what to do..
    Donald Tusk corrupted regime ( 2007-2014) used this tactics to intimidate,suppress and deprave Polish citizens rights to demonstrate “displeasure” in public places with fascist Donald Tusk government.
    For that Prime Minister D. Tusk in the mid-term run away do Bruxell where hi was appointed and rewarded by his Master A. Merkel to current position…with awesome salary.
    French start to use the same tactics(prosecution ,intimidation,t”temporary” arrests ) used by D.Tusk against Citizens Democratic gatherings :
    It’s worth to mention this happen on many occasions and protests were approved by local authorities..
    On videos you see legal and approved March during Polish National Day..
    The source and reason for all whats happening in Europe is reborn German Fascism and German attempt to pursue creation of German IV Reich.. which they achieved
    France is told to restore order and crash any dissent….
    Hitler would be proud from his ubermansch..

  5. The EU elites are fools. All across Europe people have had a gutful of this multikulti crap. They want their countries back. NOW!

    It’s time to expel muslims – yet again – because islam is totally incompatible with Western values. Our ancestors did it., and we can too.

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