The Mills of the Gods Grind Slowly, But They Do Grind Exceeding Fine

Seneca III wrote this piece in anticipation that Prime Minister Theresa May would survive today’s no-confidence vote in Parliament, which she did.

The Mills of the Gods Grind Slowly, But They Do Grind Exceeding Fine

by Seneca III

RIP the Conservative Party. Born in its modern form out of the 1832 Reform Act under the guiding hand of Robert Peel it, in a fit of collective madness, suicided on the 12th of December 2018.

Having produced two of the greatest Prime Ministers of the modern era it became oblivious to the necessities of good governance, put its hand on its heart, felt its wallet then voted to sustain in office what is arguably the most treacherous, asinine Prime Minister of our time and long before.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust it will be, because that is all it became fit for in the end.

Concurrently, the whole of this present (and recent) Parliament(s) is the most wretched collection of self-serving traitors, liars, unconvicted criminals, freeloaders, sexual deviants, washing machine salesmen and morally destitute poseurs assembled in the Palace of Westminster since 1653, and it is immaterial which way or how they vote, abstain, waffle, equivocate, delay and butt-cover hereafter. The United Kingdom will be neither united, a Kingdom nor sovereign and free any longer.

For over two years, month after month, day after day they have stood and pontificated, wallowing righteously in a sea of vacuous platitudes and imagined threats whilst dragging the House and this nation deeper into a Slough of Despond than even Bunyan could have imagined. Most of them cannot deliver a coherent speech without the use of copious notes, and even then their verbal incontinence (in the main, nothing more than rancid vomitus) is painful to the eye and ear of those who have steeled themselves to watch and listen.

History will record this collection of political dwarves as unfit for any purpose other than their own enrichment and the survival of themselves and their comrades in the Globalist International; they are totally without virtue and ridden with vice. My dog has more integrity and sense of patriotism than they; he would not refuse to address the grievances of his pack nor their will as expressed through a referendum, and would not sell them to the Euro-Globalists for thirty pieces of euros (or tins of dog food) and a seat at High Table in a canine Brussels or Socialist International.

Barely any of this two-legged “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” parliamentary rabble could lie straight on the rack, never mind present as anything resembling pillars of rectitude. Betrayal is their watchword, and the adulation of their acolytes and (EU) paymasters their bread of life. However, bear in mind that if May & Co sign us up to the UN Immigration Pact, as is looking more and more likely, then the whole Brexit debacle, however it turns out, will be of no long-term importance as Muslim psychopaths from all over the world together with feral sub-Saharan primitives will soon flood in to finish us off once and for all.

In the final analysis it is now glaringly obvious that we the people are of no consequence to those we have elected to govern us, simply irritants to be ignored after each election day, and thus they who govern are no longer of consequence to us, either. So let us be done with the lot of them and start again, no matter how difficult and painful that will be, and it will be, because there is no solution left to us via the ballot box. The final resolution will have to be found in the fog and turmoil of violent insurrection.

— Seneca III, sinking into a Slough of Despond, this 13th day of December, 2018.

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23 thoughts on “The Mills of the Gods Grind Slowly, But They Do Grind Exceeding Fine

  1. Good piece, Seneca. You have a masterful way of expressing your displeasure. Long may it last.

  2. The English Conservatives share their orientation with US establishment conservatives: they like to live and meet in luxury, and they like large donors very much. It seems actually winning an election or winning a vote on a real issue is secondary to giving the appearance of a competitive party, enough to keep the donors in the game. Establishment conservatives who play the game look forward to tenured lectureships, research directorates, foundation officer positions, or other comfortable perks.

    Establishment conservatives are quite willing to share power, and platform planks, with leftists. Leftists, through population displacement, appear to want undiluted power. Of course, once the leftists obtain a rock-solid majority in population and votes, they can squeeze out the conservatives, and hopefully, cushy, tenured positions for establishment conservatives will dry up like donations to the Clinton Foundation after Hillary lost the election.

    The real dichotomy is between the largely non-urban traditional peoples of a country, and between the urbanized city-dwellers who are generally less connected to the traditional culture and people of a nation. The dichotomy between cities and the countryside is quite insightfully developed in Kalergi’s Practical Idealism. Kalergi was the philosopher of racial melding in Europe, and a thoroughly negative influence in the current leadership elite. Nevertheless, he had many very valuable insights.

    In fact, Kalergi is very much what is termed an “evil genius” in The Genius Famine.

    • “dichotomy between cities and the countryside ”

      It is interesting to me that Agenda 2030 seeks to greatly expand cities and essentially shut down the traditional and conservative farm and rural communities.

      • It is easier to control the people when they are in a ghetto.

        Hmmm…. I think I’ve heard this before. Where was that?

    • The Kalergi plan is a eugenics program. The funny thing is that when the Nazis dabbled in eugenics they were universally condemned but the present generation of Bolshevik usurpers are celebrated & rewarded for it e.g. with the Charlemagne prize.

      • I would dispute that the Kalergi plan is eugenics. Eugenics describes a movement to improve the genetic stock of a population by stopping the reproduction of those unfit to reproduce.

        “Three Generations of Imbeciles Are Enough” So wrote Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. in Buck v. Bell, a 1927 Supreme court case upholding a Virginia law that authorized the state to surgically sterilize certain “mental defectives” without their consent.

        What we would rightfully consider reprehensible today is the involuntary nature of programs to stop the reproduction of unfit individuals and the fact that such decisions were made with the weight of government enforcement authority.

        The Kalergi program was anything but eugenics, as it aimed to facilitate socialism (Kalergi and his followers were fervent socialists) by merging the differences between peoples and homogenize Western and African populations to erase differences.

        The Nazis displayed the worst abuses of eugenicists: involuntary sterilization and murder of individuals they considered to be unfit, including disabled World War I veterans.

        Surely, we can figure out programs of a voluntary nature to encourage fit individuals to have children and discourage unfit individuals from procreating.

        • You don’t get it do you Ronald? Marxists & Muslims have decided that white, nominally Christian Westerners are “unfit to breed”. So you see, it is very much a eugenics program.

  3. All the globalist stars were coming into perfect alignment. And then, Hillary lost. Now, all the other harridans and girlie-men are under attack.

  4. “Concurrently, the whole of this present (and recent) Parliament(s) is the most wretched collection of self-serving traitors, liars, unconvicted criminals, freeloaders, sexual deviants, washing machine salesmen and morally destitute poseurs assembled in the Palace of Westminster since 1653”

    Don’t hold back, next time tell us what you really think. Much like the anti-Trump GOP establishment this side of the pond. Time to break out the yellow vests.

  5. It has been said that there will always be an England. Having been squeezed out of the land of tin maybe the only place left for it is in our hearts as we fondly remember what good governance was and should be.

  6. As I understand it, unless there is a “deal” “negotiated” then a no deal Brexit will happen at the end of March 2019. I understand the prospects of such a deal passing the HOC is remote. Not such a bad result??

    • All those people who voted to leave will not agree with you that it’s “not such a bad result”. If that happens it will be one more British plebiscite ignored by TPTB.

  7. Those hoping for a Yellow Vest manifestation in the UK may be disappointed because that requires courage, and it requires that people miss out on their next football match, so I don’t see that happening. If there are any alpha males left, maybe we could get a Lilac Vest movement, anything to serve as proof of life. But don’t hold your breath.

  8. I’m gonna say something that will sound like “what the hell is this guy talking about” to most of you, certainly to non-Americans. I have the greatest degree of feeling for you Brits and as I read the article I couldn’t help thinking how us peasants in Brooklyn New York were sold out by TPTB when the BELOVED Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team who were a part of our lives since even before 1913 when the Dodgers built and moved into our Wembley Stadium, Ebbets Field, were lured from Brooklyn to vast amounts of promised lucre in Los Angles back in 1958. I was a kid when the Brooklyn Bums (as they were lovingly called) won their first and only World Series, this was against the hated NY Yankees who tormented us for years, in Brooklyn in 1955. Even when we lost the Borough loved the Dodgers to a man, and when the loses happened Wait Till Next Year was every Brooklynites creed.

    When Walter O’Malley, the Dodgers owner, and Robert Moses, the Czar of city planning, couldn’t agree on a plan to keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn – they are both still hated though no consensus has ever been reached in Brooklyn about who was more responsible – the Dodgers were lost to us. There were people, so the stories went, who vowed to never watched a baseball game again after the Dodgers left.

    The good news is we got the Mets 5 years later, but dopey as this may sound I still all these years later have the Brooklyn Dodgers in my heart. In 20 or 30 years there won’t be more than a few of us born and bred Brooklyn Dodger fans left. (The younger guys among us will be in their 80’s and 90’s).

    So I feel for you guys. Your problem is worse, worse by a hundred fold. May those [idiots] who sold you out rot for eternity.

    Mike from Brooklyn

    • A poignant piece, Mike. We understand what you mean, and what the face of a thief looks like; the wanton destruction of the neighbourhood and familiar bedrock that disappears just because the outside “money” flicks a finger.
      As a Londoner, and seeing what has and is being foisted upon this city, and in turn divested from us by self-serving authorities, evokes waves of anger and powerlessness and protest from those born into the grime of the traffic and the warm scent of cherry blossom on a crisp, bright spring morning. Not to be confused with anywhere else – and isn’t that what home tugs at, the heartstrings.
      You received your good news with the arrival of the Mets, a similarly functioning outfit with a different name, though not your beloved Dodgers.
      We want to know what our good news will be …

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