Och, the Puir Wee Bairns!

The photo above is a textbook example of the propaganda shots of “refugee” children that the mainstream media have so lovingly created and disseminated to advance the Narrative about immigration.

The whole thing is so obviously staged — clean well-dressed, well-fed boys (notice that they’re all boys?) with their arms carefully placed so that their fingers can desperately grasp the chain-link fence. We can just hear the photographer: “OK, kiddies, line yourselves up there and raise your arms like this. Perfect! Now hold that pose.”

As it happens, my gloss on this photo is not simply paranoia on my part. Due to the ubiquity of cell phones in all the “refugee” camps, numerous instances of staged photos taken by MSM photographers have been documented from separate vantage points that show exactly what was going on. The “journalists” who put these tableaux together may not all be working for the same propaganda service, but they’re all singing from the same hymnal — or rather, reading from the same Narrative of the Great Migration.

The kids in the photo are what the media and our political leaders would like us to believe the migration crisis is all about. However, the migrant “children” who arrive in Europe are far more likely to look like the youngsters in this photo from Vienna:

So what’s the explanation for this disconnect between imagination and reality? How is it that so many millions of people in Europe (and beyond) have been sold such a sleazy, obviously phony bill of goods?

In yesterday’s post from Germany about the fake Syrians who were really fake Ukrainians, a puir wee bairn was central to the story. A puir wee lassie, in this case — the daughter has some sort of debilitating disease guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of every Gutmensch in the welcoming culture.

The family gamed their way into Germany five years ago, and now their children have been here so long — one was even born in Germany — that it would be cruel to uproot them from their new home and send them back to Ukraine, or Armenia, or Uzbekistan, or wherever they really came from.

Och, the puir wee bairns!

The apotheosis of the Puir Wee Bairns motif was reached when a dead baby was photographed on the beach in Anatolia in September of 2015. Little Aylan Kurdi became the poster corpse for the open borders movement in Europe. It didn’t matter that his body had been carefully moved and arranged by the photographer and his accomplices. It didn’t matter that Aylan’s father was the pilot of a boat belonging to the people-traffickers, and had wantonly put his wife and children at risk by including them among the passengers of the boat. It didn’t matter that the father’s goal was to make his way to Canada so he could get his teeth fixed for free under the generous Canadian welfare program for migrants.

None of that mattered. All that mattered was that a puir wee bairn was dead, and we all needed to do something to HELP THE CHILDREN.

Little Aylan was the proximate cause of Angela Merkel’s decision to fling wide the gates of Europe to the entire Third World. Mrs. Merkel — never one to let a crisis go to waste — took the opportunity to make sure that Germany and other Western European countries would be flooded with millions more migrants in addition to the ones that were already pouring in.

Such is the power of the puir wee bairn. This is not a new phenomenon; politicians have been exploiting the theme for decades. Just think of all the times Hillary Clinton has invoked the word “children” to make sure that whatever massive socialist program she wanted to impose would get passed and funded.

Whenever a progressive politician mentions “the children”, it seems to shut down rational thought in his audience. Who could be so heartless as to oppose policies that would help the puir wee bairns?

Yet the process of child-worship is so obviously selective. Just think of all the children who are being raped and murdered — most of them puir wee lassies — by the third-world migrants invited to step over Aylan’s corpse and come on into Europe. All those girls in Britain who were “groomed” and enslaved by their Pakistani pimps — what about them?

They don’t exist. Only the phony refugee children with their fingers in the chain-link fence exist. The rest are tossed into a journalistic oubliette.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Sentimentality about children is nothing new. The Victorian Age is well-known for its cloyingly saccharine images and literature featuring children, both suffering and happy.

Yet Victorian politicians didn’t exploit children to the extent that is occurring now in the early 21st century. What has changed? Why is the general public so much more susceptible to having its collective forebrain shut down by images of suffering children?

I don’t have the answer to that question. It’s possible that gullible sentimentality concerning children increases in inverse proportion to the average number of children conceived and raised within families — that is, couples who have one or zero children are much more likely to swoon over the puir wee bairns than those who have eight or ten.

That’s just a hypothesis, with no data to back it up. And I have no idea how to test it.

But there’s no denying the awesome power of the puir wee bairn in today’s political environment.

The catchphrase used in the title and text of this post was cribbed from a Simpsons episode. It was uttered by Groundskeeper Willie.

18 thoughts on “Och, the Puir Wee Bairns!

  1. Don’t forget the PoorPalis™ — they were, and are, experts at using children’s bodies to push their aims. It is sometimes effective against Israel since Israelis love children.

    • Outright fakery is rampant among the “Palestinians” (you know, the descendants of settler colonialist imperialists from the 7th century). I’m sure I am not the only one to watch Mohammad al-Durrah cowering in fear with his father during the Intifadah.

      Only come to find the event was staged for the viewing pleasure of the French TV audience.

      • Indeed. From memory, so I may not have it exactly correct, the 2nd “Intifada” in 2000 (?) was triggered by a (state owned) France TV2 video clip of a “Palestinian” boy allegedly shot by an Israeli sniper, clipped so we didn’t see him get up again, apparently unharmed. There was a long-running case in the French courts over this blatant misrepresentation, but I don’t know how it ended.

  2. Re Aylan Kudri. Don’t forget, his Dad wore the life-vest, rather than have Aylan or one of his other – presumably also incapable of swimming – children wear it. Or his wife. And wasn’t Mr Kurdi’s sister well-established in Turkey as well? Pure economic-welfare opportunism. Other commenters have noted the Pallywood parallels.

  3. What has changed is the instillment of collective guilt in all Western children growing up in peace and prosperity. They are made to feel that their privilege is somehow their fault, and they must expiate.

    “Eat up your dinner: Ethiopian children are starving to death while you are sitting here refusing your oatmeal,” as parents used to say to the generation now adult and politically active.

    In conjunction with history lessons focusing solely upon atrocities committed by their own ancestors, this has generated the idea that each Westerner is personally responsible for the fate of each African and Asian.

    The image of the perished child reawakens this guilt, which was instilled at an impressionable age and is therefore lifelong. Protesting against it amounts to a rebellion against Mum and Dad and Being a Bad Boy/Girl. Most people never put this into words, they just feel compelled to act in this way not to feel they are Bad People.

  4. Perhaps it’s a case of technology outrunning our natural instincts.

    One very healthy instinct most societies have had is a strong sense of “us” versus “them”. This has had benefits, but also disasters, as the British public expressed complacency concerning the genocides of the Irish famine, the Indian famine and the Boer concentration camps.

    But now, we have high-resolution moving images and high-gloss large, photos to trigger our sense of the “neighbor down the street” enduring massive suffering. The US public had good access to descriptions of the German concentration camps during World War II, but the printed descriptions did not trigger enough of an outcry to affect military planning.

    But now, it’s easy enough to get dramatic pictures and videos, staged or real, to justify almost any military action, however ill-advised or hare-brained. This unfortunately coincides with both a deterioration of the skepticism of the mainstream media, and the power of governments or massive corporations to control the dissemination of real information and real critical opinion. Fortunately, through the first amendment, real discussion is still available to those who seek it out.

    • Never before in history has the world witnessed organized, non-military invasions in real-time on handheld devices and big screens! Point well taken. If President Trump does not send the U.S. military to the Mexican border it will be a dark day in American history. We will see millions of third world economic migrants follow suit. Imagine CNN and Fox News showing images of economic migrants walking through Brownsville Texas, San Diego, and other areas – trampling on private property, boarding AMTRAK trains and quickly dispersing before state governors can activate National Guard troops to protect their state borders. It’s both a frightening and a realistic possibility in light of what happened to European borders in 2015-2108 when 1.9 million migrants flooded into Europe with little opposition!

      • When you come right down to it, you have to be willing to protect your border with land mines, machine guns, and a ruthless willingness to return all those who still break in to somewhere, anywhere that can be bribed to take them.

        Israel has done so. We have not yet. As Trump points out, the laws of the US are such that refugees can be coached so they cannot be legally deported. This is one reason why children are at such a premium among the “refugees”. Any effective but legal means of protecting our borders will be delayed by the leftists on the federal courts.

        The caravan is an almost blow-by-blow repetition of the “Camp of the Saints”, which most people thought was a dystopian allegory. It was a start and accurate prediction of the present. The message of the slow-moving, lethal caravan is that your society no longer has the ability to protect itself. We’ve been given months to respond, with day-by-day video of the caravan, its progress, and exactly the type of people who are coming to flood our borders. And yet, with every opportunity to respond, our reaction becomes more disorganized and uncertain by the day.

  5. I wanted to dine out tonight! The second photo made me reconsider wether to leave home in the dark or better not. Goodness, what a bunch of thuggish physiognomies.

  6. Being exquisitely protective of human children—who can’t take care of themselves until they are about 14 or so— is how we stayed on earth, alive, for two hundred thousand years since our birth as a species

  7. ….”It didn’t matter that the father’s goal was to make his way to Canada so he could get his teeth fixed for free under the generous Canadian welfare program for migrants.”

    Reminds me of a refugee from Afganistan my church helped 15 years ago.
    He was an old man with almost no teeth and required several thousand dollars of dental treatment. Under the agreement we had with the Canadian government, we had to pay all his living expenses and health care bills for the first 2 years. Of course, even though he had no doubt lived without teeth for a long time, our refugee commitee felt heart broken over his ‘suffering’. We had to pay the entire bill. We were just a small church with very limited resources.

    He had an alleged ‘son’ in town who helped to bring his ‘father’ into the country. This ‘son’ chose to magically disappear when we asked him to help us financially to help pay the ‘father’s’ bills.

    The refugee commitee didn’t see the scam this was and a year later decided to help settle an entire ‘family’ from Sudan and a woman with 2 children from Uganda. Again, the church had to pay many bills and the pastor’s wife even decided to help cook and do laundry for the Sudanese family with 3 healthy teenaged children whom we were told: ‘I’m sorry but our children can’t work, they are very busy with school.’

    • Can I have the phone number of that church, please.
      I need 4 implants and could thus cancel my dental health plan.Would save me twice the flight to Canada. ( ir.off)

    • I forgot to mention that in the case of the mother with 2 children: she convinced the Canadian government that she had a large extended family of brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles etc. etc. who desperately needed to come to Canada also. Though the gov’t was suspicious of whether they were all truly related or not as none had proper ID, they were all let into the country.

      I wasn’t having any of the ‘my kids are too busy to work’. I managed to convince one of the teenaged Sudanese boys to help me cut the grass at the church. He was either too weak, too lazy or too uninterested to fully pull the cord on the lawn mower to start it. Long story short, no one ever bothered them again to lift a finger to do any sort of work. The church continued on in its fairy tale world of wonderful immigrant social work and the old men and women continued writing cheques and doing all the chores for the new foreign elite.

    • Someone said every good deed must be not go unpunished must have been thinking of the Western modern world,s stupid collected guilt feelings of third world,s governments neglect and abuse of their own people. We the modern Western world cannot be the welfare sugar daddy for every failed country in the world. If we intervene and remove evil people running these failed states we are wrong, if we let in all the refugees these failed states into our countries we become a failed state ourselves bankrupting our own countries.

  8. The Mexican caravan has reached critical mass at 5,000 today (10/21/18).


    This will be a visual showdown of President Trump and the U.S. military against the globalist organizers & liberal American sympathizers! Over 100 ISIS members have been apprehended recently. How many more terrorists and MS-13 gangsters are hiding inside the moving & growing caravan?

    This will be a showdown between might and economic flight. People living in sh&tholes want out. People living in safe places know their days are numbered because low IQ, high testosterone means higher crimes, fewer resources and overbreeding. Western nations cannot be saviors of the third world!

    President Trump – please protect our indigenous people and resources from further erosion. The duty of any government is to protect its vital national resources from direct attack and invasion. Failure to do either will result in turning a first world country into another sh&thole.

    • We need to support the new Identitaire movement. On est chez nous! These young folks will be a new “greatest generation” and can save us. It could be the beginning of another 60’s movement, this time with a more lofty purpose.

      See Julian Langness on YouTube.

  9. Society is on a pendulum. It swings to and fro with a regular cycle when it is healthy. However, when an artificial hand pushes the pendulum beyond what is normal and healthy in one direction, at some point, the strain becomes too much, and the pendulum returns to the other extreme, well beyond its normal stopping point. This is when civil wars, genocides, and similar occurrences happen.

    We are at the far left extreme as we speak, with the pendulum poised to begin its return. As soon as this nation determines that its government has failed in its chief responsibility beyond hope of redemption, the far right swing of the pendulum will complete. That will show what we are as a people. I would not care to be a Latino or Arab male of military age during that time. Or a politician or government agent. This will get ugly. Either because the indigenous population fights for their own security, or because they submit to the agenda of those who hate them.

    Either way, what follows will meet the definition of a genocide. Get used to the idea, it is coming. The only thing to be decided is whether we are going to die, or are they? Make up your minds, and prepare accordingly.

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