We Are All Syrians Now

The video below tells the story of a Ukrainian family who became Syrian “refugees” in Germany. It demonstrates that ANYONE who claims to be Syrian can hope to obtain asylum in Germany and gain full benefits for their family.

I can imagine a Monty Pythonesque sketch in which a family of blond blue-eyed Swedes disembarks from a rickety boat at the port in Rostock and approaches the immigration officer on the quay:

“We’re Syrians, and we want to claim asylum”

“That’s funny — you don’t look Syrian.”


“Don’t come the raw prawn with me, mate. You’re from Uppsala — I can smell the surströmming on your jodhpurs.”

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   Their friends in Flintbek know them as the Alo Family. As Syrians.
00:10   As asylum seekers fleeing the war in Syria.
00:14   But they’ve never been in Syria.
00:23   And the family’s real name isn’t Alo either. The mother’s name isn’t Khanem.
00:27   The father’s name isn’t Khalil. Our real names, I am Knyaz Aloyan,
00:37   Aloyan. My wife’s name is Halif Aloyan. We have gotten very used to our fake names.
00:50   When someone calls me by my real name, I don’t react anymore.
00:57   We lied 5 years saying we come from Syria, we aren’t. We’re from Ukraine.
01:08   It totally shocked me, straight to my heart, which I normally don’t experience.
01:15   I really had to catch my breath and I was, well…
01:19   I believed them 100 percent, everything they told me, all these years I’ve known
01:24   them. Five years. I was absolutely convinced it was all true.
01:31   The Alo Family came to Flintbek nearly five years ago and settled in quickly.
01:38   Their 8-year-old son has football training at TSV sports club in Flintbek.
01:44   Their 9-year-old daughter is enrolled in a special needs school.
01:48   Her paralysis disease is being treated by the University Clinic in Kiel.
01:52   The integration was conditional, since immigration authorities never really
01:56   believed that they were from Syria. Especially since the language assessment,
02:00   which suggested a origin from the former Soviet Union. Investigations by
02:06   authorities determined Ukraine as their home country and deportation target.
02:17   If it is proven that the identity of the family is different from what has been stated, then
02:22   this means the family has deliberately misled authorities since the end of 2013
02:28   about their identity. That’s nearly five years and a criminal offence. We will determine
02:34   whether this warrants criminal prosecution.
02:38   We made a mistake which will carry over onto our children. It is difficult,
02:42   you know? —We’ve hurt our children, I think. —If we have to go back to
02:51   Ukraine it will for hard for the children.
02:57   In doing so, they actually wanted the best for their children. A new life in Europe.
03:01   Their disabled daughter would probably have landed in a home for the disabled in
03:05   Ukraine they say. That’s why they borrowed 10,000 dollars to pay a trafficker.
03:12   He gave them the tip to keep their true identity a secret and to pose as Syrians.
03:18   This way they would have a chance to receive asylum.
03:25   I am happy that I personally never had to lie in such a manner
03:29   but I respect it, because they did it for their daughter
03:34   and they never would have had a chance if they said they were from Ukraine.
03:41   They would have already been sent back by now. Humanly speaking, with respect
03:45   to their situation, I can understand why they decided to take this route. Certainly.
03:49   Nevertheless, I must abide by current laws and I do not see the possibility from
03:55   the current perspective to generate a right to stay.
03:59   The friends of the family are helping them to have their case treated as a hardship
04:04   situation, because the children would not be able to cope with being torn
04:08   from their familiar surroundings.
04:12   We have very little chance. —In Germany there is a saying, “Hope always dies last”.
04:20   We also have a small hope.
04:26   The youngest son Aram, who was born in Germany, has his third birthday today.
04:30   Friends of the family are celebrating with them. No one refused to come.

23 thoughts on “We Are All Syrians Now

  1. They call themselves Aloyan – this is an Armenian surname. Our Armenian auto repairman, for example, is called Eloyan. This strange type in a red cap seems to mock the correspondent. He calls himself Knyaz Aloyan. Knyaz means Prince . His wife, he calls the Halif (Caliph) Aloyan.

    They are not even very similar to Armenians, they are more like gypsies. Are they exactly from Ukraine? I do not feel in their speech any shade from the Slavic languages.

  2. Who can blame the Ukrainians who also want a better life in a prosperous Western nation. Single, military age, Muslim males pose the greatest risks to society. Merkel & the globalists welcome the savages with open arms!

    The United States Federal government gives entry preferences to migrant families with children. Families are seen as a lesser risk and more likely to assimilate properly than join a local gang like the young men often do. However, indigenous citizens with no children are pushed to the back of affordable housing lines. Very few waiting lists exist for them!

    Until every indigenous citizen has a roof over his/her head, migrants should not be allowed to jump in line first. Using babies and children to get better benefits and first world housing needs to stop! It’s tragic & heartbreaking to see our own citizens living rough on the streets like animals & third world inhabitants because of housing shortages! Hopefully President Trump & Congress stop chain migration which creates even more housing shortages!

    • What gets my goat is that supposed parents bring their children into a strange culture, where their chances of staying are very dicey. Then, when the chickens come home to roost and they’re looking at deportation, they appeal to the benefit of the children…as if, the citizens of the invaded country should care more about maintaining the equilibrium of the children than the original parents did.

      This family gets my goat even more than most. The rich Western country is seen as a milch cow from which they can suck special needs care for their disabled child. I guess, if the victim country will allow it, why not?

      It reminds me of an interview I heard on NPR years ago, before I stopped listening to NPR altogether. They interviewed a Mexican mother who described how she snuck into the US 20 years earlier because she had a special needs child. What really burned me, the interview was in Spanish. She sneaked in 20 years ago, went on welfare and used special needs education, and didn’t even do the courtesy of learning the language. I’d drop her and her brood on the border tomorrow, if I had any say in the matter.

  3. I have now asked to comment on this video of my Internet friend – a Chechen ex-Muslim who has been living in Germany for many years.
    He says that the accent is definitely not Ukrainian or non-Armenian. Body builds and faces indicate Eastern origin.

    • Thanks, your information – as usual – is a helpful gloss on the post.

      What does this mean?

      Body builds and faces indicate Eastern origin

      Eastern WHERE?

      • Erena seems to have hit the nail on the head: gypsies. Gypsies seem to have Indian subcontinent origins and are no strangers to lying and deception. So, it’s possible these are Romanian gypsies in yet another scheme to fleece their victims.

        The “investigations” of the migrant agency seems as useless as the investigations of the San Jose or Charlottesville police when investigating violence against peaceful conservative demonstrators.

        • Anyone who lives in the field of Russian and Ukrainian language, very characteristicly pronounces the letter “R.” Perhaps these people are not even Ukrainian Gypsies – they do not pronounce it.

  4. Oh this is the difficulty of translation!
    строение тела – body structure/Body builds
    face type and body type point to the Eastern/Asian origin

    • Oh…Asian. That makes it easier to understand. Is one not allowed to notice Asian people? I mean is it a politically correct thing to pretend they’re just like ethnic Russians or Germans, or whatever?

      I can’t remember what part of Asia Pakistanis are from…but any Brit could tell us.

  5. If a male can claim to be a female so he can enter a women’s sporting event, (then) anything is possible.

  6. Receiving asylum on unconditional terms in Germany based with an alleged Syrian identity, but not with a Ukrainian one, in spite of the fact that Ukraine also suffers from a horrible war, reveals the discrimination against white Europeans by the Merkel government (and almost all Western governments).

    • The video shows not Ukrainians, maybe Ukrainian Gypsies. Now through this country there are incomprehensible migration flows. It is difficult to say about the origin of these people.

  7. They look like they are from one of the former Soviet Muslim republics. They definitely are not Ukrainian

  8. the Gypsies from our border region between Germany and Czech Republic are on the same band wagon: They go to Germany and claim they are refugees for money, then come back and drink all that money away…

  9. After all things said, these people are cheaters, wherever they’re from.
    Their language skills( uncoordinated learning) show that they made an effort to integrate and superficially they seem like mostly honest people through their admission of fraud. Anyway, I would rather have them in my country than nigerian drug pushers or kurdish pimps.

  10. They lied once, perhaps they lied about Ukraine. But we know numerous others have entered Europe claiming to be “Syrians” and really are from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.

  11. Germans are very smart people; how come they don’t investigate someone’s ability to speak the language of the country he claims to be coming from!
    .. I can simply know even which area/region you have lived in Syria or Iraq if you speak for 5 minutes normally without imitation, even though I’m neither Iraqi nor Syrian.

    this guy is probably from the so-called Turkic ethnicities. one of the STANs countries, Uzbeks, Tajiks, etc.
    could be from the Ukrainian Tatars who are based in Crimea.

    • I had this idea too. A friend from Morocco can tell from which country an arabic speaker is coming. Why don’t the authorities pay such a person well – say in the paygrade of a colonel – and thus save millions?

      • there was a Coptic Egyptian family applied for international protection in France, they didn’t speak French but theyre super fluent in English they demanded their case to be investigated in English not in Arabic as they didn’t trust any of those Maghrib countries interpreters plus they found out that France authorities made contracts with just Moroccans who happen to be knowing French and Arabic, but they don’t work as professional interpreters nor do they hold any prestigious degree nor do they know christian terms like baptism, assumption of Mary, Mass, Eucharist they didn’t know them in Arabic or French, plus Moroccans has some sort of defunct Arabic language capabilities, if you travel to Rabat or Algeria as an ethnic French, you’d normally pick up 50% of what they say, the interpreter didn’t even know there are people in Egypt called Copts and they have Coptic language too which is a form of ancient Egyptian but written in Greek script, same thing happens in Germany, they force you to speak Arabic instead of saving their own time and money if they allow to express yourself and your case in English and they’d hire an idiot muslim just because he’s legally resident in the same town . native Christians of the middle east are mostly rejected also because there is no lobby like the Muslim brotherhood and their friends in Human right watch to speak on their behalf .

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