Tommy Robinson vs. the Daily Mail

A man named James King is apparently a photographer and/or reporter for The Daily Mail. He was recently tasked with finding Tommy Robinson and his family in Greece Tenerife, where they were on holiday. But Tommy sussed him out, confronted him, and uploaded this video of their confrontation.

There are couple of things worth noting about the exchange between Tommy and Mr. King. First of all, when Tommy asks him whether he thinks it would be a good thing if Britain were to become dominated by Islam in the next twenty or thirty years, the reporter dodges the question. All he’ll say is, “I don’t think it’s going to happen.” He won’t say what he would think of it.

But this exchange between Tommy and Mr. King is priceless:

Tommy:   So would it be OK, then, if I followed you on holiday and took pictures of you and your family?
King:   But I’m not a public figure.
Tommy:   You are now, mate — you are now!

Tommy’s right. He has millions of followers, subscribers, and fans. James King’s face will soon be well-known to them, so that when he returns to Blighty, it’s not unimaginable that some of them will recognize him on the street, or in the supermarket, or driving his kids to school. What then, eh?

Maybe he’ll look nervously over his shoulder when he’s out in public, the same way Tommy has had to do for the last nine years.

Listen to their exchange. Tommy is a real bulldog — he hounds the reporter into rhetorical corners from which he can’t escape:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

33 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson vs. the Daily Mail

  1. One moral of the video: don’t assign a soy boy to cover a real man (or woman).

    The video is eerily similar to an interview Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux gave to a soy boy Australian journalist who, like James King, is totally and painfully out of his depth when interviewing people with real ideas and a real point of view. It’s a not-so-subtle dig by the paper to assign third-rate journalists to cover Tommy. About the only thing I can say in their defense is that their first-stringers are unlikely to do any better. They are used to suppressing, rather than debating, different points of view, and Tommy is a razor-sharp debater.

    But, of course, their highly-paid entertainers-cum-political-yodelers-cum-newscasters would never put themselves in a situation to be wiped on the floor by the likes of Tommy.

    I predict James King will not be working for the Mail much longer, not because he didn’t try to weasel out of answering any question, but because he engaged Tommy at all, giving him the opportunity to come across as a real human being. Perhaps at that point, James King, with nothing tangible to lose, will dump the soy milk and soy burgers and find his voice as a real man.

    • Admittedly, Australians are so isolated that they have NO understanding whatsoever of what is going on outside their island. People in Melbourne, suffering through a Sudanese crime-wave are starting to see it, but the rest of the country has no idea. None at all.

      • @PB: yesterday a 26-year old Somali “asylum seeker” since 2015 walked into a surgery in Offenburg in Germany without appointment, knifed the GP to death, tried to do the same to his med-tech assistant.
        The doctor was apparently an “agape”-driven multiculti-friend as well, the surgery always had various types of “migrant” in the waiting room.

        Merkel however still gets 30% of the vote 3 years after 4.9.2015.

        The polls say the pro-invasion Greens in Bavaria are in fact increasing their probable share of the vote in the pending election there.

        So I submit to PB that alleged isolation from hijra colonisation in Australia, or proximity to it as in Germany, is irrelevant. Having said which, the Muslim population of Sydney has doubled in 10 years. Hizb at-Tahir is not banned there.

        People have an enormous capacity to filter what they see through their beliefs and wishes of various Christian/humanist/profit-seeking types and motivations, and to look the other way. As do the enemies of Wilders or Tommy Robinson or the AfD.

        By the way, the Sudanese youths in Melbourne are apparently not Muslim, so do not see Australia as dar al-harb either.

      • Sir, I disagree. Australians can see what is going on but we are entirely powerless to change anything. Both of our parties are staunch and unshakeable supporters of mass migration (except for refugees by boat). We are completely emasculated in this country. I recommend looking up the experience of new senator Fraser Anning to see what the debate about migration is like in this country (morons who would be fine with limitless migration if it was white versus neoliberals who are advocates of unlimited migration from everywhere regardless of the impacts on the country and its people).

  2. Good on Tommy, exposing this [Piece of Effluvium] and the [fecal news medium] for whom he works.
    It will serve Mr King right of there is some backlash on him for what he has done. He’d have been grinning from ear to ear if things had gone according to his plan but now, probably not so much.
    If one saw Mr King in the street, one might think he was a normal, decent human being but it’s obvious appearances can be deceptive.

    This treatment of the lying MSM needs to be repeated and often, to all of them.

    Well done, Tommy Robinson.

  3. These kinds of journalists are sold. They do it just for their pockets and I do not think we can blame one just for doing his job to pay his bills. But if everybody just blindly follows orders toward mass suicide, do we have to follow them too? We cannot prevent these people from bringing our countries to self-destruction (like what happened to Babylonia) when they are so many and so much enjoy it.

    “But who endures to the end shall be saved”. MT 24, 13.

    • His country has seen an unprecedented escalation of violence. Freedom of expression is threatened by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. The political forces that are contesting power on the political scene are practically the same, so the policy seems somewhat uniform. Anyway, there are so many bad things going on that worrying about only the bills to pay is really being very stingy.

      The journalist is in a profession where he supposedly serves the public. If he only serves his pocket, then speaking in an ethical way, he should never have started his career in this business.

      • You do what your employer wants you to do, which is what the customers want. If you prefer to do it by yourself you can start your own business if that is economically viable. Journalists are not heroes and they write what they are paid for writing. In London they sold everything to the petrol sheiks. Not very different from other EU countries, just they were the first to sell their lands calling this phenomenon like progress. Now the new lords of the Saudi kingdom want the things to run as they think is better for them. The mayor of London is a Pakistani lawyer who became famous for defending jihadis.

        They also are the first to establish sharia courts in their country. And the economic and financial world of the banks and markets enjoy this, they have made great money selling that country, so now they want to export this business also to Italy and Greece. In a world where only money matters the petrol sheiks are going to buy everything. And they already did.

        • You forgot the Chinese and the Russians. The latter are excellent thieves; the former are thieves, but they will buy if that’s the only choice. Unlike the Saudis, neither of these are averse to manual labor to achieve what they want.

  4. I really fear for Tommy. I am sure he will be got rid of. Either by the state or insane Muslim fanatics.

    • Same feeling here … silencing this voice should be on the top of their traitorous agenda.

      Tommy should really seek a refugee status outside of the UK.

      • Seeking refugee status would do exactly that. Silencing this voice.
        What do you want him to do, hiding himself in the forests of rural Montana mopping the floor of the local 7-11 for a living? The elite would love that.
        Tommy is never going to do that nor does he want to.
        He is the quintessential British street fighter he will never give up.

  5. The great thing about this is that it happened in Greece, not the UK, so it’s unlikely that Tommy will get “done” for this exchange, which otherwise they’d probably figure out how to do.



  6. Tommy exposed James King’s shortcomings: he has not looked at the Koran, and he has not looked at the biography of Mohammed. Yet he makes pronouncements about Islam.

    King exemplifies so many British, even including Theresa May and her government. They are ignorant, culpably negligently ignorant.

  7. Tommy needs to immediately tone it down, or he is going to get into trouble again. He is too combative, and acts like everyone is his arch enemy, before he even knows that for a fact.

    • I disagree.

      Tommy is “combative” because he is protecting his family, which has been invaded and threatened enough. He thought he was safe away from the UK. Little did he know that he is prey no matter where he goes.

      Besides which, Tommy is still suffering from the sequelae of his illegal imprisonment. He’s got a severe case of combat fatigue, hyper-alert, easily startled, restless, etc. Probably suffering from nightmares, too.

      One simply doesn’t advise a combat veteran to “tone it down”, especially when it comes to his family. It’s neither wise nor compassionate.

      • I disagree.
        Tommy has been choosing to put his wife and kids at unnecessary risk for years now. What kind of dad and husband does the crazy stuff he does? If he were single with no familial responsibilities, this would all be okay in my book, if he wanted to act fearless and always stir things up and even become a maryter for our cause- but he is not.

        • “Choosing”??

          Sometimes life events drive us rather than vice versa. When Tommy took over the EDL, I don’t he had any idea how it would be infiltrated or how he would be stitched up by TPTB. By then, there was no way back and no way out.

          I think he’s done an excellent job given the circumstances. Anyone less intelligent or less vital would have been dead long ago.

        • Gretel.

          He listens to his conscience. Not to what it says in “your book”.

          It is the politicians who are putting Tommy’s, and all other British families, at unnecessary risk. Tommy is addressing this truth – a not only necessary, but crucial action.

    • The rest of us, we should be “toning it up”! stepping up !
      Then Tommy can “tone it down” for a well deserved rest, knowing others are furthering the issues.

      Though I do figure you have a concern for Tommy, and do not want Tommy to suffer again.
      Good points in reply, Dymphna.

      Ideally when he was sent to jail, if only 1000’s or even just 100’s of other supporters were sent to jail, to dominate a wing of a prison, so Tommy would be protected.
      I wonder if others could keep a discreet “sentry roster” to be security for Tommy’s family. In some ways I would hope that is in place, with trusted supporters.
      In Australia

      Why is there not enough of ‘freedom libertarians’ in high enough places to pull strings, to safeguard Tommy?
      It is a “class” struggle, in the UK.
      It took WW1 that changed a lot in the UK, , upper class and servant class changed. Woman also eventually getting the vote.
      I do not like the idea of war, but if to be, then know ourselves, know the other, and win it all !, as societal changes will also become far reaching.
      “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy

      The problem I fear is that there is not a great deal of active support. Though I may not have heard things right, I feel disappointed that the money raised world wide seemed not a great lot. It did do the job though.
      New Zealanders raised NZ $50,000 (US$ about 30,000) for legal expenses in less than one week on a “free speech issue” when Stefan Molineux and Lauren Southern were de-platformed by the Mayor of Auckland. Even the government in power was opposed to Stefan and Lauren.
      The best part of that was the “Streisand effect”, and how some journalists in Australia and New Zealand were shown up and ended up on “Youtube”.
      Further flow on effects from other de-platforming by Massey University, which is still resonating in the hierachy for what they did. It ended up furthering well publicized free speech debates for a local speaker, who has been branded a racist, yet in 2005 was a leader of a party that gained 40% of the vote.
      Ali Hirsi had been stopped in April 2017 through threats of violence in Auckland.

      So like all these debates, I would like to think that information, knowledge, truth, wisdom empowers and guides us all, on many fronts.

      Thanks Tommy R, and Baron & Dymphna, and many others who cut through the ‘crap’.

    • I scrolled down the page and found a notice, in very small type, saying

      Sorry we are not currently accepting comments on this article.


      Do they mean to imply that at some future date they will be accepting comments on this article?? Or is it merely the crooked talk of a thoroughly forked-tongued medium?

    • All power to TR’s elbow. Surely this article falls under the definition of libel? Meanwhile the leader of what was once
      A decent, if often misguided major political movement, is
      Exposed daily, for associating with terrorist leaning
      Individuals but would seem to be seem to be largely
      Escaping the MSM attentions that TR is subjected to.

      For God sake leave the man alone to enjoy a family
      Holiday, stop labeling him as a far right thug, just
      Agree to differ with his views in a respectful manner.

  8. Nothing wrong with Tommy’s mental agility, he was all over him. King was like some hapless boxer on the ropes, unable to fend off Tommy’s verbal jabs.

  9. The Mail article called Tommy ‘thug’ ‘racist’ and, of course, ‘far right’, Bachman was also ‘far right’. I wish someone would define that term, does it include all of what was once Conservatism or just bits of it? If it means fascist, then explain why they were all for the welfare state. Any useless journo thinks he can earn a merit badge by slandering Tommy.

    • Over here, the vague term is alt.right. “Alternative” right?? The American left is determined to make those on the other side of their fence into evil racists.

      A large part of the problem with today’s political talk is the seeming necessity to define our opponents in moral terms – i.e., as EVIL. It’s a Manichean universe.

  10. Tommy was very sharp and brilliant in exposing this windbag on the spot.
    First he wanted to verbally attack and slander Tommy, but then he realized that he chose a target that was actually stronger and better informed than he, and then he quickly wanted to retreat, the coward as he is.
    James King doesn’t exactly live up to his name (understatement).

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