Moroccan Vlogger Mocks Dutch Woman Who Committed Suicide

Last week we posted a farewell video by Willie Dille, a Dutch politician for the PVV, who reported that she had been targeted for gang-rape by Muslims as an act of political terror. Shortly after recording her video she committed suicide.

The video below is vile, reprehensible mockery of the late Ms. Dille by an anonymous Moroccan vlogger in the Netherlands. The translator includes these contextual notes:

This guy is a Moroccan-Dutch vlogger with the persona “OpaNorma” (Granddad Norma). He has had videos taken down in the past, because he threatens people (in a sneaky, indirect way), spews homophobia, etc. He also does prank calls — gets Moroccan prostitutes, transsexuals etc. on the phone and starts lecturing them. He’s enforcing Moroccan tribal social norms.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   Hello ladies and gentlemen. Here we are again.
00:08   Today I want to talk about a video I’ve seen of a PVV politician.
00:14   And this PVV politician is Willie Dille.
00:20   She made a video in which she says she was raped hard
00:27   by a group of Muslims, Moroccans. Let’s watch these lies, this film for a moment.
00:35   Hello, I am Willie Dille, I am politician for the PVV…
00:39   and… I just want the world to know the truth.
00:44   You want the world to know the truth? You tell lies in parliament, in politics,
00:51   and now all of a sudden [?] you want to tell the truth?
00:57   Tell the truth in parliament, do what you’ve promised to do in parliament,
01:01   don’t go [?] and “tell the truth” on Facebook.
01:06   May 15 — March 15, 2017.
01:09   Is it May 15, or March 15?
01:15   What is it with you? First put a story in your head, only then turn on the camera and talk.
01:23   Because like this, you make your story a little dubious. I already stopped believing you.
01:30   Is it March 15, is it May 15, is it April 15, is it 15… Did it never happen?
01:38   I was kidnapped, raped, assaulted by a group of muslims.
01:42   What!? “kidnapped, assaulted, raped”, that’s how she said it.
01:46   “May 15 I was kidnapped, raped, assaulted by a group of muslims.”
01:50   She talks like she’s reading a news bulletin, smooth and casual.
01:55   Without crying, without emotion, any thing. Like she’s presenting the news on TV.
02:03   Buddy, when a woman is raped, assaulted, and kidnapped,
02:08   she doesn’t talk about it like this, believe me.
02:13   She’ll whine; she’ll cry, buddy.
02:16   When [the millionaire] Heineken was kidnapped by Willem Holleeder,
02:20   when the video came out, he was shaking.
02:23   He was talking emotionally. And you come talk about kidnapping, rape, and sexual [?]assault.
02:34   and you talk about it like you’re reading the news at NOS.
02:38   People, people, who would rape your ugly face?
02:42   Who wants to rape you, buddy? People would rather rape a donkey
02:46   than you, what are you talking about?
02:49   Sorry, but it’s true, seriously. WTF is that!?
02:54   Who’d want to rape your rotten face, your swollen face?
02:59   I swear I’m not going to listen to the rest of the story.
03:04   I think it’s a fake story, full of lies and falsehoods. This woman
03:09   works for the PVV. Her head is tired, yes? Which goes to show:
03:13   If you’re on the side of the baddies,
03:18   you won’t be able to handle life. You’ll jump off a roof. You know what it is?
03:25   I’m going to do the same thing Geert Wilders did. [impersonating Wilders]
03:29   Hey, buddies! All of you watch me, my audience!
03:33   Do you want more, or less PVV politicians?
03:37   [sample of PVV audience] Less! Less!
03:43   Alright zaqoufs [homos], [?] we’ll take care of that. Yes?
03:47   One phone call and it’s taken care of. [?]
03:52   The [telephone] number for Willie of course, Willie Dille.
03:56   I’m going to call her. Fewer PVV politicians — we’ll arrange that buddy.
04:01   Her number, buddy, no problem, we’ll fix it. [?]
04:05   It’s ringing, it’s ringing.
04:09   Hello? —Hello, this is Willie Dille. —Willie Dille! How are you doing you zaqoufa [homo-ess]?
04:14   Yes, I’m doing all right. —What’s that video I heard
04:18   and saw recently online, were you raped by muslims?
04:23   [impersonating Dille] I wasn’t raped by muslims silly; muslims don’t rape.
04:27   I’m tired of life. And I just want to commit suicide.
04:33   And I want the muslims to go down with me, because that’s the mission of the PVV!
04:38   PVV for life! —OK, so you’re tired of life.
04:41   Go ahead, I really won’t stop you.
04:44   By the way, do you have tips for how I have to commit suicide?
04:49   No, I’ll tell you honestly, I… Hang on, yes I do, actually!
04:53   Jump off a roof for example. You can just. Hang yourself. You know?
05:00   OK, so tomorrow morning you’re going. Do your thing!
05:05   Should I call family to give them a heads up? No, not necessary?
05:11   Jump off a roof; that’s better I think. You’ll have
05:16   the Fortnight experience, just without a parachute.
05:24   Take care now Willie Dille, Bye bye! —Bye bye!
05:32   I took care of it, buddy. She’s gone, she’s gone.
05:36   She’s going to jump off a roof; she’s going to commit suicide.
05:39   One less PVV politician. Did I keep my word or not?
05:45   Less PVV. Less less less. And Wilders, did he keep his word?
05:50   I still see Moroccans here, I even see more.
05:58   The only thing I have to say to you: I can achieve more than Wilders.
06:04   Soon I’ll be starting my own party, the party of zaqoufs, PVZ, buddy, I’ll be president.
06:13   Vote Grandpa Norma for president 2020, 2022, you know, and we’ll be president.
06:20   I’ll tell you all: I’ll do nothing in parliament. I’m honest.
06:25   I’ll start off honest. All those politicians lie; I promise nothing at all.
06:29   You won’t get anything from me, I’ll enjoy the seat I’ll get.
06:34   I’ll grab some salads, and do nothing at all.
06:38   Sometimes I’ll take somebody down, but I won’t arrange anything for you.
06:42   Because I’m so honest, vote Grandpa Norma 2022, buddy. [?]
06:46   Do I have your vote? Let me know in the comments section.
06:49   I get things done, less PVV. Just arranged by me, thank you very much.
06:55   I’d like to do a SO [shout-out] to [??] Amsterdam, Geuzenveld [?], I’ll see you there.
07:04   you follow me, warriors there, fat SO to Amsterdam, Geuzenveld.
07:10   And also a special thanks to Mocrovision, the dude who makes my thumbnails.
07:18   [More SO]

6 thoughts on “Moroccan Vlogger Mocks Dutch Woman Who Committed Suicide

    • My guess would be 4chan would be capable of doing it. They found the address of an old hag somewhere in the UK that was filmed by a security camera, she was throwing the neighbour’s cat into a bin. 4chan found and posted her address everywhere. Figures finding out the identity of a guy posting online would be significantly easier and chances are some random dude would do it just for the heck of it. That site is a dirthole, but every once in a while they do some really good stuff.
      Possibly pressing charges would have the police do the same. If their superior would allow it, that is. And honestly some people judging might do better that a court in this case.

  1. Isn’t it funny how youtube blocks conservatives, yet they happily allow a scumbag that’s openly harmful?

  2. The fact of the matter is that this individual wears a mask while telling this story. The fact that the individual ” Masks ” his identity is all that is necessary for a normal human being to discount the presentation. In fact….once you recognize a masked face ; you simply turn off the video. Armed robbers weary masks. Actors wear masks….and liars mask themselves because {on some level } they carry a bit of shame for what they are doing…..or do not want their associates and friends to witness their perfidy.

  3. So this puke questions the veracity of Ms Dille while wearing a mask and a false name? Doesn’t do much for the reputation of the Moroccans in the Netherlands.

    • Moroccans in the Netherlands?? Somehow I don’t think they’ll lose any sleep over their well-deserved lack of reputation.

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