The Knife of Peace Comes to Dresden

Another day, another Afghan asylum seeker, another knife attack. Today it was in Dresden, and unlike yesterday’s attacker in Périgueux, this culture-enriching youngster had only one knife. And his aim with it seems to have been less than fully competent, because no one was wounded.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Dresden police reported for duty this morning with numerous operational forces at the Prager Spitze
00:03   [a mall] in downtown Dresden. Around 10:25 am a man with a knife
00:07   was allegedly was seen there,
00:10   according to the police spokeswoman. He was reportedly threatening passersby and screaming loudly.
00:15   About ten minutes later the armed man was reportedly captured by the operational forces.
00:20   On site there were also heavily armed intervention forces in riot gear. They took
00:23   the 23-year-old Afghan into custody. He had a knife with a blade about 25 cm [10 in] long.
00:30   The man was apprehended close to a language school at the Prager Spitze.
00:35   According to the early reports from the Dresden police, nobody was wounded. The circumstances
00:40   are still unclear. According to the police spokeswoman the man is being questioned.
00:45   Witnesses report hearing cries: “Allahu Akhbar,” meaning “God is great”.

4 thoughts on “The Knife of Peace Comes to Dresden

  1. I, Like every other read of article like this, know EXACTLY what the motive is behind these ‘strange goings on”…It is JIHAD plain and simple… No mental health issues ( although there is a case to answer for regarding believing in Islam).. We all know that the cries of Allahu Akbar mean “our god is greater”.
    As we know that this SJS (sudden jihadi syndrome) is expected, nay demanded of muslims when they are in Dar al Harb..We also know that despite what our politicians tell us to the contrary, Islam is at war with us and will be until either the West or Islam is destroyed.
    We are also getting very tired of the lies. No one, in their right mind, could ever call Islam the religion of peace.. We are sick of the poisonous trilogy of equality, diversity, and inclusion. We know equality does not mean equality of opportunity, but rather equality of outcome. Thus punishing the productive and lauding the feckless. Diversity means taking a homogenous society that is also successful and changing it by bringing people that are different..The advantages are all for the people brought in and disadvantage the indigenous people. Inclusion means we are all labelled and belong to different groups..Every one in the group are to have the same beliefs and group think is expected..All of these groups are equal in being victims to the ‘white patriarchy’ which is guilty of everything and is evil…This is how you destroy a viable and vibrant reasoned and humanitarian society..

  2. Allahu akbar is NOT God is great. It is Allah is greater than any other and you should be correcting the phrase every time you see it. This is nothing less that Islam shouting their supremacy out to the world.

    • It does NOT need to be corrected here. This is a translation from the GERMAN, not from the Arabic. The translation is accurate.

  3. The peace that comes after you’ve submitted to their conquest; is the peace of Islam.

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