A Spanish Newspaper Whitewashes the Jihad

Pampasnasturtium has translated an item that was published earlier this year in the Spanish MSM. He includes this brief introduction:

In this article from last March you can see the level of whitewashing of The Religion of Pieces in the local Spanish media. The online version from La Vanguardia* is behind a paywall, so I had to scan it.

It was an sidebar for a bigger “report” (that is, a smear/opinion masquerading as information) that I chucked away afterwards. I still can’t believe they speak in such ennobling terms about those bloodthirsty Morlocks. It’s amazing that this disgusting rag fans the flames of misandry daily via inflated #MeToo pieces, etc., yet these mohammedans were segregating the sexes and all they were was “scrupulous”…

Savages, yeah, but NOBLE savages!

The translated sidebar:

Jihadists wouldn’t allow others to pay for their food

At the ‘The Palms’ restaurant, on a very busy street of East Mosul, they fill your table with food. Here’s where jihadists used to stuff themselves up during good times. A waiter explains they were formal people; they used to dress Afghan-style (ankle-long pants) and they were scrupulous: women had to eat on the upper floor, and during prayer times they commanded that the place should close. Coca-Cola — which is served as a courtesy, together with water, even though the customer may not ask for it — was forbidden and its Iraqi version substituted. They never allowed others to pay for their food, and they would pay religiously (translator note: in Spanish, that would be conscientiously) in Iraqi dinar or dollars, but no one ever saw the legendary Caliphate coins, or those of 21 carats or silver, supposedly minted in mid-2016. A single golden dinar would have been enough for a whole division to eat.

*   La Vanguardia is what not so long ago used to pass for a conservative rag (it is now failing, as is most of the dead-tree press, so it has been permanently “bought” by the EU to churn out its propaganda).

6 thoughts on “A Spanish Newspaper Whitewashes the Jihad

  1. This is their take on migration


    basically that the west globalised with migration in the 19th century, and that although globalisation is now the western format, it is still placing restrictions on migration from other countries.

    Says today we are talking of the thousands entering as opposed to the millions from Europe, completely misquotes Salvini also. Portrays westerners as privileged elitists.

    Doesn’t mention that the socialist state is a main attraction, instead compares migrants to other populations who have moved to frontiers to (physically) build a new world for themselves where their manpower was needed.

    They are arriving to save the west, the 20% unemployed in Spain, to make sure political promises to pensioners are met because the rest of the population shrinks away from their duty towards the msg ( ok, I made that sentence up).

    But that is socialism, high debt and negative rates for you , the Spanish do not want to ( actually cannot afford to) work for 600 eu a month at minimum wage labour…basically the whole economy, values, are now completely screwed up ( thank Euro) , and most migrants are not even entering EU to take that work anyway…which is why they head north, Spain having fewer benefits ( they literally refuse to be relocated to the Iberian peninsula from north).


      • It’s like there is a collective amnesia about this reality. Anyone who had half a conversation with a grandparent born before the war would know this. What stands out though is that the life of that time was simpler and more meaningful, that from about everyone I have talked to…” makes you wonder how we ever managed before” being a familiar wise reply to some new “service” or invention.

        I am just reading Arthur Bryant’s “Unfinished Victory” (free pdfs around) for a different take on the world wars… you read of the level of starvation in Germany in the first war, what people had to put up with just to keep their country after the error of entering conflict, and now for uninvolved generations simply to give it away as if in remorse, or liberation even, well there is something profoundly absurd in that, no matter how much credibility I try to give to the multiculti crowd and their reasoning…it is like giving away victory just as long as it happens their way.

        The Spanish also seem caught in a loop, selling out their country so that they can try to reconquer it.

        It all defies me, sometimes I just think people all ran out of good ideas and so decided to use whatever else came to mind rather than meditate on it all a bit.

  2. I visited the Alhambra in Grenada a couple of years back. I didn’t go inside the not particularly impressive building – too expensive – but I wandered around outside and called in the visitors centre. I looked through the books and pamphlets they had there but couldn’t find anything interesting so I went to the enquiry desk and asked, “Do you have anything in English on the Reconquista?”

    “The what?”

    “The Reconquista?”

    “Err no, sorry,” came the uncomfortable reply.

    • I was there last October, but didn’t peruse the literature.

      You should have coughed up to see the interior though- some Islamic art is very beautiful, and when will you be there again?

  3. been there a couple of times in the past 54 years , it’ s gorgeous and it is many different buildings, at that. And there are book stores in Granada, though it seems not be a spanish speciality.

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