German Government Crisis: Seehofer Suggests Resignation

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

German Government Crisis: Seehofer Suggests Resignation

by Egri Nök

Angela Merkel’s challenger Horst Seehofer has announced his resignation from his offices as German Interior Minster and head of the CSU, if no consensus can be reached over his demand to turn away illegal migrants at the border — a demand Merkel staunchly rejects.

[Photo caption (not shown): Sunday’s CSU board meeting in Munich, photo: private/Facebook]

On June 14, Merkel had asked Seehofer give her time to negotiate “European solutions” “with the same effect [as turning away illegal migrants at the border]” at this week’s European Summit (June 26.-27.).

The summit’s results were then presented to the German public as a full success; Merkel’s “European solution” was found; all countries had made concessions to Angela Merkel. No one in the German sphere seemed to realize that the negotiations were in fact a win for the countries who opposed migration (see Orban Wins At EU Summit: No One Takes Migrants They Don’t Want). Only yesterday, (Saturday June 30), when Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland sent out memoranda refuting that they had made any resolutions with Merkel, the German public slowly began to understand that they had been fooled.

Today’s CSU board meeting lasted until late in the night. Attendees passed details to the tabloid Bild: “Seehofer unmistakably made clear what he thought of Merkel’s negotiation results in Brussels: nothing.” He called the prior evening’s discussion with Merkel on the matter “pointless and ineffective”.

In the meantime, after Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, Greece’s Yanis Varoufakis came out in strong terms about Angela Merkel’s “European Solutions”:

There is no deal really; this is a typical EU fudge. They have agreed on phrasing. They celebrated it, but this hides that there was no agreement on the substance.

They gathered in Brussels to reform the Dublin agreement, which was never designed to cope with mass migration flows. Also to resolve secondary [illegal] migration, which the CSU demanded action on and even put the Merkel’s government in jeopardy over it.

It is a complete failure of the European Union that has been packaged as a success, but that isn’t new, is it?

Around 10pm, news agencies suddenly reported that Seehofer had just resigned from his office as Interior Minister and leader of the CSU. The Süddeutsche Zeitung — Germany’s equivalent of the Guardian or the Washington Post — and state TV immediately published obituaries on Seehofer.

A board member of the CSU, however, messaged that Seehofer had not resigned but offered his resignation, to test if he had the CSU’s full support for challenging Merkel. Seehofer allegedly stated that he had three options: to give in to Merkel, which he refused; to challenge her, for which he needed the party’s support, or to resign. According to members, the CSU expressed their support.

But when Seehofer finally left the building, he told the attending press that he would resign from all offices within the next three days if no consensus on turning away illegal migrants at the border was found.

The outcome of all of this is entirely unpredictable at the moment. The way Merkel’s team are detached from reality — the majority of the population supports Seehofer’s position — reminds of the end days of the DDR, though.

6 thoughts on “German Government Crisis: Seehofer Suggests Resignation

  1. We’ve forgotten where Merkel learned her trade. The GDR was her homeland, she had it good there, was comfortable with “the line” and ready to join the ranks. Then we came and destroyed her country. For that, she is now destroying ours.

  2. This is a weak stance, Merkel should be threatening to resign, if Seehofer will insist on turning away illegal immigrants at the border. I mean, they are politicians for God’s sake, isn’t it their thing to amass power and influence through political intrigue and what not? Seehofer should be starting with wading out and deporting illegals which are already in. This is his direct responsibility, to uphold the law, he wouldn’t need anyone’s permission. Then use this activity to exercise pressure on Merkel. Promise more leniency for illegals if she would cave in etc. Indeed allow illegals from Eastern Europe and Balkans, but deport Middle Easteners. Is it so difficult to do. I mean he is already in a position of power. Why do I have to teach a politician how to do politiking?

    • The German chancellor holds more absolutist power than the American president. The German chancellor can simply dismiss a minister if he feels the minster’s actions violate his, the chancellor’s, political line.

  3. Horst Seehofer and CSU are hypocrite traitors, which said nothing in 2015 when gross butt Merkel said she wanted 1 milion (1’000’000) migrants each year, just for Deutschland. And because of that, migrants had to pass through other EU countries. Now they want to re-deport back all these idol worshippers, but not where they come from, but to the countries’ of first entering the EU (like Italy or Greece), or just next to the German borders. Which is real shameless, because German loose welfare policies of the last 5 years are the main cause of all these muslims. Now they are afraid to lose in next Bavaria elections. But they deserve to lose.

    • I thought he tried to stop her but the mad Stasiwoman wouldn’t listen. She still isn’t.

  4. This man seehofer is a trickster, a charlatan,
    A liar, a fool and traitor!

    He ain’t going to resign, it’s just another ploy to deceive.

    He should have done his duty in 2015, he did 0.

    These people must be consigned asap to dustbin of history

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