Eric Zemmour: Islam Targets ALL Infidels in France

In the clip below from French TV, the popular commentator Eric Zemmour discusses the recent bestial murder in Paris of a Jewish woman named Mireille Knoll. Mr. Zemmour points out that the attack on the murder victim was not specifically anti-Semitic; that is, Islamic doctrine requires the killing of infidels in general — Christians and atheists as well as Jews.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:12   Good day Eric Zemmour! —Good day.
00:16   Mireille Knoll, an old lady of 85, was murdered in Paris, a murder
00:20   which resembles that of Sarah Halimi, but, this time
00:24   the prosecutor recognized right away the anti-Semitic character of this assassination.
00:28   Yes, there everyone made sure they did not make the same blunders as last time, meaning
00:32   the media talked about it and they didn’t suppress this information.
00:36   The prosecutor recognized the anti-Semitic character, since the victim was killed
00:40   while being called a “dirty Jew” and so on, as usual, and three: the police officers
00:44   have arrested two perpetrators, who are two thugs,
00:49   which is a rather classical pattern, unfortunately. —The two alleged murderers
00:57   they did bestow an anti-Semitic character on this act, but you consider
01:01   that there is no specific anti-Semitism, let’s say “a hood anti-Semitism”, generally speaking.
01:06   —Well, if you want: yes and no. Yes, of course they attacked her because she was Jewish;
01:10   they said so, but what I want to say when I say that there is no specific anti-Semitism, I mean
01:17   that it’s Jews AND Christians who are put in the same bag from the beginning
01:21   for the last forty years, since the beginning of family reunification,
01:25   since… It’s Jews and Christians who are targets.
01:30   It’s not especially Jews. See, that’s what I want to say. And this is
01:34   the interest, if I may say so, of all those acts. It’s that you can see clearly
01:38   the unity that is behind it, and which isn’t understood by some authorities
01:42   of the Jewish community, and so on, who think that there is an anti-Semitic specificity
01:46   and so on. NO. It’s solely because they are French, because they are
01:50   Jewish, because they are Christians, because they are infidels, in fact, as they say
01:54   in the Muslim religion. —Do you think that there’s a will
01:58   to terrorize the population in order to introduce
02:02   a certain unity, in certain neighborhoods, in certain quarters? —Well, that is the result!
02:06   This is the result. That means the result is that for
02:10   decades the non-Muslim populations,
02:14   the population of the ethnic French, the Jewish population,
02:18   from all those neighborhoods, they escape increasingly them and they move, by the way, towards
02:23   what Christophe Gilluy [French geographer and writer] calls “peripheral France”. There are even
02:27   many Jews, the poorest ones, who themselves leave for Israel, and who have transformed certain towns
02:31   in Israel into “peripheral France”. What an irony of destiny!
02:35   Since they live among themselves, with other French Jews, and so on, they speak French.
02:39   It’s a annex of “peripheral France”. By the way, Houellebecq [French writer/filmmaker] evokes it in
02:43   his latest novel. All right. This is the result. I don’t say that
02:47   the thugs who commit those acts are thinking about that. But the result is that
02:51   there are more and more territories composed uniquely of Muslim populations,
02:55   since the others run away because of this delinquency, because of
02:59   this violence. —Thank you, Eric Zemmour.

4 thoughts on “Eric Zemmour: Islam Targets ALL Infidels in France

  1. No surprise here, as I have stated before “it’s all in their Guidebook the Muslim Manifestos, The Quran,The Hadieths and The Suras “. All these brainwashed since birth need is a little push from an Imam or other pious practitioner of the teachings of the prophet to carry out the never ending 1400+ yr. Jihad against the ‘unclean’ and ‘unholy’ Infidel That also goes for other Muslims who do not share the same ideology .

  2. What the press like to call “White Flight”, because it rhymes, is in fact White Drive-Out.

  3. “Mr. Zemmour points out that the murder victim was not specifically anti-Semitic…”

    Baron, don’t you mean that the murderer was not anti-Semitic?

    • No, I meant the ATTACK on the murder victim was…

      Thank you for catching my omission; I’ve amended it.

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