The Halal Slaughter of Colonel Beltrame in Trèbes

Last Friday an armed mujahid killed three people and took hostages in the town of Trèbes in southern France. Before he was eventually shot and killed by police, Arnaud Beltrame, a colonel in the gendarmerie, offered himself in exchange for the last of the hostages. The mujahid then stabbed Col. Beltrame, and the courageous officer later died of his wounds in the hospital.

The manner in which Col. Beltrame was killed has been suppressed by the news media both inside and outside of France. News stories reported that he was “stabbed”, and some went so far as to add “in the neck”. But the gendarme was in fact slaughtered like a beast in halal fashion: his throat was slit, as required by the Koran.

Below is the first part of an article by Riposte Laïque, published on 26 March 2018 by Jeanne Bourdillon. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation:

Colonel Beltrame was slaughtered like a sheep at the Feast of Eid!

We learn, without surprise, alas, that Colonel [Arnaud] Beltrame died with his throat slit, even if it is a phrase that newspapers are reluctant to use. We had received this tweet from one of our readers on Friday evening, but we hesitated to make it public, fearing a false rumour. Mistake.

A direct reply to [Gérard] Collomb [Minister of the Interior], who lied before the cameras:

Translation of the tweet by Viviane (meanwhile deleted by Twitter):

“Minister, stop lying to the people with the help of the media. My surgeon brother is the one who received Lieutenant Colonel Beltrame yesterday at the hospital in Carcassonne; he confirmed to me this morning that in reality, he was EGORGÉ [translator: had his throat slit].”

Riposte Laïque then link to an article, dated March 25 2018, from the French Daily Le Parisien, whose headline reads:

Attack in the Aude: Constable Arnaud Beltrame died stabbed in the neck

The autopsy of the gendarme who on Friday substituted himself for the last hostage in the Super U of Trèbes (Aude) revealed fatal knife injuries. The officer was also shot.

The conditions surrounding the death of Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame are becoming clearer. The autopsy on the body of the gendarmerie officer revealed “deadly stab wounds” in the neck, according to corroborating sources. This outstanding officer, whose heroic action was hailed by the head of state, is said to have died from stab wounds to the throat.

He was also wounded by gunfire. His killer, Radouane Lakdim, a 25-year-old jihadist who rushed into the store after shooting motorists and a CRS police officer, was armed with a dagger and a 7.65 small-arms pistol. The constable’s service weapon, a 9 mm calibre, was also found near his body. We still don’t know the exact order of the stab wounds and the shots. The shots provoked the intervention of the GIGN, which, in response, killed the attacker.

At various points inside the store Lakdim had arranged improvised explosives, connected to a triggering system, but they did not detonate.

Two people still in custody

Autopsy, comprehensive hearings, computer forensics: around a hundred investigators from the Counter-Terrorism Sub-Directorate of the Judicial Police and the DGSI (internal intelligence) are conducting their investigations. Two people are still in police custody in connection with the investigation, in particular for “murders in connection with a terrorist enterprise”, that has been opened, coordinated by the Paris anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office. It is about the companion and a friend of Radouane Lakdim. These key witnesses have not asserted their right to silence: they are responding to the hearings.

Magistrates and police officers no longer have any doubts about the ideological references of the jihadist, since in his apartment in Carcassonne they discovered writings alluding to Daesh (ISIS), which resemble a will. The attack, which killed a total of four people, was claimed by the terrorist group via its propaganda agency. The computer expertise brought to bear in the emergency aims to determine with whom it was associated.

8 thoughts on “The Halal Slaughter of Colonel Beltrame in Trèbes

  1. It has always been my impression that the halal requirement for livestock slaughter corresponded somehow to human execution.

  2. Everything is very bad. Here is an example of the publication of the Russian social network VKontakte. In a group of almost half a million subscribers (“Diary of a Muslim woman”), this is a pubication.
      Guide to the Koran (very convenient)
    Ahl al-Kitāb (People of the Book)
    Then follow the thematic references to the Koran:
    Their wives are allowed to you, unbelievers are like cattle, they have to pay tribute, etc.
    And this is only ONE publication. In fact, there are very, very many.

  3. The phrase “stabbed in the neck” was used by Boston police for the triple Waltham slaying of 9-11-11. Years later a police spokesman said the victims’ throats had been slashed with such force that their heads had almost been severed.
    “It was like something out of Al Qaeda”, he said, but still it was left uninvestigated.

    “Stabbed in the neck” is also the description used for the French soldier who was attacked, though not fatally, while patrolling on duty west of Paris

    We are unable to trust the media. We have to learn to translate. It is like Soviet Russia, with the newspaper called “Pravda”, which means “truth”, but which has to be translated.

    • In USSR it was much worse than that. “Pravda” and all the other official propaganda sources (called “Organs of the KomParty” 🙂 ) were never even translated, because they were absolutely hopeless. It was so well-cooked, you couldn’t even get a glimpse of truth by reading “between the lines”. Rumors were more trustworthy than those.
      They had forced yearly subscriptions to those “organs”. And the papers ended-up being used in the millions of toilet stalls across the country. Very fittingly, indeed…

    • Why they always wait for hours until hearing the gunshots, before coming in? Storming must be done right away, to disrupt any further plans the human monster(s) might have. The monster should be denied even an extra minute of thinking and planning the next move. Even at the price of hitting the hostages with a friendly fire.

  4. Thank you Baron for posting this story. ” Riposte Laique” is one of the best French patriotic web sites…The ritual slaugher by slitting of the throat is a common muslim practice when they kill their captive ennemies. Muslim fathers train their sons at a young age during the Aid Festival to slit the throat of sheep. They use the same gestures to execute people. In France several victims of muslim terrorists have been killed in this fashion. Before Colonel Beltrame, the most well- known of these victims was an elderly catholic priest. The terrorists using this method of killing are simply following a command found in a famous verse of the Koran. It reads, talking about the unbelievers, “Strike them at the neck wherever you find them”.

  5. We do have the ability to learn from experience.

    For security forces, the highest priority now should be the killing of terrorists. Innocent people might get caught in the crossfire, or even fall to friendly fire, but it’s still better to kill the terrorists as soon as the triggers can be pulled. These people are not interested in negotiations, and use delays only as a tactic.

    Another principle is never, ever, put yourself voluntarily under the control of terrorists. It’s the job of the police to die fighting, but not to die surrendering or negotiating. Jihadists cannot be negotiated with. They only use negotiations to prolong the agony and increase the killings. Better to shoot the hostages and kill the terrorists, rather than allow the hostages to be tortured. At least the hostages and the police will die like men, rather than trying to placate terrorists. I’m not criticizing Arnaud Beltrame. He gave his life to fight terrorists, and because of his sacrifice, we know know how to approach the task.

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