The Islamization of Europe: The Evidence

Our German translator Anton has compiled a report and analysis of the spread and distribution of Islam on the European continent.

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The Islamization of Europe: The Evidence

by Anton

In this paper, the European geography and demographics is placed in the context of the Islamic view of the Ummah. Empirical data prove that the Islamization has taken place.

It is important in this context to understand the “Ummah” from the view of Islam and which meaning this has in a Europe where internal borders have been removed.

Europe no longer belongs to the Europeans. The Islamic power grab has taken place, silently, without democratic legitimacy and without debate.


  • Islam understands itself as a homogeneous, mobile mass.
  • The country of origin means nothing to Islam.
  • The Islamic community is called the “Ummah”.
  • Islam does not tolerate national or geographical borders.
  • The Ummah must therefore be seen as a nation within Schengen.
  • In 2017, the Ummah grew in Europe to 20 million.
  • The rate of growth is extreme. In Great Britain, it is 47 times bigger than 60 years ago.
  • The EU consists of 28 member states.
  • The Ummah is now the 7th largest population in Europe.
  • Western Europe consists of 31 countries. (EU [28] plus Iceland, Switzerland and Norway)
  • Only six of these 31 countries have a population larger than the Ummah.
  • 23 of the 31 countries are only half the size of the Ummah.
  • 81% of all European countries have populations smaller than the Ummah.
  • The Ummah thrives through the open borders of the Schengen area in Europe.
  • The Ummah thrives through the generosity of the European social systems.
  • The Ummah takes over territories place by place; they become no-go zones.
  • Street gangs and organised criminality secure the no-go zones.
  • High birth rates ensure the longevity and expandability of these areas.
  • In several European countries, Mohammed is the most popular name amongst newborns.
  • Europe has been Islamized.
  • Many European peoples have become minorities within their part of Europe.

The European View

The Europeans understand themselves as people who have historically inherited territories from their forefathers, traditionally clans and tribes. Each of these territories has a common language, identity and border. Those territories are to be found on the European continent.

Many of these European countries have joined an economic union, which has grown to include political aspects. There are currently 28 states within the European Union.

The European union is attractive to the many small countries in Europe. Together they perceive they can be represented better as a multicultural block on the world economic stage where America and China play a leading role. Neither Norway nor Iceland, Ukraine and Switzerland belong to the European Union.

The Ukraine and Russia are not considered part of this area.

The Europeans, under the leadership of the European Union, project a common understanding as a community open to the world. “Welcome Refugees”, the Willkommenskultur, is imposed with judicial measures.

Such an open EU without internal and external borders offers the population of any nation, any religion and any gender of the world the opportunity to resettle in European territory. Against the will of the indigenous folk and with the help of military forces (Frontex, NATO, airlifts from Africa, etc.)

The Islamic View

Islamic ideology foresees a strict discrimination not only between man and woman but also between (the good) Muslims and the Kafir (the bad unbelievers), in particular Christians and the hated Jews, but also including all other religions such as Hindus and Buddhists.

Muslims represent the mono-cultural Islam, which lives together in the Ummah. The Ummah is a homogeneous Islamic community that lives in an area without defined borders. The area is dynamic. Where country borders do exist, such as in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the borders are often porous and do not really represent borders as the Europeans understand this term.

The space where the Ummah lives represents a universal world order, which is ruled by the Caliph using Islamic Sharia law, to which all inhabitants of the Ummah must be subservient.

As the Ummah expands, Christian and Jewish places of worship are either destroyed or reformed as mosques. The latter method is far quicker to implement than building. The public space is captured and consumed.

The Impact of Schengen

The construction of the borderless area within the European Union, known as the Schengen Area, is an unconventional step, which compares more easily to the Ummah than to the traditional view of a bordered landmass, which would describe a European state. Schengen, like the Ummah, is borderless and as such is better aligned with Islamic ideology.

This tension, this conflict between the borderless Ummah, which neither tolerates nor respects borders, nor will it be held back by them, is obvious when the Ummah confronts the bordered nation states of Europe. The borders were there for a reason.

Since the collapse of the borders, the Ummah has been able to “peacefully” conquer territories without hindrance. Once absorbed into the Ummah, street gangs and organised criminals secure these new no-go-areas. Areas that are evident in almost all European countries. High birth rates are used to expand not only these areas but also others so that the Ummah can grow.

This was more than evident when Yugoslavia collapsed during the civil war. The Ummah surged forward from the traditional territories of Turkey into the new European ones, forming a beachhead in Albania and Kosovo, which NATO helped construct.

Note: Turkey and Albania are candidates for EU membership.

The EU’s hope for Schengen, which was that there would be hordes of transnational migratory workers, like those found in China, was partly successful.

In summer, waves of workers without rights can be seen spreading across the agricultural landscape of Europe and building sites of European cities in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. Spain prefers to pick from the many illegal African migrants. They’re obviously cheaper.

But these “benefits” of Schengen are all too often overshadowed by cross-border organized criminality, tribes of beggars and international terrorists. All of which contribute to a loss of control and domestic security.

The ever-deepening divide between the wealthy north and the poor south, the industrial west and the agricultural east is evident. Highly skilled worked from the south refuse to migrate to the north for work. The unemployment levels in some countries are comparable to those of South America.

In view of these developments one may be forgiven for believing that Schengen has passed its sell-by date. Does it still even have a right to exist today?


In its place, the Ummah has spread and expanded. Strengthened by thousand-year-old hatreds and conflicts in the Middle East, and the inability of Africa to produce a world in which their citizens want to live peacefully and in prosperity. Africa, which has an abundance of fruitful land, rare metals and free solar energy.

The astronomical birth rates in both these regions, the youth bulge, further exacerbates the pressure on Muslim communities — the Ummah — to migrate.

The European Union and European countries deny the Islamization of the continent. They often refuse to regularly collect reliable statistics describing the size and growth rates of the Ummah in Europe.

Yet cast a glance at any street in a European city; this expansion is evident. Very evident. Europe is not being Islamized. Islamization has already taken place. What we observe is simply the expansion of the Ummah on a daily basis.

Comparing the populations of the 28 European Union member states — the national states — with the size of the Ummah — the young, mobile Islamic population without borders — then it is evident that Islam, the Ummah in 2017 has more mass than 82% of all the other European states.

    Country   Population   Muslims   Percent
01   Belgium   11,258,434   630,000   5.60%
02   Bulgaria   7,202,198   630,000   8.75%
03   Denmark   5,659,715   230,000   4.06%
04   Germany   82,301,678   4,760,000   5.78%
05   Estonia   1,315,944     0.00%
06   Finland   5,471,753   40,000   0.73%
07   France   66,991,000   4,710,000   7.03%
08   Greece   10,812,467   610,000   5.64%
09   United Kingdom   63,179,000   2,960,000   4.69%
  England   53,010,000    
  Wales   3,063,000    
  Scotland   5,295,000    
  Northern Ireland   1,811,000    
10   Ireland   4,625,885   50,000   1.08%
11   Italy   60,795,612   2,220,000   3.65%
12   Croatia   4,225,316   60,000   1.42%
13   Latvia   1,986,096     0.00%
14   Lithuania   2,921,262     0.00%
15   Luxembourg   562,958   10,000   1.78%
16   Malta   429,344     0.00%
17   Netherlands   17,100,475   1,000,000   5.85%
18   Austria   8,584,926   450,000   5.24%
19   Poland   38,567,614     0.00%
20   Portugal   10,374,822   30,000   0.29%
21   Romania   19,861,408   70,000   0.35%
22   Sweden   10,005,673   430,000   4.30%
23   Slovakia   5,421,349     0.00%
24   Slovenia   2,062,874   70,000   3.39%
25   Spain   46,468,102   980,000   2.11%
26   Czech Republic   10,538,275     0.00%
27   Hungary   9,849,000     0.00%
28   Cyprus   847,008   280,000   33.06%
    Total   572,599,188   20,220,000   3.53%

[National Populations less than the size of the Ummah.]


In the map of Europe at the top of this post, we represent the spread of the Ummah on European territory.

1.   The dynamic, borderless Ummah has a mass of over 20 million. (2017, Pew Research, Google)
2.   Islamic territories, to the South and to the East of Europe are marked in red
3.   European countries, whose populations are smaller than the Ummah are also marked in magenta.
4.   Those European countries that boast a larger population than the Ummah are marked in green.
5.   Areas within those countries with high populations of the Ummah are marked in red.

All data are drawn from open sources on the Internet.

Here we see at a glance those nations that are able to democratically defend against the 20 million Muslim population that is the Ummah. There are currently six remaining states.

Within the EU, the Ummah can move unhindered. Nation states that refuse to allow entry into their territories are ostracised and penalised by the European Union, which has at least two further candidate Islamic countries, Albania and Turkey (100 million Muslims) awaiting membership.

Some Key Notes

Germany and Sweden

The Ummah’s expansion in these two countries may be seen on a daily basis in the news and on the streets. There is no need to provide any further details here.

Great Britain

Great Britain is a union of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Its nearest neighbour both geographically and ethnically is Ireland.

At least 4.6 million Muslims live in Britain today. There is a high uncertainty concerning that number, due to visa applicants who refuse to return home, illegal underground immigration and relocation of the Ummah within the EU. A conservative estimate would be around 5 million.

Of the five countries in this geographical region only one country actually exceeds the local Ummah population: England. The Scots, the Irish, the Welsh and the Northern Irish have become minorities, behind the Ummah. And this population is losing ground and cities quickly.

Of five countries only one exceeds the local Ummah population.

In fact the Ummah population in Britain has grown from 105,000 in 1960 to five million in just 60 years.

A 47-fold increase in the size of the Ummah in just 60 years.

Great Britain is a nuclear state.


Anyone familiar with France will observe major areas around Paris and the South of France where the Ummah resides.

France is a nuclear state.


In 2017 the Turkish President was upset that he and his representatives were not allowed to travel to Holland during the Turkish national election. Understandable, really, when you understand than the Ummah tolerates no borders.

The leader of the AKP party stated, “I can travel anywhere I like with a diplomatic passport”. Insulted, he also added:

“Who do they think they are? They have 40,000 soldiers in their Army.
I have 400,000 Turks living there.”

Recep Tayyip Erdogan (2017)

It was Erdogan who recited the following threat in 1998

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets,
the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”

Recep Tayyip Erdogan (1998)

So we can observe a consistency and a continuity in his thoughts and actions. Erdogan perceives the Ummah as an Islamic Army.

This threat actually understates the situation in 2017. The dynamic part of the Ummah in the Netherlands is 1 million strong and growing quickly. Mohammed is the most popular name for newborn boys in the Netherlands for the second year in a row.


In Spain, Islamization can be seen most strongly on the east coast, from Barcelona down to Malaga. And also in the capitol, Madrid.

Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary

These three countries stand out as beacons of homogeneous Christian resistance on the continent.

How long and how effectively they will actually be able to resist the pressure imposed on them not only by the dynamic Ummah, but also their bedfellows, the EU, can be seen in the south western provinces of Switzerland on the border to France. Headscarf, burqa and minaret bans have helped to slow the process, but for how long?

In any case, given British and French nuclear capabilities, it may be only a matter of time before these countries have to dive under the cover of a Russian protectorate, capable to fighting off a nuclear attack from these counties when they, too, fall into the hands of the Ummah.


Given that all but six countries on the European continent have a population smaller that that of the Ummah, can Europe really still be called European?

When a completely foreign ideological and cultural population exceeds that of 25 indigenous peoples?

The European Union’s Schengen policy has not only benefited industrialists but also illegal migrants who can travel freely. When they are eventually given passports, they can relocate anywhere they like unhindered. They may choose the territory where they want to live, with the best welfare system and health care. Others have to work and pay for that. Not the Ummah. The Ummah has time to breed and expand.

Countries with homogeneous native peoples that refuse the Ummah’s expansion are ostracised and subsequently penalised into submission by the EU dictatorship.

So we need to question whether Schengen really has been a good thing. The problems posed by the north/south, east/west division, illegal migration, international crime and Islamic terrorism, and the expansion of the Ummah appear to outweigh the short-term benefits.

Forcing indigenous European populations to give up their territorial integrity and accept the spread of the Ummah using military means (Frontex, special forces units, SWAT teams, GSG9, etc.) must stop.

Forced resettlement contradicts international law and is a crime; it is genocide:

Article 2 of the Genocide Convention defines genocide as

…any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a)   Killing members of the group;
(b)   Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c)   Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d)   Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e)   Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2

The local people suffer from this. They can no longer be treated in hospitals, no longer find a place to live, no longer walk around their country safely. They suffer from no-go-zones, extra-territorial areas within their own country, for example Molenbeek in Brussels.

The demographic nature of European countries plays into the hands of the Ummah. Those who can breed more quickly can take power. It’s that simple.

Religious tolerance and humanitarianism are no reason to justify the resettlement of the Ummah in European homelands, automatic access to the European welfare system, the consumption of public space in European cities and construction of Islamic temples on European soil.

The 47-fold almost exponential increase in the size of the Ummah in Great Britain does not bode well for the indigenous peoples of Europe. Europe must push back with great strength.

Yet the political leadership and will do not exist. It is time to cast aside ideological blindness and deal with the problem at hand.

It is time for action.

89 thoughts on “The Islamization of Europe: The Evidence

  1. “In any case, given French and British nuclear capabilities, it may be only a matter of time before these countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary) have to dive under the cover of a Russian protectorate…”

    Sorry, but this is sensationalist. It would need a majority of fundamentalist Muslims in positions of power in the British and French governments and militaries, and at more junior levels in the latter, for this to occur. Even given the most dire demographic projections, this scenario is decades away, and the world will have changed considerably in all manner of other ways; though if the US remains a superpower (maybe alongside China) it would surely intervene before things got to this pass.

    • Oooooh boy, do you really believe the US would care? Not until a deal with Russia is struck. Check out history, you might be surprised.

    • Czech Republic,

      Prague 1968
      Katyn 1940.. three divisions of Poland.. Ribbentrop-Molotov.. Praga 1794..
      Budapest 1956
      .. 44 years of Soviet occupation.

      What type of “Russian protectorate” will be possible with that baggage?


      • That baggage came from Communism – which was an Anglo -German invention imposed on Russia by the German at the end of WW1 in a desperate effort to avoid defeat.

        Russia today is reverting to the Christian Russia that liberated Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece from the Islamic yoke in the 18th-19th centuries.

        In fact Russia would have rid the middle east of Islam in the 19th century if Britain and France hadn’t intervened on behalf of the Ottomans. Read Mark Twain in the subject:

        “It is soothing to the heart to abuse England and France for interposing to save the Ottoman Empire from the destruction it has so richly deserved for a thousand years. It hurts my vanity to see these pagans refuse to eat of food that has been cooked for us; or to eat from a dish we have eaten from; or to drink from a goatskin which we have polluted with our Christian lips, except by filtering the water through a rag which they put over the mouth of it or through a sponge! I never disliked a Chinaman as I do these degraded Turks and Arabs, and when Russia is ready to war with them again, I hope England and France will not find it good breeding or good judgment to interfere. ”

        Russia has built 1000 new churches per year since 1991 – whilst western europe is shutting churches and turning them into Mosques

        • my, my, what a clearsighted man M.Twain was. The Crimean war was a great mistake, the first war in modern times where several superpowers were involved. And it showed the treacherous strategy of GB and F., continued today by …….. ( fill the blank).

      • I was born in Czechoslovakia and I can tell you that the Soviet invasion and ~20 years of occupation was the nicest we ever got treated by any occupying army. 137 people died in those 20 years. Compare that to the NAZI invasion and occupation where hundreds of thousand of our people died, or the Napoleonic invasion, or even the Austo-Hungarian occupation. Compare that to the American invasion and occupation of Iraq, where over a million people died. The Russians are distant cousins of ours and basically they let us keep our own institutions and everything else that makes us a nation, so no, I do NOT have anything against Russia!

    • Consider the demographics.

      The percentage Muslims among 70 year olds is NOT a cause for concern.

      The percentage Muslims among 20 year olds is VERY different.

      70 year olds don’t fight wars. 20 year olds do.

      So the overall percentages don’t matter as much as the male percentage under age 40. Under age 50, if you want to be optimistic. Yes, we all know 70 year olds in fine fighting form, and women itching to join in the hostilities, but percentage-wise, they’re largely irrelevant if armed hostilities break out.

      Armed hostilities will essentially break out in the form of ghettoisation. More and more ‘hoods will become unsafe for natives.

      Look at middle-class whites (or blacks, for that matter) in Detroit or Baltimore, if you want to see the future of what this kind of mess looks like.

      • And Chicago, St. Louis (SL County more than city. Blacks have been pushed out from the city of St. Louis). Parts of NYC and Atlanta metro, or Oakland, CA. IIRC, parts of Flint Michigan have suffered the same fate as Dee-troit. I know there are more, but I can’t think of them. City Journal has covered this issue many times.

    • You do know that in many European countries, the difference in votes between the government and opposition was less than the number of Muslims, who voted en-masse for the governing party? See Hollande vs Sarkozy in 2012.

      So Muslims don’t need to form anywhere near the majority to gain influence. Just have enough numbers to swing an election.

      Also, there doesnt need to be “fundamentalist” Muslims in positions of power. Europe isnt ready for that yet. They can be
      smooth-talking “moderates”, who speak nice words and merely appoint chiefs who support their ultimate agenda, and take slow steps to enforce it, such as clamping down on “hate speech”. See London’s very own Sadiq…

      • I agree with you with regard those smooth-talking “moderates” who frequently boasted how they arrived in West with little or nothing and then became filthy rich in the West. And Sadiq is definitely one of the worst thing to happen to London.
        They are not only supremacist racist but also contribute to the lack of or absence real meritocracy and retardation of our western civilization.
        See how they aggressively and shamelessly exploit and at the same time promote and make use of their Islamic children in the West to further their unsavory Oriental Islamic agenda.

    • Yes – perhaps sensationalist, premature and decades away: I am with you on all of the above.

      Two main problems I see here: 1. It is the inexorability of the (demographic, political, cultural) trends making such scenario plausible, 2. It is the indifference of the US in terms of not meddling in somebody else’s affairs: for democratic or republican administration, intervening in European situation is very unlikely (after the last 70 years of “interventions” of all sorts bringing just clear debacles, one after another).

      We could bring other today’s memes to point to the inevitably of growing polarization if the West – but that is not needed. We are in for a pretty substantial conflict in a decade or two unless measures to reverse the trends are taken – and I do not see any signs of such measures.

      Simply put, Europe is headed for a war of sorts.

      • [There will] probably be a civil war in each country. When enough people have seen a close friend or relative murdered in an attack, with nothing but the standard pap coming from leaders, trying to stop free speech isn’t going to work; it will be more like welding the teapot shut and putting it onto the stove burner after filling it with water. You’ll get an explosion, and there will be lots of fallout. Some of that fallout is likely to be multi-cultis [meeting a grisly fate]. War is never pretty, and always horrible, but it’s guaranteed to be worse if you make every effort to anger as many people as possible first.

    • Don’t count on US intervention. We are infected with the same progressive idiocy as Europe.

    • Mark, once the Ummah takes over in the UK and France, the government will be islamic. Don’t believe for a second that they will allow an infidel access to the nuclear button; that will most certainly be controlled by a pious muslim. This won’t be a case of an ongoing struggle; it will be a case of a finished struggle, with the Ummah triumphant.

      I believe that the hard left has been using pious muslims as a proxy army to destabilize society; once it is perilous to walk down the street, the governments – always leftist regardless of ruling party – will declare martial law, from which it will be a simple step to a people’s republic. They will attempt to mass-murder muslims, but the attempt will only enrage the “moderates” and make them pious. the civil war between the hard left and the pious Ummah will easily go to the Ummah, and *that’s* the nuclear state(s) we must really fear.

      The Soviets were probably willing to use nukes, but fearful of a nuclear response, they withheld the blow, and we all survived. Nothing will stop a pious muslim from pushing the button. At worst, a lot of the Ummah and huge numbers of infidels die; at best, the end times and the killing of all Jews and Christians occurs. Whatever could be better than that?

      So no, it’s not sensationalist. I give it 5 to 10 years at most.

      • It depends on which version of Islam becomes regnant in Europe. Most likely it will be Sunni; they are a shade less insane that Iran’s mullahs and can think more strategically. They’re not waiting for the fellow in the well to show up: not being eschatologically-minded frees them up for other considerations.

        In the interim, they’ll certainly be killing one another first.

    • Who has control of the UK and France’s Nuclear weapons is a problem the world will have to deal with in the coming decades. Will it be the British, the French, the Muslims, or will the European go the route of South Africa by destroying them physically along with the infrastructure and plans to prevent from falling into the hands of the Muslims?

    • London already has a their mayor and many others are forming political parties in cities and towns all across Europe. You better wakeup to the reality and remove the rose glasses.

  2. The numbers don’t seem to be correct considering Slovakia started complying to the migrant quotas and there are at least 2000 muslims in Czechia. I doubt Poland is completely clean either. Or is it only counting the bigger numbers that show in the %?
    Either way that map is unsettling, to say the least.

    On a slightly unrelated note: if Anton, or anyone else providing content for your blog, uses geographic names for all countries, he should do the same for Czechia. No need to write the political name “Czech Republic”, just like there’s no need to write “French Republic”, etc.

    • There may be a need in the future to label the free parts of France as “The French Republic” in contradistinction to those burdened under shariah law.

    • As a Pole living in Poland, I can confirm that Poland is not “completely clean”. Poles’ eating habits have meant that “Kebabisation” is proceeding at a rapid pace, while many university chiefs scour the world looking for students, especially in places such as Bangladesh.

      • I was recently told that most of the media in Poland are under Soros. I also recently read a Polish article about a mosque in Białystok. Poles tried to convince that the Polish Muslim Tatars are unsurpassed patriots and have always been on the side of Poland and they deserve this mosque. Overton window in action

  3. Strange map. Bosnia and Albania are not considered Islamic and the Islamic areas of the smaller countries are not shown. The geographical extant of Islam is also over exaggerated in the larger nations.

    The 20 million figure is crazy (and very dangerous) and you have to wonder why the elites would want a Europe that in a best case scenario would be like Turkey in regards human development index. Just crazy.

    Then again, the bulk of Europe is so broken down culturally that it returns high numbers of childless people to government, such are less likely to care about preserving culture for the future benefit of later generations. It’s just a sandbox to them to act out their experiments.

    • The real figure is around 60,000,000- Gaddafi 2006. The numbers of Moslems is very much underestineted too. Germany has around 12,000,000 and France nearer 12 to 20,000,000. French sources. I carried out a nationwide survey in 2009 and the figures seem confirmed. The choice is simple- resist or convert. As a Bishop I regard Islam as a fake construct hardly worthy of theological examination. Hinduism is vastly superior as is Mithraism or Zoroastrianism.

      • Although I find him to an anti-semite, I have to say that Gaddafi was largely telling the truth otherwise. Post-mortem, he actually seems to have been nearly a prophet, having predicted the invasion of Europe, his own downfall, etc. He wasn’t the idiot that he was portrayed as.

      • I lived in France and travelled there recently. The number of Muslims is high but it is nowhere near 20 million. Let’s stay realistic, silly numbers help nobody.

        • Several independent authors state around 20,000,000. I was 6,000,000 twenty years ago. The Moslems want UK and France for the nuclear weapons. Germany is the key to controlling Europe. We are very close to a war indeed. This year or the next. Watch Calais and Germany but also especially Sweden.

      • Guy, I agree that islam is not really a religion. It has the veneer of one, but is mostly a gangsta cult; the “religion” justifies the criminality and was probably of more use in the 7th century for attracting followers than it is today, in Europe, at least.

        I also agree that we should resist this poisonous pirate cult. Should events continue as they have been, the elites who “lead” Europe will be converting, snickering in their heads that they have fooled the stupid ragheads by sham-converting, but they should think about what happened in the civilizations conquered by islam rather than looking down their noses at the Ummah. many of those people, too, probably sham-converted, and their descendants are all muslim. who would *want* their descendants to be muslim, unless they have already been poisoned by this mind disease since birth?

        Thus, the only real alternative is to resist; to convert is to die.

      • Bishop Guy,
        I was just wondering if you were a Catholic Bishop just because Pope Francis has quite the opposite view about Islam.

        In his opinion the Koran in it’s “authentic” readings promote peace. How on earth this pontiff comes to such an absurd conclusion about an ideology such as Islam is a mystery because his predecessor Benedict had the integrity to openly declare, even if through a quotation by Byzantine (Eastern Roman) emperor Manuel II Palaiologos

        “.. Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached…”

        Without being disrespectful I think I can safely say that Pope Francis is a sell-out.

        Converts from Islam to Catholicism are baffled on his all-encompassing stance on redemption through Islam’s belief in a God and good works of its adherents, that mortally belittles Christ’s claim to divinity and his redemptive work on the cross.

        They are questioning his reasoning which seriously demeans the risk of lives and abandonment of families they took to embrace Christ.

        Christ’s words about such leaders ring true…
        Matthew 15:14
        “…Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.”
        Francis is blindly leading his flock into the abyss.

        • Pope Francis is evil. I am an Anglo-Catholic (High Church) Independent Rite.

    • The elite want a global Islamic State. The borderless world suits the intended Kalifate. The Ummah do not recognise nations. This is why the elite want a global Islamic empire. It will not happen.The idea is utterly insane and Islam too riven by internal squabbles.

  4. population of Israel is about 20% Muslim/Arab.
    all neighbouring countries are Muslim/Arab – where the population isn’t simply hostile, genocidal to Jews.
    there is incessant terror war, funded and organized by do-gooders from all Islamic world.
    there is also, de facto trade and arms embargo from the side of cynical and increasingly islamized West.
    but Jews cope somehow.. at least for the last 100 years or so.

    • They’re actually in less bad of a situation than some of Europe is:

      (a) The Muslim populations are better integrated into the overall society – lots of Muslims have “responsible” jobs and “buy-in” to the existing structure;

      (b) The society has more willingness to fight, if necessary;

      (c) Wahhabi influence has been more restricted; and

      (d) The demographics are largely stable from this point of view (the problem that they have is of ultra-orthodox Jewish demographics, but this is much less serious).

      Singapore is another example with a high Muslim population, where things are nonetheless stable. This is achieved by manipulating the demographics through immigration (of Chinese), for example.

      I’d like to know more about Mauritius, which is also stable, with similar percentages.

      Bulgaria has a high percentage, but this is historical and integrated. Much less of a concern.

      What I’m partially getting at is that while there is a religious/dogmatic component to this problem, there is ALSO a strong cultural/integration one.

      • “Wahhabi influence has been more restricted”
        not by itself.. it is monitored, prevented.

        “the society has more willingness to fight, if necessary”
        rather, not willing to die.. there is conscription.

        “The Muslim populations are better integrated into the overall society”
        not really.
        this is the whole point.
        settlements, schools, MSM, bureaucracy, even roads, – everything is separate.
        no Muslim Arabs in the army.. neither in the police.
        soft apartheid.

        in my view, that is what is to be replicated in Europe.
        the sooner one starts building that, the lesser losses will be.

        • Expelling them would be a much better option though it would be better and more pleasant if they all voluntarily go back to the various many predominantly Islamic countries in Middle East, Central Asia, south east Asia, North Africa.
          But the sad thing is, so many so called Europeans are still in denial of the massive damage caused by Islam, Muslims and some other orientalists.

        • Wahhabism: Exactly as you say.

          Conscription: Also correct, I would say. But beyond conscription, there is a widespread social attitude that those who don’t “share the burden” are zeros.

          Soft apartheid: You’re describing the situation in the West Bank. In Israel proper, schools are separated by language, but neither Jews nor Arabs are by law forbidden to attend either school – though the reception from the other students might be problematic. It does occasionally happen (Arabs in Hebrew-speaking schools, mostly). There are Muslims in the army (mostly beduin, though occasional non-beduin volunteers – and Circassians, who are subject to conscription). The police is trying to actively recruit Muslims, to increase presence in Arab communities. But yes, there is a lot of “separate lives”. But not in every area: higher education (colleges, universities) have an increasing percentage of Arabs (including Muslims, though Christians are over-represented). The medical system is probably the most fully integrated area. The construction industry is dominated by Arabs (which is somewhat ironic). Incidentally, it’s completely common to see “obvious Muslims” (such as hijabis) in many communities, getting along just fine with their Jewish co-workers, etc.

          The main thing is, Islamist activity gets serious pushback, unlike in Europe. Maybe not enough, but still significant enough to curtail it and lead to a society where people largely get along normally in their everyday lives.

          The social and economic progress of the Arab community in Israel, while not matching the progress of the Jewish community, has been immense. Helping this to happen has actually been a priority of the Netanyahu government. I would say that Israel is a rare case of a country successfully integrating a large number of Middle Eastern -origin people into a (largely) Western society. Because… most Israeli Jews are also of (recent) Middle Eastern origin.

          I agree that Europe at this point, if it is to survive, has little choice but to copy such a model. The alternatives lead down to a path of genocide or culturocide, leaving on the question of whose genocide or cultorocide it will be.

          The interesting thing about the Israeli model is that it holds together in a manner that is largely respectful of individual rights, more so than – for example – Singapore. I think that at this point, it’s arguable that political freedoms in Israel are much less curtailed than in Western Europe.

          Don’t get me wrong, it’s a society with some very serious problems. On a “right now” basis, they may look worse than Western Europe’s. But the trend is better.

          • Mike, you seem to suggest that Muslims and Islam does not pose a big problem to Israel.
            If that is so, Israelis or Palestinians for that matter certainly no longer need any support from Europe or USA.
            Getting along fine, superficially or otherwise is one thing but why is that the conflicts between Jewish Israelis and Islamic Palestinians over certain land area related issue is still ongoing till present time?

            Furthermore the conflicts in Europe is different to the conflicts between Israel and Arabs because Israel and Arabs both claimed that whichever patch of land that they have a conflict over is theirs whereas in Europe, Muslims are obviously migrants and thus do not have a right to claim that Europe is their homeland.

          • thanks for follow-up.
            yes I omitted lot of details on “soft apartheid” but I think in Europe such features will be well within social variation. To establish cold coexistence with, or partly integrate, communties from Pakistan or Turkey or Morocco, each will need different tactic.

            but, in general, I think West needs to clarify and declare the overall strategy, and that can be something like this:

            – Islamization won’t be tolerated and will be reverted
            – we will deal with oil-sponsored Islamism
            – we will kick Erdogan’s Turkey out of NATO
            – we will stop Islamic migration
            – we will prevent arms smuggling to muslim enclaves in the West
            – we will support secularization and primacy of individual rights – globally
            – if that will need breaking diplomatic relations, separations, apartheids, sieges, etc., we are ready for that, too.

          • Europe has its own rich history spanning centuries and is not part of Middle East or Israel and therefore it would be absurd to follow any of the so called secular Middle Eastern model or Israel model for that matter.
            We already know middle eastern origin people in general and Muslims in particular have been incompatible to Western societies or the native inhabitants of Europe huge differences in culture, mentality and religion/ideology. There is a difference in getting along fine and they trying displace or replace us with Islam, more backwardness, inequality, high birth rates, irrational supremacist totalitarian ideology, corruption misrule, more poverty for disadvantaged, filth, etc.
            Western Europe has been doing great without Islam for centuries and thus it will be great that Western Europe can rid itself from Islam soon.

          • The historical error here is that Jews of European origin created the modern state of Israel. Good thing, too, since Europe is back to abandoning them again.

      • Thanks Dymhna for publishing one of my replies above as anonymous. I only realized that I had forgotten to type in my email particulars after I posted my comment. I thought it got lost(and subsequently posted a shortened version or rather only the last sentence of the post) and was pleasantly surprised that it came out quite okay!

        • Don’t forget that some comments get pushed into the spam folder. I’ve no idea why, but it does save us from having to chase those “MAKE 60.00 AN HOUR! I DID…etc.” bots.

  5. When I was a Soviet schoolgirl, we were taught the historical dialectic. And now I look at what is happening and I see how much everything is handmade.These new forces can hardly be called passionaries. They are not smarter or better. They just brood and brought them to us massacre.
    How can I not believe in conspiracy?

      • This is the difficulty of translation. I wanted to say that we live in an artificially modeled world.

        • Елена, you are braver and smarter than I; when I post in another language, I use google translate. if you want a real belly laugh, use google translate to transliterate your message, then transliterate it back into russian. Simple sentences become completely incomprehensible, and are usually hilariously funny as well. as an example, here is your english post in Russian:
          Когда я был советской школьницей, нас учили исторической диалектике. И теперь я смотрю, что происходит, и я вижу, сколько всего сделано вручную. Эти новые силы вряд ли можно назвать пассажами. Они не умнее и не лучше. Они просто плескались и приводили к нам резню.
          Как я не могу поверить в заговор?

          if you’re saying that muslims are dangerous, I certainly concur. as for a conspiracy, I also agree; the hard left is using pious muslims as a proxy army to destabilize society; once things get bad enough, the usually-leftist European governments can declare martial law and seize complete control. I can’t see any other reason for the elites to ignore the dangers that are so obvious.

          • I fixed all your SMS shortcuts. Please take the time to use complete words and capitalize as necessary. It’s annoying to have to wade through UR shortcuts.

          • Google-translate misses some words. Yandex is not, but uses some strange turns. We often use the term “passionary” in Russia, to describe the rapidly growing young generation, who needs a lot of living space (and women). In your country, this term is not used.

    • Elena, I meant to respond for your benefit. Yes, there is a massive network of highly moneyed powerful individuals, around the world, in loose conspiratorial efforts, for a global totalitarian dictatorship. And islam is one of its pawns, or so they think-hope. And here is where you can get a good founding, or look up Glenn Beck lectures on you tube if still there. But this is a beginning in understanding.

      Added to which are these details to see the origins, and perspectives somewhat.
      See this top writer, to begin to understand the perilous state we in America are in.
      SEE ALSO, for the behind the curtain, TENS OF TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF SPOILS, ARE TRULY AT STAKE (for the ‘elites’), along with global totalitarian EU style unelected bureaucrat, totalitarian control, power: Club of Rome, Socialism, New World Order, Globalism, Agenda 21, Bilderberg Society, Frankfurt School, Fabian Society, Soros, Central Totalitarian Control, Trilateral Commission, World Action Council, Etc.

      • Thank you. I regularly look through “sultanknish”. About the Frankfurt school, I learned from the last trilogy of William Gibson. One of the characters of his book connects the fall of America with the professors of this school.

        • Thanks, Elena, for that extra bit of knowledge. And in case it might be useful, translating Cyrillic with google translate generally is pretty good quality, compared to MS translator which is terrible, for understanding in English.

          Just so all are aware, I have zero trust of anything google, from the founder owners, on down through products, because of the 100% untrustworthy left-socialist marxist totalitarian anti American principles, deep orientation of the owner, and their policies, including at their weird offices.

          And of course more reason than that (say i.e. kinked search engine algorithms, massive tracking, recording, use start page to get around that latter) which they are guilty of. ETC.

          • absolutely correct about google; they have about 10 000 search “rankers” who rate search results. as of the middle of 2016 or thereabouts, they added the capability to mark a site as being low-quality because of “hate speech,” and directed their rankers to go to the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) site for confirmation of “hater” status. as it happens, the SPLC is a slander site the calls aayan hirsi ali a muslim-hater instead of an ex-muslim trying to bring attention to islamic misogyny. it’s rather like having hitler rate sites that are safe for jewish children. with morés like that, who needs criminals?

  6. All these numbers represent only registered muslims in Europe, having residence permit. The numbers are bigger.

  7. Dymphna, Baron, this is one of those top of the line, most important posts of information, you’ve done. Thank you so much. I would hope for the sake of the world, i.e.-free world) you would repost religiously, annually, at least, with updates as often as appropriate. The implications, are STARK for the future. A virtual guarantee of massive and extensive armed conflict, at the least. The German civilians alone who have bought arms have nearly doubled the previous rates, I believe in the past year.

    Here is quite a reminder of some prouder moments, in our own history. Conservative moments, very important ones.

    Also, this is a modern day proud miracle:

    This brought more perspective:

    And finally this VERY IMPORTANT read, and both on a you tube talk and vimeo talk, addressing both the Catholics, and the Republicans, and the populace of America. Restoration weekend presentation, last year, not long ago:

    This is very worthy information for this post, as are so many commenters info, here.
    If massive amounts of Americans are not able to be convinced they must step up, and be vigilante and determined and vote from NOW ON, the future for our progeny, and some of us, and the derelict, irresponsible, and uneducated lazy ones, will be filled with evil and dark times, not seen possibly en masse even in the Civil, 1812, and Revolutionary Wars, and others. Certainly during all our wars, and for a horrible period afterwards, atrocities reigned of the islam gang style. As is now happening with the ms-13 maras, and others, and happens in Mexico, and increasingly in America at their hands.

    • Forgot to include this quote of perspective on these truly difficult times, when the lying, and diversion, and censoring of truth, in all areas of life, from academia, nearly all of the media, some security agencies’ management at least, and nearly every democrat, and more, including some republicans who are actually democrats. Most lie intentionally and lazily, worst about the islam gang and gangs and criminals in general. Many love criminality these days. So I just stumbled upon this quote, in past couple days. Worth not forgetting, to keep some extra sanity of sorts for one’s self:

      “Truth Is So Obscure In These Times, And Falsehood So Established, That, Unless We Love The Truth, We Cannot Know It.” – Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) French Mathematician and writer.

      I leave with this, the oath, the promise, the essence, in effect, of our American military members , which all Americans would do well to ascribe and swear to:
      Do Not Be Confused……
      I can be one of the Sheep –
      I choose to reserve those gentle moments for my children while “Momma” watches the door.
      I live my life a Sheepdog –
      I will protect my family and I am prepared for war…
      I will be a Wolf –
      If you threaten my country, my rights, or my Brothers, I will bring destruction to your door!

      People like Viktor Orban, and his neighbors, are exemplifying a form of this essence…..

  8. Muslims are very similar to Blacks in their mentality and aggression though Muslims tend to blend in more easily with the Europeans due to most Muslims having lighter skin color and a devious extreme so-called religion to take over Europe.

    Actually Muslims are worse than Blacks in their destructiveness to
    European civilization because first of all, Muslims are very deceptive and in reality extremely uncharitable(even though they may pretend to be charitable, etc) and secondly, Muslims has an aggressive ideology such as Islam that they use to manipulate Europe and the world at large to further their Islamic political and economic agenda.

  9. There is another cheery thought. One of the rationales for bringing in Muslims was that they will provide the youthful workers to support the social security networks of the European countries. In other words, the youthful migrant will pay into the social welfare states to support the elderly Europeans who didn’t have children on their own.

    The very low IQ, education levels, work skills, and workplace conformance intentions of the migrants have already shown this vision to be nonsense, but there is a further reason why it won’t work.

    The Muslims will pull out of the European welfare systems as soon as the Muslims are paying more into it than they are getting out of it, if that point ever comes. Muslims have their own concept of social welfare called takaful. The basic idea of takaful is that, like Islamic banking, it puts a major social institution under Muslim control, using some hacked-up rules from the Koran as a pretext.

    My own feeling is that the Sunni-Shi’ite split in Islam is a fruitful area for Western nationalists to fend off the Islamic migrations. The US is associated with Sunni Muslim regimes, coincidentally the regimes most supportive of the immigration of the ummah.

    • And those Muslims in their quest to be filthy rich do know how to corrupt and manipulate the elites into supporting their endless Islamic agenda.
      And also how they managed to put up so many mega huge mosques in Europe in such a short time of them migrating to the Europe and at the same time with a huge percentage of them claiming welfare at the same time is just so weird. It is just insanity when they already have so many huge mosques in Central Asia, south east Asia, Middle East, etc. that are overwhelmingly Islamist. They should fix their poverty first before putting more mosques.
      And their endless Islamic refugees/migrants from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Middle East etc, to UK is also something that politicians in UK should pay attention to.

      • Remember, the islam cult gang has no industry, never has, nor could (against tenets of ideology), save oil, poppy. All they’ve ever been are parasitic thieving merchants, sort of, on the merchants’ bit, emphasis on the parasites. And parasitic draining of legitimate businesses the rich cult gang buys to emulate some mafia gang members to appear to try to go legit!

        Compredez vous?

      • They put up so many mosques, while sucking up welfare money, through cash infusions from Saudi Arabia for decades and more recently from George Soros!

    • In the very near future, automation and robotics will replace many workers. For the future 10-15 years, predictions say that over 40% of active population in Europe will be unemployed. This scam with “old Europe/young migrants” should not be taken in discussion. Not by us, not by European leaders. Never. These predictions start to appear 20 years ago.
      Remember Japan. If the leaders of Europe are so much concerned about people, then the first rule would be that any company replacing people with robots must provide a min. 70% of the salary to the fired workers for a number of years. They will have anyway a higher profit.
      If we think, Europe never had so big population as today. Europe don’t need billions of idiots. 400-500 millions people is enough. It is important to have a healthy, well educated population. The fact that population is going down, in my opinion is a natural regulating system. If Europe really need more kids, then the all loving states should stimulate this with different methods. Importing young people from neighbors is not the solution to perpetuate your blood line or family.
      Here is something else. With one imam you can control 100 million muslims. But not one intelligent person. Idiots don’t have questions…Educated people do. I do believe in god, there are many reasons to do so. But it is not because somebody told me to do so. I was atheist before.
      So, our leaders want a population easy to control. From their point of view, we are no longer important. We have to many questions and they can’t answer. Now they bring in the future population. If this is creating also chaos and war, this will be much better for them, the leaders and economic bosses.

  10. Pay very close attention to the DACA negotiation between the Trump administration and the Democratic party leadership. Trump holding the fort on that particular issue will have a profound effect on the crazy manifestations of Schengen policy that will reverberate between the United States and Europe.

    First things first; American voters must hold the fort at the ballot box to prevent pro borderless America politicians from ascending to seats in the Congress and Senate. No matter what their party affiliation. We blow up our house here then the open border advocates will have and open door for the Schengen overflow that the progressive Europeans who will be glad to shove down the maw of a vulnerable and naive American public filled with multi-culti nonsense.

    Second things second; Europe’s going to implode, and if we have in place “a give me your tired your poor” Democratic majority on this side of the Atlantic with a media ready and raring to brainwash and groom the touchy feely types with their “Welcome signage”, well; we asked for it.

    DACA is a long fuse! From whatever end it’s lit from, Over there, shades of George M Cohan, or over here. The explosion will be exquisitely diabolical. DACA and Schengen are the devils spawn.

    • Terribly important considerations and implications there, Hallmonitor. Thanks for bringing them out, to keep in minds.

  11. (a) Killing members of the group;(We have thousands of suicides)
    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;(deaths caused by economic destruction)
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;(we have not marriages and births anymore)

    500.000 young scientists have left our country, because they have no jobs here.

    All the above are imposed through IMF and Europe, namely Germany on my people.
    We are people always on the revenge and with an elephant memory.

  12. Such a comprehensive analysis of the situation ought to be widely circulated. So, I will, as I have with other of your articles, take every opportunity to call attention to this.

    It seems to me that the questions begs to be asked whether Europeans are willing to bow to their would-be conquerors or are they willing to stand up and live in liberty, even if it means the sacrifice of their very lives. Given their history, the answer, though very unpleasant, ought to be obvious.

  13. the numbers aren’t factual to me. .. maybe if you check the [Muslims’] websites itself or even wiki it by typing in Arabic
    الاسلام في “اسم الدولة”
    means islam in “country name”
    or the wikimedia list; islam by country

  14. The Pakistan-Afghanistan border is indeed “porous”, but it would come as a surprise to the average Pakistani to hear that the border with their troubled neighbor “doesn’t matter”. On the other hand, Qataris right now would be glad to hear the borders between Muslims countries mean nothing, because the blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia will turn out to be an illusion.

    But it will be pretty harder to convince the millions of dead and injured from the Iran-Iraq war, a border war, of the proposition.

  15. I think the article vastly overemphasizes the unity of the Ummah. Muslims from different countries are often rivals or simply hate one another. They will unify against the kaffir, but when they get a chance, they will undermine one another. The security forces could do a lot to stop their political power simply by playing up the divisions and ethnic prejudices of the various Muslim groups. “Divide and conquer” is probably the only way to neutralize their power.

    • This is a very good point, actually.

      It seems to me that it’s how “stable” Muslim societies actually hold together. We may have to adopt some of the same methods…

  16. Lithuania has Karaites (Karaimai) and Crimean Tatars (Totoriai) for the past 700+ years who were brought to Lithuania by the Lithuanian noblemen that many centuries ago, to enhance the population and to make Lithuania more politically correct 700+ years ago. Those kind of Muslims are moderate and never cause any trouble for Lithuania. Although when I was around 16 I went to a Karaite girl’s home in Trakai asking her to go out to the movies. Then her 3 brothers came out with knives and chased me to cut me up, but I escaped. So much about centuries’ old integration. But seriously, they never caused serious trouble otherwise and are rather “Jewish” than Muslim as it seems. Still, while to have up to 1% of diverse population is a good thing, but I would like to say this: Europe is for Europeans and for 1% of integrated folks and guests! Never for extremists! Vote the traitors of European values out!

  17. The invasion of all white European countries is being carefully orchestrated by the atavistic hatred of the Khazars of anything Caucasian and Christian…
    I wonder which hole in the ground these Khazars have created for themselves when the muslim mobs turn against them. For they too will be considered to be infidels!

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