German Ex-Policeman Fights Against Sharia Law in Germany

Last summer we posted about Tim Kellner, a former German policeman who was very outspoken against Angela Merkel and the ruin that her policies were (and are) bringing to Germany. Last week we reported on a Syrian “refugee” in Pinneberg who rejoiced after a judge ruled that he could have all his wives and children with him in Germany — one big happy family.

Tim Kellner has initiated legal action against the polygynous “refugee” and the authorities in Pinneberg, and invites other angry Germans to join him in his class-action lawsuit. In the video below, he says that his earlier videos have gone viral, and that he has received a lot of responses.

Anton, who translated the video for subtitling, sends the following introduction:

Since German Chancellor Angela Merkel — the one-time East German communist citizen — opened Europe’s borders, Germany has seen the arrival of over three million people calling themselves “refugees”.

80% have been young men, predominantly Muslim, who lied their way into Europe and Germany, stealing, attacking, murdering, concealing their true identity, discarding passports, claiming to be asylum seekers in an unprecedented Islamic invasion of the European welfare state and national territories.

With them they bring archaic Arabian and African cultures, where survival of the fittest is demonstrated by their barbaric acts towards women, girls and small boys. Rape, gang-rape, stabbing, violence, torture and murder have exploded since their arrival.

Recently acts of voodoo rituals and cannibalism have yet again shocked Italian society as an 18-year-old girl’s internal organs were removed and eaten by such barbarians. The African perpetrators subsequently chopped her body up and hid it in their luggage.

The Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden have seen acts of Muslim terrorism that caused hundreds of deaths, all committed under the auspices of Mad Merkel’s solo decree to transform the peaceful traditional European societies into a multi-ethnic “s***hole” without borders and without nations, spanning Europe, Asia and Africa.

As Sharia — the Islamic legal system — is introduced into Germany against the will of the people, single voices are being raised in a last minute effort to prevent this misogynistic and cruel Bedouin order.

Tim Kellner, a former German policeman, is one of those brave protectors who refuses to cower, submit and look away. He has vehemently defended the European way of life all his career.

Now, he once again fights injustice as Mad Merkel’s illegal pan-European “experiment” attempts to transform Germany’s European society into an Islamic caliphate.

He provides instructions on how to file a complaint at the police station and asks that fellow citizens join him in a class-action lawsuit to ensure that all those criminal individuals, authorities and politicians breaking the law and those aiding and abetting them are punished.

He wants to bring them to justice for the irreparable damage being done to his country under the false pretense of “religious tolerance”.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   [Music] “Shadow Time” T/K News from a dark epoch.
00:10   Friends. I am very happy that my contribution went so viral.
00:15   And many people have responded and are motivated to join this complaint.
00:25   It’s about Pinneberg, where Sharia law now supersedes the criminal code and the constitution.
00:34   I will not accept this, and I have therefore have filed a criminal complaint
00:38   with the police at Pinneberg,
00:41   according to [criminal statute] §172 STGB, against Ahmed A for polygamy.
00:48   And according to STGB §339 “Perversion of justice” against all officials involved.
00:57   [How can one join in?]
01:02   Many of you have asked how you can join this complaint.
01:08   That’s why I have provided a text available to everyone for free.
01:13   All you have to do is copy this text, print it with your name to sign,
01:20   and to send to the police department of your choice.
01:25   [Law must remain law]
01:30   I would like to tell you again why I did that:
01:34   Because I will simply no longer accept this as a German,
01:38   that our German laws are intentionally broken by politicians and that they defy it.
01:47   For me, this is an attack on the constitution.
01:50   But I would say it’s also an attack on our intelligence.
01:53   Because Sharia law in Germany cannot and should not
01:58   stand above the criminal code, and even above constitutional law.
02:04   Of course, I’ll keep you informed. And I’ll see you soon.
02:13   [Tim Kellner’s book “Submission”]

4 thoughts on “German Ex-Policeman Fights Against Sharia Law in Germany

  1. “Because Sharia law in Germany cannot and should not stand above the criminal code, and even above constitutional law.”

    Mr Kellner’s attempts to uphold Germany’s legal and constitutional codes is a noble one and has backing from the Church of England’s Archbishop of Canterbury no less.

    In a forthcoming book, Archbishop Justin Welby writes,

    “Islamic rules are incompatible with Britain’s laws, which have developed over 500 years on the principles of a different culture.” … and that British law had “values and assumptions rooted in Christian tradition…and that Sharia law “cannot become part of another narrative”.

    He added that high levels of immigration from Muslim countries can “have an impact on the accepted pattern for choosing a partner, on assumed ages of maturity and sexual activity, and especially on issues of polygamy. Accepting it in part implies accepting its values around the nature of the human person, attitudes to outsiders, the revelation of God, and a basis for life in law, rather than grace, the formative word of Christian culture.”

    I wish Mr Kellner every success, my thoughts and prayers are with him.

    • I like Cranmer’s blog a lot.

      And whoa! This new guy in the chair at Canterbury is a breath of fresh air.

      That Daily Mail report says:

      Archbishop Welby’s comments follow the release earlier this month of a highly critical Home Office report that said all couples marrying in mosques should also have to go through a legally-binding civil marriage ceremony to shield wives from injustices under sharia.

      I wonder if he and ol’ Prince Charley will go at it?

      Here’s his Amazon UK link to his book, Reimagining Britain: Foundations for Hope

      Here’s the American version:

      [That’s our GoV page]

      A few reviews/blurbs of the book on the UK site:

      “This is a book bristling with energy and ideas. Written against a wide canvas of historical narrative and critique, it is a fast-moving appeal for the fashioning of deeper virtue, expressed in action, in the form of a shared narrative of our identity and purpose.” – Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster

      “Justin Welby’s voice is powerful and distinctive. He writes with verve and insight. Reimagining Britain is a work of supreme timeliness.” – Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield

      “This courageous and perceptive call to mobilise for the common good of Britain comes at a crucial time. No other leader has offered such a powerful combination of realism, depth and practical priorities.” – David F. Ford OBE, Regius Professor of Divinity, University of Cambridge

      “Timely, wise, humane, positive – just what is needed to focus the national debate on shared values and creating a better future, particularly for the half of the country left behind by ‘modernisation’ and ‘globalisation.’” – Lord Adonis


      Cranmer has some compare-and-contrast analysis:

      Yet the story [of Welby’s turn-away from Rowan Whatsis] has been headlined in just two newspapers: the Daily Mail and the Express, and is deemed worthy of a footnote in the Times. Everyone else has ignored it, despite it coinciding with the Government’s more robust approach against the rise of sharia councils (/courts).

      Rowan Williams was roundly and (almost) universally denounced for saying that Sharia Law in the UK was “inevitable” or “unavoidable”, so why isn’t Justin Welby being commended for saying that it is by no means inevitable and must be avoided at all costs? Why isn’t he applauded for defending the British Christian tradition of jurisprudence? Why isn’t he appreciated for baldly stating that sharia brooks no rivals, and that accepting it even in part “implies accepting its values around the nature of the human person, attitudes to outsiders, the revelation of God, and a basis for life in law, rather than grace, the formative word of Christian culture”?

      [see links at the site:

      Good point. Maybe the Queen, as Defender of the Faith, ought to speak out? Fat chance.

      Thank you for this information. Quite timely and important. Makes me realize again that having a written Constitution is a bulwark against the illerati.

  2. The Archbishop speaks of English jurisprudence from a “background….from which British law has developed over the past 500 years”.

    It is worth observing that written English law is well over 1400 years old. English law has a WRITTEN text, the Laws of Ethelbert, dating back to circa 600 preserved in the Textus Roffensis. The laws were set down in WRITING in English (Anglo-Saxon) some twenty years BEFORE the Mohammedan calendar even started, in 622, when illiterate Arabs were propagating their texts through oral transmission, by learning and recitation.

  3. I watch fresh videos from Germany on Youtube and see how people go crowd in protest. First one way they go, then they go the other way. They need to stop going to work in the same way.
    May the beloved migrants, Mrs. Merkel, work.

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