Former German Cop: “Angela Merkel is the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Germany and Europe”

Timm Kellner is a biker and former police officer in Germany. The following open letter to the government of the Bundesrepublik conveys his anger at that government’s suicidal “refugee” policies.

Many thanks to Nash Montanafor translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

Former police officer: “Angela Merkel is the worst that has happened to Germany and Europe”

(Tim Kellner)

Dear Federal Government,

I turn on the TV and I see “refugees”. I open up the newspaper and I read “refugees”. I go online and I see an ad banner in which the German economy is advertising for what? Right, for “refugees”. I walk through my home town and I see “refugees”. I drive my car and what do I see on the side of the road, walking in crowds? “Refugees”.

I have had enough.

What, really, have you done to us?

Who among us was asked if they wanted this all and called it good?

Who or what are you, even? You are our employees.

Not more and not less.

You are employed and temporarily legitimized to represent our interests.

Whereas we have reached the point: OUR interests!

Is it in the interest of the people that hundreds of millions have been given to Greece?

Is it in the interest of the people that millions of economic migrant “asylum seekers” walk through our open borders into our country?

Is it in the interest of the people that almost €100 million are used up for “refugees”?

Who do you really think you are?

If there were a people’s referendum, I am sure that up to 70% would vote against these “refugee policies”.

But of course you know that, and that’s why there are and will be no people’s referendum!

And then you spit on the people into their faces by raising child-benefits by €2?

Do you actually have no shame?

To me you are a collective of spineless and complacent subsidiaries.

You are a conglomerate of turncoats, opportunists and egoists.

But there’s one thing you are even more to me, more than anything else:

You have betrayed those for whom you have been elected and who have given you their trust.

Every single day you break your oath that you swore that you would be for the people, and protect them from harm.

You do not stand for your own people; you first and foremost stand for everything and everybody that’s not us.

The open borders are damaging our country and our population.

Women and children don’t feel safe anymore and become victims of attacks.

The countless millions [of euros] that are being used up for foreigners are like a fist in the face of everybody who lives here, has worked here and who would be the rightful recipient of that money.

You ridicule us every day and you want us to keep our mouths shut and to stand there and silently watch our own demise.

Your people sit in the press corps, in the broadcast committee, in the chief executive floors of the news stations and large newspapers, so that they can dispense RightThink according to you, for you.

This is how you sloganeer for your opinions, how you influence and suppress them.

Angela Merkel is the worst thing that happened to Germany and Europe, ever.

Sigmar Gabriel [Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor], the “leaf” that blows to the left today and to the right tomorrow, however without a single gust of wind.

Heiko Maas [Minister of Justice], a man that wants to censor the internet and who possibly has lied to the Bundestag in the treason-affair against journalists.

Minister of the Interior De Maiziere, he who would love to operate completely different but who doesn’t dare to stand up to his “queen”.

Ursula von der Leyen [Minister of Defense]. What can I say?

Hermann Gröhe [Minister of Health]: Yeah that’s him, who like an abashed schoolboy watches how “Mutti” collects up the German flags and throw them off the stage.

Wolfgang Schäuble [Minister of Finance]: That’s the guy with the “incest-statement”. [See “Cross-Breeding With Morons”]

Peter Altmaier [Chief of Staff for the Chancellor]: Hahaha. Peter Altmaier!

These were just a few examples. But not to forget too, Horst Seehofer, the Bavarian territory prince who pretends to be conservative, all the while ending up being led around on a leash like a bear in a circus by Angela.

This is all? This is really all you have to offer? Not a one of you faces the “refugee crisis” or takes actions according to the will of the people.

Topic “refugees” is not a temporary topic, it is a topic that will change this country. And not for the better. On the contrary! We’re already experiencing the beginnings of this.

You want to hear my opinion, and I am uttering this opinion as a former police officer who for ten years has watched with his own eyes what really happens on the streets!:

Germany will never again be the Germany that we all know and that we all felt comfortable living in. It will become a different country. A country of social injustice, of inner tensions and turmoil. A country in which women and children cannot feel safe anymore and won’t be safe anymore.

A country whose progress, identity and a large part of its culture is being given up if this continues, in the way that this “government” launches and forces it with all thinkable ways and means.

And there is not a soul that can tell me that this “government” is acting in the interests of the people. You are merely the executive elements that are pursuing an entirely different agenda.

All that is of no interest to me however, because the only thing that I am interested is my country, the country that I live in and in which our children grow up.

On the internet site of the Federal Government it says “Integration that helps us all. Germany can do it.”

I, on the other hand, say this to you:

Remigration (deportation of economic migrants, religious fanatics, criminals and potential terrorists) that helps us all.

Germany can do that!

Not a part of the system!

Tim K.

35 thoughts on “Former German Cop: “Angela Merkel is the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Germany and Europe”

  1. The Germans will still vote her in… still having it too good not caring about what happens to their country and the whole Europe. Destroying Europe for the third time…

    • They will indeed vote her back in in the astonishing European fashion of rewarding traitors, fools, and liars with their votes. Wir schaffen das! How wonderful! Please give us more of your flapdoodle. No. We most certainly do not fall at the feet of those who disdain us and our ancestors. We crave your globalist garbage. The oddity of it is its charm.

      I think it is not the third time for Germany. This book paints a convincing picture of British responsibility for the Great War.

  2. Let me answer your questions!

    – What, really, have you done to us?
    You are being exterminated!

    – Who among us was asked if they wanted this all and called it good?
    Ask the leftist, progressive cultural marxists.

    – Who or what are you, even?
    She and her “friends” are the new Globalist overlords and they will rule over you with his muslim muscle.

    – Is it in the interest of the people that hundreds of millions have been given to Greece?
    Greece was bought to keep the door open and the income flow would be continuous.

    – Is it in the interest of the people that millions of economic migrant “asylum seekers” walk through our open borders into our country?

    – Is it in the interest of the people that almost €100 million are used up for “refugees”?

    – Who do you really think you are?
    She is your worst nightmare and the rest of you still not awake.

    – And then you spit on the people into their faces by raising child-benefits by €2?
    As I said in my first answer, you are all marked for extermination.

    – Do you actually have no shame?
    No, communists have never had any shame.

    – Ursula von der Leyen [Minister of Defense]. What can I say?
    “Every nation gets the government it deserves.” – Joseph de Maistre

  3. “Dead wood floats to the top.” — Actually I learned that quote during my time in Asia, they say it a lot. So they must know the phenomenon, too. But somehow they manage to mitigate the consequences. Bad things happen and bad or incompetent people get into power everywhere, but they will never let it destroy everything. We in the West are helpless, hapless babies in comparison.

    • We do not have to be helpless, hapless babies. There is another, more hopeful saying: “Society is like a stew: it needs to be constantly stirred to prevent the scum rising to the top”.

      The whole point of the suppression of Free Speech by the Lefties is, of course, to allow their chosen scum to rise to the top. That is why the battle for Free Speech is so important. However vile its implementation may be at times, it can never be as vile as its suppression. There must be no limits imposed, under any circumstances.

  4. I was startled to read Nash Montana’s translated words:

    “To me you are a collective of spineless and complacent subsidiaries.” Why complacent and why the term from company law?

    So I looked at the German, which says: Ihr seid für mich eine Gemeinschaft von rückgratlosen und willfährigen Gehilfen.

    This would be: ….”submissive accomplices” “Gehilfe” having an old meaning of assistant and a legal one of “accomplice”.

  5. I wrote this after the Somali killed the Aussie woman in Minneapolis, but it also applies here.

    After 70 generations (1,400 years) of Islamic first-cousin inbreeding, the average IQ in Somalia is a whopping 68. That IQ plus a harsh desert environment means that all they know is war and savagery.

    You might as well try to harness a wild-caught wolf into a dogsled team with huskies as give an average or even above-average Somali a badge and a gun.

    Watch this “Dogs Decoded” documentary starting at 31 minutes, about a wolf puppy raised in a home with humans. Perfect analogy to putting a Somali into a MN police uniform. Dogs and wolves are one species, they can readily breed, and they share 99.8% of genetic coding.
    From the film: “But at two months, you can’t tell a ‘domesticated’ wolf puppy ‘no.’ It just doesn’t care. It just wants to destroy everything.”

    Takeaway from above, NOVA narrator quote: “It’s impossible to turn a wolf puppy into a dog, no matter how much it is loved and nurtured.”
    But liberals think that MN’s “magic dirt” will turn a Somali wolf into “Minnesota nice?” PC insanity killed the lady as surely as Mohammed Noor’s bullets.

    • “You might as well try to harness a wild-caught wolf into a dogsled team” – this sentence is an excellent slogan.

      I know one guy who’s got two wolves. Once they are clean and hair-brushed, you can spot that they are much more magnificant animals then any dog. But the guy warned me that breeding wolves is a mission. You must never ever lose your number one position in the pack – even if you have to kill for that. Wolves require much more movement, and they might not forgive you if you do something wrong regarding the wolfpack behavior – like going to a vacation, and leaving wolves home, that is a betrayal and a no no.

    • “Magic dirt” and the ridiculous Post-modern belief that all humans are exactly the same are two of the most insidious and destructive globalist leftist myths.

  6. CrossWare quoted Joseph de Maistre: “Every nation gets the government it deserves.” That´s what germans desserves for beeing cowards. They have no excuse to stop Merkel and her sidekicks from destroing Germany. They´ve been so brainwashed by guilt of WWII that they can respond to any kind of threat or aggression. They are absolutely paralysed while their country is torn in pieces. By the time they realize what is going on, it will be too late. Merkel and friends will transform Germany in a 3rd world country Lebanon-style.
    Things are changing to the worse in an alarming rate. A former collegue who lives in Germany since 1995 is considering returning to Argentina because she and her family don´t feel safe anymore. And her parents told her that she´mad because here in Argentina people still consider Germany a great place to live. Obviously, they are not seeing or willing to see what is happening not only in Germany but also in France, UK, Belgium or Sweden. The news from inmigration related issues (not only terrorist attacks but crime rate or no-go zones) are not shown in the mass media. So if you don´t read about in blog like this one, you will never find out.

    • To Argentina? seriously? a jump from the frying pan onto the flame! Whatever happens in Germany is nothing compared to the entrenched and chronic levels of crime and poverty in Argentina, my dad is from there but I a was born in Belgium (my mother’ s country), Germany might be descending to third world category but Argentina is full third world whenever I go there I feel depressed by the monstrous slums and the people living behind barred windows and barb wire topped fences always fearing being assaulted and killed. Better fix Germany, somehow.

      • I was just in Mendoza and environs and I hardly saw any of the problems you described.

        Yes, the rural countryside is impoverished, but it didn’t seem much worse than similar areas in the US.

        I found the local people pretty friendly, I wish I spoke better Spanish. There are also tons of friendly stray dogs around.

        I saw NO burkas, beards, or mosques while I was there, a truly refreshing change from the disaster in Europe.

      • Gabriel, that might be true of parts of Buenos Aires (and Córdoba and Rosario?) for example but in my estimation, based on not insignificant amounts of time spent in the country, I’d say that the picture you’re painting here is too dark. “Full third world”? Hardly. A sort of “second world” with some “first world with a bit of shine knocked off” and third world pockets. Out in the small places it’s pretty good!

        • I know some people in Mendoza–in the wine industry, in fact. They are not exceedingly wealthy, but NEVER leave their home without their bodyguards. Just like in Brazil. And South Africa. Soon to be so, too, in Deutschland and France.

          Providing plenty of employment for Israeli ‘yordim’ (expats). More literally–the fallen.

      • Dear Gabriel: Argentina is not heaven but at least all the citizens have the same cultural background. So there´s NO honour murders, NO femenine genital mutilation, NO gang rapes, NO mosques as hate indoctrination centers . YES, there´s rampant poverty and crime but it´s all caused by peronism -a populist political party with fascist origins-. They produce and use poor people as a comodity for their polical agenda. But at least the elected president acknowledge the problem and tries to fix it. What are Merkel, Macron and the other europeans lider doing? NOTHING. They are hiding their heads in the sand like ostriches.
        BTW why don´t you ask your father why he left and what he thinks about Europe´s situation?

        • Xilo Lixo,
          same cultural backround? There is an word, that an Argentinien speaks spanish, has italien ancisters and behaves british. Argentina is a classical Meltingpot with Immigrant of nearly every culture. And do`nt forget about the First Nations in Argentinia
          Argentinia even hab a muslim born President, Carlos Menem
          Go back to School!

    • “They´ve been so brainwashed by guilt of WWII that they can respond to any kind of threat or aggression”.

      This – in my view – lies at the core of the “German problem”. I spent several weeks in Germany recently. After having tried hard to understand “why the consensual acceptance of refuguees”, it finally dawned on me: IT IS THE GUILT.

      A lady in her thirties complained to me that the other Europeans – young ones mainly – still call the German “Nazis” on many occasions. Logic applied and results observed: “we Germans do not want anybody to call us Nazis and we will show how compassionate we are when accepting the needy”.

      Therein lies the insanity we just cannot fathom.

      • Yes, my former German friend told me exactly the same! She isn’t my friend any longer. I’m too right-wing for her now. She comes from Wuerzburg but now lives in Luxembourg …

  7. The first time I heard Merkel talking (online) I thought: she will destroy Germany.

    So far she’s doing a great job at it, too. Who wants a country over-run by muslims? Did she ask the people about this? NO. She did not.

    For the first time in my life, I am sorry for Germany. Despite all past crimes, the current people do not deserve this. Nobody deserves this. Muslims belong in muslim land aka the middle east. Start shipping them back already.

  8. Not only is Merkel destroying Germany and the EU, she is also sponsoring the destruction of Israel. The German government funds most of the NGOs in ‘Palestine’ who preach hatred of the Jews to the Arabs 24/7. The other NGOs are funded by Soros, not surprisingly and some by the UN and the USA.

    Oh well, it’s all part of the big globalist deconstruction of nation states, especially if they are Judeo-Christian. No doubt Heil Merkel is fantasizing about being Kaiserin of the planet with a scowl on her face, a battle axe in hand and perhaps she can go the whole hog and become trans-gender by wearing a false red beard, in honor of Mohammed!

    One can only conclude that apart from the few people like this brave man, Germans make fatal choices! Fatal to others and fatal to themselves.

    What they need is a really good sniper.

  9. Timm,

    As I read your open letter, I could picture it being published by an American, regarding the ‘ leadership ‘ in the US government. I support your position and will pray for both of our countries. Some organization or satanic entity is obviously involved. Merkel’s position is so blatantly wrong, that it is clear that she is being controlled. I’m with you brother.

  10. Markel must be operating under some theory. If it is: “we must replace European peoples with Muslims so that communists can ultimately take over” then she unaware of what Muslim majorites have done in history.

    If it is :”we must replace European peoples so that we no longer start world wars.”, then she is thinking that an Islamic Europe will be peaceful with its surrounding world. This also shows a misunderstanding of the Dar al Harb and its required goal.

    If it is: “we must replace European peoples because I am a secret Muslim”, it makes good logic….but it is almost impossible to believe because so many other European and world elite are acting quasi-Merkel…at the same time.

    Thus, nothing makes sense. This has got to mean that we have some sort of world insanity going on.

    Oh, just great…just what we need, especially when we have Kim Jong-Un and Iran fiddling around with uranium.

    • It might as well be

      “Luciferian Secret Societies” from USA, over EU, all the way to China, see Islam as much better bread for the masses than Christianity…

      They count on their ability to control Islam.

      • The globalist elite are taking notes from the house of Saud, who live decadent lives of idle opulence the elite wish to emulate.

        They plan grinding poverty and brutal religious police for the rest of us. This why you are starting to see Sharia patrols appear and go unopposed.

  11. German couldn’t, or didn’t want to stop Kaiser Wilhelm or Hitler. They’ll do nothing again no matter what. Western Europe is rapidly becoming a pariah state. Eastern Europe will reach out for Russian help before long.

    Europeans cannot govern themselves.

  12. No, I admire Angela Merkel. Except: the first thing she did when she got to power was to go and visit George Bush – is she in hock to the americans too? – And now letting in Syrian refugees is becoming her downfall. But, the Syrian refugee problem and the rise of ISIS was also caused by George Bush, with the help of Tony Blair. (And the drought caused by climate change – but we can forgive them for that.)

  13. Dear Readers,

    Tim Kellner is a former Police Officer because he was put in Jail for Violence. He also had Income by Prostitution, so You may call him a “Pimp” and he was punshied for unlawaful possesion of Weapons. In one sentence: He is a criminal, He is also a racist, homophob and forefills nearly any chliche you can think of by a far right biker
    In Fact also criminals have the right to tell us about their political opinions, but he is not a well well reputated witness.

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