Thank You, Mutti, For Letting Me Bring Both My Wives!

A Syrian “refugee” is grateful for the generosity of the Germans, and especially for the “Wir schaffen das” spirit of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who made it possible for him to bring all his wives and children with him to Germany.

Many thanks to Ava Lon and Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We must thank Mrs. [Merkel], who had huge political success with her motto “Yes we can”.
00:05   Merkel. Mommy Merkel.
00:10   I thank Mommy Merkel very, very much.
00:15   She’s the only person who could feel the suffering of Syrians.
00:18   I also thank the Germans, even if there are racists among them.
00:21   But Germans lived through a war once before, and they show a lot of compassion for Syrians.
00:25   Ahmed’s family comes from Aleppo.
00:30   He experienced the horrors of war close up and personally.
00:35   Also [some of] his family members are dead. In 2015Ahmed flew in with both his wives
00:40   and — back then just — five children. They took ferry from Turkey to Greece.
00:45   Since they didn’t have enough money to continue the trip together, they had to have
00:50   [the name of his second wife] whom he married in 2014, heavily pregnant, stay back in Athens.
00:56   The youngest daughter Nadjea was born there prematurely.
01:01   This is in Greece.
01:06   This is Naser, [unintelligible name] and the little one [female]. This is Fatima.
01:11   My wife stayed there for three months, without a place to sleep, without her clothes or anything.
01:16   She waited there, and often didn’t eat anything, so she could feed the children.
01:21   During that time she suffered enormously. How exactly the [unintelligible],
01:27   the first wife, came with the children to Germany isn’t clear. The responsible federal office
01:31   wouldn’t talk: because of the protection of personal information. Obviously Ahmed sued
01:36   for family reunification and won.
01:42   The judge told me, “We’ll help you to bring your wife here, because we know that you are Muslims
01:46   and you can have one, two, three or four wives.
01:52   For that reason there will be no legal impediment to your bringing your two wives.”
01:57   Also the office of the councilor of Pinneberg wouldn’t give us any interview, but it writes us,
02:02   quote: “The second family was assigned by the Federal Office
02:07   to Pinneberg Borough under the Dublin III Regulations.”
02:12   Dublin III rules require, among other things, family reunification.
02:15   Children have to be with their father.

18 thoughts on “Thank You, Mutti, For Letting Me Bring Both My Wives!

  1. “A Syrian ‘refugee’ is grateful for the generosity of the Germans”

    Just a slight editing required,

    “A Syrian ‘refugee’ is grateful for the stupidity of German voters who have repeatedly elected numbskulls to serve in office”

  2. The judge ruled that since this man, as a Muslim, was allowed by his religion to have more than one wife, his second family should be allowed to enter Germany to join him. Did this judge forget that his job is to rule on cases using German law?

    Why would a Muslim be exempt from the law of the land? How quickly, easily, and even eagerly, do the authorities in Europe betray their own values.

    • especially when he says that family members are dead!
      I can feel with him, because this is true in my case too.
      Even my great grandfather is dead, so are my parents.
      Why do news people never rebuke when confronted with stupid sob stories?

  3. Well … at least he seems to appear as a “family man”, jihad being perhaps not on the radar screen of his – for now.

    But yes – how quickly the authorities in Europe toss away the law of the land in favor of these “refugees”. Something else is going on here (betrayal and treason).

    • HIJRA, migration with rat like breeding also considered as Jihad and comes with the same benefits.

  4. You should be thankful that the man has only two wives. However people know Muslims can have many wives, so he can take more wives in Germany, right? As many as Germany can sustain.

    • Actually, Ahmed has a third wife who is still in Syria, and he has said he would like a fourth. Germany will pay child support to children living abroad, which would go a long way in Syria.

      I think what Ahmed is doing makes much more sense than going to work and trying to earn the money to support his mini-harem. Roughly half his wages would be taken in taxes and insurance contributions — and he would have much less time with his family.

  5. Disgusting to see how these so-called refugees making use of their wives and children to spread more filth and to get more free money from the West.

  6. *I also thank the Germans, even if there are racists among them.* Oh yes, oh yes, those who don’t go along with all this are “racists”, “Islamophobes”, “Nazis”.

    Anyway, it’s good to know that by now this man obviously has a well-paying job – perhaps in the hi-tech sector or in engineering – and won’t be expecting other German workers to indefinitely support him, his wives, his children (and the other children that will be born to his wives), paying his housing, food, healthcare and whatever else. He will know, for sure, that it isn’t morally right to live off the backs of others and will be longing for the day when Syria is fully -or nearly enough – at peace so he can return and pick up his life at the point at which it was broken off.

    I used to ask myself, a couple of years ago, “Does Merkel understand what she’s doing and all the implications? Does she understand Islam?” What an ignorant fool I was. Of course she understands the first part, and she understands extremely well. I suspect she also understands the second pretty well. She, the judge who ruled in favor of this man, all those judges who hand out different sentences according to religion and national origin, they too understand all too well. Their leftist ideology will cause, once again, great pain and suffering in Germany and elsewhere. I fervently hope there are enough of Mr. whatever-his name-is “racists” there in Germany to bring this thing to the boil, soon.

    • These type of migrants who have megalomania tendencies to set up huge monstrous mosques that would alienate more people and deny others jobs, homes, freedom, etc would only breed a more hostile environment for other new migrants who may be more deserving for a new life in the West.

        • But without Muslim migrants, their various Islamic communities and various Islamic countries of origin would have less clout in pushing so many mosques and other immoral practices onto the West.

    • no, this guy refuses to work.He is investing all his energy in creating a demographic timebomb by marathon shagging and with his future 10-15 children, in over one generation there will be a hundred losers.
      The local court ruled that children should be with their mother, not father as he falsly claims.Liars, all of them.
      I do personally wonder how devious those stupid inbreeders can be.

      • Is it just me or is this guy simply taking the Mick?

        Dripping with sarcasm – an ungrateful leech who
        Will add to Germany’s political and economic woes.

        • yes he is! But in the muslim way: no body language or mimic shows, because he is authorized to lie to kuffars and so feels to be in a rightful position.

      • I hereby revoke my derogative statement about this man. As a matter of fact he is one of those promised highly skilled experts in the sciences, in his case it is expertise in polyinsemination for which he had a tenure at Shaggistan University.

  7. Is this how the coming social norms look like? If really so, this world does not cost a penny. How it must be fantastic to live with a serial number next to your name!

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