13 thoughts on “Dangerous, Fascist Throwbacks Like You!

  1. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
    It used to be the wish of those advancing in years to be young again.
    That’s not so anymore in my case … and I suspect that of many others from the ‘civilised’ generation who possessed those most vital of attributes – common sense, common decency, respect and tolerance.

  2. I cannot understand how all white people in the western world fail to see what’s in store for them.

    • A quick glance at any MSM product would demonstrate to you why people are blind and/or uninterested. Think of those folks as lilies of the field…stinkin’ lilies 😉

      • “I, whom England made, whom it taught its language and its tolerance and excitement in intellectual pursuits, I should feel it a grave sense of loss (as you would) if a hundred years from now Shakespeare and Newton are historical fossils in the ascent of man, in the way that Homer and Euclid are.”

        J. Bronowski

    • Anyone with any sense of history and human nature can see the ongoing degringolade clearly. With everything that entails.

  3. It really IS that bad already. Jordan Peterson noted he got a letter from a college professor.

    The professor, a completely masculine male over 6 feet asked the class. If I demanded that you think of me as a woman, a black person, a midget, would you agree and if so, why? No one raised their hand except one brave girl who said “I’d be afraid what people would think of me.” Then the professor asked “How many others of you wouldn’t speak just now because you were afraid to speak?” EVERY single student raised their hands.

    • Wussification of one generation: mission accomplished. But to be fair – I hear them loud and clear. If I were in their shoes – would be probably equally wussified.

      Yet – compare these kids with the same-age men thrown on the beaches on Normandy in 1944. I can’t help feeling enormous respect for these brave soldiers – who were afraid as any youngsters would and feared for their very lives as everybody would. Yet …

      So we truly are far worse off now.

  4. One of the best from Pat Condell.

    However, we need to be more optimistic.
    We can win and we shall win.

  5. Pat, keep it going! We need you!

    I admire you because you speak the truth and like me, you loathe political correctness.

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