Alessandro Meluzzi: “Our Civilization is at Risk!”

Alessandro Meluzzi is an Italian psychiatrist, writer, politician, and academic. Prof. Meluzzi is featured in the following segment from Italian talk radio, which aired on January 5.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   So, there’s a person…or maybe it’s more than one, dear David.
00:09   From what we’ve heard. Comments coming from the elite, major newspapers… —Sure.
00:17   …outraged people and major media outlets are one thing, but the people is a whole ’nother thing.
00:26   It’s the people. Attilio Fontana (candidate of a great region like Lombardy)
00:36   stated that in the end, the white race is in danger!
00:41   That the white race is in danger because of this invasion and that we need to decide whether
00:45   we want to have it survive or not. He’s found someone who agrees with him:
00:49   Mr. Alessandro Meluzzi! Good evening, Alessandro! How are you?
00:53   Go figure. —Good evening. Good evening to you guys. —So, is Mr. Fontana right?
00:57   It’s silliness, nonsense. —I believe that Mr. Fontana’s main error was naivety. —Meaning?
01:04   —Because he used language in a naive manner. He used a word that cannot be used which
01:08   is the word “race”; justly so, as there’s only one race: the human one, obviously.
01:12   Thank goodness. —But I believe that by “race” he meant something that’s much more complex…
01:18   What? —which implies the words: civilization, rights, democracy, freedom, memories,
01:25   identities, styles, quality of life and living spaces which are actually at risk for real.
01:30   But he did say “white”. —Within this picture. —He said “white”, though.
01:33   I think he used “white” as a synonym for “European” or “Western”.
01:38   Words which I believe actually represent places that are under an absolute threat.
01:43   What threat? —Towards which an invasion is underway. This has… —Mamma mia… —immediate aspects.
01:51   The Libyan navy just announced that one million African Muslims are on their way from the
01:56   coasts of Libya, they said. —one million African Muslims. —The Libyan navy said this, not me!
02:02   It’s data that was quoted by all the international news outlets. I don’t see how an invasion
02:07   of one million people in just a few months, in the next weeks
02:10   (maybe after the elections), can be sustainable
02:13   for a country such as Italy. Since Austria, Switzerland and France don’t allow entrance.
02:20   Greece has ceased to do so. The same for Spain. So this burden will entirely
02:23   have to be carried by Italy alone. —So the expression…
02:26   Now, I don’t know if “Italy” is synonymous with “white race”, I wouldn’t say so.
02:29   But still, I think that our civilization is at risk!
02:33   I think that our European civilization, with its rights,
02:36   freedom for women, for homosexuals, freedom to walk around dressed how you wish…
02:41   What’s he even saying? —and to eat and drink what you wish is at risk. Full stop. That’s all.
02:45   Put at risk by whom? —That’s all. —Where do you see this? —That’s all. —Where? Where??
02:50   I see it. I do see it. —Come on! —A mass… —Be serious!
02:54   …Islamic immigration into Italy will produce effects
02:57   that are U-N-I-M-A-G-I-N-A-B-L-E. Full stop!
03:01   History and common experience tell us this. It’s told by the countries
03:05   in which this very thing happened. And Israel’s own history tells of this!
03:08   Our friend David Parenzo [Jewish] should know that in order to
03:12   defend their traditions, identity, quality of life, rights and democracy,
03:18   the great people of Israel had to implement certain measures. Even with regard to the Constitution,
03:23   the Knesset and the rights of the Israeli state in a society… —Good grief. —in which Muslims
03:28   would have become the majority! And our friend Parenzo knows this full well. —I’d like to know…
03:31   Full stop! —So you think these African Muslims are supposedly
03:35   about to invade Italy even more than it’s already been?
03:39   —They’re not one million, they’re infinitely more than that. —They have an ability to breed
03:42   that’s… Or put in words you would hear around here on our show: do they smash much more than we do?
03:50   No, they just have lots of kids! —You only need to look
03:54   at Italy’s demographic data. —What do they possess in this regard?
03:57   While in Italy… —I’ve made 3 kids for the country. I’ve made 3. —Bravo, bravo.
04:03   Bravo, David. —I’ve made them for myself, not for the country. —Very well then. —I’m joking.
04:06   What country? I’ve made them for myself. —I don’t know.
04:09   Might be for the country, or… —For the future, for the beauty of
04:12   or for the world… —living and life itself. —Anyway, I believe that the beauty of life
04:15   should be guaranteed first and foremost by liberty.
04:18   The civilization of which these people are bringers has many qualities
04:21   and many flaws; the main one being the lack of liberty!
04:24   The populations who have come to Italy
04:27   (migrants who are mostly from Islamic North Africa) have a fertility rate
04:30   that’s between 5 and 6 kids per couple,
04:33   while Italians have 1.2 kids per couple…the math is quickly done. I mean, it’s clear as day!
04:38   What do they possess more than us? Why… —Poor old Fontana’s error was just naivety!
04:43   His use of language was very much naive; but plain, evidently.
04:46   For this, he will be crucified by the whole of the
04:49   politically correct intelligentsia world! —But he’s right…? —In my opinion he posed an extremely
04:53   serious question! —But you think he’s right? Just tell the truth. — Sure. He’s substantially right!
04:57   Race doesn’t exist! —He is. —The white race doesn’t exist,
05:00   and the invasion doesn’t exist! —No, a European civilization exists!
05:04   A Europe exists! —Dear Parenzo, the European civilization exists! Which possesses
05:07   very hard-earned rights. —Of course. —From the Treaty of Versailles onwards!
05:11   Among these [rights] there’s “religious pluralism”, which is not provided for in these other
05:14   civilizations! —Excuse me… —There’s also protection for individual liberty; or sexual
05:17   liberty, which aren’t provided for in these other civilizations! —No one disputed this. —Or liberty
05:20   for women, which they don’t provide for, there as there’s the subjugation of women instead!
05:23   With supremacy of male-chauvinism which is not provided for liberty, but
05:27   there it actually is! I mean, you guys are fully aware of all these things! It’s useless for you
05:30   to want to conceal them in the name of dimwitted, politically correct do-goodism! —Alessandro…
05:35   Dimwitted and do-goodist! —In the end, with your Anti-Islamization Party… —I don’t have any party
05:39   of my own, I’m just the honorary president. —Are you going
05:43   to run in the elections or not? —Absolutely not.
05:46   Thank goodness! —I was part of it 3 lifetimes ago. I won’t run for any elections. —What do I know!
05:50   Not now, not tomorrow. No way. I can declare this officially.
05:53   I’m not a candidate for any election now, and I won’t be
05:56   in the future. Because I believe that an intellectual’s role is to be free, critical,
05:59   autonomous and to be able… —Thank goodness. —to say what he thinks without having to join
06:03   any duels. This is my hallmark. —Excuse me for one second… in the end, when someone…
06:08   when one… You think it’s not OK for black and white to mix, or…?
06:12   Black and white has nothing to do with anything!
06:15   We’re talking about a clash of civilizations here, which Huntington
06:18   outstandingly explained in his marvelous book some years ago. —The clash of civilizations. OK…
06:23   The issue is not… —the end of… —Genes aren’t the issue, the issue is the clash of civilizations.
06:28   Civilizations aren’t easily assimilable. The do-gooders who dream… —In fact… —of a great and jolly
06:33   mongrelized [world]… —we have a great Europe with… — don’t know… —its rights and
06:36   liberties! —that for all this to come to pass, it takes CENTURIES! —What are you talking about…
06:39   It takes CENTURIES for civilizations to be assimilated! —In fact… —One generation is not enough,
06:42   In fact, we’re in the beautiful… —dear Parenzo! —free and great Europe! —One generation is
06:45   not enough! —This is what you refuse to understand! —If someone has it set in mind…
06:48   —The force of Europe is freedom! —to replace Italy’s ethics and culture,
06:51   it will destroy our quality of life! —The force of… —Even yours!
06:54   —our country… —Even that of your kids! —and of our Europe is liberty! —Even your kids’!
06:58   —The constitutional state! —Even your kids’! —Freedom of religion!
07:01   —Even our kids’ and our grandkids’! —Mamma mia. —These people
07:05   don’t even know what freedom of religion means, as apostasy is
07:08   punished by death! —But we’re in EUROPE! —Those who change religion are punished by death!
07:11   The force of Europe is that there’s freedom! —But this changes in relation to the NUMBERS!
07:15   Freedom! —This changes in relation to the N-U-M-B-E-R-S! In relation to the numbers!
07:19   As long as they’re a tiny minority, they enjoy our very own rights;
07:22   then they conquer us using those same rights, and
07:25   they’ll take over our laws and occupy! —Do they rape more than we do? —What?
07:28   Do they rape more than we do? —Just look at the data from the Ministry of the Interior,
07:32   rather than asking ME. Do they or don’t they? —Request the data from the Ministry of Interior and…
07:36   What does that mean? —you’ll see that there’s a ratio of 6:1 compared to the statistics…
07:39   What does that mean? 6:1… —It’s not ME saying this.
07:42   It’s simply because they don’t press charges against Italians! —6:1 compared to… —What even…
07:45   …compared to the weighted average calculation! With the weighted
07:48   average calculation of the population it’s 6:1. —6:1. —It means
07:51   6 times more. —They rape 6 times more. —But there’s a simple explanation for this.
07:55   If in a culture women are regarded as objects to be possessed, bought, exchanged, sold or utilized,
08:00   then the very concept of protecting freedom for women
08:04   is clearly unthinkable. —Let’s end with the pope, then:
08:08   he’s back to saying that we need to welcome refugees. That we need to let them in, etc. etc.
08:12   What’s Meluzzi’s final judgment on the pope? —He’s an awful pope! Awful! Awful! —Is he a danger?
08:17   Is he a danger? —Very much so! I wrote this on an article in today’s “Il Tempo”.
08:22   “The pope is a danger”… —Where I say that the holy migration the pope proposes
08:26   (without borders, outlines, limits or numbers; like a
08:29   pure “petitio principii”) is a sign of absolute irresponsibility that no adult, intellectual man
08:36   (whether he’s a pope or not) should support. —So? —Because he doesn’t factor in the outcomes…
08:40   The pope isn’t… —that all this will produce! —proposing immigration! What are you saying?
08:43   It’s not the pope! —When the pope… —It’s not like people come here because the pope told them to!
08:46   …says we need to let them in at any cost, —He’s unbelievable. —when he says we need to open the
08:50   doors wide, when he says that no limits. —Yeah, yeah listen to this. —should be imposed, when
08:55   he says that borders don’t exist, when he says that all the doors should be open…
08:59   He also talked about the fear of hospitality. —when he says that
09:02   hospitality is our only duty, he’s not just talking nonsense, but also being severely irresponsible.
09:05   This is also going to reflect on the history of the Church. —Mamma mia. —in the future.
09:09   This is also being said by numerous bishops and cardinals quietly,
09:12   because they’re fearful of very severe retaliation.
09:15   Which is also present at the Vatican in what’s known as the “progressivist current of the Church”
09:19   The head of the Church has spoken! —No, I merely spoke out of simple good-sense as a poor old
09:23   family man. —Should [they] try to find some way
09:26   to send this pope away? —Sent away? Who can do that?
09:29   What do I know! —What “sent away”! No… —For the invasion by the Vatican, I don’t know…
09:33   Let him stay there. Let him. History and the Eternal Father will judge him. —Well, goodbye.
09:38   History and the Eternal Father will judge him. —Yeah, right!
09:41   History will judge both the pope and Meluzzi.

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  1. “Now, I don’t know if “Italy” is synonymous with “white race”, I wouldn’t say so.”

    Idiot, their is no White race, white is a color. Caucasian race would be the exact term. And yes, Italians are of the White/Caucasian race.

  2. what a confusing dialogue! They sound frightened out of their wits and unable to put coherent thoughts together.

  3. All dogs can interbreed; SAME RACE. All humans can interbreed; Same Race. Now take a close look at the different breeds. Western Europeans and their culture are quite different than the Same Race but different breed that is invading their territory. These are not gentle MONGRELS that the foolish European political elites are encouraging to come among us. This are the Dogo Argentinos..the the rabid Dobermans..the inbred pit bulls..the deceased Akitas..the aggressive and warlike breeds that are bent on destroying the placid silly breeds who are led by the Coker spaniels in Western Capitals. Thank God we have some Rottweiler..Airdale..Jagd Terrier and Jack Russel breeds in the likes of Putin and Orban who will make short work of the Muslim dog breed.

      • I bred top line ” New England Dog breeders ” Pit Bull dogs for many years while my five chidden were growing up. This breed is loving and affectionate to people { particularly children}. They are lousy watch dogs because they like people…even strangers. They are hard wired when confronted with any creatures that challenge them, or are in their territory. They are also loyal and tenacious when the need arises. President Putin…and Victor Orban are among the few outstanding Nationalists who have their citizens well being as a priority. I would say that President Putin has the main attributes of a cross between a German shepherd,Rottweiler, Jagd Terrier as well as a Pit Bull. What we would all really like our National Leaders to be like. He will eat the Mongrel Politicians fore breakfast if they actually challenge him.

        • Just set Google News Alerts to “Pit Bulls” and watch the incidents come in every day. Sure there are some good ones, but this is a case of “blood will tell”. Dogs are bred for particular traits and the bloodlines of pit bulls make them unsuitable for many things.

          No, I don’t want a pit bull to lead my country.

          • Anyone who uses ” Google” News as an authority on any subject is illustration their level of knowledge.

          • Let’s look at it another way:

            How many owners have been mauled by their Black Labradors?

            How many children have been savaged and killed by Golden Retrievers?

            The fact is, different breeds of dogs are, well, different from each other, depending on what they were bred for. Dogs that were bred as guard dogs or attack dogs are, statistically speaking, more likely to harm people, even their owners, without warning.

            I’ve never heard of anyone being killed by a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. But then, maybe I missed the news story. Or the media may have covered it up…

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