Laura Huhtasaari: “Finland Has the Slackest Immigration Policies!”

Laura Huhtasaari is a member of parliament for the Finns Party, the only major party in Finland that opposes mass immigration and Islamization. Ms. Huhtasaari recently ran for president of Finland, and gained a respectable 17% of the vote, which bodes well for the Finns in the next round of parliamentary elections

In the following video Ms. Huhtasaari discusses the legislative proposals put forward by the Finns that would tighten Finnish immigration rules, bringing them more into line with those of Sweden and Denmark.

Many thanks to KGS for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hi everyone.
00:03   The Finns have submitted a legislative initiative
00:06   that illegal aliens should be in detention.
00:11   Parliamentary group spokesman Leena Meri submitted it to parliament
00:14   last Friday, February 23, 2018.
00:21   (Leena Meri) The legislative initiative is a modification of section 121 of the Aliens Act,
00:25   and proposes to amend the law on aliens in such a way
00:29   that the detention of foreigners would be possible
00:33   following a precautionary measure.
00:37   In other words, the conditions for detention should be changed so
00:42   that a foreigner could be detained
00:46   when a foreigner is to be repatriated from the country without a residence permit
00:50   if the conditions for removal are met.
00:54   This also safeguards the removal of the person from the country.
00:59   (Olli Immonen) Respected Speaker of Parliament, Finland has
01:03   one of the slackest immigration policies in the Nordic region.
01:07   Finland has the slackest immigration policies!
01:11   Social Democrat Minister Ardalan Shekarbi wants the undocumented (illegals)
01:15   out of Sweden, even though he was one of them as a child.
01:20   “A dual society is not an alternative.”
01:24   A welfare state cannot work if we cannot turn away people at the border.
01:31   Danish Social Democrats want to get rid of asylum-seeking rights.
01:36   Hopefully now Finnish Social Democrats will wake up to reality,
01:41   because smart people learn from others, admit their mistakes.
01:45   (SDP MP) Mr. Speaker, I have been active on the parliamentary commission;
01:48   there would have been room for this kind of legislative initiative there.
01:52   About the Danish SDP,
01:56   it was deemed as well by the Finns in Finland; the Finns former chairman, Timo Soini (PS) later
02:02   called Finns immigration policy ‘hateful towards people’.
02:09   The SDP is not ready to support the Finns immigration policy initiative.
02:14   If other parliamentary groups are not ready, just as the SDP
02:17   aren’t ready to support the Finns “hateful towards people” immigration policy,
02:26   could I then follow Denmark’s and Sweden immigration policies?
02:32   Because they’re tightening that, which Finland badly needs.
02:37   We want an immigration policy that’s been successful.
02:40   The Finns Party is not against immigration,
02:43   we’re especially very pro-immigration,
02:46   of such immigration policies that are successful, as in Switzerland.
02:50   Why aren’t there any immigration-critical parties in Switzerland?
02:53   They’re not needed; they have good policies.
02:57   The Finns Party legislative initiative deliberations continue next week.
03:02   As I remember, on Thursday, March 1 2018.
03:05   It’s worth following the parliament’s full member agenda list;
03:11   you can also follow it live online on the parliament’s web page.
03:15   Thank you very much for watching this far.
03:19   I have started vlogging because it’s fashionable now.
03:25   I want to learn video editing.
03:28   You can send me messages, ideas.
03:31   Have a nice week and see you soon.

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  1. No policys will ever be changed, until the msm marxist media enabelers are dismantled, and left wingers are removed from instutions and detained as traitors, guilty of treason.

    Until it becomes clear, that if you, or any person whos supporting the destruction of western culture, western countries, etc, you will be arrested and face charges of hate crimes against your own people through treason.

    We need to turn the tables on theses leftists, feminists, and get them into jail asap.
    Get them asap on the back foot.

    Voting is rigged, they system does not function, look at germany, you have all parties
    Teaming up against afd, npd etc, refusing any deals or dialogue, same with sweden democrats.

    Were in dangerous times now, very dangerous, i jet fee days ago some swedes from stockholm, i asked them whats going on in sweden, rapes, violence, that looked at me like im a nut, they said everything is fine in sweden, theres no problems,
    They fled away quickly from me, i had been deemed a racist or some other left label.

    What the hell has happened to large numbers of people? Brainwashed, just like isis suicide bombers, brainwashed into the EUssr death cult.

    Im very worried for us all. Prey the EU will go away soon, collapses, and the new nazis that sit in that chamber find themselves, like gaddafi, captured in the street by the mob, to face street justice.

  2. “Ms. Huhtasaari recently ran for president of Finland, and gained a respectable 17% of the vote, which bodes well for the Finns in the next round of parliamentary elections”

    The right amount of votes is 7,8%.

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