No Skin in the Game

A reader in Canada sends the following observations about the likely future of Europe. It arrived via an email forward, so the author of the piece is unknown.

One reality about Europe’s current political leadership is summarized here:

  • Emmanuel Macron, the newly elected French President, has no children.
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel has no children.
  • Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has no children
  • British Prime Minister Theresa May has no children.
  • Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni has no children.
  • Holland’s Mark Rutte,
  • Sweden’s Stefan Löfven,
  • Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel, and
  • Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon, all have no children.
  • Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, has no children.

Ironically, it would seem that a grossly disproportionate number of the people who make the major decisions about Europe’s future have no direct personal stake in the future…

27 thoughts on “No Skin in the Game

  1. The same kind of post could be done about the so-called right wing extremists and populists:
    Viktor Orbán has five children
    Marine Le Pen has three children
    Geert Wilders, to my knowlefge, doesn’t, but most likely it’s due to the security measures, given he barely gets to see his wife too
    Miloš Zeman has two children
    Tomio Okamura has one child
    Tommy Robinson has three children
    Beata Szydlo has two children
    and so on and so forth.

  2. This and related pieces should more appropriately refer to WESTERN Europe. The presidents of prime ministers of the Visegrad Four (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic) have a total of 26(!) children between them.

  3. It has always been the case that those with no children have suggested they should be able to tell those who do, how to raise them. And when they force their child rearing techniques on families & it all goes awry, they immediately blame parents for being failures.

  4. I did noticed this for some time ago. This is why I say that west Europe have no future, as long the leaders have no future.

  5. Western Woman hates having children and certainly is repulsed by the idea of a father and children. Call it bleak house.

  6. Well, I have no children but wholeheartedly oppose the coming destruction of Europe, Canada and conceivably, the US.

    There is a simpler alternative explanation, which is that modern politics, while clearly not intellectually demanding, does require a constant attention to empire-building. Quite possibly, politicians with families simply don’t have the commitment or the desire to immerse themselves in the pressure-cooker model of leadership, which requires the constant reconciliation of contradictory demands.

    Trump is the exception, with his limitless personal energy, billions of dollars, and his family-rearing days well behind him (mostly).

    Note: as countries become more diverse, political leadership will become even more time-demanding, as the head of a country will be engaged in constant appeasement of various racial and religious identity groups with totally different values and objectives.

    • RonaldB: Good insights. I see this is single professionals, too. With no spouse or family, all time is devoted to work, work, work. The result? A dull and narrow existence, always trying to get somewhere.

  7. A really insightful posting – God forbid what any child of Angela Merkel
    Could have looked like though? Bulldog chewing a wasp perhaps?

  8. I can’t really point fingers on this since I don’t have any children. Heck, I’m at a loss where to find someone worthwhile to start a family with.

    • Indeed it is very hard nowadays to find a normal woman to have for a wife and have children with. Boys are more and more pushed towards not courting anyone and girls are more and more brainwashed to think prefering a family over a career is “a construct of the patriarchy”. And fair enough many of those end extremely unhappy when they by 40 realize they’ve missed their chance. It doesn’t help that most of us adults don’t care about working on a relationship and instead choose to divorce the moment a problem comes up, “’til death us part” has become empty and it sets a bad example for the children: “why bother getting married when we’re going to split up anyway”, right? Hence what we need to do is to lead by good example. Especially those who already have a family. On this note, btw, many of our young men end up choosing wives from Eastern Europe, instead of our own Central European girls, because Ukrainians (who form a big minority here in Czechia) don’t care much about emancipation and just want a man that brings enough money home to feed the family. They are also often hardworking themselves, but not on the expense of their husband and children. And they keep their homes extremely tidy, much like our older women do, but young ones not always. Needless to say they are often just as gorgeous as our own. At least it’s starting to look brighter, even if ever so slowly, since young people are growing more and more patriotic and return to classic familiar values – Merkel’s treason sped that process up, though I am still not sure if the number of patriots will grow fast enough to protect us on time.

    • You mean: Justin Castreau’s wife’s boyfriend has three childkind.

  9. I have five children – three boys and two girls, and six grandchildren – three boys and three girls – and I’m hoping for two or three more in the not too distant future. What a joy family is. Especially when it refuses to take as given establishment double-talk..

  10. I suppose it’s one reason to be grateful – that so many Western leader traitors are biological cul-de-sacs. If they have no real interest in the future why are they interested in leadership? It’s as if they have all been hand-picked by some higher authority.

    • It doesn’t have to be a conspiracy, it could simply be the fact that deep down they know they fail at life if they have no children, hence they try to weight it out by becomming influencial.

  11. Just to round out the data, here are some of American champions for the truth about Islam:

    Robert Spencer — 8 children
    Pamela Geller — 4 children
    David Wood — 4 children

  12. I have no children but I still wish to work towards a better future for us and for our Western civilization.

  13. I’m completely “far right” and have no children approaching middle age. Most women are far left which makes things difficult. Also I’m probably not as attractive as mom thinks I am 🤔

  14. The simple FACT is this man can not afford the cost of raising even one child. He , his two wives and seven children are all fully supported by taxpayers. Every working German should be outraged that polygamy is being practiced and the results are paid for in full by taxpayers. It doesn’t matter how many children people have as long as they can financially provide for them. Unfortunately this one story demonstrates there are hundreds more like it in Germany. Welfare freeloaders who will pass that mentality along to their multiple offspring. Sooner or later ,there are not enough workers to support the welfare system . Germany will go broke in a very short time from this abuse.

    • The worst thing is, would this be a German man, having a wife and children and a lover with children, he would soon end up in jail for being unable to provide for all his children. People would riot why he should be getting any statutory support when he’s such an [epithet]. Yet I guess they are scared enough of possible consequences from speaking up in the same fashion against the protected species that are muslims.

    • With the abundance of land in North Africa Middle East, they could work on their land and easily feed their own polygamous families without the need for money or welfare from Western countries.

      But when their main intention is to take over Western civilization and claim it as their own, they would resort to anything, just as what we are witnessing now.

  15. Jussi Halla-Aho of Finland: Five children total. Four with his wife, one with another woman. He did not deny the fact he has had an extramarital affair resulting a baby when it was brought up in the media last year. After that, the media have not mentioned it again.

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