Geert Wilders Interviewed on Faith Radio in Hungary

While Geert Wilders was in Hungary to launch a translation of his book Marked for Death into Hungarian, he was interviewed by the radio station Hit Rádió (“Faith Radio”), the radio outlet for the fourth-largest Christian church in Hungary, the Faith Church.

Note: The interviewer asked questions of Mr. Wilders in Hungarian, which were then translated into English for him. He responded in English, with interspersed consecutive interpretation into Hungarian. In the video, only the interviewer’s questions are subtitled in English.

Many thanks to Dzsihádfigyelo for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A short summary in English from The Hungary Journal:

The Dutch Party for Freedom’s (PVV) chairman, Geert Wilders spends the weekend in Hungary, to present the Hungarian edition of his book, Marked for Death (Halállistán) in Budapest, Nyiregyhaza, Gyor and Sopron. In Budapest, he gave several interviews.

Video transcript (questions only):

00:10   Our guest is the Dutch politician, the leader of the Party for Freedom.
00:14   Geert Wilders, welcome to the show!
00:17   Wilders is famous for his Euro-sceptic and Islam-critical opinions,
00:22   because of which he has received a lot of death threats
00:26   and has been living protected by bodyguards for more than ten years.
00:30   His book, “Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me”
00:34   has recently been published in Hungarian by Patmos Records.
00:37   And now he is visiting Hungary to promote this book.
00:42   So Mr. Wilders, welcome to the show. And special thanks to our interpreter for her assistance.
00:51   Do you still get death threats?
01:09   How do you live with it? Have you got used to it?
01:47   Let’s look at why you are doing it all. In your book, you give a detailed description
01:52   of the circumstances and characteristics of the birth of Islam,
01:57   so the readers can get to know the nature of Islam.
02:00   You claim that Islam is not only a religion,
02:03   but also an oppressive ideological and political system.
02:07   How did you become convinced of that? What do you base this opinion on?
04:33   How did you find it out? By reading the Koran, for example?
07:30   It is curious that you drew this conclusion from the Koran and your own experiences,
07:37   while many think that the majority of Muslims are moderate, not radical,
07:42   and there does not even exist a doctrine of terrorism in Islam —
07:46   some even call Islam ‘the religion of peace’,
07:50   and they say that the Western civilization has a lot to thank Islam for.
07:57   Why do you think there are so many interpretations of Islam?
10:48   You mean by this, that moderate Muslims may easily become radicalized too?
13:05   Then how would you explain the fact that several leaders,
13:10   or the former president of the USA, Obama,
13:14   openly stood up for Islam and decided to fight against prejudices against Islam?
15:30   You are often accused of being a populist, a xenophobe and of holding extremist
15:34   views — just like the Hungarian government is,
15:41   mainly in relation to immigration, which now gravely affects the whole of Europe.
15:46   This is from your book, I quote: “Islam has launched an attack
15:50   for the third time in history, to conquer Europe,
15:54   but it is the first time it has threatened the continent from the inside.
15:59   The doctrine of immigration is the Trojan horse of Islam, which paves the way for jihad.”
16:06   These sentences hint that it is a conscious, planned phenomenon — if that is so,
16:10   then who engineered this phenomenon? Who do you think is behind it?
20:06   And what can be done about it? What would you suggest?
22:50   There are millions of refugees who are already here, among them a lot of people
22:54   with Muslim culture and religion, and this should be tackled.
22:59   Would you talk about the situation in the Netherlands?
23:03   In your book one can read that you tried to change the view of the Dutch government,
23:08   to help foster integration. How successful was it? To what extent was it successful
23:12   in preventing the formation of parallel societies?
26:59   Back to Holland — how successful was integration? You said the transformation
27:03   of the view of the Dutch government on immigration was not successful.
28:51   Have so-called ‘no-go zones’ evolved in the Netherlands yet?
28:54   Because some circles in Hungary also question the existence of them.
29:46   You named Viktor Orbán the Man of the Year in 2017.
29:51   Why did you choose him?
31:34   Yes, the leaders of the West seem to favour the concept of Multiculturalism
31:39   and the cultural relativism you mentioned.
31:44   Do you foresee a possible shift in this stance in the European Union?
33:49   So are you optimistic about the future of Europe? Will there be a change in this regard?
34:00   I mean Europe, mainly.
34:57   Let me ask you some personal questions.
35:01   In you book you write that you would not say that there is no God;
35:05   you merely acknowledge that you do not know if there is a God.
35:09   So I presume you are not a committed Christian like we are,
35:16   yet you are committed to fight against the danger of Islam. What motivates you?
36:23   How did you end up with a Hungarian wife?
37:04   How does your wife endure your peculiar way of life?
38:14   Thank you for the compliment. If you could do it all over again,
38:18   would you start fighting against the Islamization of Europe?
38:25   Would you take on all those attacks and threats against you once again?
39:06   Thank you for the interview. We appreciate very much
39:10   that you stand up so bravely. May God bless your endeavors.