When the Refugees Came…

More from our Polish correspondent Green Infidel:

Leftists are outraged about this “anti-Islam” writing that appeared in places in the wake of today’s National Day march:

Under the top photo:

A mother with a child after an acid attack… this picture says more about Islam than a thousand words

The text on the sheet below is called “When the refugees came…”:

When the refugees came, I didn’t protest — they were poor refugees.

When they established mosques, I didn’t protest — they have the right to pray.

When they introduced Halal food in schools I didn’t protest — they can only eat what the Koran allows them to.

When they carried out attacks I didn’t protest — it’s only a small group of radicals, which doesn’t represent true Islam.

When they raped women I didn’t protest — rapes occur in every culture and religion, and they have nothing to do with Islam.

When they demanded Sharia zones I didn’t protest — they need their own space, and we live in a free country.

When their MPs took their seats in parliament I didn’t protest — they’re almost half the population now and have a right to be represented.

When they introduced Sharia law, it was too late for me to protest.

There is still time… think!!!

A Pole is wise, before suffering. [Word-play on a Polish saying: “A Pole is wise, after suffering”]

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  1. This reminds me of something I read years ago, but cannot remember clearly. There was one thing I remember: when they came for the Jews, they didn’t come for me because I was not a Jew. So it must have been from many years ago. Does anyone else remember this?

    • You must be refering to this;

      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

      A poem written by German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller.

  2. If I remember right, to continue now that I’ve had another little memory bubble burst in my mind — it was about how people thought it had nothing to do with them, because they weren’t Jews, they weren’t political, they weren’t this or that — but in the end “they” came for everybody.

    It’s a pity we don’t teach more history in our schools. Nearly everything has happened before and if you know your history you can rcognize it coming down the road — at you — again.

  3. @Mariadee: the quote below my dotted line below is from Martin Niemöller, background eg here: https://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007392.

    Has the photo been Photoshopped to produce the acid-etched face with a typical E. European, ie Polish/Russian style of wearing the female headscarf? ? I am a bit sceptical of this photo, the first thing I thought of was the air-dried corpse faces I have seen in the underground catecomb in Palermo/Sicily.
    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  4. a bit of history:

    it was the king of Poland who was supreme commander of the Christian coalition army that defeated the Ottomans in the battle of Vienna

    the largest cavalry charge in human history was at the battle of Vienna

    God’s forces carried it out

    What are the chances that throughout all human history of all the cavalries from all the civilizations and all the armies and all the religions across all the dozens and dozens of centuries that it was a Christian army that did it?

    pretty low

    almost impossible

    it was no coincidence

      • This is another key point that needs to get fixed-

        European peoples need to stop selling each other out to Muslims and progressives for some limited, temporary benefit that ultimately weakens all European peoples.

  5. What a sorry state we have fallen into! When I explain to younger people what has happened in the past they have a hard time comprehending it. It will take quite some time to turn this around, but thanks to God and President Donald J. Trump, I believe have been granted the time.

  6. Смешной народ поляки. Очень смелые, когда мусульман в стране – три калеки.
    А то что это так, даже не их заслуга. Им просто дядя Сэм, который их использует как свою площадку против Германии или России так разрешил и дал немножко воли.

    [Machine translation:

    “Funny people of the Poles. Very brave, when Muslims in the country – three cripples.
    And the fact that this is so, not even their merit. They just uncle Sam, who uses them as their platform against Germany or Russia, so allowed and gave a little bit of will.”

    This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

    • well well..
      if it was in Arabic, this type of poisonous anti-American rant wouldn’t make it here, right?

      but Russia needs respect.
      The Donald himself doesn’t dare saying anything negative.

      • If it were in Arabic, the machine translation would most likely be gibberish.

        I’ve let through a few Arabic-language comments in the past, when the machine translation was comprehensible.

        • this is SOP for Putin’s troll – to write all sorts of gibberish in order to smuggle single well-memorizable target mem – in this case, here it is –

          “uncle Sam.. uses (whom-ever) as platform against Germany or Russia”.

          – first, uncle Sam is evil and manipulative.
          – second, uncle Sam is definitely “against Germany”.

          classic of modern (rather postmodern) Russian propaganda.

          everything this blogger writes from now on, is to be deconstructed 🙂 from this POV.

          • Why do you think I’m a Troll? Putin is a dependent figure which the owner can be in London, maybe in Washington. I see my country being robbed through the comprador administration. I see that in the world, strange things are happening, where the will of the people does not depend on anything. I just find it funny when the poles with their torches and wooden crosses put up by the hope of civilization.

      • I was misunderstood. I’m against Islam. Europe and Russia were bent by certain hostile forces. And Poland – no. This is not their merit – it’s geopolitical games.

      • I don’t know who needs to be respected. Putin – colonial kinglet, fighting for oligarchic interests. The population from year to year life is getting worse. More and more migrants and Diaspora crime.
        The life of the Russian soldier is cheaper than the American or European, so they are sent to slaughter, so they pulled the chestnuts out of the fire for the big shot.

        • This is an excellent example of Soros propaganda.

          Those who have firsthand experience of life in Russia know that life there was most horrible in the 1990s, under the supposedly ‘democratic’ presidency of the drunk criminal Yeltsin, who was such a great pet of the Western ruling elites. At that time, the life of a Russian soldier did not really cost a kopeck and lives of Russian civilians were the same price. The country was robbed by professional criminals and enterprising Western businessmen who found the orgy of lawlessness very convenient for their commercial activities.

          Under Putin, Russia has gradually become a saner and cleaner country, the living standards and life expectancy rose, the number of abortions has gone down, the drunkenness too, as people began to have some hopes of the future. But as Russia stubbornly resists the suicidal ideology of political correctness and rediscovers Christian values, the antiChristian Western elites and their subservient media inundates the world with ridiculous and shameless anti-Russian propaganda worthy of Dr Goebbels.

          • unfortunately there is no “ignore” button on this site.

            so, the whole Mother Russia is expected to arrive here soon, everybody will enjoy these lectures on Great White Orthodox Christan Conservative Nuclear Values, in full.

          • There is definitely an IMPLICIT “ignore button” on this site: Never, ever reply to anyone you consider a troll. The weapon will be turned against you and the troll has endless ammunition.

            Discretion is the better part of valor, Ay.

    • Better uncle Sam, than uncle Joe. As for the cripples, you did notice the last sentence, I hope. Before, not after!

  7. Елена
    “Why do you think I’m a Troll? Putin is a dependent figure which the owner can be in London, maybe in Washington. ”

    I already explained – you are allowed to tell any tosh on anything else, including any negative on Putin, but you must repeat the same mem again and again – the Ultimate Evil is “in London, maybe in Washington”.
    single-mem broadcasting device.

    • I don’t blame the ordinary citizens of these countries. We are all equally sentenced to death. But at the time, the top leadership of these countries the supported of Islamic militants in Bosnia and Chechnya.

    • Any sober observer would see that those who are in power in London, Washington, Brussels, Berlin or Paris, pursue policies which can hardly be called anything than utterly evil.

      They systematically and relentless wage war on Christian faith and on the morality and culture based on it. They destroy the traditional Christian family, thus leading not just to moral, but also physical suicide of the West.

      On the other hand, they open the door wide to Muslim and other culturally alien immigrants, carefully protect religious and cultural rights of Muslims, put the label of “racist” and “bigot” on anyone who tries to resist islamasiation.

      Abroad, they destabilise Muslim countries thus causing enormous hardship to their populations (do you know, what is going on in Yemen now? If not, look it up in the American Conservative, for example), generating huge flows of refugees and other migrants and creating ideal conditions for extermination of the local Christians (and also Yazidis, other non-Muslims and ‘incorrect’ Muslims.

      Compared to them, Putin, for all his faults, looks refreshingly normal and inspires a certain degree of confidence. Anyone in his or her right senses, if faced with a choice between Putin and Ms Clinton (Obama, Macron, May, Merkel …) would choose Putin, even if somewhat reluctantly.

      • scroll button, comrade Anton.
        you won’t attain much by advertising these Russian imperial faeces.

  8. The problem is that Trump seems to have gone along now with the plan of kowtowing to the Saudi’s. If we are to believe Alex Jones’s recent reporting (I think it was a show in the last week or so?) the deal was made to support the Saudi’s “including to let them immigrate” but Alex (and Trump) say it’s a good thing because the Saudi’s are turning over a new leaf, they just need support in going after Iran first, and there will be no more terrorism or anything because things will be different.

    The problem being that anyone who has deeply studied the doctrine of Islam know that there is no such thing as turning over new leaves of anything – there is not room for reform, they already mass murdered the Mutazila who tried a thousand years ago leaving them buried under the desert over the last attempted genuine reform of Islam when it first contacted and conflicted with the brilliance of the west. Far more disturbingly, the Imams have been teaching their people to HOLD BACK AND WAIT now instead of exploding in violence on the west and those people move generally in lockstep coordination with what the OIC tells them – all this to let the immigration continue, to wait until there’s a solid 3-5% of the population, to give it ten or more years even, yet in the end the violence ALWAYS comes back out. Historically it has not failed. Experts in Islamic doctrine can attest to this – people like Stephen Coughlin – whose 6 part series on youtube (starts here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhZe7eZK4dw and later parts cover material that I have not seen ever covered by other critics of Islam, including here – FWIW i’ve tried contacting this website before and gotten no responses) goes into things such as what I just mentioned the OIC organization for islamic cooperation (which effectively represents the entire muslim world) which has already struck deals with the US state department to put in their version of hate speech legislation which is likely to make sites like this illegal – and Trump backed down from any attempt to stop it even before he launched missiles on Syria months ago. On the contrary, his flip flop on the Saudi’s seems to further indicate he will go along with it. (we can argue over why – ie whether he doesn’t know/bad advice, whether it’s believing it is necessary for the financial well being of the country to be sorted first, or that other agencies in govt are resisting and refusing to cooperate – but he is going along nonetheless/finally signed on himself it seems)

    Other must view people include Bill Warner, and FBI agent John Guandolo – it’s easy to know they are worth listening if you look at the outright smears and character assassination all over youtube and then compare the claims against their direct honest and soft spoken natures quoting nothing but verifyable facts. If the image at the top spoke all you needed to know, look at what else these men have to say, on everything. All three of them seem to have an understanding of inner Islam that I do not ever see voiced by ANY of the common and prominent critics (who mostly focus on the violence of the moment, and when there seems to be a backdown on that temporary violence or a verbal weasel-words condemnation, then soften their positions), which concerns me greatly, because if the hostile forces simply go into stealth jihad waiting mode while the west puts it’s guard down hoping to save the economy with a Saudi bailout, it will lose the culture war in an irreversible fashion over the rest, because any future attempt to stop the invasion after things turn violent will just be blacklisted as ‘ethnic cleansing’ or some nonsense and every other leftist talking point of those Common Core students soon become voters will be used to hold open the doors after the strategically irreversible tipping point is reached.

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