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  1. I hope he (Tommy) can persuade Europe before it’s too late and they find themselves bowing to Allah, whether they like it or not. People really can be stupid or perhaps they just don’t want to face the fact that Gates of Vienna (the original) is pretty much looking like it is going to repeat again.

    Europa has become rather religion-less these days so they don’t (perhaps) see it coming. Maybe they don’t realize the arabs take their religion seriously and for example, the Brits do not.

    I am not waving the flag for religion, just pointing out that one has to have SOME belief in something higher than themselves, whether it is religion or ethics or some other thing that keeps them on on the straight and narrow path of (dare I say it?) righteousness and right behavior.

    • Tommy is not religious..
      Just decent modern human, – there are millions of people like him.

      People are not “stupid” – everybody understood everything about Islam long ago, just confused by the necessity to resist.

      Still in pro-civilization camp, the debate about doctrine and tactics of resistance is very weak.

      My own opinion on this is following:
      1. In terms of goal-setting, the resistance should lead to Separation.
      2. It also should bring the refinement of Western society.
      3. Methods-wise, it should apply stiff boycotts of both Archaic and Postmodernist establishments and practices, in particular rejection of unspecified “integration” and “freedom of religion”.
      4. It should keep up robust law-enforcement, other words, project overwhelming force on the opponents within, and on rogue regimes abroad. For example, for the unarmed Europe, that means paramount importance of weapons smuggling prevention.
      5. In politics, it should maintain both its popular support and progressive quality. other words, it should be centrist, democratic, meritocratic and secular-humanist.

      • Your list is appreciated. I’m not sure separation is enough. Look at Pakistan and soon Iran: Separated from us but nuclear weaponized. How stabile is this?

        I’ve always thought that we should also have the goal of making apostates. Lots of debates, arguments, criticism, fora on civilizational and cultural health and ethics, much better historical education in our schools. Great fireside chats from good leaders.

        • certainly.
          I see Separation as pre-requisite to the long-term containment and siege of Archaics.

          It simply follows from incompatibility with West, which was demonstrated so many times, e.g. in this blog.

          However, neither I nor anyone else can tell now, how exactly Separation can work in practice.

          One thing is certain – Archaics must be 1) disarmed 2) isolated and 3) confronted in logistic and cultural terms, including all things you specified.

          West needs wide popular debate about this, as well as about future social principles and programs.
          This confrontation will define the life of generations, and to have clarity in the beginning is an advantage.

          In particular –
          – No to Islamic weapons.
          – No to Islamic oil.
          – No to Islamic texts.
          – No to Islamic trolls.
          (.. such rules for peaceful coexistence)

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