Sixteen Years…

…And one would have thought things would have changed for the better, but they haven’t. In fact, they’ve ratcheted back a couple of notches.

The Great Jihad is that much further advanced than it was on September 11, 2001. We are unable to name the enemy, so fighting him has become that much more difficult.

The politically correct Narrative that forbids any recognition of the Islamic enemy was not created by George W. Bush, but it was cemented firmly in place by him for seven years, and then set in concrete for another eight years by Barack Obama. The fact that America could elect and then re-elect a president named Hussein shows the iron grip the Narrative has on the throat of American culture.

Our leadership is required to demonstrate that it is doing something against the perpetrators of atrocities such as the ones in Boston, Orlando, and San Bernardino, so it fights “terrorism” — by spending trillions of dollars bombing and occupying the Hindu Kush, or establishing and propping up Iranian puppets in Iraq, or fomenting regime change across the rest of the Middle East. Our foreign policy has moved beyond the naïve and feckless to the psychotic: we destroy the despotic satrapies of the Muslim world so that we are required to import millions of the resulting “refugees” — untold thousands of whom enter the West with the declared intention of killing as many of us as they possibly can.

The Narrative that supports all this absurdity can only be maintained via an ever-tightening regime of thought control. Anyone who speaks the truth about Islam is likely to be harassed, vilified, sued, and fired from his job when he is not actually arrested and prosecuted. “Anti-fascist” thugs have been conscripted as a state-sanctioned paramilitary force to intimidate anyone who dares to depart from the Narrative. John Q. Public now has to fear the red flag of the Antifas as much as the black flag of Jihad.

I could go on, but you all know the story. Oceania is at war with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

Happy September 11th, everyone.

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  1. The truth slowly begins to emerge: Saudi government allegedly funded a ‘dry run’ for 9/11.

    After the 9-11 Atrocity, America should have appropriated the Ghawar oilfield, and then demolished a few prominent Saudi Arabian structures to boot.

    To put things in perspective:

    Al Qaeda spent roughly half a million dollars to destroy the World Trade Center and cripple the Pentagon. What has been the cost to the United States? In a survey of estimates by The New York Times, the answer is $3.3 trillion, or about $7 million for every dollar Al Qaeda spent planning and executing the attacks.

    • One of their stated goals was bankrupting the US, which has been achieved, except for the fact the Fed can simply wish more fiat currency into existence.

    • There were many, many points where the US could have protected itself from the 9/11 plotters and didn’t.

      A primary point was the wall rule adopted by the Justice Department, architected by Jamie Gorlich, that kept the CIA from informing the FBI there was an actively-dangerous terrorist cell operating in the country. Gorlich is now a prime attorney for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

      There is also additional evidence coming out now that Saudi Arabia financed 9/11 rehearsals, in addition to giving financial and operational support to the hijackers themselves.

      But, I disagree with your conclusions. The US government, by choosing to avoid the most fundamental protections for the country, must accept responsibility for changing the situation. We don’t need more oilfields. We don’t need yet another country, Saudi Arabia, disintegrating and shoveling Muslim refugees our way.

      We have to take our lumps and adopt the measures to protect ourselves. Quite evidently, these measures must include ways of expelling, replacing, or ignoring the judges who take it on themselves to dictate the policies of the President clearly given to him by the Constitution and legislation.

      • I’m sorry but the wall rule is so mind-bogglingly idiotic that one has to believe that it was designed and implemented to achieve precisely what it did in this tragic situation.

      • We don’t need more oilfields.

        It’s not about obtaining more oil. It’s about starving the Saudi Arabian terrorism factory.

  2. A few points-

    1) The official 9/11 stories are bunk

    2) We will never know what really happened, much like JFK

    3) The “invade/invite” strategy is one of the main tools being used to implement the globalist agenda

    4) The last 16 years make a lot more sense when one realizes the US no longer functions as a nation-state, but as a global ’empire of chaos’.

    • 1-3) crude anti-American propaganda + mediocre conspiracy

      4) yes, ’empire of chaos’ – started from Clinton’s Saudi-provoked rape of Serbia, and then everywhere.
      but chaos only in civil administration.
      in post-Reagan USA, the military junta, allied with intelligence community and intellectual/big-business oligarchy – became de-facto stabilizer and guarantor of Constitution.
      that is because of sub-critical degeneration of civil establishment.
      (in my pedestrian’s perception, certainly).

    • We will never know what really happened, much like JFK

      Read “The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government”, by David Talbot.

      He devotes the book’s final chapters to the JFK assassination and provides one of the most comprehensive explanations for that event.

      With his unbelievable amounts of influence (at all levels), Allen Dulles makes people like James Comey look like rank, ham-fisted amateurs.

    • Never forgive, never forget.

      With respect to the 9-11 Atrocity, no truer words have ever been spoken.

      Thank you, Elisabeth. I will never forget our dinner at Plachutta or—for that matter—the scrumptious lunch at Trzesniewski.

      Your immeasurable courage and eloquence have played no small part in helping to preserve Europe from the gruesomely treacherous ravages of Mutti and Brussels’ cadre of EU apparatchiks.

      Please extend my warmest regards to your sweet daughter and good husband. May we once again hoist a stein or three at Schweizerhaus. Their schweinshaxe was the closest approximation I’ve ever tasted to my Bedstemor’s flæskesteg.

  3. well, West absorbed it.
    as to Islam, – it already got enough damage, opprobrium and exposure, it won’t survive.
    it was suicidal mission not only for hijackers.

  4. This date on the current civil or commercial calendar is August 29th on the original Church Calendar (adopted in 325 AD) and still used by millions of traditional Orthodox Christians worldwide.

    On this date the Church observes the Beheading of Saint John the Forerunner (Saint John the Baptist).

  5. Until the ‘theatre’ of 9/11, Islamic Jihad was something that got mentioned on the back pages of ‘Newspapers’ or the 3 AM ‘News’ on TV and Radio.

    After 9/11, Islamic terrorism gained a more prominent profile throughout the media where the inverse phrase, ‘Religion of Peace’, came to describe Islam, a term that to the history literate could see through the charade of applying such a s description to such a violent and intolerant ideology.

    We now find ourselves in the ‘Age of Terrorism’ a truly meaningless term when one takes time to think about it because it describes no active enemy, it describes no country that puts forth the ‘Terrorist’ and it describes no goal for why the ‘Terrorists’ would willingly kill themselves as they so willingly kill their ‘enemy’.

    Dick Cheney and his cohorts likened 9/11 to America’s New Pearl Harbor. Why that term? To find out the reasoning behind such a term one needs to go back to America’s First Pearl Harbor event on December 7, 1941, and to learn what occurred immediately after that event and what led from that event in the long term American involvement, militarily, politically and financially, throughout the entire world.

    December 7, 1941, immediately placed American industry on a war footing – a footing that the Japanese Naval Commander, Admiral Yamamoto, described as the ‘awakening giant’ of American industrial might that would eventually overwhelm all the Imperial Japanese Military plans that had been put into action at the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

    Many will wonder at, but few will comprehend why America then placed Hitlers Germany – a country that up to that time had caused very little action against American interests – as enemy number one to beat, and even though it was Japan that ‘brought’ America into World War Two with its attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan became ‘relegated’ to being enemy number two.

    It is not my intention to go further into why Germany became the main target of the Allies during that war and why the Soviets, whose Communist system before that war was largely vilified by the Allies, but soon after Pearl Harbor, became an Ally in the fight against Nazi Germany. Suffice it to say here though, that Germany had become an enemy of the United States long before Pearl Harbor.

    And after that war, and seemingly as if on cue, the Soviets decided to draw down that ‘Iron Curtain’ that Churchill turned a phrase on and stick it to the rest of the Capitalist World. Well, at least that is what we have been told to believe. I’ll leave it up to the serious researcher to find out the true reasoning behind that ‘Iron Curtain’.

    And so American involvement around the Globe became seen as having a ‘calming effect’ on those ‘hot spots’ that popped up from time to time with only the Soviet Union antagonizing United States, ‘peaceful’ efforts. Anyone who knows how the Western ‘intelligence’ systems operate – and they are not independent of each other as some would like to believe – know that much of the world’s problems became even more pronounced after the forming up of the CIA,NSC,NSA,ONI etc, etc.

    In fact, it is an ‘open secret’ that where a country’s government falls that has not been a ‘loyal friend’ to the United States, the letters C.I.A. get mentioned, and in my opinion, deservedly so.

    The industrious investigator can trace the actions of American involvement in many of the past World events since the end of the Second World War. President Kennedy’s murder opened up a whole new chapter in how the Military Industrial Complex, that evil beast that President Eisenhower warned us about, and that came to include the financial and Banking interests from around the Globe with much impetus from a South American country known to be loyal to National Socialists and that Hoover had directed the FBI to investigate – BTW, those findings are still classified to this day.

    So, the investigator then arrives at the beginning of the ‘Age of Terror’ and the ushering in of a New Pearl Harbor – even Nostradamus had something on that ‘Age of Terror’ in one of his quatrains – with the ‘Liberation’ of Kuwait by American Military and Allied forces during the last decade of the 20th Century which marked the beginning of American involvement in the Balkans and the Middle East and to which America is still involved.

    The advent of 9/11 has taken us all into the next chapter of subjugating America to fit in with the New World Order.

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