Pascal Hilout: “A Veiled Woman is a Soldier of Islam”

The following clip shows the former Muslim Pascal Hilout discussing the meaning of the veil when worn by Muslim women in France.

From the notes to the video:

Riposte Laïque celebrated their tenth anniversary on 2 September 2017. This is an extract from a speech given by the former Muslim Pascal Hilout (né Mohamed) on the Muslim Woman as a “soldier for Islam” rather than a victim.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for translating and subtitling this clip:

Video transcript:

00:00   And from the start there was this
00:04   Vision — I think I have contributed to
00:08   changing it — of no longer speaking of
00:12   “Islamism”. Islamism and Islam are absolutely the same thing,
00:16   and by the way, I am grateful to the “Islamists”
00:20   for showing us the true face of Mohamed,
00:24   because, they imitate him. In the Middle East
00:28   the people of ISIS do no more than apply
00:32   and reproduce what Mohamed did
00:36   14 centuries ago. And so I thank them
00:40   For showing us the true face of Islam.
00:44   But unfortunately we have not completely
00:48   left behind us the doubletalk nor the aversion
00:52   towards speaking of the subject. Because
00:57   this fear
01:01   Of being persecuted makes it so that we do not always speak
01:05   Truly. At the time, of course, the precautions employed
01:09   were to speak of “Islamism” and not of “Islam”.
01:13   And then also, one still spoke of the
01:17   Muslim woman as a victim
01:21   of the veil. Perhaps she is that,
01:25   in the Middle East. But in France
01:29   she is (a victim) no longer. She is a soldier of Islam.
01:33   And at Riposte Laïque I think I have contributed
01:37   to finally getting the idea accepted: Let’s stop
01:41   believing that the Muslima is only
01:45   a… let’s say… victim.
01:50   No. She is the vector. Today
01:54   here in France: her veil says to us all
01:58   “I am Muslima and I will only marry a Muslim or a
02:02   Well-circumcised convert. It is SHE who facilitates a not insignificant number
02:06   of conversions via her bed.
02:10   Believe me.
02:14   And while we have not understood this,
02:18   as long we don’t understand that with the Muslima
02:22   and her veil, the melting pot
02:26   is completely torpedoed, we will have understood nothing.
02:30   We will not understand why the French nation is breaking up.
02:34   And so I have contributed a little to this idea
02:38   that we must move the Muslima from her status of victim
02:43   to the one of soldier for Islam. Even its flag-carrier.
02:47   Flag-carrier for Islam; the flag is, of course, the veil.

9 thoughts on “Pascal Hilout: “A Veiled Woman is a Soldier of Islam”

  1. Whoever thinks that muslim women are victim is obviously someone who hasn’t had to dealt with these harpies, they are as brutal as men, they beat children (not only their children) they spit at people whenever someone disagree with them, they are consumate shoplifters, they are horrible mothers in law who treat their daughters in law like slaves.. muslim women are real monsters not better than muslim men at all.

    • and are best avoided in public settings due to their lack of manners and courtesy. Thankfully there have been a few exceptions, but only as long as the husband is present and does most of the talking.

    • Reading your description, I was reminded of the consummate “American welfare queen”. While not attempting to inject race into this (and doing it anyway) the white queens are the worst.

  2. Spot on.

    Sad that the West no longer accepts or understands the concept of “total war.”

    • I don’t think the West has forgotten the concept; more that it has been insulated from reality and has not had to fight a total war since WWII. When there is a real existential threat to Western existence, we will fight a total war to ensure survival. Those girlie men, effeminate poofters, and leftists who undermine or refuse to defend themselves and the West will be slaughtered by those on both sides who are more resolute and determined.

      Survival of the fittest; those with the strongest will to live will kill those who do not have such a desire to live, their genes will be passed on and the species will become more aggressive and tougher as the weaker, effeminate members are weeded out of the gene pool.

  3. I have always thought hijab, burka and niqab to be kind of war uniforms for islamic women. Same as someone walking around with a swastika arm patch.

    • Part of the problem is that so many Westerns know so little about Islam.

      In Dar-al Islam, the garments you mention are a normal feature of daily life.

      In Dar-al Harbor, the same garments signal the arrival of invaders and colonizers.

  4. I would like to append the idea of “true face”. Yes, that face, when clearly seen (Beslan), is abhorrent beyond ugly. A face can smile when needed. It is the SPIRIT behind the face that I reject. That corrupt and rotted core that delights in all its thoughts and actions placing its adherents far outside the borders of humanity.

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