The Trial of Hussein Khavari Begins in Freiburg

If you were following the German cultural enrichment news back in the fall of 2016, you’ll remember the murder of Maria L., who was raped and drowned by an immigrant named Hussein Khavari (who used to be an Afghan, but is now apparently Iranian). Mr. Khavari was remarkable in his ability to remain seventeen years old. He was seventeen when he entered Europe, seventeen when he entered Germany, and seventeen when he was arrested for rape and murder in Freiburg. He stayed seventeen for at least four years, and may still be seventeen, for all I know. Kind of like the title character in Harlan Ellison’s story “Jefty Is Five”, except with a heavier beard.

Hussein Khavari went on trial today in Freiburg. The following report on the opening of the trial by Egri Nök was published earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form. You’ll notice that although Egri includes the accused murderer’s full name, the German media follow the fastidious custom of referring to him as “Hussein K.”

Germany: Trial of ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ Who Murdered Maria L. Starts Today

by Egri Nök

Freiburg: Today is the first day of the trial of the ‘unaccompanied minor’ refugee Hussein Khavari, who raped and drowned the medical student Maria Ladenburger on October 16, 2016. Some parts of today’s hearings will be in closed session.

People queuing in front of the court this morning

[Useless pixelated photo of the defendant not included]

From Die Welt:

Audience is Queuing — Hussein K. Announces Statement

Surprise in the trial of the murder of the student Maria L. in Freiburg: the plaintiff announced a statement. Meanwhile, there were protests in front of the District Court, and viewers were standing in queues.

The death of Maria L. shook the nation: in October, she was raped and left to die on the bank of the river Dreisam. Now the murder trial in Freiburg is starting with a surprise: after the suspect Hussein K. failed to give any details about his person for months, he has now suddenly announced a statement.

The young man appears tired and indifferent in front of the court on Tuesday morning. His attorney says that he took a sedative before the hearing started. Nonetheless, he was ready to answer the court’s questions.

Public interest in the trial is enormous: the trial began under strict security measures. People had been queuing in front of the District Court as early as two hours before the hearing.

Within sight of the court, according to police, about ten people close to the AfD were protesting with banners (“Protect Borders — Save Lives”). They announced their protest at Augustiner Square. 50 left-wingers showed up for a counter protest that had been organized on the internet. Both groups were yelling slogans; the police did not have to intervene, it was announced. The protests ended at around 10:30.

Defendant’s Identity is still unclear

Parts of the hearings are closed to the public. The chief judge decided that the audience has to leave the room when the defendant provides information about his sexual biography. Further details about the defendant, though, are discussed in public.

At the beginning of the hearing, the prosecutor describes a cruel action by Hussein K.: according to this, the defendant ambushed the 19-year-old shortly before 3am — the student was on her way home from a party. Hussein K. allegedly pulled her from her bike, bit her three times in the head and chest, and undressed her. Then he choked her and raped her brutally.

Subsequently, he placed the unconscious woman in the river Dreisam — according to the prosecutor, he had wanted her to drown. Additionally, the water was supposed to obliterate traces.

K. was arrested in December 2016. His identity still remains unclear. While Hussein says that he is 19, the prosecution estimates him to be at least at 22. Two age evaluations are supposed to underpin this during the trial. According to the court, the defendant was born in Iran — until now, it had been announced that he came from Afghanistan.

Because of the doubts about his age, the hearing is at the court’s juvenile division. If he is found guilty, the court can judge him according to adult criminal law, however.

A Previous Attempted Murder

After K.’s arrest it surfaced that he nearly killed a 20-year-old woman in Greece, before his flight to Germany. He had been arrested, but was released in a general amnesty. He then went underground, and re-appeared, unrecognized, in 2015 in Germany, as an alleged minor refugee.

Questions about the violent deed in Greece will not be permitted in the hearings in Freiburg.

There are 16 days scheduled for the hearings. The verdict is not expected before early December. 45 witnesses and ten experts will be heard.

16 thoughts on “The Trial of Hussein Khavari Begins in Freiburg

  1. It’s the job of the courts to protect the citizens. It’s also the court’s job to punish criminals.

  2. Could they not bring in an expert to determine age? What is wrong with them? (I know, I know but this is beyond the pale of stupidity).

    • The prosecutor believes that the true age of the man is 22; and will bring in two experts on a later day.
      But the Gutmenschen, who dominate affairs in Germany, argue that age determination
      – is inhumane, as it involves a physical exam
      – shouldn’t matter anyway, because of “mental age”: a 22 year old, who shows the psychological maturity of a 16 year old, should be treated like a 16 year old in all (legal) consequence.
      Both is madness of course, postmodern madness.

  3. I wonder if Maria Ladenburger’s father is still in favor of the open importation of “refugees” or has he rethought his position and perhaps found a job that does not entail bringing more refugee criminals into Germany?

    It is counter-productive to predict what the court will or won’t do: best to speak after the decision and not before. What we can say, though, is that the expense of the investigation, trial, and incarceration of the murderer will be far greater than the total earnings that could ever be expected from the damaged sociopath. And chances are, the sociopath won’t really care what happens. In the worst case, he’ll be housed and fed the rest of his life among his fellow-Muslim males. He was a loser in his own culture and a loser in Germany.

    All this to say what GoV readers all know: the immigrant behaviors will not be shaped by legal procedures. Just bringing them into the country guarantees this sort of consequence. No Muslim would attack a Muslim girl like that; and if he did, he would be running and banging on the door of the police to let him in before the girl’s relatives tracked him down and dispensed tribal justice.

    • The father and his daughter – both dyed in the wool brain washed Merkel approved communists.

  4. If, if he’s convicted what will the sentence for rape and murder of an infidel woman? Probably 6 months probation and counseling an hour a week the first month.

      • A “therapeutic sailboat- ride in the caribean!”
        Excellent idea as hurricane season is upon us.

        Q: How many Muslims can we get on that boat?
        A: Who cares, as long as they’re leaving.

      • A therapeutic one week session in The Black Dolphin or in The White Swan will suffice… google them out.

  5. This is a case where a double standard for the Ummah would be immensely helpful.

    No need to waste time and money on a trial in this situation. Suspicion of the Ummah member would equal guilt and lead to capital punishment.

    Imagine the deterrent effect of this double standard.

  6. For an underage offender, ten years maximum; which means 5 years realistically.

    In this case though, I would be willing to bet no jail at all, instead, psychological treatment in a high-security ‘closed mental institution’.

    I also thought the hint at ‘changing religion’ was interesting.
    Under the impression of public outrage, Gemany recently changed laws, so that asylum seekers who commit a crime so severe that they are convicted to jailtime, might be deported (not that anyone gets deported, but that’s another issue).

    But if he converts to Christianity, then he won’t be deported, as Christians are treated inhumanely in Afghanistan. The German law does not permit to deport even mass murderers or war criminals, when there is reason for them to fear inumane treatment in their country of origin.

  7. As long as the EU exists. As long as the Germans tolerate their socialist totalitarian leaders. As long as islam is allowed to propagate. Western civilization will be threatened and rapidly disappear. None of this is inevitable but there is a tipping point.

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