The Love Brigades vs. the Mosque of Hate

We reported on Sunday that the leaders of the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec were upset about the “hateful” “Islamophobes” in a group known as The Love Brigades who had been distributing leaflets in their neighborhood about the extreme doctrines being propagated by the Center and its mosque.

The identities of the individuals who printed and distributed the leaflets have not been made public. Which is not surprising — in Modern Multicultural Quebec, expressing negative opinions about Islam may well land you in court, especially since the passage of M-103.

The article below from a dhimmi media outlet in Quebec joins in the two-minute hate against the Love Brigades. Read the article first, and then read a translation of the leaflet. You’ll see the extent to which the media and the politicians have misrepresented what the leaflet says. In the USA, the text would not be remotely actionable. At least not for now.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from La Presse:

The Love Brigades are “cowards”, considers Labeaume

September 2, 2017

[photo caption (not shown): Régis Labeaume urges all politicians “unanimously” to unite to denounce acts of racism.]

by Camille B. Vincent

(Québec) The Mayor of Quebec described the leaflets of an Islamophobic character recently distributed by the Love Brigades in the vicinity of the Center Culturel Islamique de Québec as “harassment”. “They are people who pay for themselves, but they are essentially cowards, they are chickens, they are craven. These people are just that.”

Régis Labeaume mainly refers to the fact that the instigators of the Love Brigades remain anonymous even now. The requests for interviews from Le Soleil have remained unanswered.

On Saturday morning Le Soleil revealed the presence in Quebec City of this group, which says it wants to fight hatred in Quebec. In their Bulletin Rose, which has allegedly been printed in 25,000 copies, Les Brigades de l’Amour accuses the Center Culturel Islamique de Québec of spreading “terribly intolerant and hateful” remarks.

For Régis Labeaume, this is another worrying element in Quebec. “I do not want to exaggerate, but there is a far-right wind right now in Quebec. It’s more obvious in Quebec City because we had the shooting on January 29th [at the Great Mosque of Quebec City]… There is a model of behavior at the moment that makes people more daring. Those who thought things did not say it before. We can thank our neighbor in the United States, which has trivialized racism and violence, and now people are allowing it.”

“We must denounce them all the time. It is certain that by denouncing them, we also excite them, we are very conscious of this. But between exciting them by speaking, and not talking about condemning them, I prefer to condemn them,” adds the mayor.

Unite against racism

“The worst part of it is to deny. Historically, when extreme right-wing movements were born, the authorities’ reaction has always been to trivialize, saying, “If we do not talk about it, we will not give them any importance. Without importance, they won’t grow bigger. “ It’s not like that. Every time they did that, it didn’t work.”

He urged all politicians, ‘unanimously’, to unite to denounce acts of racism. “We will have to be clear, clear and precise, with no electoral games, without reaching for votes, without treating others as racists, but we all have the same discourse to say that must condemn it. It must be done consistently, regularly, systematically.”

Mr. Labeaume denounces the attitude of some politicians who “do not talk too much about it because they do not want to lose those ‘customers’.”

“Enough is enough”

Late Saturday evening the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec (CCIQ) published a statement entitled “Enough is enough!” in which it “formally denies, with force, all false allegations that are only filled by hate and racism” written in leaflets distributed by The Love Brigades.

“The CCIQ has never advocated violence or insults against our fellow citizens, regardless of their confession, origin or sexual orientation. On the contrary, the CCIQ has always been at the forefront in combating violence in all its forms, “the CCIQ writes.

The communiqué then lists more than a dozen violent acts that have undermined “the security of citizens by their religious affiliation”. Among those named, the killing on January 29, but also more recently the burned car of the President of the CCIQ, Mohamed Labidi, and the excrement thrown at the door of the Great Mosque. The CCIQ finally states that it will not hesitate to use any legal remedy to assert its rights and those of its members.

(With Jean-Frédéric Moreau)

Below is a translation of the Love Brigades’ leaflet, also by Ava Lon:

The Love Brigades, August 2017, distribution: 25,000 copies

At the funeral for the victims of the abominable slaughter of January 29, 2017 at the Islamic “Cultural” Center of Quebec, our gloriously reigning Prime Minister, Philippe Couillard, proclaimed with force: “Let us extirpate hatred from our society!” No doubt to clearly affirm his fierce determination to combat hatred and violence, M. Couillard, by the way, finished his moving speech with a vibrant Allahu Akhbar! … that is to say, the cry of war that the jihadists scream each time they commit a terrorist attack. For her part, the Minister of Immigration of the government of Mr. Couillard, Mrs. Kathleen Weil, said on July 20: “No place for hatred!”

It is in response to these moving calls for war against hatred that were launched by Prime Minister Couillard and Minister Weil that we peace-loving citizens are taking the initiative to found the Love Brigades, because we absolutely want to do our part in the fight that must be waged against everything that spreads violence and hatred.

It is therefore in a festive and enthusiastic spirit that we cheerfully shattered our piggy banks in order to defray the costs of this first newsletter of the LB, of which 25,000 copies are being distributed free of charge in the homes of Quebec to promote a citizens’ battle against all forms of hatred. And we promise to produce other LB bulletins regularly, for as long as the hatred has not been EXTIRPATED from the territory of Quebec, as M. Couillard so passionately urges us to do.

A hotbed of hatred in Quebec City?

So we started looking for all the places or groups that spread hatred in our Quebec City area. Our criteria were severe: we did not allow ourselves to be guided by media or other chatter, but only and strictly by solidly documented proofs, the sources of which are direct.

A few weeks ago, at the beginning of our research, we had the ambition to put the grapple on the horrible individuals who sent a hateful package to the Islamic “Cultural” Center of Quebec City, commonly called the Great Mosque of Quebec. In fact, we were deeply overwhelmed by this “repugnant” act, as our sublime Prime Minister Couillard so rightly called it, and we were determined to help find the culprit(s) behind this gesture, as perfidious as it was godly.

But it’s hard to describe our consternation and dismay when our research on this ignoble incident made us discover that clearly and terribly intolerable and hateful words are broadcast on the website of the Islamic “Cultural” Center of Quebec itself! Indeed, one finds in particular this writing clearly intolerant, hateful, and potentially an inspiration for violence against Jews and Christians:

“The Jews say: Uzayr is the son of Allah and the Christians say: Christ is the son of Allah. Such is their word from their mouths. They imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before them. May Allah annihilate them!” (Source:

We have also discovered, with an inconsolable sadness, that the Islamic “Cultural” Center in Quebec City has so far turned a deaf ear to the call launched in 2015 by the founder of the Canadian Muslim Congress, Tarek Fatah, who asked Muslim religious leaders to end the intolerant and hateful prayers against non-Muslims that are recited at least every Friday in mosques across Canada, and also in Quebec. (Source: So we don’t know yet whether these hateful prayers, which ask Allah to grant the Muslims the “victory” against the non-Muslims, are still recited at the CCIQ.

But our research has also made us discover that the Islamic “Cultural” Center of Quebec has links to the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization recognized by several experts as one of the main centers for the spread of Islamic terrorism worldwide. The humanist and democratic Muslim Mohamed Louizi, who has long been a senior member of Muslim Brotherhood in France, exposes their sly, hypocritical, dangerous and harmful face in his book Why I Left the Muslim Brotherhood (eds., Michalon, 2016).

In particular, we discovered that the Web site of the Islamic “Cultural” Center of Quebec City has already recommended the reading of the writings of various inspirers of terrorist violence, including Yusuf Qaradawi and Said Qutb, two major figures of the Muslim Brotherhood. We also discovered that a few years ago Revenue Canada withdrew charity status from associations that funded terrorism and to which the Islamic “Cultural” Center in Quebec has already transferred funds. The CCIQ never explained it, but it is true that the media did not show much curiosity about this.

Obviously, we are merely citizens, therefore not very cultured or wealthy, and our means of investigation are very limited. That is why it may be in the public interest for some journalists to surprise our fellow citizens and decide to stop being incompetent full-time, and begin to investigate these readily available facts and whose most direct sources are the website of the Islamic “Cultural” Center of Quebec itself, as well as government sites. Here is a hint to start such a journalistic investigation: there is a very useful site, called Google, which can provide you with very interesting leads.

The leaders of the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec City have made numerous public proclamations of their love for tolerance and their desire to fight hatred, since the atrocious and condemnable killing on their premises last January. So this bulletin of the Love Brigades is intended to help CCIQ leaders fight hatred and intolerance, inviting them to respond to the noble appeal of the founder of the Canadian Muslim Congress, who urges them to eliminate from their religious practice any form of prayer, ritual or propaganda, which may incite or inspire faithful Muslims to hatred, intolerance and violence against non-Muslims. It is in this spirit of tolerance and peace that the Love Brigades also ask the leaders of the CCIQ to clearly condemn the Muslim Brotherhood, who propagate hatred and terrorism, to formally disassociate itself from this violent organization and repudiate it without equivocation.

Obviously, we ask our Prime Minister, Mr Philippe Couillard, since he has proclaimed that it is necessary to “extirpate hatred” wherever it is, to join his powerful voice with that of the Love Brigades by asking the Islamic “Cultural” Center of Quebec to eliminate all traces of hatred and intolerance from its practices, its website and the readings that it recommends to its faithful, and for him to also condemn the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.

11 thoughts on “The Love Brigades vs. the Mosque of Hate

  1. The entire Koran should be banned as hate speech… Or better yet all its hate literature exposed and openly discussed. The irony and hypocrisy of it all. What has become of free speech. Why is it OK to openly mock Christ and Christianity on national television and yet shelter the ideology that desires to enslave us all from even the minutest criticism?

    Have these idiotic [progressives] any brain cells left in their craniums? By facilitating the unwarranted spread of such an insidious ideology the left are not even making it a challenge for an Islamic takeover.

    It’s like handing over your entire cultural heritage for a complete overhaul and makeover.

    I shudder to even imagine what the whole of the civilized west will look like in another two or threw decades.

    • These leftoids have plenty of brain cells, but their function is highly distorted.

      The leftoids honestly believe once they get rid of nation-states and badwhites they will live in a vibrant, multicultural utopia. They have embraced Islam because they see how effective it is against the West and Christianity.

      However, they also honestly believe that they will be able to convince the Ummah to join their vibrant utopia in a union of peace and love. The Ummah realize this, and are playing possum until nations and badwhites are eliminated.

        • Dymphna-

          I can’t take credit for originating the term “badwhites,” more original minds did that before me.

          To me, the term means the peoples of European heritage that wish to defend their culture and see it prosper indefinitely.

          Obviously that makes us a bunch of filthy racist monsters!

        • I believe the entire usage derived from the “Berserker” science fiction series of the 1960s by Fred Saberhagen. “Berserker” referred to super-intelligent machines created by a race long ago to help fight their wars. The machines had only one goal: to destroy all life.

          Unfortunately for their creators, the machines were too successful, and wiped out both warring races. And eventually encountered humans.

          The machines were intelligent enough to go undercover, mimic humans, lie in wait monitoring communications, and wait for an opportune moment.

          Strangely enough, there were humans, a considerable number of them, who identified with the machines and aided them in their purpose, knowing that the goal of the machines was to wipe out all humans, including themselves. These humans aiding the machines were termed “Goodlife”. The Berserkers called them that, and the humans picked up the term. Since it was an ongoing war, a Goodlife was hung whenever exposed, but they were hard to detect, as they acted like other people. They were often extremely effective in gaining victories for the Berserkers, which meant masses of dead humans for each victory.

          By the way, the Berserker short stories are riveting, but the novels should be avoided at all costs.

          The parallel between “Goodlife” and those Westerners who aid Muslim migration is almost uncanny.

  2. Le Mayor of Quebec says about the Love Brigade that “they are essentially cowards, they are chickens, they are craven. These people are just that.”

    Not in the least. They are people who, at least at the moment, still retain some common sense. They know full well what’s in store for them as truth-tellers should their identity become known. When it comes to the left, there are no Marquess of Queensberry rules.

  3. French-Canadians in Quebec survived 250 of the British takeover, and now they’ll fall to this? Somehow, I don’t think so.

    Societies such as French Canada that are aware of their own existential threat are more likely to fight back than those who feel (for now) more secure, is my guess.

  4. “Read the article first, and then read a translation of the leaflet.”

    What, no link to a translation of the leaflet?

  5. “Historically, when extreme right-wing movements were born,…” Maybe in Canadian history but I thought all racist movements historically originate from the Left; fascism, communism, both two species of collectivism.

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