The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun, by Matthew Bracken — A Commentary, Part 2

Below is the second half of Seneca III’s introductory commentary to The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun by Matthew Bracken. Part 1 of this essay is here.

The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun, by Mathew Bracken — A Commentary

by Seneca III

Part II — As it may become

As the rhythms of the seasons change, so also do the rhythms of human affairs. When culturally homogenous societies are destabilised by invasive parasites and predators, those societies swiftly atrophy and inevitably disappear into an encroaching darkness, where dawn remains but a hope beyond an unseen horizon, where the night people are well about and yet to be put to the sword. There is found the formative crucible within which men and women, bound by strength and tradition, gather together and stand firm against the onset of barbarism.

But this response can only happen when free men and women first look around them at their children and their children’s children, contemplate what such a future may hold for them and theirs, and then, lastly, inwardly ask of themselves: “What am I doing? Why is this happening? Where have I gone wrong?” Thus, in the face of this observed reality, the whole rotten-to-the-core 21st-century global elite’s collective power grab may be peeled back layer by layer. Once full understanding and the fear induced by a realisation of impending tyranny or extinction have together overcome the false doctrines endlessly iterated by the deconstructionists, it is then, and only then, that mass counter-movements can arise, reset the course of their lives and determine their own destiny according to their needs and desires.

Indeed, as the comforting smoke and mirrors of affluence and its transient spawn indulgence dissipate, a primeval survival reflex kicks in which in turn forces a huge sea-change in the status quo. History teaches us that over the course of the gestative years preceding such upheavals the final objectives of the deconstructionists that are being implemented by their Executives, Judiciaries and the apocryphal incubi and succubi of Academia gradually become exposed for what they are. When this burgeoning awareness takes root in the minds of a significant percentage of the demographic these once fragmented masses begin to coalesce, organise, cooperate on a broad, often transnational scale and find a central defining ethos and leadership with a common purpose derived from the indigenous peoples, by those peoples and for those peoples.

Furthermore, history teaches us that in addition to mental battles, physical battles must also be fought, often at great cost over extended periods of time. We are now simply in a new phase of a very old war. We would be foolish to ignore what can be learned from earlier battles fought, won and sometimes lost by our ancestors at places such as Covadonga (718), Valencia (1094), Tours (1356), Granada (1492), Rhodes (1522), Mohács (1526), Djerba (1560), Malta (1565), Lepanto (1571) and, in 1683, at the Gates of Vienna.

There, courage, sacrifice and the utmost ruthlessness were the defining characteristics of Western resistance. For our coming battles, as did our forebears, we will need to cultivate not just those personal qualities but also find leadership of the likes of Pelagius of Asturias, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, Charles Martel, Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile, Phillipe Villiers De L’Isle Adam, Jean Parisot de Valette, Don John of Austria and John III Sobieski. However, we in Europe have left it far too late to fight at our gates; the enemy is among us in significant numbers, well-entrenched, supported and nourished by fifth columnists from within our own ranks. Only Guerre à Outrance on our part can now save us from the ultimate objective of the Globalist Cartel — the reduction of all free peoples to the level of the lowest common denominator by means of the foot soldiers of the Caliphate, followed by our subjugation to the whims and edicts of draconian dictatorship. The EU project, although now stalled in the late stages of embryo, is a prime example of this process, as were the years of the Obama interregnum in the USA.

In Europe, Sweden has already destroyed itself to this end, but that should not mean that all of us are under any obligation to follow suit. Likewise, Canada, Germany and much of the rest of Western Europe are fast approaching the closing stages of the same process, literally turning themselves into a Western version of a Caliphate. On May 8th, 2017, France gave up all hope and committed racial suicide. It is as simple and dreadful as that.

Meanwhile, the UK is being quietly consumed from within as its ruling Junta, their apparatchiks and the close-ranking Princes of the Deep Church have conspired to arrange an under-the-counter deal with the predators whereby in exchange for them keeping the worst of their depredations — apart from those of the mythical ‘lone-wolves’ — temporarily in check, the establishment is doing everything in its power to protect them by imposing only minimal sentences when forced to prosecute Muslim child-rapists and returning ISIS Jihadis, by closing down factual debate, by prohibiting close observation and constructive criticism (and prosecuting us when we do try to identify and expose the barbarians for what they are) thus concealing the ultimate objective of this malignant carcinoma — our Islamisation and subsequent incorporation into a totalitarian Global Super-State. The various mechanisms used against us to achieve this objective are legion.

Foremost amongst them is the subliminal implantation of a ‘Mea Culpa!’ syndrome in the Western public psyche, the false idea that racism is singularly a disease afflicting only Caucasians, not as it really is, a universal trait that evolution has hard wired into the genes of Homo sapiens sapiens for good reason — racial survival — a defining mind set common to all races, each unto to their own.

Furthermore, the use of the phrases ‘British/American/French/German-born’ etc., and ‘Moderate Muslim’ constitute another smokescreen — it’s immaterial where these evolutionary regressives were spawned; a Muslim is a Muslim and simply cannot be moderate, only secretly apostate — secretly, of course, for fear of death, one must add.

It is also worth noting at this point that the referendum that gave us Brexit was an anomaly, a Black Swan event, the result of an unforced tactical error on the part of Cameron, who never intended it to be put to a vote of the people. He committed himself to this course in the hope of clinging to power as the Prime Minister of an anticipated coalition government sustained in place by a minor political party which had deep, personal vested interests in the EU and who would most certainly have obliged him by vetoing any attempt to hold such a referendum. Instead, the Conservatives were elected with a workable majority of their own and Cameron was forced to honour his referendum commitment, even though he attempted to influence and prejudice the result every step of the way.

Across the pond the USA is in a slightly better position than the UK and Europe. With any luck it may make it through the night, because it has finally realised that it had been shuffled into the Last Chance Saloon by the back door and is now heading out of the front door as fast as its legs can carry it under the fail-safes guaranteed by the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution — defences which we in the UK and much of Europe have long been shorn. Nevertheless, throughout the West, whatever situation we find ourselves in, whatever treachery has brought us to and continues to keep us in this parlous state, we must now rise to the challenge, hold whatever ground we may have left, and then muster, prepare and in due course commence the counter-offensive.

For if we do this, and do it soon — if we take the physical battle directly into the occupied territories within our Ecumene, into the offices and living rooms of their enablers and protectors, into those institutions that were once seats of learning but are now nothing more than Pavlovian deconstructionist crèches, onto the private estates and into the sanctuaries of the plutocrats, kleptocrats and wealthy ‘celebrity’ classes who drive and fund this abomination in their own interests — our descendants may not have to climb any Red Cliffs to rescue their children from slavery.

Yet there remains one thing that is not a maybe or even a moot point but an absolute certainty: if we do not at the very least contain, curette, completely eject from our shores, quarantine and forever monitor the primitive, retrogressive plague that is Islam, then the slave markets will thrive again as a New Dark Age under the merciless boot of a pre-medieval theocracy rises from the ashes of our civilisation and flourishes in all its horror and brutality under the Black Flag of Jihad.

The Mullahs, Imams, Ayatollahs and Muttawahs with their crippled intellects forever sliding like cold sludge through eternal night have backed themselves into an evolutionary cu-de-sac, and are, de facto and de jure, mandated by their holy book to drag us in with them without mercy or exception… if we permit.

Hence we can only save ourselves if we are united in both understanding and the need for positive and violent action. And yes, the Butchers’ Bill will be high, but nowhere near as high as it will be if we do nothing.

— Seneca III Middle America, July 23rd, 2017

18 thoughts on “The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun, by Matthew Bracken — A Commentary, Part 2

  1. “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!”

    I truly believe that nothing else remains for us to do. There will be war, sooner or later. I would prefer sooner, for then the fight will be that much easier before the hordes of islam have grown too strong. Also, I would rather fight the war, than let my children or grandchildren fight it. Better for me to face the horrors than them.

    • In case of not succeeding to win the war, are you ready to see what will happen to your children and grandchildren? You know, they want you to see what they are able to do. In my opinion, the west dont have 50 mil people ready to die in this war. And many, even they are ready, they know nothing about war.

      • I genuinely am one of those people that would rather die standing than live on their knees. If the enemy wins, then I will most likely be dead by then. My children will most likely be dead by then. And yet, I still prefer this ending to the endless dark islamic slavery. I know many people who think likewise, we are not alone.

        The west has plenty of people who are willing and able to fight. Better, more intelligent, more disciplined, more suited to the war than the mindless drones of islam. Europe has 500 million people, you really believe that not even 10% of them would fight? Nobody fights better than the western man, when properly motivated. Even if they know nothing of war now, most people here are quick learners. Not everyone needs to be an SAS or Delta operator. Basic weapons handling, fire and movement, small unit tactics, all fairly easy and quick to learn in a few weeks of time. From there onwards, experience and spirit will carry us on. Look at our enemies; even after a half a decade of vicious fighting in Syria, they are still fighting it like the mindless drones that they are. Not really learning, not really adapting. Just an endless slugging match with no end in sight. All they have going for them is viciousness and fanaticism. Do you really think the western man couldn’t do better?

        When the time comes, yes, it will be costly, years, perhaps decades lost, millions will most likely die, cities will burn, countrysides laid to waste. But that is the future price we will have to pay for todays folly.

        • Idahojoe: We are not a democracy here. It has a moderated commenting section. IOW, suspected trolls don’t see the light of day. Instead of using that term, it’s more helpful to say directly what you disagreed with…keeping it civil, of course.

          I haven’t seen the original comment yet but Stefan is reasonable.

    • Yep.

      Yer gonna have to fight your way through YOUR OWN local “police forces”–especially their ‘upper levels’ and elected and appointed leftoids.
      Get sent to jail–and deal with the Islamic inmates (Tommy Robinson, anyone?) primed to kill you.

      THEN–fight to keep your homes, jobs and marriages, as the deep state will KNOW WHO YOU ARE–and will ‘deal with you’ since they know absolutely everything , especially what’s BEST for ‘society’ AND YOU.

      Get past all that? Then maybe–just maybe–you might even get a crack at the bad guys.


      • Yes, but… What you are describing is pretty much the current situation. This is how it is now.

        If, or more likely when, the war is starting to happen, all that will be wiped out or at least be on its way out. Certainly the authorities will try and do their very best to stop it, but once a certain critical mass has been achieved, the war will make a path of its own. Wars are like that.

    • That’s a very noble creed, Kotkankantaja. I feel the same way but my first visceral reaction to all this is: the elites betrayed us so badly, screwed us, left us fighting all this and NOBODY will hold them responsible for what they have done, and no doubt done intentionally. The scale of this treason is stupefying. We are watching Europe slipping day by done on end, elections after elections lost to the very forces that have caused the decay. I fear that even Trump is just a ray of light before big dark storms move to America – a short interlude in the march of insanity and defeatism.

      Equally terrified am I concerning the necessity of a war which word folks on this forum are starting to utter way too often. I have watched quite some footage from the last Big War in Europe … the extent of destruction, disarray, suffering and absolute negation of lofty ideals is simply heartbreaking. War is going to kill us physically and cripple mentally the ones who survive it.

      It is hard not to be hopelessly sad if one ponders the years to come.

      • But it still needs to be done. No other way out at this point, and our children and grandchildren who are not responsible for the poor decisions that were made by our generation and our parents generation should not be made to clean up the mess that was made by those who should have known better.

    • There will be enough killing to go around for all to have a taste of it and have their fill before it is over. Probably a multigenerational effort on the scale of the Spanish reconquista. Demographics are not in our favor however, and every day that war is delayed only increases the number of enemies that fewer and fewer of us will have to counter.

  2. A rather accurate diagnosis of the present situation. Thank you Seneca III. We were warned that these days would come but we were also promised that the gates of Hell would not overcome that which YAH had established. Maranatha!

    • Social engineering in last 60 years did produced effects. People seeing the danger but unable to think, to associate, to react. Sometimes I have the impression that the lords of the world are testing different social models in order to find the best way to control populations. Politically, looks like the tests ended. Communism and capitalism will die. Now, religion is the next tool. A philosopher once said, 21 century will be religious, or will not be at all.

  3. “..ultimate objective of the Globalist Cartel — the reduction of all free peoples to the level of the lowest common denominator by means of the foot soldiers of the Caliphate..”

    this is so similar to religion – to talk about imaginary entities.

    something tells me that Globalist Cartel (or whatever), if existed and wanted to continue existing, would long ago feel the need to become high-IQ/tech, humanistic, secular meritocracy – anti-monopolist, anti-Islamic and anti-archaic in general.

    there is no such thing (yet), but there is no evidence of Evil Cartel either.
    no personalia, no political platform, no manifesto, no planning, no recruitment, – nothing.

    EU, Clintons, Makron, Merkel – just couple of petty clowns and low horizon nihilist pedestrians who decided not to resist the Islamic project, where, by contrast, all of the above is in place and functioning.

  4. The looming confrontation is inevitable but it does not have to involve millions of people killing millions of people. For obvious reasons we cannot publicly discuss strategy or tactics, but just remember that most left-wing liberals and Marxists in the West are cowards, and will run for cover at the sight of blood in their streets. It is still a better option to have them re-think their priorities, and Islamic terrorist attacks, on a major scale, might still change the numbers game, in our favour.

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