The Gradual Collapse of Sweden

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The Gradual Collapse of Sweden

by Fjordman

Birgitta Ohlsson is a politician from the Swedish Liberal party. On the National Day of Sweden in 2001, she published an essay entitled “Abolish Sweden!” She wanted to abolish all nation states and institute a democratic global parliament and a global police force.[1] Ohlsson has been a member of Parliament for many years, and served as Minister for European Union Affairs in the government of PM Reinfeldt between 2010 and 2014.

A global democracy doesn’t look very likely, but Ohlsson and other Swedish politicians have nevertheless made great progress in abolishing Sweden.

In November 2015, even Sweden had to reinstate a form of border control. At that point, more than one thousand asylum seekers flooded into the country every single day.[2] The then Deputy Prime Minister Åsa Romson from the Swedish Green Party literally cried on TV over this fact.[3] She did not cry because successive Swedish governments have done massive and possibly irreversible damage to the country through their immigration polices. No. Romson cried because she couldn’t continue immigration as fast as she wanted to.

Their official party program in 2017 states the following, in multiple languages:

“The Swedish Green Party has a vision of a world without borders, where all people can move, but no one is forced to flee. We don’t believe in countries’ right to choose their citizens; we believe in people’s right to choose where they want to live. We should greet people with opportunities, not with walls. Everyone should be able to live, work and realise their dreams where they want to. Freedom of movement should be a human right.”[4]

Mass immigration to Sweden still continues, just at a slower pace than in the crazy year of 2015. Back then, Sweden couldn’t even find beds for the many Afghans, Iraqis, Somalis and other immigrants.

The German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle in late June 2017 conducted an interview with the Swedish Justice and Migration Minister Morgan Johansson, a Social Democrat. Johansson then stated that “We have between 400 and 500 asylum seekers each week coming to Sweden. So we haven’t shut our borders but we now have a level which we can handle. And we didn’t have that in 2015.” He stated that “Now we have control over that situation.” The Minister also claimed that there is “no direct link” between migration and terrorism.[5]

This last claim is a flat-out lie. It is a proven fact that Muslim asylum seekers and immigrants have been involved in many deadly Jihadist attacks in Europe. On April 7, 2017, the rejected Muslim migrant Rakhmat Akilov murdered five people and wounded several others when he mowed them down with a stolen truck in a terrorist attack in central Stockholm.[6] A couple of months later, the Swedish Justice Minister claims that there is no connection between migration and terrorism.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Justice Minister Johansson and other representatives of the Swedish government may pretend that things are under control. There are, however, many disturbing signs that this is not true.

In June 2017, eight new districts were added to a police list of “especially vulnerable areas,” where crime rates are very high. Some have labeled them no-go-zones, a label the authorities reject. In 2015, Sweden’s national police released a report of 53 so-called vulnerable areas, including 15 considered especially vulnerable. Eight more urban areas have now been added to that list, bringing the latter number up to 23.[7] This is a big increase in just two years of places where Swedish authorities no longer have effective control over their country’s territory.

A survey in June 2017 suggested that Swedish police officers are facing increased threats and violence and that criminal gangs have created a “parallel society.” Anna Nelberg Dennis, the vice chair of the Swedish Police Union, said that it has become more and more common for gangs of young people to attack police officers in certain areas. “I think it’s part of a change in society, where in socially vulnerable areas, gangs have created parallel societies where they take the law into their own hands,” she said. “[The gangs] believe that police shouldn’t be there because they rule the area. This is something that the police can’t solve themselves.”[8]

The Stockholm region has been hit by a wave of bloody, gang-related murders. A report has found that 94.5 per cent of people identified as being involved in the Swedish capital’s violent, organized crime scene have an immigration background.[9]

One woman visited the emergency ward at the hospital in Lund, southern Sweden, in 2017. She described it as “Dante’s Inferno,” massively overcrowded and slow.[10] Swedish hospital staff and ambulance personnel face increasing threats and violence. Elderly Swedes who have paid taxes their whole lives often receive shockingly poor treatment. The Swedish welfare state started to disintegrate after the authorities decided that they should be the welfare office of the entire planet.

Sweden has a record number of unsolved murder cases.[11] Many public gang shootings go unsolved because the ethnic gangs do not talk to the police. Less serious crime can be nearly risk-free for criminals in many municipalities. The police are understaffed and underfunded.

No fewer than 70 police stations in Sweden will be closed down during parts of or for the entire summer of 2017 due to a shortage of money and staff.[12] This is happening at a time when the number of rival mafias and criminal gangs operating in the country has never been higher.

Bråvalla festival, one of the major music festivals in Sweden, announced that they would cancel their entire festival in 2018 due to reported incidents of rape and several sexual assaults.[13] Sweden has infamously high rape rates. Swedish mass media have for many years claimed that this spike in rapes and other violent crime has nothing to do with immigration, despite strong evidence to the contrary. Numbers clearly show that immigrants from the Muslim world and Africa are vastly overrepresented in such crimes.[14]

Gang rapes were very rare in Scandinavia forty years ago. They are now disturbingly common, and destroy the lives of thousands of women. Even gang rapes of boys have now become fairly common in Sweden.

Some migrants from Afghanistan explain that the rape of young boys by one or several older men is a common cultural practice in their country called bacha bazi.[15] European countries such as Sweden have seen a big influx of young Muslim men from Afghanistan. Many of them claim to be children, even if they are in their 20s or older. They bring with them the mentality and practices of their Islamic homeland.

In 2017, a man from Afghanistan was convicted of anally raping a young boy. For child rape, he got one month in a soft Scandinavian prison. He could not be deported since he had become a Swedish citizen.[16]

The first Islamic terror attack in Scandinavia took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on July 22, 1985. The attackers targeted American and Jewish targets. One person was killed and 26 injured. The terrorists were Palestinians based in Sweden. The problem has got a lot worse since then.

Michael Skråmos, a Swedish convert to Islam and former expert on “Islamophobia,” has joined the Islamic State and calls for Muslims to attack targets in Sweden.[17] A number of Islamic terrorists have even received welfare payments from Europe while staying in the Middle East.

At least 150 Jihadists have returned to Sweden after supporting the Islamic State (ISIS), probably the most brutal terrorist group on the planet. Many of them have been given protected identities by Swedish authorities to help them quietly re-integrate into Swedish society. Some of them complain that it is difficult to get a job after having fought for the mass-murdering slave traders of the Islamic State. A re-entry program — which may include free housing, a driver’s license, and tax benefits — was instituted by Anna Sjöstrand, a coordinator against violent extremism in the city of Lund. “There may be criticism, but [I think] that you should get the same help as others who seek help from us. We can’t say that because you made a wrong choice, you have no rights to come back and live in our society,” Sjöstrand told Swedish radio.[18]

Some might question whether freely joining genocidal terrorists who routinely behead people, burn them alive or stone them to death falls under the category of simply “making a wrong choice” in life.

It is highly likely that some terrorists or war criminals have received asylum in Sweden. The Swedish state seems very concerned with protecting them. It has been less concerned with protecting Swedes against foreign terrorists or war criminals.

In June 2017, the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) warned about an explosive growth in the number of radical Muslims in the country. “We have never seen anything like it before,” Säpo chief Anders Thornberg stated.[19] Thornberg said there are around 3,000 violent extremists in Sweden as of mid-2017. Some 2,000 of those are believed to have Islamic motives, and the remaining originate from far-right and far-left movements.[20] A 2010 report estimated the number of violent Islamic radicals at 200. The number of militant Muslims in Sweden has thus increased at least ten times in just seven years. Despite this, the country continues to import thousands of Muslims annually. Many of them are young and aggressive men from conflict areas.

Although Thornberg did not admit this openly, it is doubtful whether the security services can track thousands of people continuously. If the authorities cannot contain the number of potential Jihadists today, what will the situation be like 5, 10 or 20 years from now? When will the number of radical Muslims exceed the number of police officers in Swedish streets? What happens then?

The Nordic Passport Union allows citizens of Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland to travel and reside in another Nordic country without a passport or a residence permit. This agreement dates back to the 1950s. Today, these countries are also members of the Schengen Area, which includes much of the EU.

The Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) told the public broadcaster DR in June 2017 that Denmark may face a terror threat from the many radical Muslims in Sweden.[21] While Denmark, Norway and Finland also have a significant number of potential Jihadists, this threat is at least one order of magnitude worse in Sweden.

The Danish People’s Party (DF) and others in Denmark are starting to warn that increased border controls against Sweden may be necessary to keep out terror and crime.[22] Sweden’s other immediate neighbors, Norway and Finland, still haven’t properly entered this debate, but they should.

I have warned for many years that the problems in Sweden have grown so big that they are no longer merely a threat to the internal stability of Sweden. They have now also become a threat to neighboring countries.


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76 thoughts on “The Gradual Collapse of Sweden

  1. I have no doubt that the U.S. will be forced to intervene militarily at some point in the near future when the Swedish government all but implodes.

    If the Swedes weren’t such total cowards, they pull these insane female reps out of their homes put them in a cab and drive them to the nastiest Muzzie enclave and drop them off. Let them enjoy Islam up close.

    • No, Russia will be forced to intervene because the problem is on their doorstep. Whichever way it goes, Swedes must never again be trusted to run their own country. They are simply not capable.

      • Swedes were respectable cold protestants before 1968.

        What turned (the majority of) them into that decadent, submissive behaviour is the mix of may 68 ideology and the overwelfare-state.

        Any world population, when such infantilized, would become like this in some generations.

      • Feminists in the US consider it a huge misfortune to be born in a misogynistic country ruled by the patriarchy and that has an embedded rape culture.

        Swedish nutjob feminists no doubt consider it a similar misfortune to be born in Sweden and into their own skin. Well, they succeeded in creating the Sweden of their dreams, only with a rape culture you wouldn’t believe and a patriarchy rooted in 1400 years of Islamic madness. All theirs to savor at their leisure!

        As for misogyny, well, you just can’t beat FGM and garden-variety Islam. Which that Romson twit cannot import fast enough.

        The satirist is not alive who can capture this.

        • There is indeed a neo-Swiftian satire waiting to be written about how Sweden, long-recognised as the most advanced/extreme nation in terms of feminism, has become a gynocracy which is destroying itself by importing vast numbers of people from the most female-oppressing culture on earth. A most striking manifestation of the law of unintended consequences.

          • I’m not so sure how unintended those consequences are. Based on what is happening all across the West, and given

            (1) the silence of the feminists in the face of it, and
            (2) the fact that the feminists are part of the core of the ruling Leftist coalition, especially in Sweden;

            then it really looks intentional to me.

            I don’t understand the psychology of it, though. Another sign is the (rumored) trendy practice among native Swedish women of taking home a poor unfortunate “refugee” and bedding him, as a kind of social justice practicum. If this rumor is accurate, then it may provide some insight into the deep impulses in the female Nordic psyche that are being acted out.

          • Mr. O’Malley and Baron,

            It is said that people intend the natural consequence of their acts so it is hard to dismiss the intentionality component of European actions. That seems absurd on its face but Sherlock Holmes’s maxim makes it quite clear: once you have eliminated the impossible (that immigration and destruction of the nation have some kind of a benevolent purpose) then what remains is the truth, no matter how absurd.

          • Yes, I quite agree. It’s being done deliberately, for a reason. I don’t really understand that reason, but it exists.

    • The U.S. military is highly unlikely to intervene. The transgender admirals and generals wouldn’t dare break a nail or a sweat in the pursuit of liberty and justice for all.

      The Swedes will be immigrating to America. There is absolutely no where in the world for them to go. If things really go south in Europe my guess is that at least ½ to ¾”s of European women and children will abandon Europe. More if the Jihadi’s manage to obtain a dirty bomb or any nuclear material in their pursuit of the Caliphate.

      • Hard to say what the US military would do.

        Under the 100% pozzed Obama regime they would intervene on the side of the invaders.

        Under that type of regime you could forget about any Swedish immigration to the US. Or South Africans of European descent.

      • “The Swedes will be immigrating to America. ”

        And the US should think very, very carefully before allowing a massive immigration of people who voted in the government that destroyed them. When you import a people, you import their customs, social structure and personalities. I do not favor a mass, unvetted immigration of anyone, even white, hard-working Swedes. I think that any future immigration should screen for ideas, attitudes, and philosophies, as well as membership in dangerous organizations.

        I do not want to import Swedish feminists, Swedish SJWs, or the Swedes with silent, passive-aggressive conformity to social pressures.

    • The Swedes are no cowards. Nor are the Dutch. Or the Germans. Problem is that they can’t do anything about it. If they use force, they are arrested. Not the ‘poor innocent mohammedan victims’. If they complain, they are also arrested, for sowing hate speech.

      it’s easy to say the cowardly …. don’t fight back, but tell me: how?

      • Thank you for saying the obvious. The faculty of discernment is necessary for survival and those who forget that usually have the luxury of not needing it.

      • Agree that having your life destroyed by the authoritarian leftist state and its followers is a huge disincentive for native resistance at this time.

          • Well, I would suggest finding ways to express politically incorrect thoughts in a way that the gynocracy cannot retaliate. As a start.

            I’d suppose that the poverty of Ireland has prevented her becoming like Sweden, for now.

            When we get around to it, we Irish will show you how it’s done.

          • As an example, what would happen if you were to ask a Swedish feminist snowflake, “would you like to see the death penalty for murder to be re-introduced into Sweden?”

            Letting Muzzies take over Sweden will certainly make that happen.

            Would that work?

            Or, maybe, should Swedes be banned from drinking alcohol?

      • “The Swedes are no cowards. Nor are the Dutch. Or the Germans.”

        Depends who you look at.

        I believe genetics determine a major part of the personality, but there’s no doubt that the social structure also does. I have believed a long time that leftists fervently favor gun control not because they are afraid of a citizen rebellion against the government, but because having a legal firearm fosters a sense of self-respect and self-responsibility. An armed citizen is empowered to take care of himself, and is less likely to look to the government for cradle-to-grave support.

        One of the first thing Hitler did on gaining power was to institute gun control. Was it because the Germans were likely to have an armed rebellion against the German government? No. Hitler attained power through legal, constitutional means. The German military was strong and well-organized. The objective of gun control under Hitler was the destruction of independent German culture, anything that could create an organized ideological opposition. The Hitler government also dissolved almost all German cultural and social organizations.

        The one organization that was well-armed and well-organized, the SA, Hitler easily dispatched once he determined they had to go. No, armed citizens are no direct threat to an oppressive government.

  2. No doubt we in America will be involved at some point, since the locals lack the ability and desire to root the rats from their house before they spread to the entire neighborhood.

    At least the combatants will be easy to discern; if it has a beard or man-jammies & is not blonde or white then it may be engaged with extreme prejudice. For the local quislings, one will have to first wait for them to open their yap before they can be identified.

    • Just don’t forget that without the local quislings, the man-jammies brigade would have never gotten to be where it is, so I’m not sure which one is the bigger threat.

      I live in Canada, and I see it here too: Quisling Trudeau just gave a bunch of money to convicted terrorist Khadr, as “compensation” for doing a stint in Guantanamo and being interrogated by CSIS while there. Or something.

      That will obviously encourage more Islamists. Quisling Trudeau is thus an even bigger problem than Khadr.

      And why is Quisling Trudeau such a problem? For the same reason that these Green Party idiots are in Sweden. Because the people as a whole are brainwashed/stupid enough to vote for purveyors of such rotten ideologies.

      Until the overall (successful) brainwashing of the population stops, there’s very little point in any other fixes.

      • And it was not just bowing to the mujaheed in giving Kadr that “compensation” that betrays us — by announcing it on the Fourth of July he is thumbing his nose at America who lost one of their own to this guy. The last thing we need is worsening relations with the States. We need to trade with the States for our economy to survive. No amount of “virtue signaling” is going to change that. Who would save us? Europe??? I guess he is trying to rely on China — a country he said he admired WHILE CAMPAIGNING!! Not that China is looking too hopeful either…What makes me despair is people still voted for this guy.

        • What is perhaps even worse is that people stupid enough to vote for Trudeau, are probably stupid enough to re-elect him, as Americans were with Obama.
          It isn’t only Orientals who hate to lose face and admit they were/are wrong.

          Certainly, I agree with Ben Shapiro, who opined Trudeau has the I.Q. of a kumquat. “A very stupid man!”

          • Certainly, I agree with Ben Shapiro, who opined Trudeau has the I.Q. of a kumquat.

            Please be so kind as to refrain from insulting innocent kumquats in such an egregious manner.

            Carry on …

          • Unfortunately, IQ is not a determinant of common sense or virtue. German Chancellor and Stasi-alumnus Merkel has a PhD in theoretical physics, and is a complete sociopath.

            I don’t know why such large segments of so many countries are bent on national and personal suicide. It’s true that immigration dumbs down a population, but they have to be dumb to initiate immigration in the first place. Hillary’s issue-free, coalition-of-the-fringes campaign was premature, but only by a few years. A few years of distribution of socialism-inclining immigrants into the Trump red states, and the Democrats will have a stranglehold on US politics.

    • At least the combatants will be easy to discern; if it has a beard or man-jammies & is not blonde or white then it may be engaged with extreme prejudice.

      That’s [GASP!], profiling!

      Carry on …

    • You most definitely will. Soon. Abdul Al Sayed is being groomed for governor of Michigan. Unlike Europeans you can do something about that. By not voting for him. That kind of job is in Europe not open for election. We have to grin and bear it.

  3. “Migration and crime are very much linked.”

    Elif Ozmenek Carmikli,
    Head of Turkey’s International Strategic Research Organisation

  4. There is no doubt that Sweden’s demise has been caused by political correctness
    & gynocentric policies determinedly, you could say insanely, driven doggedly by
    Governing bodies at both national and local levels.

    On the one hand you have the indigenous male population politically and
    Psychologically neutered whilst a third world influx of third world male
    Dross, who have always, and will consider to do so, consider females to be
    A second class citizen, a mere chattel with a value somewhere on par with
    A camel or a donkey, continuing to flood across your borders.

    This is a collision of 21st ethnomasatistic, deluded, feminist thinking and
    7th century violent dogma.

    Gender equality is an admirable ambition but now the pendulum has swung
    To far, the western male of the species must find their voice again be for it
    Is to late.

  5. All Islamic lands are unsafe and dangerous for free people!; and Muslims live there!.
    Muslims make the lands unsafe!.they come to Europe for free income!.Green party is naive movement !.if they are so stupid to hug danger i will come there soon!.
    Islamic country has a law-like threatening and terror system to kill criticism !;you
    are still have chances to uncover brutal islamisation plan!

  6. Swedish Roulette [def.] : a parlor game resembling Russian Roulette, with the revolver replaced by an automatic pistol

    • Swedish Roulette [def.] : a parlor game resembling Russian Roulette, with the revolver replaced by an automatic pistol

      How better to reduce the odds? Inquiring minds want to know!

  7. they are truly economical lazy grabber !.
    a real muslim is a person who reads koran continuously and think about its words!;other muslims are just toys and some tools for spreading Islam in number!.
    and if a one who reads koran continuously and after a while still magnified by islam is a so simple usual person or an ultimate dangerous potential terrorist and no one can prove it before terror happens !.
    complicated behavior of Muslim migrants

  8. Disgusting. Have people gone totally bonkers in Europa?

    Yes, Moon, you are right — sooner or later America will have to intervene. How many times has America saved the world? It never ends because so many people are basically STUPID. True and fairly spoken. Can’t really evade the truth unless you keep your eyes closed. Mine are wide open and while I don’t see it all, I see most of it. It looks like another intervention is coming up soon. I wonder why Europe keeps making the same stupid mistakes over and over — do they not learn anything from their miserable history?

    Anon, you are also right.

    I am too old to fight but I will enjoy watching the war (I think) — I’d like to think the good guys win, though. So. . . get it on and over with.

  9. ” Everyone should be able to live, work and realise their dreams where they want to. Freedom of movement should be a human right.”

    What if their great is to not work but rather to live on welfare and rape those who fund it?

  10. “The Swedish Green Party has a vision of a world without borders, where all people can move, but no one is forced to flee. We don’t believe in countries’ right to choose their citizens; we believe in people’s right to choose where they want to live. We should greet people with opportunities, not with walls. Everyone should be able to live, work and realise their dreams where they want to. Freedom of movement should be a human right.”

    And this is a plank of the political platform of a party which forms part of a coalition government of a Western country, not an election manifesto for a fringe group for seats on a student representative council at a secondary school. Good grief!

  11. The fact that Sweden has been a peaceful country since 1809 and never had any colonies, while at the same time suffering from a tremendous collective feeling of white guilt, shows that the origin of white guilt has nothing to do with Western history.
    The only countries and peoples that ever suffered from Swedish agression in the (distant) past were all white European: Germany (During the 30 Year War), Poland (By Karl the 5th, 18th Century), Russia (Regularly, from the 9th until the 18th century), Finland, Estonia and Latvia (as colonies), Denmark (internordic dynastic rivalry), Norway (after the annexation from 1815 to 1905) and the Sami an d Tornedal Finnish population in the very North. But their feeling of guilt does not go to any of them, maybe with the one exception of the Sami poeple, as they are somehow perceived as “non-white” (although they are also white). No, their feelings of guilt are directed towards nations they never had any large-scale encounter with until recently, especially towards dark-skinned Muslim nations. and the more primitive, the better.
    Compare this to the worst imperialists ever, the Turks and Arabs. They do not suffer any collective guilt. Instead they feel collective pride in their ancestors’crimes, and call it “heroic”, while blamin the West, the Jews, Israel, the Christians, Europe, America, Russia etc for their own home-made dire consequences of their social, economic, political and cultural failing.
    Concerning the crimes of WW II, it’s also significant that the Germans suffer tremendous collective guilt, while the Japanese, who were in no way less cruel, don’t even know what guilt is. Their collective mindset is based on shame – towards their ancestors…for having lost the war.
    The West is targeted by perverse left-winged pseudo-intellectuals (who have discredited the nomer “intellectual” from something previously positive into something negative), who are drilled by the intrinsically evil Frankfurter Schule, a creation of even more evil lodges and their powerful millionars, like Soros, some of whom we even don’t know exist.
    Our institutions have been infiltrated since the 1960’s by these evil-spirited minds, who managed to influence and indoctrinate many good-hearted idealistic and intelligent people into believing they are serving the good cause, while their energy was being used (wasted) on evil programs, whose aim was to deconstruct (a code-term for destruct) the most advanced civilisation ever, the Western-Christian one.
    The protestant Germanic nations of Germany and the Scandinavian countries are especialy targeted, as they form the (generally unrecognized) spiritual center of this civilisation, which is even including Russia towards the East. When these societies collapse, the other European nations, like France, Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands in the West, Spain, Portugal and Italy in the South, and the Visegrad and Baltic countries in the East, won’t be able to sustain themselves either, Russia, America, Israel, Australia etc will follow. Count out what bleak world we will end up in if their evil plans succeed. We need to take action now to stop it!
    It’s one minute before midnight!!!

    • i largely agree with your analyses of the root causes of the sickness of Western society today.

      I would like to add the protestant guilt complex and their predestination mambo jambo as one of the factors that is destroying our society as we speak. Not even a small factor but a major one.

      Guilt and predestination. A real heavy burden on ones shoulders…. Lets help the noble islamic barbarian and see if God is washing away our sins 🙂 Thats what a protestant “think”s and feels in his or her core.

      • That has nothing to do with protestants. Not all protestants believe in predestination or fatalism. Many don’t. In fact, I would think it has more to do with basing their ‘goodness’ on works and they need to work their guilt away when it is all grace.

        I kind of see “white guilt”‘ as “survivor’s guilt”. You can see that others live in abject poverty and/or constant violence and war and we have our lush and luxurious lives and wonder why. It isn’t fair that we have it so good. But it is the same as any other tragedy when the survivors are far outnumbered by those killed. Why them? But instead of learning to accept the disparity and helping where reasonable, they turn the blame on themselves — that it should be them suffering. They put the sufferers on a pedestal and romanticize them. “They were so good and I know my own flaws so they should be the one to have everything”. It’s like “the noble savage” all over again.

        • @Anon in C
          i always make a distinction between those who believe and the set of believes they believe in.

          Your explanation of ” white guilt-survivors guilt” seems a valid addition to what Sobieski allready said.

          Other commenters are looking for a solution to all of this nonsens. That’s by far more important then the way we got ourselves into this mess..

          • Dutch Patriot:
            I very much agree with you that finding a solution is what’s most important. However, before we can do so, we first need to make a clear diagnosis of the problems and its causes. The problem we face with Islam is, that is pretends to be a religion and speak in the name of God. However, it’s moral and spiritual emptiness, hence tendency to violence, sets it very far apart from Christianity or any other major religion. This claim to being a „religion” rather than just a mere ideology, makes it much more dangerous than the major ideological threats to our values from the 20th Century, like nazism and communism. The first one, nazism, could be beaten militarily, because Germany and Japan were small in territory, and dependent on delivery of essential resources from outside their geographical realm. Communism could not be beaten militarily, as the USSR had a huge territory, and communist China has a huge population. Hence, communism had to be overcome through social-economic means, which succeeded with the USSR and its sphere of influence, and so far with only mixed success with China, because it’s still a dictatorship. But communism still has the promise of a better future on Earth, and can only survive if they deliver this. So even the Chinese version of communism cannot be sustained in the long term. Islam, however, promises a better life beyond death. Therefore, Islam can only be beaten spiritually. Our only chance of surviving it victoriously, will come if people believe in the Christian God and adhere to His Laws again, while acknowledging that there cannot be any salvation beyond death for those who deliberately murder other people, especially not if this is done “in the Name of God”, hence abusing God’s Name. This consciousness could make muslims finally accept Christ and become peaceful citizens, and would make Westerners aware again of the values of their morally superior civilization, and defend those values against ideological or pseudo-religious threats from inside our outside our culture.

          • The political and economic corruption in China and Russia is widespread. In fact, it’s a global disease and America has not been immune.

            As long as this widespread corruption exists the rule of law can never become firmly established. Sadly, it’s retreating in the U.S. So very many bought-‘n’-paid for politicians. Which won’t change until we make lobbyists persona non grata in D.C.

    • I don’t take the stated philosophies or reasoning of leftist movements too seriously. They are more defined by where they want to go, or present actions they want to take, than they are by genuine history.

      Take the “socialism” of the Nazis (National Socialist Party). The Nazis won power espousing a socialism, although people voted for them as a change to the self-centered, ossified aristocrats who headed the Weimar government.

      Once Hitler achieved power, he discarded the socialism like an old shoe. Hitler’s real objective was power, and the last thing he wanted to do once he achieved real power was upset the apple cart he now owned.

      Roehm, the head of the SA and a key factor in Hitler’s success, made the mistake of taking the earlier rhetoric of Hitler too seriously. Roehm was causing trouble for Hitler on the grounds that Hitler wasn’t pursuing the program he espoused on running for election. So, Roehm had to go.

      The guilt, racism and women’s rights rhetoric are simply hooks to hold the overcoats of the revolutionary leaders, while they pursue their real goals of power and money and the destruction of their countries. The drive to destruction seems real, and is a primary objective, not derived from any reasoning or logic. It’s like a sex drive: you don’t have a drive to sex because your Darwinian reasoning tells you it’s the only way to perpetuate your species.

  12. A couple of months later, the Swedish Justice Minister claims that there is no connection between migration and terrorism.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    socially vulnerable areas

    You’ve got to be flipping kidding me! The no-go zones may as well be armed fortresses which have no resemblance to being “socially vulnerable areas”. How delusional can people get? (Don’t answer that!)

    Elderly Swedes who have paid taxes their whole lives often receive shockingly poor treatment.

    Welcome to yet another form of stealth jihad. This tsunami of “economic tourists” is siphoning off, not just economic liquidity but, any prior functionality of institutions like health care or education. See: SHOCK FIGURES: Seven out of 10 migrants crossing to Europe are not refugees, UN reveals

    No fewer than 70 police stations in Sweden will be closed down during parts of or for the entire summer of 2017 due to a shortage of money and staff.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Even gang rapes of boys have now become fairly common in Sweden.

    This what happens when a society purposefully emasculates its men.

    We can’t say that because you made a wrong choice, you have no rights to come back and live in our society,” Sjöstrand told Swedish radio.

    Can you imagine Sjöstrand’s reaction to learning that some countries actually have “death rows” [gasp!] where the inmates will never, ever again walk in open society? She would most likely get a terminal case of the vapors if someone suggested that Sweden should establish penitentiaries of that sort.

    I have warned for many years that the problems in Sweden have grown so big that they are no longer merely a threat to the internal stability of Sweden. They have now also become a threat to neighboring countries.

    In reality, it’s not just “a threat to neighboring countries”, but a global threat. Jihadist groups have long sought to recruit people of non-Arabic ethnicity for their ability to evade common profiling at airports, border crossings, and police stops.

    Just like with Michael Skråmos, as “immigrant” populations swell in EU countries, so will the “radicalization” of native locals occur with even greater frequency. These new recruits will be prime candidates to serve as couriers and operatives in far-flung international destinations. It is a dire mistake to think that something so virulent as Islam will remain confined to a regional sphere in this age of transnational mobility.

    All of this is just one more reason why I predict such a catastrophic outcome for Islam.

  13. The idea of American intervention is a pipe dream.. why would we do that?

    • We will intervene to protect the Muslim enclaves if a Swedish nationalist government takes office and acts against them.

      • Yes, I have no doubt America would do just that, and most western countries would go along with it. Particularly Canada.
        But not Russia.

  14. The thought of a borderless world with its 200+ languages would be insane even if there were not the specter of terrorism. It would be the Tower of Babel writ large.

  15. Apparently the key to Sweden’s peaceful and civilized welfare was a consensus mono-culturalism. It also appears that the Swedish ruling elites really don’t understand that simple fact. How can they believe that people from pre-industrial societies with a supremacist ideology and no concept of the nation state or democracy will assimilate?

    • How can they believe that people from pre-industrial societies with a supremacist ideology and no concept of the nation state or democracy will assimilate?

      Magical Thinking

      • Magical thinking that believes in “magic dirt” and “magic passports”.

        “Magic dirt” is my favorite liberal concept…for people who believe borders are just “imaginary lines” they sure do insist that being on the Western side of those borders instantly transforms the invaders into upstanding First World citizens….

  16. This is the same country that sat out WW 2 and allowed German occupation troops to cross through their territory to and from Norway. They wanted multi-culturalism and they got it. If Sweden is bent on committing suicide, how many times can you try to stop it?

    Full confession: I used to love Scandinavia and started studying Swedish in the 1990s. I have not yet fully mastered it, but lately I wonder why I ever bothered.

    • Pragmatically, learning Arabic might get you understood in increasingly more places…

    • To be fair, the Swedes didn’t have much choice in WW2, and they did take the Jewish refugees from Denmark, even if they’ve been lamentably weak at defending their descendants from muslim bigotry lately.

      • Well, I believe we have discovered the source of the problem!

        That was a nice Teutonic trick that the Germans played to make them scurry out of Denmark.

      • “even if they’ve been lamentably weak at defending their descendants from muslim bigotry lately”

        Excuse me.

        The Swedish Jews share the same fate as all Swedes…or should, anyway. It’s true that the Muslims single out synagogues and Jewish organizations for special attention, but the abuse of native Swedes comes very, very quickly afterwards. The reason for Sweden (or Swedes) to reject Muslim immigration is not to protect the Jews, but to protect themselves. I think it’s dysfunctional to single out the Jews as needing protection from anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism can range from verbal criticism, in which case Jews are more than able to defend themselves without government intervention, to physical attack, from which an effective government should be able to protect all citizens.

  17. The mental illness of mass suicide can only be explained by self-loathing instilled by Communists from the Frankfort School. Halt or die, fight or succumb. Are the Swedes willing to destroy 2,000 years of heritage for 30 years of Leftist pablum? Think of your children, but the Left has even destroyed the desire to reproduce Swedish children, very sad.

  18. I’d suppose that feminists really cannot stand living in a gynocracy; it drives them crazy, so allowing in all these Islamic Third Worlders is a subconscious way of re-establishing patriarchy to Sweden.

  19. “A world without borders.” I wonder, where did this come from, and who could possibly have created this idea?

    Oh, that’s right, God created borders when He cast out Satan and 1/3 of the angels, and again when He created Eden.

    Well, it seems kind of obvious “whose” side these people are on, doesn’t it.

    If God built a wall with a pearly gate to keep the riff-raff out of Heaven, I’m going to go with borders and barriers, and all the rest, I kind of like His way of thinking.

  20. Hi Mr Baron,

    I do not understand why Sweden did not learn from the Siege of Vienna in 1683 and what the Ottoman Empire did to Europe.

    Did they forget it or do you know what is/are the reasons?

    Thank You.

    • In case Fjordman doesn’t return to the scene, I’ll offer my opinion: it was the 17th century. Sweden was a very long way from Austria and what interest would it have had in helping out? Much closer to Vienna was France and it stood by, waiting for the leavings after the Ottoman Empire won.

      Never underestimate envy, resentment, etc., when looking at European history…or for that matter, when watching a bunch of six-year-olds at recess.

      Remember that more than a century later, the (western) Europeans were too busy watching each other to intervene in the Barbary pirates mess. They were willing to pay tribute to get (some) of their people back, but they weren’t going to go up against those pirates. It was fledgling America who took the principled stand, mainly because in the long run, it was cheaper.

      The Barbary Pirates unintended consequence was the birth of the American Navy. But it took a very long time to see that outcome. And we’re still fighting the anti-military bloc in our country.

      It would help to look at the geo-politics of the time. How far is Sweden from Austria? What difference would it have made to Sweden if Austria went under? It made a YUGE difference to Poland who won…

      Right now we’re watching Venezuela go under; we do nothing. For the same reason.

      • Hi Dymphna,

        I am thankful for your detailed reply. My guess is that it will be Sweden interest in helping out Austria during the Ottoman empire, to forge alliances. After all, they are in the same continent.

        Regarding Venezuela, it will be up to the Latin Americans to help Venezuela.
        Thank You.

        • South America’s well-being is of some interest to us since it’s a lot closer than, say, Russia. And the fleeing migrants are already headed this way, the same as the Armenians, Russians, Albanians, Central Americans, even Afghanistanis are here.

          An understanding of the GEO in geo-politics is vital.

          No, Sweden is not part of the mainland of Europe. Scandinavia is a different part of the world, even if it allied with the rest of Europe for the sake of survival and commerce. But that was late. Before air travel, one went by sea or through Finland and Russia to get to The Continent, as the English called it.

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