Why the EU Constitutes a Mortal Threat to Europeans

Why the EU Constitutes a Mortal Threat to Europeans

by Fjordman

Years ago, many Europeans hoped that the European Union (EU) might be a force for good. In the early 1990s, even I shared some of those hopes.

However, these dreams have been put to shame. The time has come to take an honest look at what the EU actually is today, not to dream about what it might have become.

There have been disturbing, Utopian and partly totalitarian undercurrents to the EU for years. These currents have now reached the surface. The EU increasingly resembles a pan-European tyranny.

The massive pressure from illegal immigration in the Mediterranean region continues. Hundreds of thousands of migrants have crossed illegally in boats to get to Europe. They come from all over the Islamic world and Africa, even from countries such as Bangladesh and Nigeria, where there is no war. Critics claim that the EU through its actions has encouraged further illegal immigration.

Many of these migrants have created huge social and economic problems for local communities across Europe. It is furthermore an indisputable fact — acknowledged even by the security services and some of the established mass media — that militant Muslims are among the migrants currently flowing into Europe. A number of Muslim immigrants and asylum seekers have been involved in deadly terrorist attacks in Europe.

Some EU members states such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland have widely resisted this. Yet despite popular resistance, unelected officials in the EU want to force countries across Europe to take in illegal immigrants from overpopulated and dysfunctional societies.

The European Commission, the EU’s government, has launched legal proceedings against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic for refusing to give in to blackmail from Brussels over immigration.[1] Given that potential Islamic terrorists are known to be hiding among the migrants, the EU is actively trying to force European countries into taking in potential Islamic terrorists. This is pure evil.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been a staunch opponent of such measures for years. PM Orbán has accused the EU of being “ openly on the side of terrorists” against Europeans.[2] Judged by the statements and actions of the European Union, it is hard to disagree with him. The EU is now the Evil Empire.

After nearly a decade of debt crisis in the Eurozone, Greece is still suffering greatly while the German export industry is booming. The euro was a poorly constructed currency that is creating huge economic imbalances within Europe. This is just one of the many ways in which the EU is actively creating tensions between as well as within European nations.

Already before the financial crisis began in 2008, and long before the current waves of illegal immigration in the Mediterranean, my conclusion was that the EU cannot be reformed. I have repeated this statement for years. The EU promotes crime and instability and weakens Europe’s cultural and physical defenses. As I wrote in 2008:

There is a possibility that there will be a counter-reaction once the EU is dismantled, but I don’t think we have much of a choice in the present situation. I would liken it to having emergency surgery in order to save your life. If you have the choice between certain death now and possible complications later, you would normally choose possible complications later. The European Union is not about cooperation for protecting the best interests of Europeans; it is about turning the entire continent into a Multicultural theme park while the natives get culturally deconstructed and demographically crushed. The EU is a large-scale social experiment conducted on hundreds of millions of people. It is not about economics of scale, it is about stupidity of scale. The EU system corrupts virtually everybody who comes close to it. It cannot be reformed, it can only be dismantled.[3]

Today, the situation is even more serious than when I wrote these words. European cities are now rocked by deadly Islamic terror attacks on a regular basis. More Jihadist attacks are being foiled nearly every week. Yet despite these murderous attacks, the EU wants to continue Muslim immigration, legal and illegal.

The policies of the European Union have long constituted a threat to the freedom and prosperity of Europeans. The EU’s policies now constitute a direct threat to their lives.


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28 thoughts on “Why the EU Constitutes a Mortal Threat to Europeans

  1. I hope America and Trump stand by these brave nations both economically and if need be militarial. If the EU tries to force them I believe America must rattle the saber. But, with Trumps recent meeting with the President of Turkey I have lost some hope and I can see even with Trump the globalist are calling some of the shots. We are getting more Muslim refugees coming to America then I’d like to see. Soon we’ll have our own problems. I blame the bleeding heart liberals and the extreme Marxist Left like Antifas for this. After watching various youtubes on the Act for America ralley against sharia I can see how divided our nation is on the mostly Muslim refugee migration into America. We need to stop the mostly Muslim refugees policy of the previous administration and bring in Christian or Yazadis refugees. The left complains about blocking Muslims, but they are silent on the other refugees. I need to write Trump to express my opinion, not that he’ll ever see it.

    • So far he (Trump) did not stand with us. Hungary just accepted some law to force NGOs to disclose their foreign support (George Soros). I this moment the choir of screeming Liberals and Marxists has a joined voice of US Embassy in Budapest tooth and nail protecting Soros. I understand Trump is busy, but leaving his only allies alone at this moment seems more than careless. It is stupid!

      • Yes, Trump is starting to worry me too, and while I know he’s busy, one of the first things I would have expected him to do was round up all the c.a.i.r. thugs and deport them; but they are still there, still prosecuting Americans with impunity, and more moslems are still pouring in….

        • He not even has all the political positions filled yet in his own administration. Pretty crazy…

          • Trump not immediately purging all Obama appointees/hires is simply bizarre and a self-inflicted wound.

            He should have done a blanket purge upon assuming office, that would have been effective and limited discrimination complaints.

        • I feel the same.

          I prefer what I think is Trump’s visceral patriotism to Clinton’s shrill, grasping, conniving, maneuvering, dissembling, leftist arrogance, but there is a peculiar deer-in-the-headlights quality to how he behaves, and his re-engagement with the unconstitutional George W. O’Bama experiment in aggressive war and playing God in Syria and on the Russian border is appalling. An epic volte face.

          The same applies to him as to the other two: would it be possible, bizarre and counterintuitive though it is, to use American troops on the U.S. borders instead of the Pakistani and Syrian ones?

          Too, it would be nice if the issue of why we need ANY dangblab foreigners to crowd into our elite universities, take over the motel industry (with government financing), and steal jobs from the locals could be addressed directly.

          It isn’t.

          CrossWare points out Trump’s stunning indifference to personnel and there’s the simple fact that he seems not to grasp that he’s under a massive attack to delegitimize his election and to make America ungovernable. Has he ever uttered the word “AntiFa” or called for the states to adopt laws against public masks? Amazing. Brown shirt scum in the streets and campuses of America but presidential silence!

          So visceral patriotism is not proving up to the task. In retrospect, his victory-lap appearances were portentous in that he focused on the mechanics of how he won but had little of substance to say about his vision as the empowered new leader beyond campaign generalities. That vision has not been stated with greater clarity and force but muted and abandoned. Shades of Bush ’41 and “the vision thing.”

          He does have a businessman’s​ sense of what’s a fair deal or a fleecing and his economic agenda or instincts are probably good but one has to ask, What is Soros’s influence given his significant financial benefits extended to the son-in-law and Trump himself? This is a stunning connection.

          My overall impression is of an administration that needs the electric heart paddles and the return of the political infighter Lee Atwater from the grave.

  2. The Great Social War is here. It is going to be bloody and thousands will die. I am not going to tell people to avoid war. We are the ones under attack across the West. The time to defend ourselves is here. Our governments are simply Communists in designer clothes. We have a right to defend ourselves, unto death if necessary. All those of the enemy traitor class must be dealt with and arrested and tried for crimes against Humanity. Hitler looks almost decent after the megalomania of the so called “Neo–cons” just Trotskyist revolutionaries with money and expensive tastes. The gloves must come off now. The elite wish to exterminate us. As a priest and Bishop I would normally forswear war but evil of this vile crime must be fought of by all means necessary and we must be prepared to do all that is required and be killed in self defence if necesssary to save our lands.

    • “Hitler looks almost decent” etc.
      and somebody here looks almost like, lost sense of proportion.

      • “Lost sense of proportion”? What do you call an “elite” that seeks to eradicate a civilization then? What they are doing is just as bad if not worse. 6,000,000 vs 500,000,000 in Europe alone? No the irony is a good comparison. They are the first to call us Nazis yet are no better. They mirror Nazi Germany. No the sense of proportion is apposite.

      • And still fools do not comprehend what a monster the EU elite is.
        Peter Sutherland for one. UN Agenda 21.

      • Perhaps the good Bishop has been watching, “The Man in the High Castle,” like I have on Amazon.

        In some ways, life in that reality does not look half bad.

        I highly doubt the Germans or Japanese would allow their territories to be covered in mosques and a month long celebration of, “alternative lifestyles,” where practitioners of those lifestyles are granted free reign with regard to public fornication.

    • “The elite wish to exterminate us”. Apparently they do, by denying us the right to defend ourselves against pyjama and bathrobe-clad sub-human degenerates the elites allow to run rampant over us.
      But no, I don’t believe the war has started yet. Look at the last atrocities in Merrie England; no sign of any rebellion yet, just teddy bears, candles, tears and mumbled threats.

      What really worries me is the number of Brits who seem to be buying into the EU multi-culti, pro-islam BS, with attendant violence, which London’s beloved Mayor has already told the populace is the ‘new norm’.

      • Bedsheets, man, bedsheets and picnic tablecloths!

        The Ummah don’t wear pajamas and bathrobes, they wear bedsheets and picnic tablecloths!

    • Bravo. It is refreshing to see that Christian faith and authority un the Church do not require the utterance of platitudinous hogwash, the embrace of servility, the worship of primitives, and the celebration of suicide.

  3. The EU is a monster run by monsters. Like all monsters, it has to be killed, along with its acolytes.

  4. I cite legal sources in Magna Carta and Act of Settlemnt. It is our absolute Christian obligation to defend the Realm.

  5. this is conflict between Archaics and Modernity.

    Arcahics is over-represented by Islam, which dominates the invasion, being propelled by oil money, demographics, and supremacist barbaric militancy.

    Arachics also exploits weaknesses of the West, caused by the post-Modernist, nihilist and intellectually/morally degraded establishment.

    EU centralism by itself isn’t an issue, the problem is that it has been usurped by wrong types.
    One needs to expose and criticize these wrong types, pinpoint-style.
    irrespective EU or not EU.

    • “One needs to expose and criticize these wrong types, pinpoint style…”
      Good luck with that.

      One would be better served by ‘getting rid’ of those wrong types, for they are responsible for the whole mess.

      • the mood among modern humans is changing, so I think that will eventually happen.
        again, with or without EU.

        I call all non-Archaic people (non-Muslims, non-criminal, non-tribal etc.) – “modern humans” because basically I don’t care what their race or origin is, if they follow modern ethics.
        as an example, one can draw Amsterdam declaration.
        so maybe one can call them (us – myself included) “”Amsterdamic people”.
        they are the future mankind.

    • The EU has not been “usurped by wrong types”, it was set up by them – search ‘EU nazis’.

      I would also take issue with the article author’s assertion that the Euro was a “poorly constructed currency”. It has, in fact, achieved exactly what it was set up for, as his next sentence makes clear – “Greece is still suffering greatly while the German export industry is booming”.

      The EU, right from its inception by the Nazis in 1943, has always been solely a vehicle for Germany to subjugate the peoples of Europe; this time using bribery and corruption instead of bombs and bullets. Its Commission’s first President was a prominent Nazi lawyer who wrote a treatise on the racial superiority of the Aryans.

      The bumbling, strutting idiots that run the European Commission may be stupid enough to believe that mass immigration of Muslims will benefit European society, but those who pull their strings are not. There is effectively one person in the EU without whose permission no-one may fart, and she is not in the Commission. We should be asking her the real reason why all these savages are being foist upon the once-civilised societies of Europe.

        • well, if to disprove a clause, one needs such clumsy conspiracy theories, – it only validates the clause.
          so yes, it is great comment, definitely. 🙂

    • There is no good centralism. It’s but a more efficient conduit for sociopathy.

      There will never be a flowering of the right types. It will always be wall-to-wall Timmermanses.

      The E.U. is especially flawed with its ghastly unrepresentative Commission of the smug. Baked in the cake from the git.

  6. Instead of actively dealing with the problems of unfettered immigration by removing enticements and punishing those who refuse to use legal means, the EU would rather spread around the misery.

    What happens if/when the ‘legal proceedings’ go against these countries?

    What happens then?
    Would a fine be imposed? Then what would happen if the countries ignored it. Some sort of sanctions? Curtailment of Schengen to create problems for the populace?
    Threat of expulsion from the EU? Or curtailment of EU funding?
    I hope these countries do not lose their resolve or their independent thinking leaders.

  7. I reckon the British-EU State is doing a lot of this stuff as in Gladio B. For myself the guilty are the criminal elites. The Moslems are the fall guys. What ruler in their right minds would invite in people determined to kill us? The Left are the real foe and it is towards them my anger is directed. Attacking individual groups or even individuals themselves solves nothing. The “elite” want a civil war. The Moslems are their patsies like the idiot that drove his van into the mosque worshipers today. Disgusting. This was a state set up just after the Grenfell tragedy. 200 dead and more.

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