Václav Klaus: “The time has come to start preparing the exit of our country from the European Union”

Václav Klaus is a former president of the Czech Republic and a well-known opponent of political correctness and Islamization. In the following brief statement he expresses his outrage at the attempt by the European Union to impose migrant quotas on Czechia through sanctions and other coercive means. He sees this tyrannical action by Brussels as an indicator that the Czechs must withdraw from the European Union.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   This is a proclamation of the IVK (Institute of Vaclav Klaus), that is, my own proclamation
0:04   regarding the treatment, the unacceptable treatment
0:08   of the Czech Republic by the European Union.
0:12   We fundamentally and resolutely protest
0:16   the decision of the European Union to initiate towards the Czech Republic
0:20   proceedings regarding so-called “not respecting” the receipt
0:24   of migrants on the basis of quotas dictated by Brussels.
0:28   We are protesting the attempt to punish us
0:32   and to force us into obedience.
0:36   To those who had not yet realized it:
0:40   by taking this step, the European Commission has shown exactly what the standing
0:44   of the Czech Republic in the European Union is,
0:48   and what are the intentions of its top representatives towards us.
0:52   We reject the continued belittling
0:56   of us, which has now, on the 13th of June,
1:00   happened.
1:04   This is no banality. This is a new, up until now unseen
1:08   thing. We reject the aim of
1:12   the mandatory settlement of foreigners within the territory of our State.
1:16   We refuse to permit the transformation of our country
1:20   into a multicultural society of inassimilable communities,
1:24   as we currently see
1:28   in France and in Great Britain. And I do not even mention
1:32   mass migration-connected — as of today
1:36   almost daily — terrorism.
1:40   We reject the argument that we simply must be there,
1:44   that we must just be present during European decision-making,
1:48   that we must be within the so called ‘hard core/nucleus’,
1:52   and while we are present during EU decision-making process
1:56   but are not the ones making the decisions.
2:00   Practically, our presence has no real meaning.
2:04   Our voice is ignored.
2:08   The decisions are not made in accord with us, they are made
2:12   about us. [echoing the Munich accord of 1938 — translator]. Let us not give in to blackmail
2:16   that uses the threat of terminating European subsidies.
2:20   We do not need subsidies, and we do not want them.
2:24   We reject both, our payments to Brussels,
2:28   and the subsidies from Brussels. We reject
2:32   this malignant policy promoted by force by the European Union
2:36   as a whole. From all of this
2:40   There follows only one possible — and at the same time,
2:44   the only necessary — conclusion: the time has come
2:48   to start preparing the exit of our country
2:52   from the European Union. This is the only
2:56   path for our State, which we have inherited from our ancestors
3:00   and which it is our duty,
3:04   as a self-owned entity, to hand over to future generations,
3:08   to maintain it and to rescue it.

Hat tip: Silentium Voces.

27 thoughts on “Václav Klaus: “The time has come to start preparing the exit of our country from the European Union”

  1. The breakup of the EU, as long anticipated, is beginning to come to fruition. Let us all hope that this can be achieved in good order and with as little violence as possible.

    • Yes, the EU is hopeless. A nation that does not want to commit suicide has no option but to leave it. And let the dead bury their dead.

  2. The best option would be, that all countries in the EU, which still have a government that listens to the majority of the people, form a stable solid political bloc within the EU, directed against the Brussels mafia.

    To begin with, this group could consist of the Visegrad four, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Roumania, Bulgaria and the three Baltic countries. Other countries, which oppose the EU as well, like Britain, could form an alliance with this group. Putin’s Russia and other ex-member states of the former USSR could join this alliance as well.

    Trump and Netanyahu would also be sympathetic to this initiative. In other EU and western countries people would then dare to rise and speak up, because then there finally would be a significant political movement to join. One would not think it if one belived the MSM, but also in the Western Europe most people are fed up with the absurd (and obscene) ideology of multiculuralism and the corrupt left-winged-liberal governments that are imposing this […] down our throats. The elections in the Netherlands, France, Austria and now Britain are a clear example of fraud and manipulation by the Soros-funded left-winged elite with help of the corrupt MSM.

    It’s urgent, because the EU and multiculti are much worse than older forms of dictatorship like absolute monarchism, the Inquisition, fascism and communism, because the latter were openly harsh from the start, so people at least knew what they got, and it did not fundamentally change the cultural and genetic basis of our societies, so a new start was possible after a regime change.

    The sad thing is that Europe needs to work together, in order to survive, so every country leaving the EU alone is no feasible option for any one in the long run.

    We need a united Europe, but one that consists of free independent states, without a central government, and especially without this cancerous parasite caste located in this big buildings in Brussels.

    • I doubt you’ll get Romania to join. There are too many recipients of EU largesse. The population in general however . . .

    • How do you have a united Europe with independent states? Those are contradictory concepts.

      Any organization of unity will evolve into an oppressive bureaucracy. This is exactly what happened to the Common Market/EU. The UN is another oppressive blob growing larger and more malignant by the day.

      The big dilemma of the confederation of independent states is their susceptibility to foreign invasion or co-option. Of course now NATO has one of its largest members as Turkey, probably the biggest threat to the East European countries outside of NATO and the EU themselves.

      Note that Klaus specifically rejected taking EU subsidies. Any country wishing to be independent must spend within its means. Again, an independent country dependent on loans is a contradiction in terms.

      • “How do you have a united Europe with independent states? Those are contradictory concepts”.

        This is indeed a rather complicated topic, but those concepts do not have to be contradictory, if one distinguishes clearly between the different spheres of policy.

        The problem with Europe is, that it is indeed very diverse, concerning climate, history, language, religion, political systems and social-economic development, but that each European country alone is too small to survive in this big globalized world, and that the internal borders are mostly unstable and unnatural.

        Dividing it into coherent units of the North, East, South and (maybe) West could create larger solid blocs of culturally compatible countries, hence solve some of these problems.
        However, it would also aggravate the problem of division, as there would be no clearly defined borders between these regions that every one agrees upon, and it would only increase the risk of conflicts between these separate blocs, leaving us even more vulnerable to threats from underdeveloped neighbours to the south and east where the “religion of peace” rules, and their rapidly growing fifth colonne of adherents living right among us.

        A united Europe is therefore needed concerning mutual trade, an open internal labour market, cooperation on higher education, shared budgets for scientific research and, most of all, shared military defense, intelligence information and coordination of police activities, as well as common external border defense and restrictive immigation policy with screening.

        This should, however, never result in a common government and parliament, which should remain elected on a national level, because each European nation is a unique community of people that has been formed by centuries of specific historic events and developments.
        The shared monetary policy and common currency, the EURO, one of the worst curses of the EU, should also be abolished.
        As a result, policies on social benefits and pension schemes need to be taken back to national governments.
        Passport control should be reintroduced between the member states, for the sake of security and crime fighting.
        Individual member states should be allowed to introduce stricter policies concerning immigration and crime fighting, but should not be allowed to become more lenient than the common European policy, on the risk of (temporary) exclusion, which would result in stricter internal border controls against this particular state, until the policy is brought back to the commonly decided standard.

        In order for all this to function, one would not need a European capital, but mutual agreements between national governments should suffice. Regional cooperations may be introduced, with f.ex. the British Isles, the Nordic and Baltic countries, the Visegrad and Danube countries etc, which can formulate and exercise policies that are specific for their countries’ unique needs and circumstances.

        But in order to make a start with this, we would first need to dismantle this cancerous spider web called EU, and strip the corrupt bureaucrats in Brussels from their “all-mighty” demonic power.

  3. If Brussels punishes Hungary for refusing to accept her quota of invaders, will she follow? Poland also, perhaps?

  4. Every country has the right to determine its own fate. If the European Union is becoming a monster then any country can and should exit, leaving it a hollow shell, which it does seem to be, or deserves to be.

    Today’s world is somewhat bewildering, but — apply the values you learned and you will be able to sail clearly away from the [lies]. Unfortunately, so much of it is [lies]. In a proper world, each nation would be judged by its worth. That is not happening.

    We really have to return to traditional values and leave the [lies] behind. Rule, Brittania!
    And by that I mean let us return to the values we knew and ignore [what] “they” whoever “they” are, keep trying to feed us. It is a [foul] sandwich and I refuse to eat it and I hope everyone else also refuses.

    • Meanwhile, the quizzlings in the Czech system are beavering to hand over powers that should properly be held by the Czech army and police, to the Germans. Surreptitiously, of course.

  5. It’s bit late now isn’t it??

    How we going get rid of all these invaders out of Europa??

    Cut off dole money and cut off all support, just offer one-way boat ticket and ship them back, [if they resist, then […] drag them onto the boats.

    If we cut off all social money, no support, they will flee!!!

    Any western women who are fornicating with these savages should be [rude suggestion redacted]! as French resistance did to any french women who were sleeping with Wehrmacht German soldiers.

    These ngo Soros boats MUST be stopped! And all people wno are working those boats arrested asap!
    How is this being allowed to go on???

    These commies are in the med bringing in invaders by the hour!!!
    This is madness!!

    • Zhukov, no they won’t flee, they will do what works so well for them; complain to the EU, the UN and the so called ‘Human Rights’ crowd. (realistically, ‘Moslem Rights’)

      However, as I’ve said for years, and agree with you, first thing is to cut off ALL benefits, that would get things rolling!

    • Lol. It’s not that difficult to physically get rid of the invaders. The hard part is to get the governments and the people behind the effort. Once the governments get serious about keeping out more invaders and expelling non-citizens, the mechanics will be thoroughly workable.

  6. One of the best leaders we ever had, shame the constitution only allows them to serve twice.

  7. Nobody can blame the Czechs (or any other nation) for not wanting to lose their country, but everybody WILL blame them if they don’t ally with other European nations to prevent the loss of our common home.
    There will be no Czech Republic, or Hungary, or Poland, when there is no Europe.

    • There will be no Europe at the current rate of Muslim and African immigration!

      The problem lies in the corrupt mismanagement by those two entities of their economies, and specifically the fact that they have done nothing to prevent population explosions, leaving half-educated, under-civilized (by Western standards) males without hope and without jobs. They look at the Welfare governments of the West with anger and envy.

      Even if migrants were forcibly moved to Eastern Europe, most would leave. Eastern Europe doesn’t have Welfare economies!

      All the Left can offer is that the entire planet needs to be turned into a Welfare, centrally planned, One World bureaucratic nightmare, run by global capitalists (like Soros, IMF., World bank etc) in partnership with the biggest trouble makers, whom they have to pacify – ie the Third World anti-West Muslims, Africans, China etc.

      Eastern European nations must stick together in their opposition towards Brussels because if Brussels wins, we are one step closer to the One World Government nightmare. Our only defense is the strength of our nation states.

      Let the Third World deal themselves with the problems they have created!

      • Let the Third World deal themselves with the problems they have created!

        You do realize how (supposedly) waaaaaycist that statement is, right?

        Insisting that undeveloped (i.e., Third World) countries overcome their thoroughly institutionalized cultures of corruption, graft, preference, and elitism is much the same as demanding that they return to European colonialism.

        The fact that many sub-Saharan African nations were more peaceful and productive during the European colonial period is an inconvenient truth that most people wish would just go away.

        However unfortunate, proof of this is on the horizon in the form of Chinese exploitation … er, investment in these same countries. I asked a Kenyan woman about whether—subsequent to a few decades of Chinese “economic development”—African nationals would look back fondly upon European colonization.

        Her reply? “Without a doubt!”

        • The starting point for any understanding of modern, that is to say, rather, post-colonial Africa is the movie “Africa Addio.”

          It’s equivalent could be made today and could include boarded-up hotels and marble bank lobbies with gas can stoves in Johannesburg where only morons and gooneybirds venture forth at night. Whites are murdered by the thousands in S. Africa and productive farms handed over to Africans disappear in the smoke of sanctimony and revenge.

      • We are NOT our brothers’ keepers; it’s long past time when failed countries and the entire African continent learned to look after themselves.
        Let’s be logical here, if twenty million more losers move from MENA to Europe, it won’t help MENA at all, but it will kill Europe!

        We must stop this masochistic lunacy, and start by getting rid of the lunatics responsible–those who opened the gates.

  8. Because of T. May’s ineffable bungling over Brexit – or was it Remainer guile? – , the UK is likely to be shackled to this corpse of the EU until our country is drained of its life-essence, in ever-more drastic and expensive efforts to subsidise that failed Socialist experiment. At the same time, the vigorous Visegard nations are saving themselves – Islamic and Stalinist domination being still a fresh wound in their history books. While Greece, Britain and others are fixated and demoralised by the rigid bureaucracy of the EU, the likes of the Czech Republic are laying the groundwork for the friendly cooperation of the remaining independent European states. When I think: We could have been one of those! I weep.

    In Britain, Mrs May’s name will go down in infamy to posterity, as a more contemptible politician than even Heath or Blair. She will forever be linked to the disappearance of Britain, which will have been replaced by an insignificant and marginalised province, forgotten on the margins of Europe.

    The traitor class of politician have brought on apace Heath’s plot against Britain. But it is Teresa May who is the anti-Churchill, who has conclusively ruined what he had as decisively saved.

    What can I do but despair of my country?

    • Britain’s done, the Country is beyond a joke. You’re correct about Heath, that’s where it all started and has carried on regardless of who was incumbent in Government.

      Watching the news and seeing the furore about a block of flats which caught fire, is actually embarrassing. 70 years ago the country was being bombed nightly by the Luftwaffe and people cracked on with things. It makes me physically sick to see what Britain has become. The sooner it disappears the better, we only have ourselves to blame.

      Finally the end of the white mans burden.

  9. What the EU is doing reminds me of how ancient Athens armstronged her allies into submission. If these nations rightfully refuse to listen to any biased globalist court order will the EU attemp to use force like the Athenians did? If this happens I hope that America and Trump rattle the saber and become like Sparta. The EU will not to deal with a stronger America. Will Trump do this- I can only hope! We all need to write him but soon with the influx of Muslim refugee invaders we’ll have our own problems, it’s already starting. Still the mentally ill Left claims the right-wingers and Christians are the biggest threat to America. I suspect most liberals who say that are young and did not grow up in the America I grew up in. We must stand by these nations and encourage their exit from the tyrannical EU.

  10. The beauty of the position of the Czechs is that only 27 years ago they were under the yoke of the Soviet Union and relatively poor. So when confronted with a choice between being a vassal state of the EU, having unassimilable minorities forced upon them but a GDP per capita of 20 units, the Czechs can comfortably say “No thanks, we’ll go our own way, even if we may (and it’s only a may) take a drop in income to 18 units GDP per capita.

    A Czech republic out of the EU may take a short term drop in income, but 10 years down the track when they’ve got free trade agreements with the UK, Switzerland, USA, etc and they’re not paying huge welfare (and health care) bills to polygamous Muslims married to several of their female first cousins producing genetically damaged offspring, the Czechs will be happy in their own sovereign nation state. And fortifying the Sudeten and Ore Mountain borders against intruders to keep it that way.

    • Your reply and observations are extremely sensible. Only a country willing to live within its means has a prayer of independence.

  11. “…….our State, which we have inherited from our ancestors and which it is our duty, as a self-owned entity, to hand over to future generations, to maintain and to rescue.”

    Very fine words.

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