The EU, Islam and Radicalization

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The EU, Islam and Radicalization
by Fjordman

One of the frustrating things about trying to warn against a gradually-developing threat is that many people choose to ignore the warnings until it is almost too late. Perhaps this is human nature. We prefer to ignore unpleasant realities as much as possible, and don’t believe a problem is real until we can see it with our own eyes. Some people will not believe it even then.

If seeing is believe, the time has now come to believe. The problems of mass migration and radical Islam have been developing for a long time. However, they have intensified recently and keep on escalating. 2015 may in hindsight be remembered as the year when illegal mass immigration was brought to the forefront of mass media attention. Migrants have been arriving illegally to the Western world for many years. Yet the flow of illegal migrants arriving in boats in the Mediterranean has drastically increased in 2015 compared to 2013 or 2014.

After some high-profile incidents in which migrants have drowned,[1] several European countries sent ships to pick up illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean and bring them to Europe. Critics argue that this is not a long-term solution. This sends out a signal to illegal immigrants and people smugglers that Europe is open to them. That will encourage even more of them to come. There is no reason to assume that the pressure of illegal immigration from the south will stop in the year 2016, 2017 or 2030. On the contrary, the ongoing population explosion in Africa and parts of the Middle East indicates that mass migration could further increase in scale in the coming years. The turmoil caused by militant Islam also continues.

Sometimes, bringing attention to a problem may trigger accusations that you caused the problem to exist in the first place. Jan Opsal is a Professor of Science of religion at the School of Mission and Theology (MHS) in Stavanger, Norway. He works with issues related to Christian-Muslim relations. In July 2015, Professor Opsal accused me personally of contributing to the rise of radical and militant Islam by spreading alleged “conspiracy theories” about Islam.[2] According to him, “Those who warn against Islam, through constant assertions that are not factual, will thereby contribute to increased radicalization of Islam.” Mr. Opsal further suggested that maybe one tenth of a percentage point of Muslims support the Islamic State (IS or ISIS).

With all due respect to the professor, the percentage of Muslims sympathizing with the militant Muslims of ISIS is a lot bigger than what he suggests. It could be 50 times as great, or even 100 to 200 times. Muslims supporting jihadists from groups such as ISIS or al-Qaida can now be found in cities and towns across the Western world. This is not a “conspiracy theory.” It is a fact. Just listen to the increasingly worried warnings of professional security services.

Furthermore, if you listen to the jihadists themselves, they legitimize their actions by referring to the Koran and other authoritative Islamic texts. Suggesting that critics of Islam helped cause the slave markets and massacres of ISIS is not merely wrong, it is absurd. This is like suggesting that critics of Communism caused the Gulag, or that critics of Nazism caused Auschwitz.

Next to Islamic theology, the primary cause of radicalization in Europe today is arguably the immigration policies promoted by Western political elites. EU governments have a duty to help the flood of migrants arriving in Europe and not cave in to “populist” demands to turn them back, European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker says.[3] In other words, EU leaders think native Europeans have a “duty” to settle large numbers of illegal immigrants from dysfunctional African and Muslim societies permanently in their nations. “Ministers, unlike citizens, have an obligation to act. We made proposals that went far, while still being modest given the scale of the problem,” Juncker said, referring to the proposals from the Commission, the executive arm or unelected “government” of the 28-nation EU. “We proposed a mandatory system to redistribute asylum seekers and people who need international protection, but the member states did not follow us,” he said. At a July 20, 2015 meeting in Brussels, EU justice and home affairs ministers agreed to relocate more than 32,250 Syrians, Eritreans, Iraqis and Somalis who had landed in Greece and Italy. The ministers also agreed to take in some 22,500 Syrian refugees currently living in camps outside the EU. Juncker said the EU would resume efforts to reach a higher target. “If we don’t get there on a voluntary basis, we will have to reconsider the Commission’s proposals,” the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg said. Mandatory distribution of asylum seekers among member states is still being seriously considered.

Illegal immigrants currently arrive on a daily basis, at a pace of hundreds of thousands annually. They use every trick imaginable to get into Europe, perceived as the promised land of milk and honey. Migrants hide in containers, storm trucks, occupy railway stations or use inflatable rubber dinghies. Some even try to swim to European-controlled territories,[4] or get smuggled in suitcases.[5] Meanwhile, there is rising opposition among ordinary Europeans to having their local communities forcibly changed by this influx.

It is interesting to note that some of the strongest opposition to mass immigration can be found in societies that have first-hand experience with Communist rule: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Eastern Germany and Baltic nations. Nationalists protested in Riga, Latvia’s capital, against their country’s taking in a planned 250 migrants under an EU resettlement scheme. “I don’t feel that EU institutions are listening to our concerns about taking in refugees from very different cultures,” said MP Raivis Dzintars.[6] Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has repeatedly sounded the alarm. He warns that mass immigration constitutes a threat to European civilization.

It has long been a joke to compare the European Union to the Soviet Union, an EUSSR. Some people wonder whether this is really a joke. The Russian intellectual and former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovksy believes the EU has certain structural similarities to the dictatorial Soviet Union.[7] The unelected and powerful European Commission resembles the Soviet Politburo, ruling hundreds of millions of people without their consent. While partly true, it should be mentioned that not even Communist states such as the Soviet Union championed mass immigration of Muslims and Africans on the scale which the EU is doing today. The USA does, however. The EU seems to have adopted harmful traits from both Cold War superpowers: The anti-democratic bureaucratic structure of the Soviet Union, and the mass immigration “diversity” policies of the USA.

It has become increasingly apparent that the EU in its present form is actively harmful to the long-term interests of native Europeans. The organization provides weak leadership. When it attempts any leadership at all, it usually leads Europe in the wrong direction. The handling of illegal immigration and radical Islam has been very poor, and dominated by Utopian ideas without basis in reality. Its handling of the euro crisis in Greece has not been impressive, either. With its increasingly authoritarian centralization, the EU robs national parliaments of their power and undermines its own popular legitimacy. The repeated attempts to force illegal immigrants on all of its member states trigger outright hostility. Its immigration policies contribute to the rising polarization of European societies.

Perhaps the EU will be remembered as the alleged “peace project” that once again plunged Europe into conflict.


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24 thoughts on “The EU, Islam and Radicalization

  1. Not “Peace in our time” but “Stupidity in our time”… These effing clowns have started WW3 in Europe. I am getting reports of growing resistance to these poitical class of idiots. They are ten times worse than the Nazis.

    And the stupid herd cower in front of their plasma TVs. Talk about “Zombies”? They will notice when it finally overwhelms their apathy and rank self-righteousness. God the people responsible for this mess should stand trial in a new version of Nurenburg. This is a crime against humanity if there ever was one.

    Call me “racist” whatever you like but names is not going to save any of us is it? Stupid Lowles the Hope not Hate twit is going to find that he should have kept his trap shut. Once this lot get here and it finally sinks into the thickest of the populace what has been done to them-he and his kind will be running from mobs of former zombies.

    Dear God these effing Leftist fools have no ideas what they have set off….

    • You are so right.
      Ever hear of the saying ‘kill one man you’re a murderer, kill a million you’re a conqueror?’

      As terrible as Anders Breivik’s crime was, it was small change by comparison with that of Fredrik Reinfeldt e.g. who knowingly surrendered Sweden to third world muslim trash, “I welcome it”.
      And Reinfeldt had a lot of buddies all over Eurabia, Cameron being one…

  2. This is only somewhat related, but if you are in the U.S. please use the following link to email democrat senators to urge them to vote down the scam Iran deal:

    The so called “refugee” issue in Europe is only going to get worse if this goes through.

    I don’t know how much good voting down the deal will even do as the rulers of the U.S. have repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to ignore the law, but if congress is powerless at this point then voting it down will at least make the truth more obvious.

  3. The real problem is that most of the indigenous peoples of the invaded countries are quite aware of what is happening to us but just like rabbits caught in the headlights of the oncoming train, we don’t know what to do. So we stand and wait for the train to squash us. Until we remove the communists from positions of influence; in the media, in education and the police and judiciary and of course from the politics, we have nowhere to leap to safety. muslims are enemy, that’s true but the real enemy are the communists who brought them here in the first place.

    • The transnational Progressives, as you say, are the real enemy (we fight the Muslims every century or so and beat them) and they seem to want to commit suicide. Half the politicians want to join them. When the world is turning psychotic it must mean something. Are we being exposed to too much asphalt fume? or cosmic rays? or emanations from post-modern academia? I’d say fumigate all the colleges or close them as public health menaces.

  4. “It has become increasingly apparent that the EU in its present form is actively harmful to the long-term interests of native Europeans.”

    Fjordman- You have a gift for understatement. The EU has just destroyed Europe. It will not be “actively harmful” much longer and it has been “apparent” for a long time. The Leftist twits that encouraged this fail to realise that they are supporting a Moslem Brotherhood plan by Hassan el Banna and brought back to Europe by former Nazi war criminals who converted to Islam after fleeing to the Middle East.

    Talk about “Progressive Turkeys” voting for Christmas.

  5. It’s great when those Nazis war criminals parade down Main Street in their wheelchairs on Hitler’s birthday. I know that I’m afraid.

  6. Quote:

    Professor Opsal accused me personally of contributing to the rise of radical and militant Islam by spreading alleged “conspiracy theories” about Islam.[2] According to him, “Those who warn against Islam, through constant assertions that are not factual, will thereby contribute to increased radicalization of Islam.” Mr. Opsal further suggested that maybe one tenth of a percentage point of Muslims support the Islamic State (IS or ISIS).”

    Professor Opsal is like many modern day intellectuals who dismiss fully cited warnings of hostile Muhammedan colonization. They are the same as intellectuals who would unabashedly consider “the Islamic Ottoman civilization was the greatest in the world”.

    Cultural genocide on the scale perpetrated by Islam over 14 centuries remains unmatched, and uninhibited by the moral equivalence suggesting all cultures evolved through similar blood letting .

    Anyone who dares to characterize Islam as a great culture in history – during any historic period – may as well dismiss the modern day genocides of ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh. The barbaric behavior of Musselmen during these periods intentionally and honorifically reflect the very same invasive, hostile behaviors of the prophet of Islam, the model of conduct (uswa hasana), the perfect man (al-insan al-kamil)
    today and yesterday. The only difference being Western technology making their efforts far more efficient.

    • “Ottoman empire was the greatest in the world”, begs the question, do you consider Carly Fiorina an intellectual?
      Sorry about that, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t! (she said it)

      Prof. Opsal puts me in mind of another terminally stupid Norwegian, the mayor of Oslo who likened the invasion of third world trash into that city as a godsend: “We will be the new America!”

      • “But, my dear professor,” he was saying, “I still maintain that but for the victories of Ferdinand and Isabella over the fifteenth-century Moors in Spain the world would be today a thousand years in advance of where we now find ourselves. The Moors were essentially a tolerant, broad-minded, liberal race of agriculturists, artisans and merchants—the very type of people that has made possible such civilization as we find today in America and Europe—while the Spaniards—”

        “Tut, tut, dear Mr. Philander,” interrupted Professor Porter; “their religion positively precluded the possibilities you suggest. Moslemism was, is, and always will be, a blight on that scientific progress which has marked —”

        From Tarzan of the Apes – Edgar Rice Burroughs 1912

      • p.s. Opsal is ‘professor of science of religion……..’, isn’t that rather an oxymoron?
        I’ve always thought you could have science or religion, but not both since they tend to be opposites, rather like the democracy westerners insist on imposing on islamic countries, when islam is surely the polar opposite of democracy.

      • This type of revisionism is becoming increasingly pervasive.

        The idealization of Moorish Spain leaves out the important fact that most of the advances in that period were made by the Christian and Jewish subjects the Moorish overlords wisely tolerated. Those overlords were fully aware of their culture’s failings, unlike most European leaders today.

        Another recent trend in revisionism are the attempts to float the idea of a ‘Pax Mongolica’ and claim the Mongols were really not all that bad. Their mountains of skulls and rivers of blood were just misunderstood.

  7. I doubt very much that this invading rush from muzzie Africa and the muzzie Mideast has anything to do with ‘stupidity’ or any sort of ignorance on the part of Europe’s “leaders”.
    First: These “leaders” know EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. After all–where do these “leaders” live, if not in Europe’s cities? They can’t be in gated communities all the time-nor can their children.
    The destruction of their societies is waaaaaay to obvious.
    Second: They are very well COMPEN$ATED FOR THE ‘WORK’ THAT THEY DO–namely flooding virtually all of Europe with an un-assimilate able group of foreign enemies. Lots of oil money goes into this ‘compensation’ for the elites , plus I have the dark suspicion that MANY (NOT just a few) of Europe’s “leadership” have taken up the Islamic cult themselves.
    The leaders are themselves SECRET MUSLIMS!
    They STILL intend to rule–ONCE EUROPE (as we knew it) is NO MORE!

    • “The leaders are themselves SECRET MUSLIMS!”

      That kicks the question down the road: why would a Western leader convert to Islam? What is its appeal? Even the fabulously wealthy pooh-bahs of Saudi Arabia have to sneak off to London, Monaco, or the more open Gulf states to enjoy any of the fun aspects of life. Sex? Multiple wives? Forget it. You think there’s any joy to owning more than one garbage-bag covered female?

  8. Another outstanding, eye opening editorial by Fjordman! As a native Yankee who currently lives in California, I can tell you that Obama has increased immigration quotas for Muslims and not for Christians in his 7 year reign of terror. Our Muslim populations are growing in places like Dearborn, Minneapolis, Columbus, OH and Fremont, CA. These migrants are primarily from Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

    The second generation, young males who speak better English than their parents are the real terrorist threats here! The same could be said for the young Muslim males who firebomb vehicles in France on New Year’s Eve each year and French authorities say little about it and the “No Go” Zones.

    The United States government turns a blind eye to massive immigration from South America. The only saving grace is the majority of these illegals are Roman Catholic although I’m sure other ethnic groups and terrorists are sneaking in through the porous border as well. This explains why Obama is opening doors for Muslims but having deaf ears for Christian asylum seekers escaping more severe persecution & physical annihilation.

    After the story leaked that Muslims had pushed Christian migrants overboard in the last major boat rescue in the Mediterranean Sea, none of our mainstream media agencies reported the legal outcome. Did Greece or Italy arrest the murdering smugglers or give them asylum? The surviving immigrants formed a human chain to keep from being pushed overboard like the Christians.

    I applaud the Baron and Fjordman for caring enough about Western survival in keeping their blogs active and readers like me informed! Only time will tell if our children & grandchildren become extinct in their native countries in 20-30 years. At least they can’t say NOBODY WARNED THEM!

    Thank you gentlemen for a job well done!

  9. One poll cited in the Guardian had 43% of Europeans as being EU-skeptics.
    This discontent is growing among young Europeans not just older people, as BBC propaganda would have you believe.

    It is not without some considerable irony, the European identity the EU professes to desire, is shaping up to be an anti-EU identity.
    Just like the EU, the EU-backed massive network of antifas, which have been primed to resist anyone opposing the EU, mass immigration or Islamification, turn into the very thing they say they oppose-
    while being well on their way, to vilifying half of Europe as extremist and racist, merely for opposing the undemocratic EU.
    At some point it could all get a lot nastier than it already is.

    • The fact is, centralization is the death of individual cultures or countries.

      The real fight is to maintain the borders, sovereignty, and identities of individual countries. Once they cede power to a central government or body, it is easy to win the war by directly co-opting the ruling bureaucracy. The best way to defend a region is to encourage individual provinces, each with their own army, rules, and borders. If there is a common threat, they can aid each other, as Poland did to help stave off the Ottoman invasion of Vienna in 1683.

      I think what keeps the EU bureaucrats from simply ordering the countries to accept immigrants is that the EU is still weak enough that it is not able to enforce a country from simply ignoring it or opting out altogether. Once the EU gets its own military force, and weakens the regional governments more, it will become almost impossible to resist its diktats.

      The advantages to unification are the elimination of some currency problems and some trade and travel barriers. These problems are easily dealt with.

    • I saw a photo of a German cop walking alongside masked AntiFa scum some years back. Some counter jihad event had been disrupted. Ever since I’ve believed AntiFa and its variants to be the action arm of all EU governments. Britain channeled EDL demonstrators into the path of Muslim thugs and does nothing to restrain the local AntiFa variant UAF. Unofficial muscle is very, very useful. All the more thanks to Tommy Robinson and co who really were on the front lines.

      Fjordman has elsewhere written about the Swedish variant in “Fear and Loathing.”

      There are no coincidences.

      The German cops are admirably restrained in dealing with the counter demonstration scum at PEGIDA rallies. Free speech is so precious to Comrade Angela.

  10. Perhaps someone would care to check my figures . If Mr.Opsal is correct with his 0.1% supporting ISIS, then some 150,000 muslims support ISIS. Should we take the 50 times greater, then the figures jumps to 7,500,000. 100 times greater = 15,000,000 and 200 times greater = 30,000,000. How many of those are there in your neighbourhood ? How many in your country ?

  11. Radicalization can even occur in cells, and cause malignancy. The genes of radicalized
    ( malignant) cells have been tampered with or undergone mutations. They can thus wreak havoc in the body they belong to. In a similar manner the brains of radicalized
    Muslims have been tampered with by bombarding them relentlessly with the malignant verses of the Koran that foment hatred against non-Muslims. Thus they can wreak havoc in the civilized world. The only way to stop this social malignancy is to modify the Koran so that it becomes really Holy.

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