Theresa’s Jihad

Last night’s jihad massacre in London is harder to fob off as a “lone wolf” operation, since there were at least three mujahideen involved. The deed was carefully planned in advance, and was obviously part of a conspiracy.

Hmm… That’s difficult to shoehorn into the Narrative, isn’t it?

The reaction to the London Bridge atrocity is stronger than those after previous attacks, possibly because this is the third major multiple-casualty terrorist operation in Britain since the beginning on the year.

Prime Minister Theresa May spoke about last night’s events in front of 10 Downing Street this morning. In the following video Paul Weston, the chairman of Liberty GB, responds to Mrs. May’s remarks with some of his own, and recommends a few sensible policy changes in the wake of the most recent carnage:

Vlad Tepes annotated the excerpt below from the prime minister’s speech in which she speaks of the need “regulate cyberspace” to deny the terrorists a “safe space” on the Internet:

Three guesses as to which types of people will be the prime targets of any new wave of online repression.

Also relevant: from, Tommy Robinson’s (language warning!) heated remarks about the massacre.

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    • Corbyn’s latest idea: do not punish the ISIS members for expressing a political opinion… So what it is a religion of pieces or a political ideology? It seems like even the traitors are confused.

  1. “And you, you want to be heard
    But none of us understand a word
    And you, you want to be free
    Then don’t speak like a slave to me.”

    from No Speak, No Slave
    The Black Crowes

    PM May and the formerly Great Britain shall wear their shackles well.

  2. I’m not going to write poems about this. The UK has a huge (yuge) problem that they have left fecund and worse than that have blamed their citizens for.
    This has all been for political gain as the Saudis have literally bought the City of London.
    I hate to be a denier but I fail to see a way out of this.
    The UK has invited a very virulent strain of Islam, supported by UK Petrodollars to their society. This was purely a financial decision.
    I have a slim hope that the US, under Trump, will stop this. But I think the UK is doomed.

    • “I fail to see a way out of this”…perhaps ALL of Western civilization should simply return the favor…mirror the enemies activities.
      Saudi influence was weak before opting to ‘nationalize’ oil & make use of profits for global dawa and demographic jihad as promised when negotiating with their own terrorists during the 1979 “Siege of Mecca” as written by Yaroslav Trofimov . Also consider a frequent reading recommendation by Hugh Fitzgerald over at during 04-08…
      J.B.Kelly: Of Valuable Oil and Worthless Policies which was originally published in the British magazine “Encounter” in July 1979 and republished at JW in 2008.
      Saudi Arabia feigns NO guilt about dis-inviting/banning those who do not adhere to their doctrinal beliefs. Return the favor – mirror their policies which best serve national and pre-existing social and cultural values.
      As for the church of England…a thorough house cleaning is in order.

      • I’m glad Hugh Fitzgerald’s work is still available.

        Since Liberty GB calls for closing down all the radical mosques, I will link again to an excellent participant-observation study of some American mosques, done in 2011.

        It’s well-researched, well-written, and worth your time.

        He and his collaborators found that 80% of mosques are radical…I was surprised to find out that 20% aren’t.

        You could read it just to see the particulars they observed in order to reach a conclusion. Including which arm the imam uses for his watch.

  3. I can’t tell you how much I wish someone would counter me…
    People are being mowed down and stabbed to death, children are being blown to bits at stupid kiddie concerts.
    Please counter me.

    • babs,

      I do honestly think that there IS a way out in the longer term but I would add that there is no pathway that I can foresee at this point that is peaceful, pleasant or benign.

      It is a complete tragedy.

      What a bloody mess.

  4. The politicians with their cultural Marxism (political correctness) and lack of will are accomplices of the Muslim terrorists raping & knifing & shooting & mowing down British citizens. The people have the right to oritect themselves against Muslim terrorists and a government that collaborates with the killers. When will citizen groups begin assassinating their traitor politicians? After 1 more attack, 2 more? At some point British politicians will be knifed & shot & mowed down by citizens fed up with the traitor class. Journalists may also be targeted for their deliberate lies.

    • “The people have the right to oritect themselves against Muslim terrorists and a government that collaborates with the killers. When will citizen groups begin assassinating their traitor politicians?”

      Sounds to me like you’re calling for the assassination of public officials.

      That’s either troll-like behavior or extremely stupid. Or both.

      • Who let the rabble in? Who protects them, and punishes anyone who protests?

        That’s either extremely stupid or traitorous. Or both.

      • The assassinations may have begun years ago with Theo Van Gogh, in the most recent round. Geert Wilders, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and countless others must lead guarded lives. And we here have been made well aware of the efforts made to silence Tommy Robinson.

        Any assassinations which do take place or are attempted will probably be of the truth tellers. This may make others shy of telling truths.

        So far, the followers of Mohammet are sounding all the alarm bells anyone should need and our leftists assure us that it is ridiculous to listen to the alarms.

        Do I hear a fire alarm? Nah, ignore it, please pass the wine.

        Interestingly, it could be argued that Islamic migrants are warning us about our own leaders.

        My own modest suggestions:
        1) We must stop voting for our comfort level at the risk of our existance.
        2) We in the United States usually vote with our ballots every two years, and we vote with our dollars every single day. Somehow, we need to strive to make more of our votes matter.
        For now, that is all I know to suggest.
        Awkward footnote; I have followed my own suggestions since the Yom Kippur war and the oil shock aftermath. I have no reason to believe I have made any difference at all.
        Keep trying.

  5. How can any politician in a liberal democracy speak the truth?

    Of course the threat is Islam, the terrorists are just imitating Mohammed, a 7th century bandit, the plebs, apart from a few demented multiculturalists, understand the blood stained facts very well.

    Our political elites cannot say — “We have imported the followers of a toxic ideology into our countries and we all know very well that the Muslim community provides an inexhaustible source of instant jihadis.” The Islamic community would be so offended.

    • This nonsense she’s coming away with (predictably) is flawed because she is attacking the media, when she should be attacking the message. If you have what even the press are now calling “jihadi terrorists” saying explicitly as they are cutting someone’s throat: “This is for Allah” then we all know what the killers’ motivation is – and where it comes from.

  6. I agree with everything Paul Weston proposed except banning the Koran. On the contrary, we need as many non-Muslims as possible to see what is really in it. Unfortunately it needs unscrambling first to understand the difference between the Meccan verses and the Medinan ones, Allah’s attitude towards unbelievers, and the centrality of jihad.

    Koran-at-a-glance was created in order that readers can see these things without months of hard grind. Please pass it on:

    • The doctrine of abrogation and the concept of taqqiya also need clear explanation to the masses.

      Most importantly, the entire structure of takfirism, and how it functions must be explained. This concept, more than any other, illustrates why so-called moderate Muslims are irrelevant.

    • Agree hundred per cent, people need to know what is in Koran, Sira, etc. We also need to know what is being said in sermons and talks in the mosques. Particularly important to close madrassas, it would benefit the boys themselves.

    • You are completely correct and said exactly what I was going to say after reading the comments. Fortunately, you said it first and I don’t have to say it. But, I appreciate your comment.

    • I went to the website and tried looking at Sura 2. Unfortunately, I can’t get through the first few verses. Scrambled or unscrambled, the Koran simply makes no sense to me. It’s like reading the word salad you’d get from the transcript of a hebephrenic.

  7. If Tommy is gonna’ become a serious
    news reporter, he’s got to loose the ‘eff word. Same with
    his young news partner.

  8. “Three guesses as to which types of people will be the prime targets of any new wave of online repression.”

    This is right on the money, Baron. The elite globalists are making a not-very-subtle attempt to use the terror incidents to suppress any speech critical of their actions.

    Prime Minister May is saying the exact minimum she can get away with to at least appear as if she’s concerned with the effects of terror on the native English population. She doesn’t name Islamic theology, but she does position herself to support an “international” suppression of free internet expression. She could at least have the decency to allow the mourning period to pass before making such an apparent attempt to push her agenda of uniformity of thought and denial of reality in England … or most likely, the entire world.

    At this point, I’m more afraid of “our” governments than I am of the invaders and foreign governments.

    • The elite globalists are making a not-very-subtle attempt to use the terror incidents to suppress any speech critical of their actions.

      Exactly. Which is why I’m glad we have the NOT-Hilary in office in the U.S. I wish it could be a NOT-Theresa choice for the UK.

  9. Try as I may, and I don’t try very hard, I cannot understand how and when and why Islam became a protected species.
    It makes me pig biting mad anymore to read these sanctimonious and pious phrases from people who should be primarily concerned with the well being of the society which elected them and not trying to whitewash what is in plain sight for even a blind man see.
    There is a net being woven and ever so slowly it is being drawn tighter and tighter.
    When I think how much blood has been shed over the centuries fighting to rid Europe of the Turks and Islam and now see how that precious gift from our ancestors is all for nought, well, I wonder what those fighters would have to say today. So many lost their lives trying to preserve their nations and today they would be reviled.
    How did this all happen? And how will it end? With a bang or with a whimper?

    • To answer your question I would guess it’s all about money and arms sales. Theresa May will never advocate taking a vigorous response to Islamic aggression because she does not want to give the UK’s middle east clients a reason to boycott British firms and UK treasuries.

      They’re that sold out.

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