Get me to the Church on Time for the Jihad

The Great Jihad temporarily interrupted a wedding at a Spanish church yesterday. Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from the Swiss outlet Les Observateurs:

Spain: marriage disrupted by a Muslim in a church

June 4, 2017

On Saturday June 3 at 6.30 pm, while a wedding mass was celebrated in the San Pablo church in Valladolid, a 22-year-old Moroccan Muslim entered the church shouting “Allahu Akhbar”, causing an outbreak of panic.

He went to the altar, overturning everything there and threatening the faithful. He was ruthlessly chased by several participants in the celebration, and then arrested by police. He was charged with disturbing public order, threats and causing an offense to religious sentiment. He has a “student” visa and an already extensive criminal record…

After a thorough search of the church by police, the celebration of the marriage was able to continue.

Sources: ABC, June 3 and 4; ACI Prensa, 3 June Via

10 thoughts on “Get me to the Church on Time for the Jihad

  1. When, oh, when are we going to start putting these hominid vermin in their place?

  2. “ruthlessly chased by several participants”
    Could have been interesting if they had caught up with him in a dark ally.

    Very brave of them as I would wonder if he was leading them to his own turf, where he could gain reinforcements via cell phone.

    Still the heat of the chase, could have been very unsettling for the “a;;ahu akabar” so accepted safety in police arms?

    • Brave Spaniards! I wonder if the chasers were men or women? I rather like the idea of a group of infuriated pious middle-aged Spanish ladies putting the fear of God into the crazed Muslim bandit.

    • Please tell me that ” he accidentally fell down several flights of steps, sustaining loss of teeth and broken bones” before the congregation
      Members, who only wanted to discuss his views on religion,
      Managed to catch up with him?

  3. How was someone with a ‘student visa’ allowed to accrue an “extensive criminal record”?

    Visa holders of any sort that are apprehended in unlawful acts, belong to be deported at the first instance of trespassing.

    They cannot be tolerated to accumulate more and ever longer criminal records.

    • a friend of mine was banned from travel to GB because he had taken part in a anti- nuclear war demonstration in the early sixties.q.e.d.

  4. The report says he already has an extensive criminal record and is still in Spain. I don’t think he’ll be deported STILL and about that am angry and sad.

  5. The Spanish government expelled organized Islam in 1492, but allowed “converted” Muslims to remain in Spain until the seventeenth century. The “converted” Muslims not only continued to observe Islam in secret, but practiced subversion and opposition to the point where all of them had to be expelled.

    My question is why they allowed any Muslims into Spain at all, given the clear Spanish experience with Islam. I’m sure anyone in the Franco government would have died of laughter had the admission of Muslims been suggested, but after Franco, leftist, socialist governments predominated.

    • Which raises an interesting question. Secret Jews in Spain were prominent and wealthy in Spain and often involved in Islamic plots and connections. It is utterly forbidden for a Jew to not ‘Sanctify the Name’ when called upon to commit what for him is heresy. Contrary to popular perceptions the Inquisition was NOT involved with persecuting Jews but weeding out Catholics who were secretly Jews and profaning the church and their own Judaism as well.

  6. It reminds me of the Muslims in Japan, also on a student visa, who were vandalizing Buddhist Temples. Then there was the Muslim who walked into a local protestant church, during services, in our small Arizona town, with almost 0 Muslims and made threats and attacked their faith. I will have to ask the Pastor because I’m not sure if the Police forced him out of this small church or if it was church members. He was most likely not local and was possibly from Tucson or just passing through. A Mexican American friend who was cashier at a local retailer was accused of being Arab and the Muslim demanded to know where was her hijab?? In our small largely Mormon town????She never saw him again so she believed he came off the interstate passing through. I’m glad I was not in line behind him because I would have confronted him- this is not a Muslim town under sharia. GET OUT!

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